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FRIDAY. MARCH 3, 1803.
Theyeariv bwljtlon U tha Olobf, In Vt.AO,
invariably fn advance, Kt deviation from thta
nils, Tha pnpnr will be stoiified at tlia and of
ihw tlrrus for which It is paid miles further or
ariored and paid for. A blue pencil mark sromid
f nkle Indicates that your antwrlptlon ho
I .it , and If you wish the paper continued you
Ihould remit the amount hs soon aa possible.
Coiinty court meets next Monday, 6th.
The new butcher ihop is now running
at full blast. ' :
Born, FrJcUy, Feb. 22d to tlie wife of
Gfto.' Itobirmon near Coudoj, a on.
Ballots for the city election were print
ed at the Globb Job rooms to-day, Fri
W. A. Eodkey, one of Arlington's en
terprlalng , Lttyioess men .was in town
Knox & Johnson are having a well dug
at their livery stable, which will t add
much to its convenience.
A large number of warranty deeds,
mortgage and chattel mortgage blanks
t this office, for sale cheap. !
Our magnificent "Universal" jobber
has been kept buzzing the last week or
o, turning out flrHt-cliiHS work.
In a trade with Alex Hardie this week,
L. W. Darling becomes the owner of 40
head of good cattle, valued at about $B00.
J, II. Downing unt purchased 150 acres
of excellent land near Mayviile, from
Mrs. and Mrs. Frank Woods. Consider,
atlon, 000.
Our school will close next Wednesday.
It has been a lucceimful term, and the
teachers doserve much credit for their
earnest and effective efforts.
Born, Friday, Feb. 24, 1802, to Mr.
and Mrs. F. M. l'liter, a son. Unfortu
naty Mrs. l'liter caught cold a few
Urn .alter and baa been very ttiek since.
Geo. W. WelHhhons, who bad been at
work a Miller & Hill's saw mill since
last suinmor, moved bHck with his
family to ' their ranch near Clem this
week. . "
U seems to have been a false rumor
about Brick Balding buying the Spencer
farm on Kock creek. At least Brick
aays there's nothing in it, and he ought
to know.
Bills are posted for an entertainment
to be given hero this Thursday evening
by the Uooseberry Comedy Company.
We understand it is well worth the ad
mission price.
; Arthur Myers and family of Fossil
moved onto J. 1J. Spaulding's ranch on
finiption this week, Arthur having been
employed by Mr. Spaulding to look after
bis farm and stock. , 1
Henry Hons came up this week from
Arlington, where he spent the winter
with his mother, lie expects to remaiu
here this summer and work at-the car
pentering business.
F. D. Smith.! the lucky. winner in the
late Examiner prize-drawing, having
won first prize, a farm in California val
i)rwVit f3,&u0. The editor of thin excel
leneekly also won a prize, valued at
15. '
After learning that Mr. Lucas had
withdrawn his name from the ticket fur
mayor, the name of Ueo. Tatom has been
placed the field, and be and L. W. Dar
ling are now the contestants for the
mayorship honors. .
A newspaper has been started at the
Bamoan Islauds. The editor must have
a picnic describing swell parties, recep
tions, etc., as we are informed that the
prevailing costume worn down there is a
broad smile and a pairoi shell ear rings.
We understand that teachers are a
scarce "article" in . this county, this
spring. A number of Frof. Hill's schol
ar have just received teachers' certiii-
cutcs, and any district in the county in
need of a teacher can learn something to
their interest by addressing Prof. J. II.
Hill at Condon.
The ladies of Condon will give a basket
sociable in the church Friday evening,
which promises to be a grand success.
Each lady is expected to bring a basket
containing enough lunch for 2, with her
name on a tuir tied to the basket. All
the baskets will then be placed on a ta
ble and each gentleman la expected to
buv one, also to help eat its contents
with the lady whose nmuo is attached
thereto. It will be great, and no one
can alford to miss it.
J. P. Lucas is visiting his aged father,
Mr. A. W. Lucas, at Monmouth, Polk
county, who has been in feeble health
lately. On Friday be received a tele
gram summoning him to his father's
bedside, and he If ft next morning, La
ter. - A letter from Mr. Lucas Wednes
day states that his father is very poorly,
and that it is not probable that lie will
return to Condon within the next couple
of weeks, Mr. Lucas, therefore, asks
that bis name be withdrawn from the
ticket for mayor.
