Condon globe. (Condon, Gilliam Co., Or.) 189?-1919, May 20, 1892, Image 1

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Editor mi 4 Proprietor.
Profemtlonal curds ft 00 per month
One aqnare l ."i0 per montb
One-qnaifc-r column 8 .W per month
One half wliimu .-. on jicr month
One column , 10 00 per month
Biislnesr locals will be cuarged at 10 cent per
line for flrrt Insertion and 5 cents per line there
after. Legal adTerflnetnetit will In all Pawl ba
charged to the party ordering them, at legal
rates, and paid for before affidavit in f urnlshed
flubmirlutlon Itato..
, ........ .1.1, n un
wnn yunr IU variai'i; u an. w.ii,....i...t
Mix lll(iLtn.,,. 1 00
'1 liruu iiiiiiitlia .
Biiiglu (Knilun ... 10
VOL. 2.
a v .uzxaa av mm 9 m b. mw be a mm ii m
Kntrterl at thr. Ptnttifltct at (Jnmlim, Oregon, a
ifaiinl-clan mnil matter,
: . ."
1iiltril Status.
President...... ..... Hknja min If a ttKinoN
Vine I'riMliluiil I . K v i P, Monro
tkximlary of 8 late Jmk ii Hi.ainm
Hwiretary of Treasury , Chan. Fohtkk
Boi'ruiary ol Interior...., J. vv Nom a
mtcretary of War......... hiki'Hkm 11. Ki.kinh
Hwrtttaty of Navy B. F Tsacy
Poslmaster-iieutiral Jon N Wahamakkr
Attomey-Uetivral :....W II. H. Mii.lka
heiirutary of Agr,lulinre. Jbiikmuii musk
lata of OrKn.
(lorernor ...H Pkkkovkr
Hecrotiry of Hiatal ! (1 W. McIIkidk
Irtjasurpr full. Mktnoiiak
Hllpt. of I'll bllci luntruo.lou K. II. M( kl.Kov
(loinresnmari H II khm a nn
FrlnUr Khakk (!. Hakkh
W. P 1.0BU.
It. 8. HAN.
Seventh Juillnlal ItUtrlct.
Joint Munator ........( Hilton
Circuit Jnilge W. I Hkahxiiaw
Proiuciitlng At.omuy W. II. Wii.hin
(llll)am Count r.
Keprciwntatlv : W.J. Miu.kky
JudKc W.J. Mahinkk
Hark Jr P. Uv
Sheriff. W. I Wn.iox
Trvaiufcr II. H. Kwiku
AsnWM.r 1)avii Mamin
Hurvoynr If. (i. llciti.iii Kr
Hihool HuperlutBdttut'Ikn I'AUtr.n
Coroner. K. K. Hankins
block lnpaor , Ihitiiii
Condon I'reolnat.
Justice of the Vw ...OKOHoit Tatom
Constable Dan IUnkiiaht
Dillon Paelftc Hallway Tlnm Card.
Taking elTuct January I 1H02. traiimwlll arrive
auil leave a nliixtou folio w via.:
Train No. 2, faat mail, 'eavea Arllugton dally
t -i.U A. M.
No. H, rclH eiprvaa, lcavea Arlington dally
at:10r, h.
wkbt nounn.
Train No. 1, faat mall, Uavea Arllugtcn dally
at l:(.3 A. M.
No. 7, 1'Aclflo oxprFM. leavea Arlington dally
at!l:M r. M.
itKt'fHKa aaAKCH TkAwa.
Tralu No. 31 arrive, from Qcppntr dally, e
ept HnniUy at 11 a. M.
Ha. tu liavoa lor Iluppner dally, except Hun
day, at3:M Y. M.
l nr.iiiB tl kett aold and bggaga checkitd
tbroiixti to all point. In the lliiitil riiale ana
Canaoa. , , ,. tl. COI.1.1NS, Ticket Agent,
, Arllogtou.or.
A t, i A. M.-ST. MORfAH M1M!K. No. ti
. HmtKil conimiuil. atioua on tirnt (ituiday
evuoliiK. after Hrat Moiidart of tach month. Ho
lonrulujcbreihren In giHxi.tanil ngare cordially
invlicl to attend. P. r C AWX, W. M.
ilaaaicaT ItAktrrKAD, HtMretary.
