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....t. A. PATTI80N....
Editor and proprietor.
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TT" TT ... , ,.r v nnunnv mnrusnAY. -NOVEMJJEIt 24. 1898. NO. 37.
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lartaeei local will be charted at 10 oeata pet
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Letal adrerttoement will la all east bt
barged to the party ordarlDf ttem, at Utal
kaiee, aw paid lot tefora affldarlt la tonlaaed
O, K, t N. Co. Tlma Card.
Now tlma eard, taking effw Sunday, Febr
try Willi
At BnvMn,
Jto. -Vla fliintlnictnn, limvt. ,...1 :M a. m.
No. 4Vla Hiiokaim, lv 7:W p. ra.
No. M Local Iruliiht, luave .,..7.W p. m.
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No. 1-I'nrtland, Iren-i.
Epitome of the Telegraphic
News of the World.
prosldont of
of Commerce
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No. -laH'l Ireliilit, leavoi,.,,..
K. C.
..11:47 a. ID.
.. 4 .1ft a. in.
.,11 M a, m.
HlNDMt, Aiemt, Arlington.
TIt. J. t. HOtlAS
Oondan, Or. ,
Offlm-Orriinn sve,, between CatholleChuroh
nd roai'lcinea ol b P. Bhutt,
J. ' ,
Attorney at Law,
NoUry Public and Conveyancer,
Condon. Or.,.ii..n.niHntiriin. Term reaeonebls,
UDIn In roar ol Kult)ro uulltltug, Main itreel.
o a. v. o r
Attorney and Oonaialor at Law
Arlington, Or.
t. S, rtimmlMrinnar and Notary Poblle In
i.u.ii Mil iha mala and lartoral
ei.uruot (Irrmn and WMlilnitml. All kind
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yy ii. wiiJRON
Attorney and Ooncielor at Law
lit DtlUa. Or.
Will attvnd to loral btulnu In All Court In
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Far Irom ArllugUin W
Round trip
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Spain Will Learn the Fate of cloM to the h0XJte ln wbioh nTe(1 the
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Htairv pai ArltiiRtun arnry mornln(t(nnday
tl' l o' lH k! Udnaal Ctindun at I
p. m. ad arrlf at Pinall at 7 p. m,
i 'iiiiilortabk euMhea and uarlul,prlaooad
drlvrra. , ,
The Regulator Line.
The Dales, Pertland & Istoria
Dally Una ol Sttanwn Brfwen Portland,
Vancouver, dtctdt Lock. Hood Rlvo
and all Points on tt Taahingtoo rid.
Tha ncanirM Palln flty and Rrmilalnr lrajra
rurllamt ry mnrntng (excupt unlay)t7
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Krlhl Ratca Ureatly Relu-d.
W. C. ALU WAY. Oen. A(tl.,
foot ol Court Btroat, Tb Dalloa, Or,
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run rram pail ana. raua
yl Halt lke, Inof, fait
Mall Kt.Horlfl.Onialia, Mall.
a;UU. m. Kauaa I lly, HI 1 :30 a.m.
Uiiitu, Cblaago,
and Kant.
Bnokant Walla Walla, ipo- Spokana
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p Intli, Milwaukee, ,
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1410 p.m. OotaatteaanlilM 4:0Dp.m.
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' All talllnfj datiw
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Kor Ban Kraiiclwio
Not. I. 4, 7, 10, 18.
10, 10, a, U, M.
;ttip.m. ' Calmabla Rlrar
Ki.Hiin.lay llaamara. Kk. Sunday
Saturday '
1IXW p. in. To Allnrla and Way
:0(i a.m. Wlllaanlta Mf. :IP.m
K.bumlay Kit. Biin.lay
Oregiin fMty, Now.
IwrK.Hnltiiu Way
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7:00 a. m. WllltmalM and Yarn- -0r-m.
tin.. Tlmr. Wll lr. Wad.
' md Bat. . . andFrl.
OrnRon City, Pay
ton, A Way Land
Inn. . .
:00 m, WHUmttla Rlrar. 4:90p.m.
Ti Tlmr ' 'lav., 'I'liur.
InuBat. Portland to Corral, ami Bat.
