Condon globe. (Condon, Gilliam Co., Or.) 189?-1919, March 03, 1893, Image 1

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Editor and Proprlator.
f Subscription Katei.
On four (invariably in a'l vawe).,
.,11 M
.. 1 00
.. ?8
,. 10
biz uioutiis.
'llirea imiiilhi
Hiii(l ooplta
' Kuterfd ot Hit pmtofflct at Condon, Oregon, at
lramU-clo'$ matt tnattr.r. .
United States.
President Ukxjamik iiRioit
Vlue l'r!sl(lnt I'KVi V. Monro
Hwrrtary of Hiaie Joint W. Kuhtkk
Hucretury of treasury Cll. Kostkk
Bw retary d Interior J. W.
nonrotary of War JltiramD. Ki.kik
' . 8-x-reUry of Navy B. K. Tract
tMstmasler-fitsiierat ........John WahasiaiucK
AtUirneyOeHeral W II. H. Mil. I. it a
tmoretary of AgrleuUure. ........ .Jiukmuh Husk
State of Oregon.
Governor ..0 Pkmnoykh
Bei-raUrv ol State W. McBmi.K
Tro.Hrer.. HlilL M ktsmi
Ait.irncy-tieneral liao. K Chambkri.aiw
Hunt, of rubllo no, Ion K. It. M( I.LItoT
. il. H, MlTimaM.
' lit. IlKHMANM
Cotufressmeti w, B, Ki.i.i
Printer Titm 0. Hakkh
if. A. M.x.iik
BupremaJulge......... .. (j-
eventh Judicial District.
Clrmilt Judge ...........W, I.. ltHAMluw
I'roswiutlng Attorney W. H. Wii.imi
Member atale Hoard 1. U Ukkkv
Ollllam Coanlir.
Joint Senator....!..... ..--W. W. HTrtwita
l(tlrvsuulatlva... .....U J. iooiKi;ii
Judge . V. J, Maiiikkr
-, , . 1W. J. KnwABUH
commissioner . j jtm, iui.stok
Clerk . Ja 1, I.i::a
Sheriff, W. 1, Wii.cox
Treasurer Hkbkbt IUwitkab
A s-wr,. , Val Wiiaiti.Kit
Burmyor W. W. Kkiunkkv
hc'hoil Huiwriutvadvut Uum Paukkh
Cormier. lm. John Nii kiis
Block luvtor... .......,. Absx latins
Jo.tlcesof the I'eare. ,
Aillngton..... W.O.
lUSim-k , O. I'AUIUkil
-4l'tk Creak ., ... II. I. HaMiali.
AVos.l, n J. tt. Ci.Ait
Kerry Cnnyon H. K. Cakon
I-ono Hock.. M.O. lltiiKK
Mayvll.e , , , ...(!. J. Hum
KwKtl... ..Ham Donalkwm
Howe Crtx k , .....7.. J. Maktin
Crown Hoi k...,.; t II. IIal
Trait fork ..T. K. Hakton
Union Paclfle Railway Tim Card.
Trslnssrrlve and leave Arlington a follows;
Train V. fast mall, ieavos Arlington dally
ta t; a. at.
No. , Atlantlo express, leaves Arlington dally
at 8 r. m.
No. 1, Paclno express, leaves Arlington dally
at 'iUr.H. . .
Tr.ln No. 7, fast mall, leaves Arlington dally,
t 11:44 A. M.
iiarrxaa bramcii tbai.
Train No. 10 arrives from Ilcppucr dally, est
eai Hnndty, at 1 :1ft r. u. ,
N ). Iviavn tor Happoor dally, except Suu
day, at:W t. m.
IHrnifii tl'keU sold and hsgKM cherked
throimii to alt poln to in the United Htates auj
8. COLLINS Ticket Agent,
Arlington, Or.
At- it A. M. M I'. MulllAU MliUK. No. DiV
, Ktateil cominniiii atlous on nrt H.turrtay
vuitiiiKs after first Mondays of tacit month. Ko
imirulin brethrnu In good staml'ligare cordially
Inviterl to attend. P. K. C AON, VY. H,
Ja P. Lucab, HcoreUry.
. K. A. Nfl.nn. I'roirli"tor.