KEV. W. C. W1SK WII.I. 1101.11 HK11VICKH
every 21 and 4lh Kiitidav In ianh nxni'li al
Condon, uioru'iig and evening, and at MhIik y
aclioollioiiMt at i i. ui. Kvery tut and Hl Hiimlay
ho wlllprcai'hat May vllle. morning au evening.
33coxioxnica,l 3VCexi,
For gentlemen, worth $20 for wenr. Twelve cloth uamplee, fashion plate
and measurement blank free, Postage, 6 cents.
Ed L. Hantley & Co., Wholesale Gentile Tailors,
When ordering samples please mention Con don (Gilliam county,
Or.) Globe.
Lost : Valley Saw: Mill.
CANTWELL BROS., Proprietors.
All Kinds ol Surfaced Lumber, Rustic,
All timbers 4x6 and larger discounted 10 per cent, in number of
feet. All lumber discounted 10 per
Condon. Livery
Charles Fix,
Good horses for hire at reasonable rates. Special attention given
to transient stock.
Fat cattle for my meat market taken on accounts. Your trade is
respectfully solicited.
P. S KELLY, Proprietor,
'v.,,,': KEEPS ON HAND , . '
Fresh Beer, Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
A fine billiard parlor in connection, vv nen yoi ieei mte uavu
little amusement call around and eee Pat. He will treat you well.
A fine billiard parlor in connection. When yov feel like having a
Condon, Or. .
Oflloe Orcgou ave., next door to Olvbe office.
Condon, Or.
Olllce at retidence of Major l.m-as, Oregon
JAV P. I. t'CAM, County Clork,
In a neat and careful mauuer.
Condon, Or.
Collection made and prompt return, given.
I W. DAKUsb,
Notary Public And Conveyancer,
( Condon, Or.
Collection, made with dUpatch.
' Hi'tinwn'ii the Oxrinaii-Ainerlcan and the
North nct Klraand Marine Inauraii'e Company.
" PHaNIX OF Habtfobo."
Cain Anet; $.',,nt,JU, ).
Herbert Hnlatead, Agent, Condon, Or.
. I. M. ftlnehart, l'roirietor.
Leavea tlnndon every morning (Sunday, ex
cepicd) at 6MU o'clock, aud a- live, at Lone Kock
at Vi M. via Matney and loat Valley.
rare, .OA. Bound Trip. 3.BO.
1 H. CiltlDKU.
Carpenters and Contractors,
Condon, Or.
All kind of carpeutcr wark done with dl
patch al the mo.t rraaonahle chaige.
Ultlce On alreet wherever you can find them.
'painter and Papeb-Hanqeb,
Condon, Or.
All kind, of painting and papering done at
modi-rate ratea. Olve me a chance.
ijini not a, ua.
J, II. (Inn. Proprietor.
Keep alwaya on hand Mellclne, C'gara and
Tobacco., flue Candle, Hchool Huppllen, Toilet
Article. Hlatlcmcry, Harp, and Toy., and every
thing elite usually found In country variety
- Kverythlng I handle la flm-clam, aud my
prloea are lli loweu. wve me a trial.
Condon, Or.
I have learned thl. btHlnaa thoroaghly, and
am pn-pari-d to do all kiud. of woik lu tbla line
at moderate ratea. Try nae.
Celling and Flooring Always on Hand.
cent, for cash. -
and Feed Stable,
Anthony Trollops is Said to Have Been
as Careless in His Speech as
In His Dress.
Tennyson bu not a gray hair on his
head. He ha never known what it wai
to have an editor reject his "tafT" or
tell him he wag not buying rot.
Captain Jumeg 8. 1'ettlt in to take Tot
ten's place at Yale, and Totten is to re
join his battery, where hie prophecies
will not be confounded with scientific
Ex-Benator Evarts says that, though
he ia going with his family to Europe,
where be will consult an ocnliet, bis
tight is not nearly as much impaired at
has been reported.
Emperor William has donated 3,000
marks to the encouragement of outdoor
games in Germany. At the same time
he expressed his keen interest in such
healthful recreation.
J. R. Clifford of Martinsburg, W. Va.,
is the first colored lawyer to be admitted
to the bar in Alleghany county, Md. He
is now engaged as counsel in a murder
trial at Cumberland.
Senator Brice had the President and
400 other guests the other night at a
musicale that is said to have cost him 12.
000. This used np all of his Senatorial
salary for about two and a half years.
Anthony Troilope was as careless in
speech as he was in dress, and could
swear like a costermonger and copy his
manners. But he could write, and knew
this was what many of his critics could
not do.
