Beaverton times. (Beaverton, Or.) 191?-19??, February 03, 1916, Image 1

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NO. 45
The pupils of the advanced
rom have formed two literary
etuba. One society gave a Rob
ert Burns program on January 27.
We are proud of our certificate
showing; that the Aloha-Huber
school holds the spelling cham
pionship of Washington county.
Considering the condition of
the stormy weather, a good
number of parent responded to
the invitation to visit the school
January 26.
The Parent-Teachers Associa
tion has placed in the basement
lour more pieces of play appar
atus, ana has gfinerotWIy donated
funds for outdoor apparatus. Be
sides this the Circle has circu
lated a paper for library funds
und assisted us liberally in our
Thanksgiving and Christmas en
tertainments. Long live the P.
T. A.
We lose our very efficient jan
itor Mr. Covoll, much to olirre
'i'fret. He moves to Portland
: ban where he Has accepted the
janitorship of Centenary M. E.
church. .
.. Prof. M. S. Pittman, some
weeks ago gaVe our school an
inspiring talk. ,
We hear good reports of the
progress of the Aloha-Huber
boys attending the Beaverton
Hijh School,
Chris. Goode, an aged man,
who has been living In a cabin in
the woods south ef Cornelius.
was taken to a Portland hospital
by Health Officer Wood Friday
suffering from exhaustion. The
recent snowstorm prevented his
leaving his home for supplies,
and when found by neighbors he
had been without food for 10
days. He declares he is one of
the heirs to a large estate in the
mt H r
Upon the recommendation of a
board of examining officers, Wil
liam R. Thompson, df this place,
has been promoted tti the rank
of corporal in the United States
Marine Corps, according to ad
vices Just received from Wash
ington. D. C;
William, who is a brother of
Miss Clara B. Thompson, of
Beaverton; enlisted in the United
States Marine Corps at its Port
land recruiting station on Jan
nary 29. 1915, and is now serv
ing at the marine barracks, San
Diego. Cal., awaiting transfer to
expeditionary duty, where he
wiH have many interesting ex
periences and adventurPB. or tn
a cruising battleship which will I
visit strange lands and give, the
Beaverton non-commissioned offi
cer an excellent opportunity to
see tne world.
Young Thompson is .widely
known in this , community and
his many friends will be pleased
to learn of his rapid promotion
in jhS United States Marine
we are
We are tioW. through with invoicing
and find as tine always does a lot df
broken lines that we wish to close out
very cheap: We have placed
table in each room on which
putting under priced goods.
Several pairs df ladies shoes $ 1 to $ 1 ,52
Remnants of calico 3 &4 cents per yd
Regular 20i Bakirfg Powder - locpercan
Canned Peas . - 10c' pel- can
String Beans - , J , 10c per can
Cata up , i . . 20c per bottle
We cannot enumerate the bar
gain that we have Come in let
us Kelp td satisfy 3 out wants
the Satisfaction Store
v The following points on raral
crjcita system for Oregon have
been proposed by Dr. Hector
Macpherson, head of the U;' 5.
and 0. A. & Bureau of Markets
and Rural Organization:
1. Name: There is hereby
established the Oregon Farm
Mortgage Credit, Association
which thall be a state institu
tion with a branch in each
2. Pui poses: The purpose
of the Oregon Farm Mortgage
Credit Association shall be to
raise funds and make loans;
secured by farm mortgages.
throughout the State bf Oregon:
3. State Farm Loan CbnimiE-
sioni Tjie Oregdn Far Mort
gage Credit Association shall be
under the control i f the State
Farm Loan -Commission; which
shall consist bf the governor of
the state, secretary, of state, the
state treasurer, and secretary of
the state land bdard and five
other members choseh to repre1
sent the Willamette Valley.
Southern Oregon, the Coast Re
gion, Northwestern Oregon, and
Central Oregon; respectively.