" III a Way luil-
LT.RIparla Inaka Rlrar, Lr.UwInton
1-ttAa Ilk 0.4na. M,
Hkliy nii.arlatoUwl.ton lnli ;
Ji.Baturday . ,
Intaraatlna Oollaetlon of Itama From
tha Two llaniUpharaa I'r-ntd
. In Oondmaod Form.
lnhn Oollln. in emutoro of the O.
R. N. Company, w. ftalW injuiod
by a promntnia blnit nor ueonm,
Wr prfprtloni oontinne at Hong
Kong without abAtement, and tne
mines In tb. Lai Mum pM bar. Uon
Gannral Mllct In a ipoeoh dellvared
at the Now York chamber o( commerce
banquet, lay the United Htatoi man
proteot the Cmbana.
The aurtey of the went entrance of
the proposed Nicaragua canal baa been
finished, and the man, witn sounumga,
platted and the contours put In.
The rumors elroulated in London that
the American fleet was on the point ol
stalling for Entope, caused great ex
elteroeot la oommerolal and social circlet.
Fames of bnrnlnB engar on board the
American ship Kenllwoith, from Val
paraiso to New York, caused the death
ol thtee men and nearly that ol a
fourth. ,
Baron Waldoca De VIHamll, an Aus
trian nobleman, and captain of the
Seventh tolunteer Infantry (immnnes),
la In dlsgtace, and has left Lexington,
Ky., for part unknown.
There Ii a repoit In Washington that
during the deley which bas occurred,
Spain baa been able to form some eort
ol coalition with the European powere
to back np the pretensions she has ben
making in the negotiations. An inter
esting feature of the matter la Ihe re
fusal ol the authorities to order the
muster out of the toluiitcers -who re
cently relumed liom Porto Itlco.
There has been remarkable activity
bout the war department for several
iyi in the way of preparing the troop
for service In land beyond tne uiineu
States, An order ba bven Iimu1 di
recting at least ten regiments ol the
regular army now stationed in north
western torts and poets to bold them
selves In readiness lor I in medial trans-
portation and servloe In tropical climates.
The Snaniard In their onmmuniction
to the peace oorumlmion Wednesday re
affirmed the position which they as
sumed against the discussion hereof
Spain's Philippine sovereignty. They
Insist that the words "shall determine
the oontrol, disposition and government
ol the Philippines" In article of the
peaoe protocol do not warrant any ref
erence to 8paln'a withdrawal from the
Philippine except on berown terms,
and therefore the Spaniards propose ar
bitration on the construction to be
placed on tha words "control, disposi
tion and government,"
Oregon has been selected by the Mor
mon ohorob lor a Zion In the far West.
The neocle of Salvsdor are again up
In arm, cauaed by the new deal entered
into by the government.
Washington authorities say that the
war tax will not be abolished at the
coming session ol congress.
Tbe steamer Colombia, bound from
Honolulu to Soattlo, sank In the harbor
ol Hlio. She bad a number of passen
gers on board, but there were no casual
tie. ...
General Callxto Garcia and his slaS
and o'.btr delegate from the so-oallod
nnban assembly will BO to Washington,
where they will have oonlorence with
tbe president. t ...
General Merrltt will soon resume
command ol the department of the
East, and General Shatter will go to
Ban Francisco to resume command ol
the department of the Paalflo.
Spaniards are ready at last to reply
to the American ultimatum of three
weeks ago. A meeting has" been ar
ranged with the American commis
sioner, who feol confident that definite
result will be readied.
In Oakland, Cel., iparka Irom a new
ly lighted Are Ignited the rires of Mrs.
Preay, and abe was onrnea to oosin in
the presonce of her two small children.
Just ptlor to her death he gave birth
to a ohild. which was dead.
An open switch caused a collision
neat Murray Hill, Ontario, in which
sight persons were killed or fatally
wounded. The aooldent was caused by
a frolght train tiTing to escape on a
siding from an. approaching passenger
President McKinley has complotod
his plan and decided on a Hue of no
tion with regard to our now government
possessions. All of the Ishuids are to
be continued under a strong miiiinry
government; all flduoiary positions will
be administered by army offloors; the
island are to be kept ont ol politics as
much as possible! the present onrrency
systems are to be retained for the pres
ent, and dutlos on imports from tha
Inlands will be collected.
Minor News Itoms.
Husbands and wive traveling to
gether in Norway, Austria and Hun
gary pay only ono fare and a half on tha
railway. ,.-. "
Mrs. Fred Douglass, widow of tha
color ad orator, is to go on the lootiua
platform to deal with the history ol tne
race In tni country.
