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VOL. Ill,
NO, 3f
1) 17?- A - -VrCT
: : uon "
" TO.BE-HEl-0
An effort "i!I be made to fed
erate the State Granjrc "end Farm-
era' Union af Oregon at a special
cenvention "fo ' Ise held during
Farmers' Week" at 'the State Col
lege January 3 to 8, At its last
session the Qregorf State Grange
paised resolutions favoring in a
general way federation with the
' Uaion and more lately the execu
tive committee took action faror-
able to an attempt to effect a
federation during the Rural Life,
t - i iK? ..ji.'! r j
uuiuercui:e ai uie college, ljeau
ers of the Farmers' Union are al
so desirous of considering the
question during Farmers' .Week,"
and have appointed a special
. committee to meet with repress
entatives of the Grange on Mon
day, January 3, and remain in
session at need requires, until a
workable plan of iederapon is
agreed upon. A more general
convention of both organizations'
tias been called for Friday fol
, lowing to make' final "arrdnge
ments for the. federation. It is.
expected that among the "other
.advantages of federation will be
that of placing the business' re
sources of both at the disposition
' of all the menjbers of both, as-,"
eociatiens. The plan has long
been considered, arid prospects
are mucn, more promising for
".' , : v '
Saturday- about Boon, a f'ord,
car," battered, covered with' ma J
thftt did not look like Oregon
mad, and sporting a Michigan h,
canse, passed through, this, place,
going west The cr wa'3 driven
ova young man, not yet beyond
hiv teens, who undoubtedly now
has the distinctisn of being the
last driver to cross tho continent
this fu.; ... . ;
Thre were seven in the party
and they also carried an ade
quate camping equipment stoweq
away in every conceivable nook
and oorner of the little car. The
party left Saginaw, Mich,, Octo
ber 18, arriving in" Vale, Ore.
just three weeks after making
the start. The trip was made
thus far'without a mishap of any
consequence, except the usual
little troubles of the transcon
tinental motorist. , '
Their equipment consisted of
the necessary blankets, a camp
stoye 'large enough to cook a
meal for the entire party, and a
9 x, 12 tent, in which they haVe
spent every night since starting.
The party is bound for Tillamook,
Ore., where they expect to make
their home, ... ':'''
: brejs in any and all lines,
Tjiedtpf the purebred ive,
Stock men's conference is Thurs-
i day, January 6. The president of
the- organisation lavHon, C. L.
tl.i . it. . .
V L: :Z:. 3 m Ifr W. C. Maria of Portland.
from some " pne's uncontrollable I oer Pprtland men to
desire fc eeitir,ent and canned Prt n the proceedings of
A cut of.?i3,140t on the budget
iyas made at the budget meet
. fe at Hillsbcro Frjdav, Tjie item
qf $1,500 to enforce the prohibi
tion law was entirely cut out as
also was the $800 proposed Dis
'Irict Attorney's deputy hire, be
' aides many other minor . cuts.
This cut rr,jans about 1-2, milj,
iess taxes. '
The item of 521,000 for. fixing,
the state highway' stands as ad.
vertised. This with the J5.00Q
coining from the will put
about $26,000 in. a road fund.
County Judge. Reasqner informs
u that this money will be ex
pended between Beaverton and
Hillsboro, and between. Hilshero,,
and Forest Grove, and that it is
the intention to connect up the,
macadam road this side of Hills
ipo'ro. '
The Portland Chamber of Com
merce has inaugurated a fine
new plan for giving Oregon and
Portland a much-needed round
of advertising. The new idea is
to be christened "Letter Writing
Week,'.' and is to. be participated
in by every, residentrof Oregon.
The week set aside will probably
be the third week in January. On
this week every resident qf Port
land and Oregon will be expected
to write several letters to friends
and relatives in the East, extoll
ing the grajideur of our Oregoa
scenery, the immense crops, and
the value of our great cities and
small towns as resident, centers.
There will bo appointed by the
Portland Chamber of Commerce
professional let,ter,writgrs, whose
duties are to. set forth the' facts'
in their most alluring light3.
These same Iettqr writers will a
so dish out an abundance pf factii.
to thpse whp so desire
Another feature of the, cam
paigns a giant letter box,
which will stand on Sixth street,
and into whi?h every one is ex
pected to deposit thejr letter,?,.
The box will be, so equipped that
an endless series of tramcars will
carry the mail to the postotjice.
All iis vvill be in direct charge
of the officials and employes of
the postal department.
joy; Ths place vmal sriterd' again
some time durlBg the night at
December 17, and tvtt hiitdrcd
dollars worth of stock takefl, tlie
kulpritg leavine no trail, There
was, however, outside in the al
ley the unmistakable tracka of a
wide-tired wagon, which had
been backed up to the rear door,
and the stuff loaded in. The rear
room, whch was used as a store
room, was almost depleated of
its abundant stock,' and nothing
of any consequence" was left.
fji till, which was kept jn the
front rponi, escaped completely
as did everything, with the ex
ception of one or two open pot
tles about half full. This the rob
bers transferred to their own per
sons, lae empty bottles were
scattered qp and down'the alley.