Hb1,.... , 00 Itettirli, $10 00
I v lie fi 0.1 He urn, V 00
6 .rtdon 00 lieturu, 7 Ml
( l0,n 3 00........... Keturii, 4 00
Oli'X. . 2 00 Kelnrn, 8 00
l.avs Arllitjrou every tnoritlm (Sunday ex
rettlato'iiM'k.tdteatCoud,jn at Sr. M..
od arrives at Kossll at 7 r. M.
t'omlortai'le coaches and c.reful. experienced
I. M. mnehart. Proprietor.
Leaves tondon every morning (Sundays ex
cepted) a' M o'elork. and arrives nt Loua Uock
at ii B via Mstuey aud Lo.t Vnliey. a
rave, s.00. Round Trip, 3 BO.
Condon, Or.
Office Oregon ve., Iietween Catholic Church
nl resldeuee of . P. Bhutt.
Condon, Or.
Office First aoor west of Olobsi office.
OKO. W. 0O0DK. v.. , B11RM1UW.
Attorneys at Law,
Condon, Or
Abstracting, collecting an I lnsurnncebnalnesa
attended lo. "
Lost'." Valley; Saw
Ml Kinds of Surfaced Lumber, Rustic,
- 1
All timbers 4x6 and larger discounted 10 per 4
foet. All lumber discounted 10 percent, for cash.
. Fresh Beer, Wines,
A fine billiard parlor in connection. When you feel -
little amusement call around and
rjAIlLI.Na & 1IENDKICK8, .
Attorneys at Law,
Notaries Public and Conveyancers,
Condon, Or.
Collections and lnstirnine. Terms reaonMe.
OHiee bvtwueti drug store and postollice, Main
JAY P. LUCAS, County Clerk,
-non am. hum or
In neat and careful manner.
Arri.y to th
PnaNix of Hahtforo."
Herbert Halatead, Agent, Condon, Or.
Postoffice Variety Store,
J. B. GOFF, 'Proprietor,
Medicines, Cigars, Tobaccos,
Fine Candies, School Supplies, ,
Toilet Articles, Stationery, Harps
and Toys,
And everything else nuially found III a contry
variety storn. Kverylh'uu I Imnle l flmt cla",
and uiy prices are the lowest. (Jive me a trial.
CoridonBlacksmith Shop
G. S. CLARK, Proprietor.
General Blacksmltblng and Wood Work.
The only first class horieltoer In the connty.
Come to my shop if you want first-class
work at low rates.
The only flra'-lass blacksmith In Condon, and
the omy eue who is able to advertise.
Hhop In large new building on Main street,
Condon, Or.
Tha Bekbratcd Frenclj Cure,
Is Sold of A
to euro any form
til nervous ulseoro
or any diaordcrot
the goncrntiva or
gans oicuoersex.
v.hcthcr arislnu
BEFOliC v:.oof Btimulonu. AFTCn
tlon,ovcrlnIulw!5fa.d:o.,u'niuiLnxsof Bmla
Power, VVoicf':lneEj,i:cariii(TUowii Palmiiitlia
bar k , He tsi ! nol V.'er.k :jcs 1 1 yttcr! a, Nervous Pro
tistlon, Noctunxl L'ral sious, Lo xorrha-a, Dlx
!nes,Vcr.k Memory, Lorsof Power and Impo
tency.wliU h!f ncTlecteil often lea l to prematura
o!d n-ro arrl Inanity. Prloo f 1.00 a box, 6 boxcl
for .off. Hcnt y mnll on iwolpt of price
A wmr.EN titrAitAN in: is given for
every fit0on.'cr received, toreftmd tliomrmey If
a Permanent r :-o la not cflertrd. We have
thqiiMinasof test!moninl fmino'd end young,
of both soxrt.wholiavo born permanently ptired
by the use of Aphnxlitlua. Clrcularfros. Address
Wdsiwu Uranch, Sox S7. rouiLAKa Oa.
ma balk at
I.. W. DA.nL! NO CO., Condon, Or.
Fair's Men Female Fills
Believe Suppressed
Menstruation. Used
nccessfully by thous
ands of prominent la
dles wionfA'y. Thor
oughly reliable aud
limes their weight ln
gold for trmat irrey s
vlariuet. Never kuov' .