Dr. Stophon D. Tyng,
the American Chamber
died in Pari.
Trouble among the miner at Pane,
Ills., ha broken ont anew, and troop
bave been sent to the scene.
The First Illinois volunteer infantry,
which aw service In the trencho at
Santiago, ba been mustered out of
ervloe. "
Advice received from 8eoul ay the
Coroan government ba issued order
that foreigner are to be (topped from
trading in tbe Interior.
Tbe Canadian cruiser Petrel ha
seised number ol fish net near San-
dimkv. O.. belonalna to Amerloan
fishermen, and whioh, it 1 claimed,
were in Canadian water.
While a carig ol 10 track hand was
atwoikon the Pennsylvsnia railroad
line, near Jersey City, they were run
down bv a train. Eleven workmen
were killed ontrlght and six seriously
Conductor William Hatfield and
Drakeman Harry Crogln wero killed in
the wreck of a caboose attached to i
northbouud train near Ardmort, I. T,
The caboose left the track and was
Tha four-masted schooner Talofa,
Captain Fletcher, Irom Uuantanamo
for Port Tampa. In ballast, nas ueeo
totally wrecked on Coxumel island, off
the eastern ooast of Yucatan, and the
can tain and seven ol the men bave ar
rived at Progteso, two of tbe men bav
Ing been drowned,
The shin Atlanta, which ailed from
Tacoma. loadod with wheat for Cape
Town, tan ashore near Alsea bay. She
had a crew ol J7 men, only two
whom eat ashore. The vessel wa
hrnknn In two. and I probably a tola
loss. She was commanded by Captain
Charles McBrlde.
- Two freight trains on the Chicago,
Rock Island & Pacific collided at Mos
cow, la. One man was killed and one
injured. A wreoklng train wbioh waa
about to start to tbe cene from Wilton
wa run Into by a fast mall train.
The fireman of tbe mall train wa bad
ly hart sn 16 men of tbe work train
ajured, some seriously.
Tbe American and Spanish commis
sioners In aereelna noon January 1 as-
tha date of Spanish evacuation of
Cuba took a precedent from tbe treaty
f Deuce entered Into 60 year aifo be
tween Mexico and tbe United States
when an agreement was made aa to the
rial ol tha American occupation to
cense. Thon, as now, ft war known
that all the troop could not be em
barked bv the date enreed opon. The
oretically the Spanish occupation will
nae Jannarv 1. thooffh it is believed
that SB. 000 Snanlsh troops will still
remain In Cuba.
Wra. Fink, a farmer living near Ty
ler. Wash., wa killed by a runaway
A mrnnral and three merchants ol
Quantanamo were arrested for steal
ing government supplies.
The snruce lrrmber exhibit of the
Clatsop Mill Company, of Astoria, has
been awarded the first prise, a gold
medal by the Omaha exposition direct
There Is a leper score In Manila.
Through neglect ol Spanish officials
nearly soC lener e seeped oonnnemeni,
Order have been Issued that all lepers
Vw arrested and sent to a small unin
habited island southeast of Lueon.
6ome disquieting news bas been re
ceived as to the health of the Amerl
ran trnona at Manila. In addition to
the ornat amount of malarial and ty
nhnid (ever crevaillng malignant small-
box has appeared. Death n hospitals
will average about 100 a month
Advices by the steamship Empress
of China tell of a terrible disaster on
rv-tnW art. when the steamer Klnahul
Mn name into collision with the
steamer Myagawa Maru, off Takaml,
sinking the latter. Seventy persons
were drowned.
Th secretary of tho navy ha ord
ered a court ol inquiry to meet at the
navv-vard at Norfolk for the purpose
of Investigating the circumstances at
tending tbe abandonment of the 6pan
lih cruiser Maria Teresa, with a view
the necessity and re
sponsibility therefor.
Qeorae W. Lake, an American, re-
aMino at Chemulna. has been tnur
dered. Lake kept a big store near the
rhinnM eonsnlsto. The murderer en
urml for the nurnose of robbery. With
an Iron weiui.t attaohed to a Chinese
steelyard he killed Lake with one blow
a he slept.
Charles 8. Cross, president of tha
First National bank of Emporia, Kan
shot and killed himself near that oily.