JJr, Thos. Stewart returned to Fossil
. , I -1 I. - - i 1 , .
Lfcti-ween irom nis om nome ui uccaiur,
Tvxm where be and Mrs. Stewart have
' beei visiting relatives since lust fall
They have traded for the leading hotel
in that city, and the doctor's trip up
bore now is for the purpose of taking the
balance of his stock back with him, and
he will tat once assume the duties of land
lord. The doctor is getting."1 pretty well
' along in years, and cannot stand the vig
orous exertion of riding, hence his ob
ject in getiiug at something easier.
Beautiful spring has come at last. We
were just about to write, and publish a
few columns of poetry on "Springy" but
Upon petition of the citizens asking us
to "spare them,!' we bave concluded to
avoid it. They say they bavn't done
anything to deserve such punishment.
Transcript: A lady over at Hillslwro
has recently sold a brood of 400 chickens
raised by her the past year, for $200.
This does not take into account the egi$s
soldwhich would doubtless liquidate all
expenses. We'll bet our last year's hat
against nickel that the lady's hunband
didn't make as much clear coin off of bis
80-acre wheat field last year. , 4
In our mention of the new wells last
week we omitted to mention that which
was recently finished by W. F. Thurna
gle, which is one of the best in town.
Water has also been struck in the coun
ty well, but as this was sunk on the
highest point in town, It will be neces
sary to go several feet deeper in order to
obtain a sufficient quantity. ...
School Clerk It. W. Cooke has notices j
posted, calling for a regular annual
meeting of the citizens of this district
tiext Monday, 6th, for the purpose of
electing two director., one to take the
place of A. Henshaw, whose term ex
pires, the other to fill the vacancy occa
sioned by the resignation of D. S, Brown.
A clerk will also be elected for the ensu
ing year. .
The City Primaries.
Pursuant to call, the citizens of Con
don met Monday evening in cam ns for
the purpose of nominating candidates
for the various city offices, the election
of which will be held next Monday, 6th.
Geo. W. Kinehart was elected chair
man and Prof. Hill secretary of the
meeting. After the usual preliminaries,
nominations were in order, and resulted
as follows, having voted to term the
entire ticket, "Citizens' Ticket."
For Mayor L. W. Darling and J. P.
For Councilmen A. Henshaw, J. II.
Downing, John. Maddock, W. L. Barker,
Dan Rinehort. Geo. Knox, S. P. Suutt
and J. W. Barr.
For Treasurer G. W. Kinehart, II. B.
Hendricks and U. W. Mackey.
For Recorder H, S.Frazer, being the
only nominee.
This being the first experience of the
kind for Condon, naturally there is a
good deal of interest manifested in the
coming election. On all the street cor
ners can be seen bunches of tnen "au
guring" each other until they get black
in the face, so that by the time Monday
comes around the voters will be in ex
cellent trim for the occasion.
Owing to nearly half of our citizana
having homesteads in the country, not
deeded, which wakes thein, Ineligible to
a vote in the city, there are only about
34 of our citizens who are entitled to a
vote at the city election Monday.
A Vicious Attack.
On Saturday, Feb. 18th, Dud Flynn,
a young man about 2' yearsofage, with
out any cause to speak of, made a vicious
attack upon Mr. Ed Wiueland at Lone
Hock. From what we can learn of the
occurrence, it appears that Flynn had
been "laying for" Mr. Winelaud, and
when the latter stepped out of a store
just after dark In the evening, Flynn
dealt hi in a murderous blow which felled
him to the ground. He then jumped
upon the old man's face with his boot
heels and repeatedly kicked him in the
stomach and intestines until the old gen
tleman was insensible. Home one then
interfered, or he probably would have
been murdered outright. - ,
As soon as Mr. Wiueland was able,
which was several days after, be was
brought to Condon, where he has since
remained under the doctor's care. He
is horribly cut np and wounded inter
nally, and was obliged to carry both
arms in slings, It will be many a day
More be recovers his health again, if at
He had a warrant sworn out for
Flynn'a arrest, on a charge of assault
with intent to kill. Deputy Sheriff Tom
Johnson went over and brought him to
town Saturday, lie waived examina
tion and was bound over to the grand
jury In the sum of $300, which were fur
Mr. Winalund has also brought suit
against Flynn, through his attorneys
Darling & Hendricks, for $400 damages,
the papers lieing served Thursday.