Sent by mall ao"?
for Address
Tbe Apbro II f ;
TTestern 4
Box 7. Portland
L. W. DAItLlNO Cv"
Celling and Floor;
ON . HAND t.
Liquors an .
see Pat. lie will ti
The trinoline qaesiion it cettledonce
for all, at the friocesa of Waei hai
taken a dacided atacd azalnat the re-ea-tabliahment
of hoope io any form.
The New Boal.h Wale Legislatiye As
eerably, like the Victorian Legislature,
baa adopted a re.olutioo in favor of the
taxing ol absentee owners of property.
The cold Las been excessive in fit.
Petersburg and for weeks wood fires have
been barned in the squares and streets
of the city in an effort to mak necessary
outdoor bus'nees endurable. Tne streets
have, how ever, been practically deeerted.
It la said that mall mater dropped in
the postoffice at l'aria is delivered in
Berlin in an hour and a half, and seme
times in thirty-five minutes. The dis
tance between the cities is 750 miles and
the mail is sent by means of pneumatic
The medical history of cholera In Rus
sia last summer is of a hivhly encourag
ing nature. It shows that by proper
sanitary measures cholera can be kept
out or stain p d out to a greater degree
even In dm r:c. a most favorable to its
developm nl.
Tne liii g d:iKnce marching competi
tion; by v tiiiteer soldiers in England
are discountenanced by the Commander-in-chief
in a recent order, tie thinks
they result in no practical good, and may
cause individual barm through undue
ttreMS of effjrt.
'The rent-nce on De Lesseps is a sen
tunce on France," says the London
Timi$, "and the ignominy poured down
on that feeble old man is- a degradation
for the p?op! w ho flattered and caressed
and gloiifled htn ai long as the capital
was left to spend."
- French War Office experts are divided
in opinion fonc-rning the value or dan
ger of E.fldl's tower in cre of a Beige of
Pari. German stuff cfllBera have written
quite freely about the matter, principally
holding (he view that the tower would
afford a fine target. -
A proposition is made to connect Great
Britain and Ie!and by a tunnel driven
under the North Channel of the Irish
8ea at Its narrowest part, between Coun
ty Antrim in Ireland and Wigtown in
Scotland. The length "of the tunnel
would be some twenty-seven miles.
Cesare Orsini, whose appointment as
Italian Envoy to Mexico is announced,
is a brother to the leader in the at
tempted assassination of Napoleon III,
white the latter was driving to the opera
Felice Orsini. whose name was given
to the kind of bomb used on that occa
sion. '
AH Europe, from the Arctic to the
Mediterranean, is experiencing a winter
severity this teason such as it baa not
known for many years. It is neceseary
to go back f jrty or fifty years in most
regions, even in the far north, to find a
precedent, while in some parts the
weather is unprecedented.
Vienna is send in? invitations to all
European nations to attend an Interna
tional Health Congress to formulate
some plsn of fighting the common foe,
and in England Southampton is beg
ging Parliament to vote money to keep
up a rigid quarantine. The signs of a
coming planus are seen at St. Peters
burg, Hamburg and Marseilles.
Mining Fever Breaks Out at
Medford, Oregon.
Mhic Owners of Northern Idaho Threaten
to Close Down on Account of
High Freight Rates. "
A burglar in one night at Pbceulx, A.
T., entered foor offices, a bank and a
stable, and was captured on the follow
ing morning, j ,
Petitions are now being circulated in
all the labor centers in Montana for the
enactment ol a bill, an important section
of which is as follows : "That it will be
unlawful for any officer of the btataof
Montana or any oilice.r of any town or
city thereof to issue a license to engaze
in any kind ol business within this Bute
to any person or persons not citizens or
not having declared tneir intentions to
become citizens of the United States."