They shall be chosen for their
ability to handle financial mat
ters, and from their acquain.
tance with the rural credit needs
of their various districts.' The
Farm Mortgage Credit, "'Commis
sion shall appoint a general
manager who shall bfe respon
sible to the commission for the
general management of the Ore
gon Farm Mortgage Credit As
sociation: The manager, upon
the approval of the State Farm
Loan Commission, shall select
his office force, appraieers and
oounty representatives.
4. Membership: The members
of the Oregon Farm Mortgage
Credit Association shall be farm
land owners who have affiliated
themselves with one of its county
branches who have complied
with the Oregon State Law and
with the regulations of the Ore
gon Farm Mortgage Credit Asso
ciation and secured a loan upon
their land through this associa
tion. ,v . . 1
5. Raising Funds! The com
mon school fund! under proper
safeguards, shall constitute a
revolving furfd whichj , together
with the accumulated riet annual
surplus, shall be the original
I capital of the association. Upon
ithe basis of the farm mortgages
already let by the State of. Ore-
Jgon as security for the common
school fund; the farm mortgage
credit commission shall issue
bonds in series of 4 100, 000 or
multiple thereof, the interest
and principal of these bonds t
be guaranteed by the State of
8. Conditions of Securing
Loans: Loans shall be made to
farmers Upon mortgage! upon
their land for an amount not to
exceed 50 per cent of the ap
praised value of such land, ex
clusive of perishable improve
ments. A loan to any individual
shall not exceed $50 upon each
acre of land owned, nor shall it
exceed $5,000 for eich member.
Each member shall make written
application for a loan upon forms
tobeascured from the county
branch of the Oregon Farm
Mortgage Credit Association,
and in this application he shall
submit In detail the purposes to
which he Intends to apply the
lean, and ho part thereof shall,
under any circumstances; be ap
plied td any other purpose.
Interest and principal of all
loans shall be payable upon the
amortization plan in quarterly,
semi-annual, or annual install
ments. At tho end of three
years, however, from the date
of securing a loan, the borrower
sha.l have the privilege of pay
ing off in addition to his regular
amortization installment, any
additional portion of the loan he
sees fit, and his future amortiza
tion installments shall include
interest only Upon thit part of
the loan remaining unpaid,
Each farmer obtaining a loan
shall Bubmit to a survey of hii
farm and equipment according
to the forms used by the division
of Farm Management ef the
United State Department of
Agriculture. These forms are
to be filled olit before he obtains
a loan, and at the end of each
calendar year so long as he re
mains a debtor to the Oregon
Farm Mortgage Credit Associa
The T.,C. Reynolds grocery
and Well's department store of
Hillsb'oro were made victims of a
bad check artist Fridav niVht
The first check was for 121.60
and the other for $31.76,
The man, apparently a laborer.
made small . purchase's. The
checks were drawn on the Cor
nelius State Bank, payable to A.
Hogn and signed "W. Schmit."
After cashing, one check Mr.
Reynolds became, suspicious, but
while he was telephoning Cor
nelius the man dashed out of the
door arid disappeared,,..
All 'advprtisine mint
by Tuesday morning;
be in
Tuesday Feb. 8 is the date set
tor the first count or the Index
Popular Publishers'' and Mer
chants' Piano Contest In view
of the short time allowed for
each candidate it should not be
necessary td reiterate necessity
of every contestant putting forth
her beet efforts in what is termed
the "recognition" period of con
It is obvious that at lid season
of the campaign will a little con
scientious wdrk be more effec
tive. You owe it to your friends
to "try" if not to yourself. It
costs nothing but n little effort
whic.h shows your appreciation
sf, the opportunity and the cour
tesy and friendly spirit mani
fested by those who aro watch
ing your progress more than you
There are always somo sur
prises at the count Humors an
counter rilmora are always in the
air, but the wise candidate will
give these nd consideration. The
main thing is to lay out a well
defined campaign. Don t try to
do it all in one day. The pub
lisher will gladly give you neces
sary Ihstructjonst names tf sub
scribers und new prospects.
Armed ilh these you know who
you want to see and see K num
ber eiich day. Your success de
pends Upoli yodr aitibitloh.
