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Established Jan. 1, 1887
F. B. BOYD. Owner and Publisher
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Athena, Oregon, October 23,. 1931
The selection of F. S. LeGrow,
cashier of the First National Bank
of Athena to the position of execu
tive vice-president of the new First
Inland National Bank of Pendleton,
is a tribute to his ability as a bank
er and recognition of his sterling
financial capabilities that have matur
ed in his management of the First
National Bank of Athena over a long
period of - years and which have
brought the local institution into the
foremost banking ranks of the Inland
Empire. The First National of Athe
na is in no way connected with the
Pendleton consolidation. Mr. LeGrow
will continue to hold his interests
here and manage the bank on the
same conservative lines as he has
done in years past. His acceptance of
the Pendleton position will in no way
alter or interfere with his manage
ment of the First National of Athe'
Arson, as Fire Marshal S. L. Le
greid of Illinois, recently pointed
out, is a crime whose successful
prosecution requires the support of a
strong and united public sentiment. It
is one- of the most despicable of all
crimes and one which affects the se
curity and pocket-book of every citi
zen. Illinois has made a good record
in combating it through the creation
of local arson squads. These are
headed by the fire chiefs, in associa
tion with the heads of the police and
public spirited property owners.
! 0
In a recent address Charles S. Wil-,
son, a member of the Federal Farm
Board, emphasized the fact that to
get benefits from farm relief, the in
dividual producer must first belong to
a 'cooperative association of some
kind. The overwhelming surpluses
of farm products that have flooded
the market and knocked the bottom
out of price levels, must be overcome
by unified action in all phases of pro
duction and sales.
Looks like a League of Nations job
over in Manchuria.
The whole world joined in paying
tribute to Thomas A. Edison, who
passed on Sunday morning after a
long drawn-out illness. The finalo to
the most spectacular career of mod
ern times came peacefully, almost
imperceptibly as the grand old man
of science slumbered his way into
It seems that the republican party
is determined to have the Morrow
family mixed up in politics. The
"Mrs. Morrow for United States Sen
ator," has been raised by members of
the women's republican club of Ridge
wood, New Jersey, to succeed her
husband who died a couple of weeks
ago. ,
(Oregon Journal)
Is the matrimonial market hit by
the present business depression ?
Stacking 62 fashionable New York
weddings this October against 100 the
same month a year ago, an Eastern
society recorder hints at pessimistic
So does Tiffany, who offers as evi
dence the sale of 75 wedding rings
in one month now to 50 a day when
the country was riding high.
Portland, on the other hand, re
ports matrimony on the crest of the
wave, and more weddings scheduled
for October this year than the whole
fall season of 1930. Jewelers, gift
shops, modistes, florists, all report a
decided increase in sales for weddings
this month.
Another optimistic statement is
made by Madame Blanche New York
wedding cake expert, regarding more
and better nuptial ceremonies. Back
ing her up is the marriage license
bureau, which declared itself too busy
with applicants to produce actual
All agreed on one question, how
ever the fashions of the season have
influenced the mode in weddings.
With the swish of ruffled skirts and
satins, and with hats in the elegance
of the '80s, come demand for Mid
Victorian bridal cakes.
And the simple gold band on the
ring finger replaces the flashing,
diamond-set platinum circlet. So the
bridegroom suffers less, while the
bride's father groans more. His to
face the bills for swishing silks and
satins and plumed velvet hats.
"Tiny statues of the bride and
bridegroom, perched on top of an
elaborately frosted cake, were the
cat's whiskers when it came to style
in the past generation," says the
New York reporter. "During recent
years they were shelved for more
modern touches. But today the lit
tle couples are in fashion again, and
more than one prospective bride or
ders the funny figures for her wed
ding cake."
And, while on the subject, pros
perous times 50 years gone caused a
decided increase in the number of
golden wedding celebrations reported
in 1930. Newspapers were flooded
with photographs and reports of 50
year anniversaries, the situation ac
counted for by the fact that the pros
perous times of the '80s just 50
years before, when gold coinage was
plentiful sent many a swain and his
bride to the altar.
There is only one cure for unem
ployment' industrial development
that will put men to work. There is
onlj one cure for depression a new
influx of active capital into business
,r capital that now is hiding in bank
vaults and refusing to come out and
bask in the industrial sun.
The Freewater Times conies to
our desk this week in the form of a
16-page Milton-Freewater apple show
special, edition. Printed in colors, the
special edition of the Times is re
plete in informative reading matter
and artistically arranged advertisements.
Politicians fail to explain that every
one pays taxes: Everyone who pays
rent pays the tax on the real estate
ho occupies, on everything purchas
ed in a store, somehow tax is includ
ed. They fail to explain it because
it does not fit into their code of pol
icy. o
Ex-city health commissioner of
Chicago has brought suit against his
wife for divorce on grounds that she
administered poison to him for a per
iod of over five years. What a stom
ach that man must have!