This is a sweeping blow at tbe Chinese
and will, if it becomes a law, shut np
every store, restaurant and laundry run
by Chineee in theBtate. -
The mining fever has broken out in
Medford, Or., and professional, business
and laboring men are looking toward tbe
hills and anxiously awaiting a settle
ment of the weather with a view of tak
ing a prospecting tour. New impetus is
given to the excitement each day by the
return of prospectors with specimens ol
rich gold-bearing qaarti and glowing ac
counts of the pjs jioilities of tbe mineral
belt of Southern Oregon. But all pre
vious returns were totally eclipsed when
D. H. Horn came to town with a pock
etful of quartz. Many of the specimens
contained almost an equal amount of
gold and quartz, some of tbe particles of
gold being as large as a pea. Five
pounds of this rock, when pounded out
by a band mortar, produced over (10
which would run tbe percentage up to
the modest sum of t40,i00 to the ton.
' It is reported from Central Point, a
station on the Fonthern Pacific four
miles west of Med tot d, Or., that tbe
railroad company has entered into an
agreement with F. T. Fradenburgh to
carry paeecgers between that point and
Oa er Lake in tbe Cascade Mountains.
The from the railroad to the
lake is eighty miles, and a stage line is
to be established between tbe two points.
Mr. Fradenburgh rays the railroad baa
guaranteed him 1.C03 passengers at (S
each. He has already purchased suffi
cient stage coaches to accommoiaie this
number of tourists, and it is hia purpose
to erect a snmmer hotel at the lake. In
good weather tbe road to tbe lake is all
right for driving, and the ronnd trip ctn
be made in five dy without a chat'ge
of horres. It ia thocght that Crater
Like will be a pipnler tesort lor tourists
and plersare seekers this summer. The
possibility of the reservation of this land
by the government for a national park
probably accounts for the action taken
by the railroad.
John Haves Hammond, General Man
ager of tbe Bunker Hill and Sullivan sil
ver mine at Wardner, Idaho, has re
ceived word from Northern railroads
which has about convinced him that be
will close down tbe mine. Nearly all of
the other great mines will alsoclooe
down. For some months past Mr.
Hammond and others of the Mine Own
era' Association have been endeavoring
to get a redaction of freights from the
Northern Pacific and Union Pacific rail
roads, which carry their on s and con
centrates to Ta -oma, Denver and Omaha
smelters. Mine owners have gone so far
as to offer a sliding scale of compensation
(or carrying, so that when silver and
lead come up again the railroads will re
ceive more than they did before. To
these overtures, however, the railroads
have been deaf, and as (so Mr. Ham
mond telle) it is cost ng them nearly
double to work tbeir mines than it does
Mr. Hugv'in and other mine ovnera at
Butte and Anaconda, near at hand, they
cannot continue end nmst close down
about Ma'ch 1. Mr. Hammond said :
"I don't ee Any other way to do. We
have either got to cut on the expenses
"4 mining or in freights. We cannot,
T", cut enough to enable us to
-v tut then would not make
nce il we sot. no reduction
Nputlook is not enconr
"Nfjwners and it seems
mining in gen
rnan act."
The Only British Survivor of the Battle
of Navarino Li Hung Chang,
Viceroy of China.
Mrs. Emmons B'aine has given to tbe
city of Augusta, Me., $ 0,0 0 to found a
library in honor of ber husband's mem
ory. Katherlne E. Conway, recently ap
pointed one of the Police Commissioners
of Massachusetts, is one of the editors
of the Boston Pilot,
Fran R. P. Susson, the first Russian
woman to take the degree of doctor of
medicine, recently celebrated the twenty
filth anniversary of that event.
The next Fourth of July will be a big
occasion in Newburyport, tbe colossal
bronze statue of William Lloyd Garrison
having to be unveiled at that time.
Donna Isadora Coueine of South Amer
ica, who ia claimed to be the richest
widow in the world, bas an income of
$80,000 per month from her coal mines
Henry B. Fuller ia writing a novel cn
Chicago society life. If he knows much
about it and tells what he knuws, his
book will have a great run outside ol
A gypsy seeress predicted that the
Archduchess Isabella of Austria would
have twelve daughters before a son and
heir varied the monotony. She has got
as far as No. 7.
Charles de Lesseps, in tbe Masas
prison at Paris, is required to make his
own bed, clean np his celt and wash bis
own dishes d.eagreeable duties for "a
man of the world."
Little King Alphonae of Spain baa
pulled through his attack of scarlatina,
and would be quite content to aee doc
tors, who dosed film with naety physic,
led away to be executed.