Were the truth known, it has
been stated by several prominent
citizens, these depredations would
not have to be traced far to lo
cate the evildoers, ahd'if the case
was put into the' right' hands it
itwould doubtless result in some
startling discover! jb.' There are,
in and around Beaverton, several
places, which have been deserted
so' long they are musf y ' and in
fested only by lowly rats. Why
not keep, en, eye .otvsueh places
as these? Or else condemn them
and have them removed as a
public nuisance. . .. ' 1
December 20. fn addition to
the twenty conference! on iu
ral life snbjecti originally fched-
uled for 'Farmers' Week at the
State College, new ones are be
ing added to the list. Recently
there have been planned a coif
ferenoe of Bure-Bfed Livestock
Breeders, State and County Fair
Officials, Oregon Horse" Breeders,
conferences of the Oregon State
Grange and, the Farmers' Union.
,, The eonferepce f breeders of
pure-bred livestock is'needed to
round out the work on domestic
animal problems. Several dairy
cmp., prganhations, the hor;
breeders' Essbciatioh, foul)j-j
men aid pig club members, ' will '
meet to consider the interests of
their respective '..specialties, but
without the, final work of the
pure-bred ivje '$.' would be next
to. impossible to gather up and!
relate properly all the various i
one or more conferences, ar the
following: E. C. Johnson, of the
Portlapd 8,eed Cq who will
apeak on the subjeat of seed
drops that should be grown in
Oregoa; R. W. Gill, of Gill Bros.,
who will discuss breeding for
types qf vegetable seed produc
tion; t D, Graham, editor Rural
Spirit, who will give an address
on opportunities in Oregon for"
hbrse raisers; S. Geljsbeek, sec
retary Oregon Clay Workers, will
tell of materials for drains; and
Simon Benson, "whofiwill 'join in
consideration pf desirable rural
credits legislation in the confer
ence oh rural credits. 1
tyas corqplatef fpsid while tho
other was just negotiating the
sf. jfp.t knowins yht iic to do,
and having nnly ' hamor
weapon, the npjgbbor leancd'cilt
of the vlndqw and valiantly blew
the horn. The rau't was. all that
could qa wished.. Tpa two
truders fell frpm the window in
to the watting mr.d and the night
swallowed t!(erq.i There Is, jt ap
pears, rquah moral pei-suasion jn
a liftle ?ound, no matter how de
livered It is master of itonjeo
turp whether or not it was tho
stimulus, of the dinner horn,
which iclfed them sa suddenly
from their lubori Let tho local
merchants take this as a lesson
and provfda themselves, witt this
cheap una effective protection.
It may savo them 'dollars and the
cost of a life or two. This is the
only humdne way of protecting
one's self i,ny way, ' - ' ' j ' -
Some time during Sundayjiight
i neighbor discovered two men
sntering the rear window of the
itore, belonging to MoNew &Son
A Hazeldale, One of the men
Miss V;il.fy Stitt and Mr. Geo.
Klein were united in marriage
at the home of the bride's par
ents Saturday afternoon. The
cerouiony was performed in the
presence of 20 invited guests,
relatives mostly, Rev. Upshaw
performing the' oeremony. Fol
lowiiii'tha ceremony, they took
the 4:30 train for fortland, where
they penl a few days, The
bride is the- daughter of George ,
Btltt, s well-known Resident of ,
this plaoe, iThe gropm has, been
a resident of Beaverton for about , '
three years, Ws former home ke
ing jn Georgia, fie ia at prestat
in the emplpjmeat of the Bean-,
erton Cash' Grocery company,
where hie quick, williot and cor.
dial manners have wqn for him .
many friends, ,',. -CHAMBEB
The Chamber of Commerce
held a meeting tin other night,
at which several committees
were appointed. The moat note- -
worthy being the committee au-
pointed to find -out the why of
certain rate dlserimiiatlon . be-
tween Beaverton and Portland,
and, between Garden Home and
Portland, the preseat rate 1
leae ' proportionately from .
Garden Home. The other com-,
mitteo' was to look for destitute
families while the last was for
the purpose of entertainment. '
A committee was also appoint-
ed to interview the county court .
on tne question ci runus tor,
building a road north 'from the -mill.
This road is the next thing .
to be impassable during the win-.?
ter months, and any j.wKface,
which might be used, woiid-be
real gain to the town 'vni'i,: i
tt A . i
'Come Boys and Girls
1 take you to Spra
ner's tnvland iramcs.
e hniilH ftn DrtuhlA
S & IC. Trading
Stamps on all Tovs.
A $: willi go a long way if you buy at
i Spaner's Store.
Spran?r's Store
Groceries and Meats. Fresh Fish Daily.
' II
6 bars Royal Whits Soap
25c Coffee
6 bars Savon Soap
English Walnuts
18c ;
25c ,
20c Lb
9 Lb Sack BEST Cream Oats
4 Packages Corn Flakes
4 Cans Milk
3 Cans Corn '
Santa Claus will be at the Cash Grocery and Beaverton Hardware Co all day Thur, and Eyer:
We must reduce our stock before January 1. Your gam is our loss.
2 qt "Lip Sauce Pans, regular -20c, now ;10q 4 qt Enamel pudding pans, regular : 25c, npw
2 qt M. Preserving Kettles, - 15c, ." 5c 4 qt Lip Preserving Kettles, , ,( 25c, l
Genuine Savory Roasters,, 1 $1.25 $1.00 2 qt . Enamel Milk Pans, ' " ;20Gi Jl .
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v4 '
fc ...
i f - r V'