Bjornson, the Norwegian poet and pol
itician, has renounced a pension which
he received from his government. .He
declined to accept the gift any longer
nnless Kjolland, a brother poet, became
the object of a like honor.
K. A. Nrl.mi, Proprietor.
Foall IK 00 Return, lu 00
May? lie 6 0-1 Ke'uru. 9 00
Coinlou 4 0U Kf-tnrn, 7 ()
ClBin 3 oil Upturn, 00
Olex. .. a 00 Return, 8 00
L.avea ArMnx'on evry moniln (Sunday ex-
coptert' at 6-.:o'rlk, I. dneat l onJon at r.
.. and arrive, at Fo.tll at 7 r. x.
Headquarters for T. P. A. N. W.
A'lJolnltiK the depot. It ! v. ry coiivciilfiif. for
paM.iKcr from the back eonv.ity who
bavi to leave by night train..
HUr wird DeutKch gtuprnchen. On parte
NoUitucse. Mee t all train,
J. W. IIKXXKTT, I'roprletor.
The Celebrated French Cure,
Is Sold Of A
to an v form
oriitiy duoniurof
the gncrativeor-
.hL't!;pr arlaiuc'
r.:ool K'.imulanL. AFTm
To through youtululinac-i-tlon,
ovrr InJul'TocrtJ, 4e. , such at Loss of I re In
Power, Wul;pf-:!n-s-j,IJeor;nfrilovn Pains luti.a
tack, SctniwilWeaUws.i, Hysteria, Xervoua l'n
tratlon. Nocturnal mI;s!o&s, Lenrorrha, Di2
linens, Weak Memory, Lo? of I'owcr and Initio
tincyi whlihllncjTlecteiloften lead to
Old a and Insanity. Prioo $1.00 a box, 6 buzca
forf.oa Honthymnilonroocititofprlce'
A WRlfiEN iilTAUAJiTEK 1 given for
every fitoonlcrnvclvpd.torpfiiiidtliemom.y It
I'crraaiiMit c:ro in not efiettoU. Wa have
thousands of tertimonlnla from old and yonra;,
of bothaexca, whohavo liaen pprmanently enr-.-d
by theuseolApbroditine. Circular free. Adihxsl
Weaiera Brunch. Box 27. TOETLAiiO. Oa.
I.. XV. IAHI,lNO ti CO., Condon, Or.
Fafcer's Golden Female Pills
Relieve Buppreaned on. uaea
auceesafully by thona
anda of prominent la
dies monthly. Thor
oughly reliable and
aie. Worth twenty
times their weight In
Bold for female irrra-
vlaHltct. Never known
to fail.
Sent by mall sealed
lor A a dress ,
The Aphro Medicine
Western Branch,
Bos 87. Portland, Oregon.
W. PAULINO CO., Condon, Mr.
Our Wonderful Remedies.
Dr. Grant's Syrup of Wild Crape Root.
The great blood purifier and
is the product of Oregon soil,
Dr. Grant's Kidney and
For the cure of Bright's Disease,
ache and all kidney troubles. Ketau price, fl..
Dr. Grant's Native Discovery..
The great female remedy. For the cure of diseases and complaints
peculiar to females. Sold under a positive guarantee. Retail
price, $1.
Dr. Grant's Cloalo.
The creat dyspepsia conaueror:
. , all its kindred ailments. Every bottle sold under a positive guar
antee to eflect a cure or money refunded, lietau price, II.
Manufactured by O. W. R. CO., Portland, Or.
For Sale by L. W. Darling & Co., Condon, Or.
Steamer San Pedro Will be Raised
and Repaired.
Nearly $14,000 Head Money Received From
' Chinese Immigrants in One
Hon h at Victoria.
Arizona opposes the closing of the
World's Fair on Sundays.
The grand jury at Portland ix after
the police for the laxity with which they
perform their duties.
It is stated that the Ban Pedro on the
rocks opposite Victoria, B. C, will be
raised and repaired without doubt.
The Seattle, Lake Shore and Eastern
railroad is now merged into the Pacific
division of the Northern Pacific system.
Ogden's City Council will use only
Utah stone for paving material, and all
contracts will specify that Ogden work
men will do the paving.
Nearly (14,000 bead money was re
ceived at the custom-house at Victoria,
B. C, during the month of April as rev
enue from Chinese immigrants.