A Card.
So much having been said concerning
my nomination for councilman, I desire
to say that I have not been, nor am I an
aspirant now, for any office. If I serve
in any oflicial capacity it will be when
the office comes to me. I will say now
what I have claimed for the last year,
that my residence is at Condon; and
should I be elected I will consider it my
duty to qualify. But under nocircnm
stances will I make any effort to get the
oflice. W. L. Barkkb.
Great Bargains.
Now is the time to get full value for
your stock. The undersigned dealers in
real estate will exchange city .-property,
farming lands and garden tracts in the
following places; Victoria, Port Angela
Blaine', Whutcijm, Seattle, EJlenstmrg,
Lake Chelan and last, but not least, Ar
lington. I will exchange the above prop
erty tor cattle, horses or sheep. For full
particulars call on. or address .
". L.M.Lapointk, Arlington, Or.f
117 - ' At oifice of Dr. IS. 11. Griffin.
Lone Rock Rumblings.
, Rev. Sherrlll is. as he terms It, deliv
ering "bible lectures" to the good people
of this burg. But it is plainly noticea
ble that the people do not "tumble out"
like they do when Rev. Rawlins occupies
the pulpit. ,
Geo. Montgomery seems to be, from
all appearances, gradually growing weak
er, and the chances for his recovery are
very discoursgi rig indeed. His sickness
is the result of a severe attack of lagrippe
some time ago.
Dud Flynn came up from Condon the
other day and reported that he " was
bound over in the sum of t,0 to appear
before the grand jury, also 30l) to keep
the peace, the result of bis assault upon
Ed Wiueland here a fpw days ago. ''
Last Sunday night while our people
were listening to a sermon by Rev. Wise
some hoodlums stretched a wire string
across the street in front of the door.
Luckily a small boy came out of the
church and discovered it in time to avoid
what might have been a serious acci
dent. This kind of foolishness is' too
dangerous to be funny. These lads are
"spotted," and should they ever repeat
the conduct and any one get hurt, it will
t pretty expensive fun for the parents
of such unprincipled pups.
The squirrel scalp bounty petition has
a number of signers already. We-also
saw a petition signed by quite a number
of our legal voters, ' asking our county
court at its next session to appoint R.
M. Johnson Justice of the Peace for this
precinct. No effort has been made to se
cure a large list of names, for the reason
that the county board is about as well
acquainted, with Bob as the Lone Rock
people are. We believe there is no don It
that he will get the appointment, as a
better-qualified man cannot be found in
our community. Cowboy.
We Give It UpCan't Account
. ; -:; For. It.
Goohkbkkuy, On., Feb. 25, 1893.
Ed. Globe: As a subscriber to your
paper I desire to ask a question. Why
is it that the Globe does' not arrive at
Gooseberry on Saturdays? We have
mail every Saturday from Olex, and I
understand that the paper, with but
very few exceptions, comes from Condon
to Olex on Fridays.
I hope that whoever is to blame for
this negligence will remedy the matter,
as I do not care to get local news after it
has become stale, when there seems to
be no occasion for such delay.
James Royse.
t a-aa-a , .
Taken Up.
I have taken up and bave at my place
near Condon the following-described
horse: Weight about 1000 lbs; sorrel,
with 3 white feet, and white 'face with
sorrel siot in it ; age about 7 or 8 years ;
has saddle marks and is branded on left
shoulder, brand unknown. Owner can
have the horse by proving property and
paying expenses incurred.
W. B. 31 VERS.
Free Send For One.
The Union Pacific have published a
very neat pictorial world's fair folder,
containing colored lithographs of the va
rious exposition buildings, birds-eye
view of fhe grounds, with a complete
map of the city, showing location of the
fair, hotels, railway depots, streetcar lines
and city parks. Copy of the map can
tie had. by addressing W. H. Hurlburt,
Assistant General Passenger Agent, Port
land, Oregon.
All county warrants registered prior
to July 1. 1892, will be paid on present
ation at my office. Interest ceases on
and after this date.
Herbert Halstead,
County Treasurer.