Serving ice cream from a piping
. hot cassarole might be termed a joke,
but ladeling gravy from a bowl garn
ished with ice cubes is another,
Up to this time there is no evi
dence of civil war in the democratic
ranks; as much as the republicans
would like to see one.
A Chicago beer baron was shot
down by handshaking fellow gang
sters in other words they did it with
a smile.
It's not so much what Japan wants,
as what Japan will get after the
league of nations gets through with
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Umatilla County.
In the Matter of the Estate of Mary
E. Michael, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given to all per
sons whom it may concern:
That Charles A. Michael has been
appointed administrator of the es
tate of Mary E. Michael, deceased,
and has qualified as such. All per
sons having claims against the estate
are required to present them, witn
proper vouchers as required by law,
to the said administrator at the office
of Peterson and Lewis, his attorneys,
in The Inland Empire Bank Building,
Pendleton, Oregon, within six months
of the date of the first publication of
this notice which is the 9th day of
October, 1931.
Peterson & Lewis, Attorneys for
Administrator. 09N6
(f FARES 1
October 31
Nov. 7, 14, 31, 23, 38, 30
Do. S, 13, 17, 18. 19
.turn limit, February 39, 1933
Stopover privilsgos
For Information, call
or phono or oddriti
i Athena, Ore.
22 Years Ago
Friday, November 5, 1909
Professor Case, principal of the
Athena High school, in an address
before the Athena Commercial As
sociation Wednesday evening, divulg
ed plans on which he is working and
through which he hopes to interest
the schools of the county in a big
track meet to be held in this city
next spring.
At a special school meeting held
Monday for the purpose of electing a
school director to fill the unexpired
term of Jerry Stone, resigned, B. B.
Richards was the choice of the voters
present. Twenty votes were cast, Mr.
Richards receiving 17 and Henry
Keen, three votes.
Commencing next Wednesday night
November 10, Rev. A. A. Doak of
Washington will conduct a series, of
evangelistic services at the Christian
church. He is a whirlwind. Full of
life, fire, zeal, good sense, wit
pathos, fact, in fact all those traits
that go to make up a great speaker.
You simply cannot afford to miss a
single service.
Little Richard Cartano had a por
tion of his forefinger of the left hand
severed Monday evening. His sister
was cutting kindling with a hatchet
when the little fellow, reaching for a
stick got his hand under the hatchet.
The finger was cut in two between
the first and second joints.
A mass meeting of citizens was
held at the county court house Wed
nesday afternoon. The meeting was
held for the purpose of devising
means to enforce the local option
The Athena hunters have returned
home from the Grande Ronde, and
were successful in their quest for
venison. John Stone killed the larg
est buck ever brought into Athena.
The deer was a monster, weighing 231
pounds dressed. Three fine bucks fell
before the unerring aim of Will Dob
son, and one was killed by the Press
man. All the boys had a good time
and will be ready for next year's
L. J. Henderson has resigned his
position as operator for the O. R. &
N. Co., and will travel for a Portland
County School Supt. Welles was in
the city Wednesday.
Henry Keen, the barber, is having
his shop repapered.
Professor Carl Guiot came up from
Pendleton yesterday.
A. J. Parker and Master "Bill"
spent Monday in Walla Walla.
Misses Kathleen and Jessica Mc-
Ewen spent Sunday with friends in
Walla Walla.
There was more ginger sprinkled
around at the meeting of the Athena
Commercial Association Wednesday
B. B. Richards
General Insurance
Farm Loans
The Athena Hotel
Courteous Treatment, Clean Beds
Good Meals
Tourists Made Welcome
Corner Main and Third
Athena, Oregon
Barber Shop
Beauty Parlor
Penn Harris, Prop.
Real Estate
Wheat Alfalfa and
Stock Land
L. L. Montague, Arlington
evening than has been in evidence for
some time. Nearly every member had
some thing to propose for the good of
the town and a corking, lively session
was the result.
Attorney Wilson attended to legal
business before the supreme court at
Pendleton Tuesday.
Mayor A. B. McEwen is out on his
ranch this week, supervising the be
ginning of grain seeding.
Mr. and Mrs. James Stanfield spent
Monday and Tuesday at the R. A.
Thompson home in this city.
John Bell is building a garage at
his premises on Fourth street, in
which to house his new White steam
er. James McDaniel was down from his
mountain ranch Saturday and report
ed that snow covered the ground in
the vicinity of his home.
Dell Bros, have made a change in
the arrangement of the office depart
ment at their store. The change
gives more room, besides adding per
ceptibly to convenience.