Richard Gird of Chino shipped over a
ton of sugar-beet seed the other day to
the Alvarado Sugar Company. This is
the first shipment of beet seed from
Southern California.
There is fear that the flow of gas at
Ogden when the boring passes through
the quicksand will be so strong that it
will be beyond control of the present fa
cilities provided to keep it in check.
Irrigation through the immense ditch
of the Mokelamne Canal and Irrigation
Company in the northern part of San
Joaquin connty, Cal., has commenced,
and there is great rejoicing among the
people of that section.
Captain C. H. R. Fitzgerald, an Eng
lishman who has bad the handling of
large sums of money in connection with
the Santa Cruz Sloraue Water Company
at Tucson, has been arrested and charged
with embezzlement.
The San Francisco coast defenses are
to be strengthened by the addition of
twelve of the latest pattern reinforced
fifteen-inch gun carriages. Orders have
been given to have these carriages
shipped immediately to the Pacific
District Judge Sloan at Tucson has de
cided that the Tucson and Narrow Gauge
railroad bonds are illegal on the ground
that the organic act creating the Terri
torial government of Arizona prohibits
the Legislature from granting special
privileges or franchises.
The reports from the interior of Cali
fornia on the grain and fruit prospects
are very good. The rains and frosts
have done but little damage, the great
est loss being to grapes, and principally
in Napa Valley, but the injury is far
from severe. Wheat is looking well.
and the outlook is excellent. Kains in
the south recently have improved the
conditions in that section.
The Cocopahs and Yuiuas had a big
pow-wow recently west of the town of
Yuma. The two tribes were drawn up
on opposite sideB of the irrigation ditch,
and talked lor some time, it is sup
posed the Yumos were trying to induce
the Cocopahs to return to their own
country, as they interfere with the labor
market in that vicinity, ihe xumas
think that all the work there rightfully
belongs to them.
A dispatch just received at Eugene,
Or., by J. F. Robinson, Grand Recorder
of the Knighta Templar of Oregon, states
that a man was recently committed to
the insane asylum at Stockton, Cal., by
the name of B. R. Luckey. The friends
of E. R. Luckey, who mysteriously dis
appeared from Eugene, think it probable
that he is the man. E. R. Luckey was
a Sir Knight, and it is probable that ho
clew is a good one and will clear away
the mystery that surrounds the disap
pearance. The matter will be looked
into at once.
Major W. II. Williams, special United
States Treasury agent, who has been on
this Coast for several months on a tour
of investigation into matters connected
with the Behring Sea sealing question,
will leave for the seal islands in Alaska
on the steamer Bertha!. Major Williams
will proceed direct to Onnalaska and
from there visit all the points where in
formation can be secured. His inquiries
are for the purpose of substantiating the
claim of the United States that the ex
termination of seals is unavoidable if
pelagic sealing is allowed to continue.
system tonic. Purely vegetable, and
lietau price, f 1.
Liver Cure.
Diabetes, Biliousness, Sick Head
will positively cure dvspepsia and
Secretary of the' Navy Issues Instruo
. tions Relative to the Modus
Vivendi Etc.
The House Postoffice Committee has
agreed to repart favorably a bill for the
extension of the free delivery in rural
districts and a bill for the issue of frac
tional postal notes.
An important bill designed to preven
the employment on pablic works of
prison or contract labor was reported to
the House from the Labor Committe by
Representative Davis.
The Committee on Foreign Relations
has reported an amendment to the ran-
dry civil bill, increasing the amount for
the enforcement of the Chinese exclu
sion act from 150,000 to $100,000.
The House non-concurred in the Sen
ate's amendments to Geary's bill open
ing to settlement certain lands of the
Klamath Indian reservation, and con
ferees on the part of the House were ap
pointed as follows: Allen, Rockwell
and Wilson of Washington.
The Senate Commerce Committee
unanimously decided to report favorably
the bill granting American register to
certain foreign-built ships on the Inman
line on tonnage of not less than 8,000 and
a speed of not less than twenty knots,
which passed the House recently.
The House Committee on Appropria
tions took final action on the fortifica
tion appropriation bill the other day.
The bill as reported carries an appropri
ation of (2,412,376, being 1(397,431 less
than the estimates and $1,362,427 less
than the appropriation for the current
fiscal year.