Dated Oct. 14, 1802.
For Sale Cheap.
I desire to sell my team of mules, har
ness, wagon and complete outfit, also a
sewing machine and a number of other
household and farming utensils. They
will be sqld at a bargain if applied for
soon. J. M. Campbell, Condon.
The Best Wagons.
The best wagon in the world is the
new Peter Sehuttler tabular axle wagon.
The Steel Skein Sehuttler wagon has
been in the lead for the past 50 years;
the new tahular axle Sehuttler will be
in the lead for the next 60 years. For
sale by L. W. DarlingA Co., Coudon.Or.
, Something Worth Reading.
The Sunday Mercury, t)ia leading aport
lng and Independent political newspaper In the
Northwont, Is ptiMiabed at Portland, Or. Over
11,000 copies sold etich, week. Price, X2.50 a year.
Newsboy wanted In every CUy and town lu the
I'nlted Statci.' Price to newaboya, 5 cents a
copy. Price to customers, lO cents a copy.
Any peraon getting a boy in a town where The
Mercury la not already aold, will be given a
copy free ot charge for six months. Samplca
free. Write to B. . WAT30N, Puor,,
94 East Morrison St., Portland, Or,
TAdtes' ahoee, best quality, reduced from 12 to
ll.a, cn; auujii ooots rouueeo io., warranto
to equal any, Buckiuglpim & Heoht, At J. H.
Downing's store.
We have added a full Hue of patent medicines
to our atot k and are now prepared to furnish any
thing In this line needed by man or beast, ilal-
sicau, itiuimnn n io. t
Why be bothered with a burnt-out, broken or
warned fire buck In your cook stove when you
can tiny one of those patent adjustable bnckaat
tlalHtead, Kinehart & Co.'s to tlltiny slue stove?
ron,t forgot the Oliver Chilled when you want
a plow. They are the best in the market. We
are the sole agent for Condon and are wiling
them at Arllugton prices, linlstead, Kinehart St
Buliacrlptlona for all the newapinieia and mag
azines in the United Htatim and also the lenmug
panel's of the Old countries, received by llci'hert
IhilKtead, at the rmxtorllce, at :iuhliiiliuro' u rices.
; It will aava you risk aud trouble. . '
Book of oil kinds. U W. Parting St Co.
Dlnhea and glatiaware'at L W. furling A Co.'i.
Genuine elder vlnegur at Hnjittead, Kinehart &
Co.'., .
A linnof line, fanlilonuM'j pnpeterie, flrt-cla(i.
I W. Iwrlltig Co., Condon.
Hullaekeeprm, try Soma of the Liquid Waxhiug
Bluing, ut Lrll!ig'a, Condon.
I'lne tnupK of On-won, folded for pocket ue, 80c
each, at L. W. Purling JtCo.'a. .
All klnrla of dock nt Hnhtead, Kinehart &
Co.'a, at prlcea toauit ilie tlinea.
Yotir Mrd wowld lng better In a new cage.
Get one from L. W. Purling & Co,
We are Just hunting for chronic eonghs to eure.
"H. iS," for aula by U W. Purling & Co.
Window, doors and nil kinds of builder' hard
ware, at HHltad, Kinehart & Co.', Condon.
Toilet aoapa In endleaa variety, aluo the beat
laundry onp in the world. - L. W. purling 6i Co.
The f. B. Coiigh Cure 1 almply perfect, 'hpend
MX- witli P, W, Parting, and you will be ready to
sing. ,
Ladle, try our "Heat for the Weary" shoe, and
ufl'-r no more with sore or tired feet. Ilalatead,
Kinehart Co.
The1 Oeroian-American Inanranc:e Co., of New
York, hns eatabliohed an oflice at Condon with U
W. Purling a agent
Ask nt 1,. W. Purling It Co.' drag store for the
8. B. Headache i ure, and yon will be given the
beat headache medicine known. - '
The freahcat, pureat and beat atook of preacrlp
tlon iBodiciiiea In the country can be found at
the dru store of L. W. parting & Co., Condon.
The lamo'ia "Willlama Barber Bar Hhavlng
Soap" the beat In the world for the toilet aua
for anaviug. For sale by L. W. Purling it Co.