Mr. and Mrs. Amos Shick celebrat
ed their 53rd wedding anniversary
Tuesday November 2. Monday, No
vember 1 Mr. Shick was 78 years of
age and his estimable wife 70 years.
Jarvis Hurd, the old time Center
ville blacksmith was shaking hands
with friends in Athena this week. Mr.
Hurd is making his home with his
son Earl who resides on a ranch near
Pilot Rock.
Wm. Tompkins and A. M. Gillis
went down to visit Mr. McKenzie.
Monday. They found the old gentle
man cheerfully bearing the burden
of his terrible affliction. His condi
tion remains unchanged.
At a depth of 790 feet the big drill
was forced to stop work on the arte
sian well, Wednesday, on account of
shale. Drilling will be resumed as
nlaced in the hole
so that the shale can be controlled.
The flow of water continues the same
as heretofore.
Bruno Weber
Repair Work
Prices Reasonable
Successor To
Wanted Clean, Cotton rags at the
Press office.
Eyes examined, glasses properly
fitted at Schneller's, 39 East Main,
Walla Walla,
Expert in
Body Correction
Calls answered promptly
Office at Residence in North Athenu
Telephone 595.
Dr. W. Boyd Whyte
Stangier Building, Phone 706
Pendleton. Oregon. 957 J
Dr. W. H. McKinney
Physician and Surgeon
Dr. Sharp's Office
Office Hours at Athena 1 to 6 p. m.
Phone 462. Office Hours at Weston
8 a. m. to 12 noon. Phone 83. Calls
made day or night.
Dr. Dale Rothwell
The best in glasses at a reasonable
Over Woolworth's Phone 1286
Pendleton, Oregon
Peterson & Lewis
Attorneys at Law
Practice in all State and Federal
Inland Empire Bank Building
Pendleton Oregon
Watts & Prestbye
Main Street, Athena, Oregon
State and Federal Court Practice
Foley's Honey and Tar
cures colds, prevents pneumonia
Send us your
Fr1 " ... : 1
The First National Bank
of Athena
Established 1891
Does a General Banking Business
and Maintains a Complete
Trust Department
We carry the
rifle ammunition; these cartridges prevent chemical
erosion. They are positively non-corrosive and will
prevent rust.
Have your car cleaned, polished and the top treated
-with our water-proof rubber top dressing which will
keep your top soft and flexible during the life of
the car.
J. E. Gallaher, Prop. Athena Phone 471
They're Warmer and Wear
Better when Laundered Regularly
Have your Blankets Done
Pendleton, Oregon
Bell C& Gray
Now for
Are Always
to do
Auto Truck
Prices Rieht
Phone 593
Choose the Meat Dish First
then the Meal Planning Is Easy
Let the Meat Decide the Vegetables
Here Is an Idea or Two:
Roast Pork and Sweet Potatoes Beef and Beets
Pork and Green Beans Ham and Spinach
Fresh Milk and Cream
From a Tested Dairy. At AH Times
NWYiMUlUWll III to III Hi 'Ik,
:&sZ. .ua .-inc.
vaifV- ESgfc&aaiiiisnii
$100,000 PREMIUMS Qc!:.24QftAI
Mpusuion comoines rare-bred Livestock Show;
Fat Stock Show j Dairy, Manufacturers' and Land Products
Shows; Wool and Mohair Show; Poultry and Rabbit Show;
Industrial Exhibits; Boys'-Cirls' Club Work Exhibits; Wild
L fo Exh.blU! "Truth-ln-Meata" Exhibits; and spectacular Horse Show.
WeTen acres under on roof. Parkins space for 5,000 autos. Paved
p ,, . nrauwa lares on ail traniportation lines.
' "iT ( . tt -Jl
Tum-a-Lum Fuel ,
Includes the Best there is in
Building Materials of every description, for new
and remodeled homes
Tum-a-Lum Lumber Company
Continental Oil Company
Germ Processed Motor Oil
Athena Service Station
"Service With a Smile"
Automobile Accessories Tires
BRYCE BAKER, Prop. . . Athena, . . Phone 762
Dependable Service
Lower Prices April 1st
Ladies Spring Coats $1 and UP Silk Dresses $1.25
and Up Wool Dresses $1 and Up
Men's Suits $1.25
For other prices, ask the Driver
Trade with the man who helps pay your taxes
We call for and deliver every Tuesday and Friday
T. E. SMITH, Proprietor, Phone 1571 Freewater Oregon
Lamps Lamps
Why Pay More?
Plain and Frosted Mazda Lamps
25 Watt 17c
40 Watt 17c
60 Watt 17c
75 Watt W
100 Watt ;.28c
150 Watt 50c
Electrical DepartmentAthena, Oregon. Phone 182