An hour nrevioua the bank had been
closed by order of the controller of the
The failure is a bad one,
and all the county and city funds are
An eloctrlo street-car of the Tacoma
roll wnv Una wai derailed five miles
from the heart ol the city on the Stella-
ooom line, by the controller refusing to
lint off the current on a heavy down
grade. The oar was smashed to splin
ters by striking the side of a cut 10
fact deep, through which it was travel
ing. Seven persons were aboard, and
all received Injurie.
offlaora of tha regular
Shot Fired Near tho Wallace none at
Pendleton, Nov. 22. Thla evening
t fl-no o'clock another snot was nreu
the Philippines.
Amount Oforod for the laUnfls wui
Probably Bo Twenty Millions
Nut Mora.
Paris, Not. 92. The Spanish peace
eooimlssloner have been notified tnat
the United States commissioner will
be ready to treat with them in Joint
session tomorrow afternoon. Unless
the Spaniard have an adequate reason
for further delay the two commissions
will loin in the most important meet
ing thus tar held.
Tbe American commissioners, in
written communication, will declare
that the third article of the protocol re-
oapaiiie oi
tamllv of Mis May Wallace, who wa
murdered a week ago last Thursday
night. The Wallace family gave up
the house last Tliorsday.and P. H. Fee
moved in with bis family. Fee is a
brother of Judge , James A. Foe, and
came here but a few day ago Irom
Iowa. The first night the family oc
cupied the house, he heard a noise in
tha hack vard. Drawing back a cur
tain of the very window through which
Miss Wallace was shot, lie saw two
men jump the fence and go senrrying
away toward the woolen mills. He
thounht from their general appearanoo
they were Chinamen. The next night
ha also saw men nrowllng about, and
notified Sheriff Blakely, who detailed
tin lnntv sheriffs to remain in tbe
house all night, but they saw no one.
Fee each time armed hitnsolf with two
pistols and went quickly in search, but
found no one. By daylight he found
irar.ka made bv a No. 7 shoe, the ordi-
British Ship Atalanta In the
eery Barf la roondln tha Teeael to
Ploooa Another Caen of Beck
leas NaTlgatlon.
Flylps Their
Trade In the .
.. . n . , : 1 im
garding tne jruiuppi "i , - , ... Ti.ft
only one lair construction, t T":anitn ttia mv.terv of the
t..tinn ia nui(wi to einoiuaie lis lerma. i . .
and that the United States cannot ad
mit any ctbor power to figure here
purely a a lexicologist. They will
maintain that tbe two commissions are
charged to determine whether Spain or
tbe United Sta tea snail in tne iuiuro
own the Philippines.
This will be accompanied by tne
clear declaration that the United
State will possess tbe Philippines.
Fuiioning this declaration, the Amer
ican commissioners will lay before tbe
Spaniards two alternativesr
First To accept a sum of money from
tbe United States and to cede and evac
uate the Philippines.
Second To lose tbe Philippines to
the United State by conquest, with
the nonibilitT of Other territorial losses,
or indemnify the United States for tbe
added expense of conquest.
Thl communication may not oe ror-
mally designated as an ultimatum, but
it will lack naught of tne conclusive
ness indicated by that word, in is
will be so plain tbat the Spanish com
missioners will scarcely Haggle ror
money on the first alternative, nor
cherish any doubt of American action
under the aecond, should the nrst oe
No one here, except the American
commissioners, know how much will be
tendered Spain as the cheapest and
most humane way of settling the d'ffl
oulty. She is exceedingly anxious to
escape the Philippine debt, and possi
bly the nm to be offered may ue oeter
mined bv an analysis of the debt.which
nnnalata of t40.000.000 in bonds, on
whioh abe realized ux
the latter amount he is believed to
bave expended some fl0.000.000 or
11,000,000 in fighting the United
States and a part in attempting to quell
the Philippine Insurgents. A rearona
ble guess at the sum tor the tendor
would be 120,000,000, although it may
fall below that
The Cuban question may come again
tomorrow. The American com mission
had thousht the discussion on that
alinotlnff. of Miss Wallace, and created
mn,t intense interest here. Were it
not Sunday evening, when but few men
ai on the streets and ln places oi re
sort, probably an attempt would be
made to clean out Chinatown. Feeling
is wrought up, and anger i shown to
ward the Chinese residents, although
it ia not ooaitivelv known that those
hnverinir abont the bouse were Mon
golians. '
On Bandit Killed end Three Fright
ened Away
nratw. Cat.. Nov. 22. The first
anntinn of west-bound Snnta Fe train
Kn 91 was atODoed two miles west of
Daggett early tbifl morning by men ee
rti in the tender oi tne engine.