Good ioii coat a little more, hnt the wear is
out of all proportion to the coat. Rememherthia
when b'.iying utid take notuing but the genuine
BHi'kirigham it Heche They have a world-wide
reputation for over a onurter of a century, lor
solid merit Halstead, Kinehart & Co.
We are agents for Knapp, Burrell it Co.'icom
plete line of goodo, eonniating l wagon, c -riagen,
otitic, backboards, namuas, gang, aui
key and common plowa, barrow, fcetdera, d.-illn,
h'.wJ'T, Hell-binders, mowers, reapers, rakes and
all kinds of farming machinery. P?acriptiv
cutalogHcs lull of information and prices upon
applicaUon. Halstead. Kinehart & Co.
In the Circuit Court of the State of Or
egon for the County of Gilliam.
James B. Judgon, N. G. Blalock and
Bayard T. Byrns, plaintiff, vs. Antonio
De'Valembrosa Marques De Mores and
The Northern Pacific Refrigerator Car
Company, a corporation existing under
the laws'of Jiew Jersey, defendants.
To Antonio De Valembrosa Marques
De .Mores and the Northern Pacific Re
frigerator Car Company, a corporation
existing under the Jaws of New Jersey,
defendants. In the name of the State
of Oregon : You are hereby required to
appear and answer the complaint filed
against you in the above entitled cause
within ten days from the date of the ser
vice of this Kummons upon you, if served
witiiin this county ; or if served within
any other county of this State, then
within twenty days from the date of the
service of this summons upon you; and
if vou fail to answer, the plaintiff will
take judgment against you to set aside a
certain tleed of date, the 7th dav of May,
lff4, and executed by The Blalock
Wheat (ircwing Company to Antonio De
Valembrosa Marques De Mores, convey
ing the south baif andv the northeast
quarter of the southwest quarter of sec
tion thirty-six, township three north, of
range nineteen east, Willamette Merid
ian. N. G. Blalock,
m3-8 ' For PlaiotiflfV.
Dated this 26th day of February, 1893.
Ln Orncij at Thb Dallcs, Oa., Jan. IS, 1893.
Notice la hereby given that the following-named
si-tlicr has lilcd notice of her intention to make
linal pna.f In support of her claim, and thutaaid
proot will be made before 1. P. Luoaa, county
clerk of (iiilUm county, at Condon, Or., on
March 13, lsi, via:
MEI.Ii.-5A WARREN, Hd. 4557,
for the nwl4' see. 34 tp J s of r 22 e. She names
the following witneefcea to ptove her continuous
residence upon and culUration of, said land, vis:
0. L. Wake of Gooseberry, W. P. f retieh of lone,
J. A. Ward and Jos. Baird of Shelby, Oregon.
J27-52 Johm VI. Lhwim, Register.
Land Offic at The Daiaks, Ob., Jan. 16,1893.
Notice ia herebv given that the follcwing
n timed settler has filed notice of his intention to
make dim) proof in support of his claim, and that
Haiti proof will be made before .lay P. Lucbj, coun
ty clerk, at Condon, Or., on March 8, 1893, via.
for the l"ta 2. S and 4. and aw ne sec 1 tp 6 of
rl9e. He names tne following witnesses to
prove his continuona residence upon ano culti
vation of, said land, vis: M. Lewis, Jaa. Nickson,
W, H. Stephens of Mayviile, and John Patterson
of Fossil, Oregon.
J27-&2 Johs W. Lgwia. Register.
Commuted Timber Culture Final Proof.
V. 8. Land Office, The, O.,
Xottee Is herebv given that Melissa Powell has
filed notice of her intention to make final proof
before Jay P. Luoaa, county clerk of Ollliam
cnuntv nt hi oflice In Condon. Oregon, on Tues-
dav, the 14th dav of March, lS'-'S. on timbercnlture
Application No. 15W, for the sec 10 tp 8 s of r
21 e. she mimes as witnesses: II. L. Moore and
R. B. ot snowy, ana J. A. ..wrana v.
E. Miller ol Condon, Oregon.
J27-S1 john w . lkwis, rtegiaier.
Land Ofkick at The Dalles, Or., Jan. Ifi. 1S93.