Louis Jennings, formerly of the New
York Timet, who bas sat aa a Conserva
tive for many years in tbe House of
Commons, announces that be will soon
retire from Parliament life.
Emile Zola's aspirations to a seat
among the immortals cf the Academie
Francaiee are not hampered by a lack ol
ready money. He is very rich, and is
said to have made over $400,000 from the
sale of hia novels alone. ,
Li Hung Chang, Viceroy of China, is
one of tbe most important people in tbe
world, althonh his name ia eo little
known over here. He is first and last a
patriot, and his watchword is China and
her treasures and commerce for the
Chinese. He has never sought popular
ity, neither ia he afraid of opposition. ,
So far as ia known. Admiral Sir Eras
mus Ommanney is now the only British
survivor of the battle of Navarino. Born
in 1814, he waa then a middy of 18. Sir
Erasmus is best remembered in connec
tion with the Arctic search expedition of
1850, when he waa second in command,
and discovered tbe first traces of Frank
lin. For hia services on that occasion
he received knighthood.
A friend of the late Bishop Brooks au
thorizes the statement that tbe current
reports as to hia wealth are wholly with
out foundation. Tne only nse which Dr.
Brooks cared to make of money was to
distribute it among those who needed it
and his daily life was marked by open
handed and tender charty. So far was
he from nsing hia talents as a means of
accumulating property that at the time
of his death he bad not sufficient income
beyond hia salary to support his simple
and unassuming manner of life.
The output of American manufactories
for the past year was $7,215,000,000 in
There are estimated to be over six
hundred deposits of iron ore in tbe Slate
of Missouri. .
Southwestern Missouri furnishes 60
per cent of the nc ore mined in the
United btates.
It costs the United States government
$1,600 a day lor firing morning and
evening salutes.
The Pennsylvania system of railway
has now a length of main track aggrega
ting 7.99 miles.
There were lisU.UUO persons without
occupations of any kind amoog the im
migrants ot
A sinsrle row of pearls as large as peas,
and periectly round, were sold tecently
in Pans, tor $iz;.im
Hard coal loses 8 per cent in bulk per
annum when exposed to the weather.
Soft coal loses 12 per cent.
Ohio brick raakera are using a clay
digging machine does tne work of
trom seventeen to twenty men
More than one million two hundred
and twentv-five thousand persons live in
tenement, houses in New xork
In the southern provinces of Russia a
drink resembling brandy ia obtained by
distilling the juice ot watermelons.
The value of Pennsylvania's ouk pro
duct last year was nearly $2i),000,O00, or
six times wniit it was ten years ago.
The largest needle manufactory in the
world ia in Kfddltch, Worceeter, Jkog
land. Over 70,000,000 are made weekly.
The Languedoc Ship Canal in France,
by a short passage of 148 miles, saves a
sea voyage of 2.0J0 miles by the Straits
of Gibraltar. .
In so'.te of tbe McKintey bill the an
nual report of the Welsh tinplate-makers
shows that 20,000 tons more tin were
shinned to America last vear than the
i . .
l year he lore.
The largest telegraph office in the
(world is at the General Postoffise, Lon
don. In it there are over 3,1 00 operators
constantly employed, about one-third of
I whom are women.
0n tbe farm of J. W. Fitzgerald, near
t. Mary, Kan., there are three arteeian
ells that vary in depth from 600 to
0 feet, and about 2,400 gallons of
e per hour flow from them.
Professional cards 11 00 rr month
One sqnare 1 30 per month
One-ijuaiu r column. s 50 per mouth
One half column 6 00 per month
One column lo W) pur month
Btulneu locals will b charged at 10 centi per
line for flrrt Insertion and 6 cents per line there
after. Legal advertisements will In all raset be
charged to the party ordering them, at legal
rates, and paid for before affidavit Is furnished
Governors of the Southern States
to Meet at Richmoad.
Cigarette-Manufacturing Knocked Oat In
Pennsylvania Jff groes Opposed
to Lynch Law.
A sewing-machine trust is being
formed in the East. ,
Half a million a year is to be spent to
protect New York's water supply.
' The amount of tobacco chewed in the
United States last year was eighty-five
v. -
Crnaides have been started in Georgia
and Massachusetts for the extermination
of dogs. .