An amendment to the sundry civil ap
propriation bill has been reported from
the Senate Committee on Military Af
fairs, authorizing the Secretary of War
to establish not to exceed two military
posts at points on the Northern frontier,
where he may in his judgment deem it
for the pablic good.
Ihe senate Committee on Public
Lands has reported a substitute bill to
indemnify the settlers on the Iowa-river
lands. The substitute provides for an
estimate by a court to be appointed by
the State, and the sum to be appropri
ated as the share of the United States
must not exceed 5,000.
At the request of Representative Her
mann the Postoffice Department has
ordered new mail service from Looking
Glass to Ten Mile in Douglas connty
three times a week, to commence July 1 ;
also from Brownton to Althouee in Jo
sephine county, three times a week;
also from Wellen to Eagle Point, three
times a week.
Senator Dolph has introduced a pro
posed amendment to the sundry civil
bill appropriating $500,000 for the poet-
office building at Portland and increas
ing the limit of cost to $1,500,000. There
is some question as to whether the limit
of cost can be increased in the sundry
civil bill, but Senator Dolph is wiliing to
make the attempt.'
Senator McPherson has reported an
amendment from the Naval Committee
to the naval appropriation bill, propos
ing to increase the number of harbor-
defense vessels from one to three, tor
pedo Doats iroin six to ten, ana also pro
viding for torpedoes, submarine and
otherwise, for which latter purpose $1,
000,000 is to be appropriated.
1 here is more or less objection from
certain points in Oregon ou the proposi
tion 01 tne 1 reaanry uopartment in the
bill pending before Conirrees, providing
for the consolidation of the collection
districts in Oregon, which would merge
Into the i'ortiaud district the Astoria,
aquina and (Joos Bay districts, and
would make subporta of entry at these
places. The Treasury Department is
urging that this be done as a matter of
expediency in the public business, but
the towns which are the headquarters of
these districts are protesting very vigor
The proposition made by the House
Postoffice Committee in the postal ap
propriation bill to reduce the compensa
tion of land-grant or subsidized railroads
for carrying mails from 80 per cent, of
the rate allowed non-aided railroads, as
the law at present provides, to 50 per
cent, has awakened vigorous opposition
from the land-grant railroads. They are
protesting against the proposed legisla
tion as unjust and unreasonable. Rep-
leeentatives ot a number of these rail
roads appeared recently before the com
mittee, and stated their reasons for the
Before the Committee on Private Land
Claims Representative Otis of Kansas
produced a preamble and resolutions re
citing certain alleged wrongful acts on
the part of Secretary Noble and Com
missioner of the General Land Office
Carter, which acts, it is alleged, were in
the interest of the conspiracy in 1877 of
is. a. jMkins, then a Delegate to Congress
from New Mexico, United States Attor
ney Cattron of New Mexico and ex-Com
missioner of the General Land Office
Williams, which resulted in deprivinn
the homestead and pre-emption settlers
of Colorado and New Mexico of their
vested rights. The resolution calls for
an investigation.
The Secretary of the Navy has issued
instructions to the naval and revenue
marine vessels assigned to enforce the
modus Vivendi, prohibiting sealing in
Behring Sea. These instructions differ
from last year's in three important par
ticulars: 1. Any vessel found sealing
in Behring Sea is to be seized, whether
she has been previously served with a
notice or not. 2. The mere presence of
a vessel in Behring sea, having on board
a sealing outfit, is cause for seizure. 3.
Persons on board the vessels seized will
be sent as prisoners with the vessel to
suffer the penalty of the law. Under
the British law all persons killing or
aiding or abetting in the. killing of lur
seals in the Behring Sea are punishable
by a fine of $500 and imprisonment at
hard labor for six months. Under the
American law they are subject to six
months' imprisonment and a fine of
The Amount of Money Spent by
Americans in Italy.
Glasgow to Erect a Generating Station to
Supply 40,000 Incandescent
Electric Lamps.
Er-ICinff Milan nl IWvia ! n.;...!
in another scandal at Paris.
Italy will ahanrlnn all har T?o.l 0
. . . .... ..v. k;cn
possessions except Massowah.
Thft mAunlAa In ! aM.At
discovered by Dr. Caron at Berlin.
English capitalists are complaining at
the number of steamers that are lying
iu mm cuuutry.
Swiss hotelkeener r harA
Dre Darin ff for thA unmmor inflri.- f
, " v 1UUUA VI
American tourists.