Bunnell was confronted by
iw s.Caliber revolvers and ordered
to aton. but this order was counter
manned and the train proceeded for
another mile and was then biougnr, to
a standstill at the command of the rob-
hn fwidfintlv exnected to meet
Yaonlna. Or.. Nov. 21. Tbe British
shp Atalanta, onrryng a crew of 27 men
and loaded with 2,800 tons oi wneai,
from Tacoma for South "Africa, was
wrecked near Alsea bay yesterday
morning, and so far aa known there are
but three survivors.
The cause of the wreck of the Ata
lanta and tbe circumstances attending
It, produce a tale most harrowing. Tbe
mtumanaffflment of the vessel by its
officers is ascribed aa the cause of the
disaster, and tbe crippling of the Ya
qnina life-saving station by a penurious
policy of that department oi ice gov
ernment, adds horror to the situation.
The only three survivors aver tnat
some of their comrades on board tbe
(hip may yet be alive. While the
members of the life-saving crew are in
sight of the wreck, they are so fat
powerless to render assistance, owing
to the want ol apparatus, jneanwniie
couriers scoured tbe beach and conn
try adjacent for 10 miles, to procure
horses to bring up tne iiieooac ana
beach cart.
The Atalanta lay about a mile oH
shore, In a field of furious breakers.
Every swell passed over her works.
Each hour section of the vessel was
seen to fall away, and the timbers float
toward the shore. A strong and steady
south wester aided the current from tbe
same direction to bear the wreckage
rapidly to tbe beach. It waa this pow
er and agency, and this alone that en
abled the three sailors who survive to
escape tbe fate of their brethren. In
a lifeboat filled with water, partly dis
abled with wreckage, and without oar
to direct their craft, they were borne to
Washington, Nov. 21. The cabinet
oseion today wss devoted to a large
extent to consideration ol complaints
that have reaobed tbe war department,
alleging that a state of practical an
archy prevail in Porto Rico. These
complaints asserted that tbe lawless
element are committing depredation,
ol the gravest character, and the seri
ousness ol the situation Is Increased
by the fact that United States troop
likewise have been guilty ol groe mis
conduot. Secretary Alger ha cabled
General Brooke, inquiring as to the
accuracy of the complaints.
The most serious allegations are
against brigands and lawles element
in the smaller towns away from the
coast. It is said that taking advant
age of the unsettled state of the coun
try, due to the transfer of the govern
ment from Spain to the United States,
band of men have organized for rob
bery and rapine, burning bouse and
plantation and levying tribute opon
tbe people wherever possible. In ona
ease, it is aid,- tbey made a raid on a
small town of about 1,500 iniiaoiianu,
15 miles from tbe nearest troops, and
burned and destroyed property to
considerable value.
foreigners nt Hollo Ask for American
Washington, Nov. 21. New ol a
mixed character came to the bevy de
partment today Irom Admiral Dewey
touching the situation In the Philip
pines. Tbe admiral tent two 'of hi
warships, tbe Charleston and tbe Con
ooi d, some time ago, to the southward
from Manila to ascertain whether there
waa truth In report tbat tbe insurgent
had extended their aotivltie in that
direction. Today he cabled as fol
lows: i,
"Manila, Nov. 2L Secretary of tha
Navy, Washington: Charleston and
Concord arrived t today from Iloilo.
Glass reports that tbe entire island of
Panay is in possession or insuigcu,
except Iloilo, wblcb is defended by 800
Spanish troops. All foreign cltixen
there beg for American protection.
of Kecrna ha declared in
pals at this point In tb is tbey were terra nrma. mn. . dependence and desires American; pro-
not disappointed, ana the ronuers or
dered Engineer Bunnell to carry a 20
ponnd bag of dynamite to the express
car. Messengers Hutchinson and Blake
ly amieared at tbe door of the express
car armed wun guns. uo uw
firo.1 at Blakelev. who locating them
by the flash of their guns, returned the
fire, killing one robber. The dead
man's left eye and all that side'of hi
head wa torn away. The other rob
bers stampeded and made their escape.