Kotif Is herebv given tbst tha loliowing
nnmed settler has "tiled notice of his Intention to
make flnul pmoi in support of his claim, and that
oj. nnl will lu muri. htffnrA Jmv P. l.MCMB.
connfy clwrk of milium count, at Condon, Or., on
Marcn 7, iwj, vis:
. FRASK E. SMITH. IJd. 2006,
forthR Sieei'VitpSsot rjle. H names the
(ollowlutt M ltnesses to prove his continwous res
iilont'i, nnon and pultivation of. said land, vis:
F. M. Springton, Jumes KiMlgers, Joneph Irevelt
nd Henry hswk, auoi iioimon, uregon.
gTM John W. Lew in. Register.
I. and Officii at Tub Palles. Ok.. Jan. 24. '93.
Notice Is hereby given that the following,
named settler has tiled notieeof his Intention to
nuike Hnal proof in support of his claim, and that
Sulu prow win re uiuuv uviurcj. r. ijuviw, wiuir
ty clerK oi Minium county, at jonaon, uregou
on March 17, JSW, vis:
for the s'J ow'-i sec 1 and nw'f ne'f; ne-i uwV
sec 2S tp d s of r '22 e. He names the following
witnesses to prove his continuous resiueni'e upon
and cultivation of. said land, vis: Henry Green
field, John E. Bntmptoti, Ororglluthliisou
and James Codd, all of Condon, Oiegon.
127-52 John W. I.kwis, Register.
Land Officr atTh Dalles, Or,, Jan. 25, 1S93.
Notice is hereby xlven that the following
named settler hu tiled notice of his Intention to
make tinnl proof in support of hiselaim.audthHt
said proof will be made liefore J, P. Lueas, eonn
ty elerlt of Gilliam eounty, at Condon, OTegou,
on March 14, 1H5W, vis:
CHARLES W," BROWN, Hd. 2434,
for the lots 1 and 2 and hw sec 2 tp 4 s of r
20 e. Ho names the following witnesses to prove
his continuous residence ujion and cultivation
of, said land, viz; Kitlnh Froman, Geo. Ilansea,
Fred Monroe, C. N, Wilson, all of Condon, Or,
f:l-l John W. Lewis, Register,
. . .
or .WNTma ooat at lo satis, sstihatis aivm,
i i ? 'f 3 lhTHW AviiN 'wii
i-i a r d ware)
And Everything Else Usually Kept In a '
First-class Mercantile Establishment.
CUSTOMERS "SLAUGHTERED I No goods slaughtered, for that
won't pay. Our motto is to get all we can for as little as possible and
charge war prices for everything. Come and see if we tell the truth,
don't take our word for it, but price goods and see for yourselves.
We have the freshest and most complete line of prescrip
tion medicines in the country.
Our stock of druggists' notions and sundries include all
K . . that the heart could wish for. ,
Our stock of stationery, books, etc., is the most complete
in Eastern Oregon. '
Our Btock of paints, oils, brushes, glass, etc., is complete
and of priuit?-quality.
Our assortment of cTpckery, queensware, glassware, tin
ware, graniteware and lamps give entire satisfaction.
The Earhuff organ the best inthe world.
The Northwest Fire & Marine Insurance Company. "
The German-American Insurance Company.
The Sehuttler wagon. V
The Adriance binders, reapers and mowers; also Chas.
H. Dodd & Co.b' entire line of agricultural implements.
We are
the Con
don Ag'ts
We are here to stay,
your patronage. ,
Gondon Hotel ,
. Condon, Oregon.
This Large New Hotel Is the
nished Hotel in Gilliam County.
First-class Accommodation and Low Rates.
The table is supplied with the best that the market affords.
Wallpaper and window shades a specialty.
I keep a complete stock of everything in my line, and am prepared to
sell at city prices. When you are at the county seat, give me a call.
South Main St., Condon, Oregon.
'r:f; , CHAS.. FIX,; flrbp'r
Baled Hay, Chop, Oats, Barley and Mill Feed Bought and Sold.
Also all kinds of second-hand clothing, boots and shoes bought and
sold in connection with my laundry in adjoining building at bay-scaleg
and shoe shop.
I am aiso agent for the Building. Loan & Investment Association
of Settle, Wash. Your patronage is rospjctfulIy olicitd.
fiUUVV. Ky FLOUE k",t X
and respectfully solicirl
Most Comfortable and Best-Fur
1 I