An aaency in Lnnrfnn gnnnliua nulrln
papers with the best jokes taken from
Spain will trv In raiaa tn mo rwt ..I. is
. J -mm yv,rvw,vsu RUUi-
tional revenue by reducing salaries and
increasing taxation.
The London Ti
for England to meet her colonies half
way in wieir irooe oners. ,
A lari?ft Slim haa hoon aabayl ...
French Minister nt Marina tn ;....,..,..
- . w v
the strength of the navy, r
me r renen still tight an average of
.000 daela a vear wirhnnl ano nmnnH-
ble influence on the death rate.
It is Stated the mnnn'nWnro .nJ ..I.
of explosives in Austria and Hungary
win uo uiHue oiate monopoly.
The ArcbbiahoD of 'jliiii-r Virv haa si.
clared in favor of opening picture gal
leries and museums on Sundays.
It is proposed to endow Shakespeare's
house in Stratford-on-Avon. so that it
may t lree to visitors for all time.
Russian Black Sea ah in
titioning for an increased number of
lighthouses on the shores of the Crimea.
The iinmitrratinn nl Pnloa
a- - v vio vj uiaAU
owing to the unhealthy condition of that
country, is being directed to the United
It ifl fiOmmitiHl that, rlnrin V. I
1 w uvaaauK VUO laOk
ten years the average annual expendi
ture of Americana in Italv haa hcon .
- p. w. w . luauu-
factnrers decide that, owing to the pre
vailing depression, a curtailing of pro
duction is necessary.
t Germany possesses 24,843 miles of
railwava: Kranro. 91 3bt- liwt D.:.:
and Ireland, 19,811; Russia, 17,823;
Austria, io,tiz mile.
. Fear of thn A
- - - - -.".vm.wvu i(W CUAd,l3JL
the attendance at the Paris theaters and
noiaoiy reduced the number of people
in the streets at night.
The woman anffrno.iat In VnJ.,.)
- q.uvw u ......U1(U
Crotested against the recently defeated
ill. which allowed nnli aninatiira
. ' , J wf..uv.. WW WW,
ignoring married women.
The Queen Regent of Spain has com
moted the death sentences of nine crim
inals nnr. of tha fwvontMin that a -
mg execution in Spanish prisons.
India hida fair tn srian In tha
imnortancA pxa Inntr inil.rin,.
- ---"--- J ". " v
fact that there are over 200 women at
tending the various medical schools of
Premier S&Iishnrv and f!hanatlnr nt
the Exchequer Goschen of Great Britain
have Consented tk rA,oi70 a Hannratinn
of leading merchants in favor of bimet
allism. The London irrand inrv haa fnnnrl a
trne bill against the editnr and nnhlishar
of the Commonweal, an Anarchistic pa
per, xney are cnarged with exciting to
Lord Salisbury haa addressed
of remonstrance, couched in strong
terms, w secretary siaine on the sub
ject of the persecution of thn Rnoliah
sparrows in certain parts of the country.
A motion has been mada in khaTtritiuh
Hnnsfl of (Jommnna that, fianada ha
resented in Washington by Canadians,
.KnnM h. ...... , k. ,1 . - .1 I . ' . ' I
Minister's staff.
A Snaniah aailinir vnaaal hnnnd tnr 11.
huclemas, the Spanish prison settlement
in me Aieauerranean, while becalmed
off the coast of Mornrfn was hnardod
and looted by a number of pirates.
In the event of war Russia could show
an armv Of 1 ft'VI fUM man hanida ro.
j - w w , wu
sacks ; France, on a war footing, an army
of 2,800,000; Germany, an army of
n nm V. V.A . A. I a t
z.aui.uw unuer twelve years' service.
The man who caused the bomb explo
sion near Guise Barracks in Tourm,
France, and was almost fatally injured
by the explosion, is a wealthy grocer,
well known as a pious man and a roy
alist. Thn mnnmant in Van, Knnrh WaLa
to supplant the old Trades and Labor
Council by a federation of labor, em
ploying political methods beside strikes
and boycotts, is continually caininir
The corporation of Glasgow, Scotland,
ia ahnnt tn rpt a panarafino ata.inn
large enough to supply 40,000 incandes
cent eiectriu lauipu. ins total expenui
tusa for the work will be between $300,
000 and 1350,000.
As a concession to the native agitation
for a larger voice in Indian affairs the
British authorities have announced that
certain higher civil posts, including
judgeships and under secretaries, from
which natives have been excluded, will
now be open to them.