A posse is in pursuit and it is thought
that at least one of them will be cap
tured shortly. The dead man ha not
been identified. It is thought that the
men were novices at the train roDtuug
game. They secured no booty.
Brakemen Killed In n Colllaloa.
Dunsmuir, CaL, Nov. 22. A fatal
railway aocident oocurred at an early
hour thia morning three miles east ol
Delta. The regular westbound freight
train. No. 29. had a pair of car truckr
of nearly two miles.
One man, who was clad In simply a
shirt, more hardy than the other,
made bis way clong tbe beach. He
tound a farmhouse and announced the
news, and solicited assistance for hi
companions. When the unfortunate
on the beach were readied they were so
benumbed with cold as to appear beyond
haln. It has reonlred nearly 24 hours
for one of them to regain his powers of
lartnratA. " JWr-wr..
Glass i commander of the Charles
ton. So far, nothing has been done by
tbe administration toward curbing the
insurgent in their operations, save
verbal representations from tbe Ameri
can commanders to Agninaldo, in
which it has been pointed out to him
that It would be good policy, in view
of the probability of the annexation of
k laUnHe hv tha unuea ciaieo, u
mind and body. The rescued sailor parsne , that would not be ob-
mlnt finished but the SpsniBh commis- . ti,. ran ind while the crew was
- . . . 1 J - -
sioncr are reported to- nave uecmrwi engagea in replacing tne oar on uie
last week that the mortagagea lmposea truk , .pedal freight train crasnea
by Spain on the Cuban as well as on jnt0 tne caboose, leaving the latter in
the Philippine revenuee must not be ,aTee on the boiler of the engine. One
impaired or questioned. This would brakeman, J. U. Lewis, was in the ca-
compel the American commissioner boost. He was mortally wounded, and
soon and probably tomorrow tu uo- diej wni)e being taxen to Jeua
mand whether Spain means to repudiate ieaici .id. There were no other fa-
tbe plain compact of the protocol to tamies. The track waa cleared tor tne
relinquish sovereignty over and title to I Oregon express without the aid of a
Cuba. . wrecking crew,
Three weeks ago tne spantsu coraran
loners accepted the Cuban article in
the protocol wilbout condition save
that it embodiment In the treaty
should depend on an agreement here on
all the article ot the pioiocoi. re
cently, however, Spain's representa
tive have said tnat uio uoan rni
had only been temporarily passed and
waa still in abeyance.
Wn Will Buy nn Ieland.
Washington, Nov. 22. The acquisi
tion of an island in the Caroline group,
owned by Spain, will be part of the
work ol tbe Paris peace commissiton.
Cable communication between the
United States and Manila via Hono
lulu 1 regarded as desirable, should
we occupy the Islands, and Guam
island, In the Lad rone group, and one
ol tho Caroline islands would be useful
aa Intermediary stations. The aoqusl-
tlon of one of the Caroline islands, oon-
wlornd suitable for a cable station,
would involve a money consideration
and tha United States will pay Spain
reasonable price for its relinquish
ment. "
Cuban Soldiers Will Bo raid.
New York. Nov. SI. A Herald dia
patch from Havana says: The Cuban
arm will receive one year's pay on
December 10. Note for the balance
will be issued and the troops will then
Im disbanded. This information comes
General Garcia s
bave been taken into cabins along tbe
Tbe most complete and reliable story
of tbe wreck obtainable comes from
Frank Fogarty, a member of the
Yaquina life-saving crew, who has
pati oiled the beach in the vicinity of
the wreck. Captain Clark ordered bim
back to the station, which bad been
entirely deserted, except by the wives
of the orew, to guard there tonight.
"Tbe officers of the Atalanta paid tha
penalty of their folly with their lives,"
said Fogarty. "Not one escaped, un
less be Ib penned up in the forecastle,
to be released tonight or tomorrow.
"The survivors have started the story
down on the beach that the wreck is
more the result of carelessness on the
part of the captain than of adverse
weather. It ia to the effect that tbe
Atalanta waa raeing down tbe ooast
with another sailing ship to make bet
ter time, and having a more advan
tageous tack, against the southwester,
he steered close Into Cape iron iweatner.
noxious to the United States. But the
situation Is now realised to be critioal.