The interest is growing each
day, the subscribers! are picking
the ones they will sijpport, there
fore the first count is a critical
period. A feiv thousand votes
how mean much. Hurry!!! Get
busy today; tomorrow then will
ie easier. ,
Subscription arid merchant
coupons should be saved by every
family. One coupon has often
been the means of awarding the
beautiful piano. Above all things
begin today.
The nominations bo far made
are as follows:
Saphrona Davis ,
Mrs. Perry Yorlt '
Kathrine Desingef
Kate Deibelei
Mrs. OttoEssig
Ivy Llvermbre; Routs' 2.
Margaret Lewis
Marjorie Hedge
Beryl Petetaon
Mrs. ,D. Harper; Routed
Darvi Denny
Ethel Mocken
Mrs. Van Antwerp
Mary Fitfpatriek -
Lillian Evens
-r- S
""'fflssnwnsssr'iTfflBir'nrHiTinrnTirfinMMi l . .
Mrs. L. Boring
Mrs. G. C. McCormic, Gaitlm
Home. !
Mrs. Archie Pike
Mary Welter
Mrs, Cash Johnson
Anna Hinchey, Routed
Mrs. Vilas Shopard
Edna Matt
Mrs. Ruby Boyd
Mrs. A. Fluke . 1
Mrs, Fred Pappol
Alice Watts
Mrs. C. R. Craig
Mrs. Lou Wolf
Mrs. G. Alexander'
Geneva McHvaine
Edith Sears
Lottie Hunter
Gladys Tallmart"
Mrs. W. (!. McKell "
Mrs. R. B, Chaney
Mamie Ayers
Mrs. Hans Neilsofl
Mrs, Tucker
Mrs. E, E. Swcnsoh ...
Mrs, T. W. Zimmerman ,
Mrs. Geo. Bloaser, Route L y
Mrs. John Summer
Mae Fisher.
Remember to have your friends'
save tlie merchant coupons. Pe
low you will find the merchants
who art co-operating with 1S3 In
The Beaverton Co.,
Cash Grocery CO., City. Phar
acy, City Meat Market, niid
Thyngs Confectionery. '
The following names hvi
been suggested to act (Is award
ing committee and count ' thi
ballots, and If no objection aril
offered they will constitute the"
committee; ,
Geo. Tettt, . .. . .
J. Stroud.
J, kambergor.
. .. 4i4,A -,-
Thursday night the band boyi
gave their lorig heralded concert
and "chicken feed." The affair
was a very successful one and if
hot repeated too often may prov
a remunerative form of enter
toinmentat least for the band
boys. Before the concert a well
prepared supper was served, and
a large and hungry crowd was
fed on chicken, potatoes care
fully dieguised, - cake, pie and
After tlie slipper was finished
everyone gathered in the main
room of. Cady Hall where teata
had been provided, and listened
to rtusic by the band, song bf
the male quartet, and several by
individuals, following he pro
gram there was dancing and i
general good time.
1 All the small streamf fin this
section of tlje country are work-'
ing oyerfime, carrying away thi
surpllis tvitten left by the melting
snows and the heavy rains of
the past few days. t-
rr-k a mm mm mm - - i1 iiinmii 11 11 1 .immmvaMmMemamwaaxaarari
1 0 bars Laundry Soap
Fancy Dried Apricots lb
"' " Peaches ,r ,
I " Figs . : ;
Sultana Raisin V
idabo Flour Special saiclc
1 5c
1 -Horse Birdsell wagon
1 Johnson Mower . ...
Discs. Harrows and other iniDlemanttf .1. :
'"-rf 1
Buf wherecasli
talks." Our whole
stock is full 6t low
3 boxes matches
Tillamook Cheese "
Large bottle blueing
floyal White soap 6 bar
Star tobaccb -Pure
bulk lard -
: 10c
w 20c
i . 5c
2 25c
. . 45c, lb.
13c lb 21bs5c
1X7A U,,n4- U..l i-U L'Lj . ,n 11 ,i ' . V
, , "o iimoi. unvo me luum Him win sen tnese implements Bt
absolute cost, , v- .
If you need any Dresaers w Ranges see us. Oar Prices talk