The VanderbilU are said to be after
control of all the railroad traffic ia New
beg and. - (
The city of Philadelphia is likely to be
eued by immigrants for goods rained in
To a shortage of natural gas is attri
buted a great many pneumonia deaths
in Pittsburg. '
A big St. Louis trader is making heavy
bets that this year's crop of wheat will
be larger than last year s.
A bill is pending in the Missouri Leg-
islaiure fixing a maximum price of $10
a year for telephone charges.
The Virginia State building at the
World's Fair will be a copy of Washing
ton's borne at Mount Vernon.
The street railway system of St. Joseph, ,
Mo., witi be sold under foreclosure of
mortgages tbe first w k La May.
Reports show that tbe prices of farm
ing land in nearly all sections of Western
New York are steadily decreasing.
Governors c f Southern states are asked
to meet at Richmond, Va , April 2, to
consider plans to develop the South.
Testimony has been introduced before
tbe special grand Jury at Newport, Ky.,
to show that eight Councilmen divided
$8,000 among themselves for the granting
of an electric-light contract.
Tbe colored citizens of New York city'
have started a movement in opposition
to lynch law, and they intend to form
branches in all large cities for the pur
pose of arousing public sentiment.
A bill bas been introdnced in tbe Mis
souri Legislature dividing penitentiary
convicts into three classes and allowing '
them a certain pay per day, to be saved
tor them tin the end ot their terms.
Senator Berry of Arkansas is in flu-
enced by ex Representative Berry of .
California in his action on the debris
bill, and declines to make a change in .
the penal clause that has been suggested
by Caminetti.
A company is being formed for the
purchase of the New York Timft. The
present company is capitalized at $100,-
000, bat the new company will have It,
01 0,000 capital, of which, ii is said, $900,
000 will be paid for the Timet.
A Minneapolis Legislator bas taken
the bull by the horns. He offers a bill
making it an offence punishable by a one
of Irom $5 to $25 to manufacture or offer
for sale hoops kirts or anything like
thereunto, within the State of Minne
sota." The molders at Wbitely's reaper and
mower works at Mancie, Ind., demand
an incrente of wages, and say that if the
company does not accede to their de
mands tbe whole factory will be tied up
and 1,X 0 bands idle.
Tammany's banners, io ingloriously
borne in Chicsgo when Cleveland wqb
nominated, wilt appear in the van of the
inaugnrat'ng parade, it is estimated
that " Tammany's expennea for OIve-
latid's glorification will aggregate $105,-
tlO, refreshments not included.
The Railway General Managers' As
sociation bas given official notice in ad
vance of any demands trom ttieempioyes
that they will not be disposed to con
sider any demands lor an mceage ot
wages. ine . r'fouhiioii represents
twenty-one railroads entering Chxato.
The estate left by Dr. Norvia Green,
President of the Western Union Tele
graph Company, is estimated a' $750,0.0,
mostly in stocks and bands. He owtied
four bne places ot real estate in L n's
viiie, two (arms in Carroll county, Ky..
another fonr miles from Louisville and
one near Madison, Ind.
Mr. Cleveland has received a letter
from President Harrison, couched in the
roost liiendly terms and prc fferlng the
hospitalities of the White House befoie
the inauguration. Mr. Hirrieon also of-,
fercd to assist Mr. Cleveland in every
wsy in his power in regard to public
tu inees and matters of state.
The publication of a dispatch announc
ing a Triple All ance between the United
States, Russia and France has caused
considerable talk, but there is nothing
more in the fact than that treaties have
been entered into, but they do not nia- t
terially diffVr from those entered into
with Great Britain, Germany and other
Powers. .
The new West-bound tariff, which
ater a month's session the Transconti
nental Railroad Conference formulated,
has been given out. There is an average
reduction of 0 per cent on all freight
rates from St. Paul to Spokane, a reduc
tion of from 12 to 16 per cent on Coast
rates, and from 2 to 7 on rates to Mon
tana, while the only East-bound reduc
tion is to be on lumber, from 65 to 60,
aud the East-bound lumber rate to (Jul-'
, cago and St. Louis remains at 60 and,
77 NtpMttveiy.