So far as tbe Spaniards are concerned,
perhaps they can be left to take care oi
themselves, but the foreign resident
at Iloilo are differently regarded.
tn Ba
Spaniard Will Bo Out of Cubn by New
Year a ay.
Havana. Nov. 22. Captain-General
Blanco received Irom raris tiny
cable authorising him to draw on Paris
for 13,000,000 gold, to be applied in
tbe payment ot the spauisn troops in
Cuba. Thl amount Is in addition to
the proceeds of the draft lor iMHo.OOU
by the Madrid government on London,
whioh wai sold Mere last weex.
The BoaniBh authorities are making
strenuous efforts to oomplete the evacu
ation bv the end of the year. I .n officer of
Martinique has boen selected as the pergonal staff, In whose word implioit
plaoo of rendetvous of the t-panim confidence may be plaoed. From what
navw for evacuation purposes. The .nnrMI tha money will come cannot be
ken Soanialt Teaacle
Balaed nt Manila, ,
Washington. Nov. 21. The United ,
States navy will soon possess more than
sprinkling of foreign-bnilt warships.
Admiral Dewey has informed the navy
department that he has contracted with
a Hong Kong firm oi wrecker to raise
three of the Spanish war vessels sunk
in the battle ot Manila last May day.
The cost of raising the ships and puK.
ting them in thorough repair will be
1500.009. ,
The vessels to be raised are gunboat
of large type, and, in the opinion ol
fihioi Onnatmotor nichborn, they will
kind ol crait tor trie
h tho very beet
Not seeing tbe lighthouse, he supposed protection of the United States inter
a. a I a .a nLMI .aAa a. vwl amntf till
,,. vnaont tn ha annrra d stance rom Mtl in ID8 rDiuppiuw
shore. This caused him to
his southeast taok too long.
"The logbook at the life-saving sta
tion shows that Thursday morning, be
tween midnight and 0 o'olook, when
the Atalanta was on thia tack, tbe Cape
Foulweather lighthouse was concealed
by fog and heavy heet of rain. Nev
ertheless, the survivors, according to
report, do not exouse ."the policy ot tbe
captain. Had not a race been on, tbey
say, he would bave taken no toch
continue I Asiatic ooast.
Cnnsed Stampede.
Spokane. Wasb..lNov. 21. A Lew
Iston special to the Spokesman-Review
A great atrlke ol high grade ore ia
reported near tbe Snowshoe pass, on
the Wanen trail, 20 miles south of
Florence, Idaho. A big stampede from
Florence i reported.
The Florence correspondent of the
Spokesman-Review reports that the
strike wa made between the now fam
ous Buffalo Homp and Thunder moun
tain. ,
The great vein ia from 80 to 90 feet
wide, and carries an abundanoe of free
gold. , ,
Tha fiaimon river run through tbe
Atalanta Sailed From Tacoma.
Tacoma, Wash.. Nov. 21. Tho Brit
ish ship Atlanta left bere last Saturday
with $05,000 worth ol wheat, for Del
ago bay, South Africa. She was in
of Cantata Charles McBride.
of Greenock, Scotland, where he has a claims.and the country never ha muoli
wife. The ship left here witn eT men, jnow.
the only names of those on record here Tv. rawtucket Launched.
being those of the captain and the fol- Vallate Cal.. Nov. 21. Tbe United
nort as seamen:
n V Grann. A. B.. 81 Chanel place.
Spanish auxiliary orulsen ratriota aim .uted, but that the United States nas Dublin; J. Webber, A. B., 182 Forty
Fiftv. seven
army have son In the wrvlce, and two ""TL
neneratlon. ol the ame family are even nU"e"
more frequent in the navy. The Hel
I fridge family furnishes three genera
I tlons from a lieutenant to an admiral.
The life insurance companies doing
Mcteoro, purchased in Geimany before
the outbreak of hostilities, are expected
here on December 15, and will convoy
the Spanish boats from Cuban ports to
Martinique, where the Rapidio, Ponce
de Leon and Conoha, from Poito Rico,
bave already assembled, and from
whioh point all will sail for Spain.
Victim of Elevator Fire.
Toledo, O., Nov. 82. After two
months' of search, aud tho recovery of
m dead, the grain Handlers at tne
Union elevator found the body of an
unknown man today. His appearance
indicated him to be a well-to-do man,
snd it is suppose! ho was visiting tha
elevator at the time ot the explosion.
Aott-Glgnrotta taw..
Knoxville, Tenn., Nov. 28. -The
law pasted by the last
Tennessee legislature is declared con
ttitutlonal in an opinion given to the
press today by , Judge Caldwell, of tho
upreme court of theetate. The opin
ion declare vnat cigarettes r nut le
gitimate articles ol commerce, because
guaranteed the loan is almost certain. geconj street, New York; 8. A. Jacob-
B.d.-Pow.n Dead. son. A. B.. btocxhoim; j. bmitn. r ins
London. Nov. 22. Sir George bury; G. Covalu, Callao; J. Jones,
Broythe Baden-Powell, the eminent po- Valparaiso; N. Sorenson, Bergen; G.
luteal economist and authority on col- Fraser 829 Monroe street Pnndol
onial affairs, who represented the phia; R Codd
ir;,.b,iai liisiH on of Liverpool in pan- uiverpoui, j. ,
- . .! t 1
hnainnna In Canada have agreed bare-
i after not to accept risk on the live of ; Jhav w wholly noxiou and deloterl-
I . i .1 ,AM iimIii., I Lav ImnnAn tn , ... a .. ...
Untenant JulesG. Ord. son otflen-' " " .w. lt i ou to neaiu., nu
n ttrwrtl.F.. Aonnt. Arlington. L.T o n .,! who w.a killed t Mtowinnr. . ... v.. , ym)tn yrovtwor, m nnj,n,, ..
lament, in the conservative inieiesi,
since 1885, died today in his 61st year.
Xnploalon in a Bookot rnotory. .
Budapest, Nov. 22. A dispatch to
the Pester Lloyd irom Nigolaief,
Russia, at the confluence ol the Ingul
the Bnir. savs that 81 persons have
been killed there by an explosion in a
rocket factory. -
Trainmen Bnn Down. -
New York, Nov. 82. G. W. Rogors,
nt Camden, employed as a conductor
nn the Ambov division of the Pennsyl
vania railroad, and H. G. Rue, bag-
nf tha Ropers' train, were
? . . . . . , . VT t . 1 .U . Thn. I
killed at jttauvrav, a.
had completed their run lor the day,
and were walking to the depot to take
a train for home, when they were run
down by tha Chloago limited, east
bound. Their bodies were out up and
lowing, who joined tbe vessel at this gute steel tug Pawtucket was launched
at tha Mare island navy yara twij.
She was christened cy mibb riuor
Baxter, the little daughter of Naval
Constructor W. J. Baxter, in the pres
ence of thousands oi spectators.
Pawtuoket is 102 feet long, is Of 228
tons, and is expected to develop 450
horsepower. She will make 13 knots
per hour. Her boiler and engines ar.
almost completed, and the Pawtticket
will be ieady for commission by Janu
ary i. . .. .
tion. Indianapolis.
Ibe Atalanta was ot only 1,003 tons
register. She was built in 1885, owned
by N. Hill, of Scotland, and was worth
probably 30,000.
Captain Renny, Lloyd's . surveyor
hare, thinks probably the lost ship is
the Gorman bark Atalanta, 2,200 tons,
which he says is en route from Santa
Rosalia. Central America, and more
likely to be carrlod into the shore by
the southwest wind that is said to have
prevailed. Another German (hip, At
alanta. sailed from British Columbia
. ....hi., or the Wlaoooaln.-
Cblcago Nov. 2t.-Tbe Unt'd
States battle-ship Wisconsin will be
launched at San Franoisco S-twday,
November 20. and will be christened
by Mies Elisabeth Stephenson, daughter
of Isaac Stephenson, of Marinette, Wis.
Orntlng Sheep on Beaerrntlons.
mi a Af
W..hlnaton. NOV. L A"" "a"
.t ....innnt to nroseoute criminally
VUO .. . ,
November 4 in command of Captain 0.3 Wash
. Dormer, w tb salmon for London, bnt ;jBWi 8 a decision
lb., sb.p Should oe pas. vreguu iu , .Uorney
before thi8: ., ' Bliss ! recently asked a. to
whether wch prosecution won in m
m it.. -A.!oi a mint ii! a!
9 a larce wnderoneox meec-wv.
eyed L I reoontfy iued for the Preservation of
Ten Persona Burned tn Death,
St Petersburg, Nov. 21. In a
Are. which completely doett