The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, August 14, 1931, Image 4

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Press Paragraphs
Henry Barrett was a business vis
itor in Pendleton yesterday.
Mrs. Laura Foom spent Sunday vis
iting friends in Walla Walla.
Mrs. Frank Garret and Miss Arleen
Myrick were Milton visitors Tuesday.
The Misses Elsa and Emma Ringel
spent the day Monday in Walla Wal
la., v
Miss Merle Best and mother of Pen
dleton are spending the season at Sea
side. Mrs. Lilian Frederick of Weston
was a recent house guest of Mrs. Lila
Jack Moore, Wilford Miller and
Ralph Moore were in Walla Walla,
Miss Frederica Kershaw is driving
an attractive Pontiac sport model
. Mrs. Raymond Geissel (Beulah Ban
ister, visited at the Geissel home here
last week.
. Clarence Barney who has been em
ployed on a ranch near Lowden,
Washington, has been in Athena this
Union services wer conducted in
Athena last -Sunday by Reverend
Charles Sias.
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Sheard and fam
ily are enjoying an outing at Bing
ham Springs.
Bun Moore visited his mother Sat
urday, who is seriously ill in a Pen'
dleton hospital.
Guests at the J. W. Pinkerton home
Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Maurice
Frazier. of Milton.
John Dunning, circulation manager
for the East Oregonian, was an Athe
na visitor Tuesday.
Miss Mildred Stanton, nurse, is at
the Pendleton hospital where she is
employed on a case.
Clarence Ross, range rider, was in
from his camp on the Umatilla river
over last week-end.
Mrs. Penn Harris and the Misses
Marjorie and Bernice Wilson were in
Walla Walla Monday.
Flint Johns and Floyd Pinkerton
motored to the Walla Walla valley on
a business mission Friday.
Mrs. Alfred Marquis had the mis
fortune of painfully crushing her
hand in a wringer this week.
Mrs. B. B. Richards spent several
days the fore part of the week visit
ing relatives in Walla Walla.
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Soap to Brush!
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Bath Brushes.
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Main Street
- Athena
Phone 332
1 the RED WHITE Store
August 15th and 17th
Wesson Oil, quarts
Hires Root Beer Extract
2 for 49c
Tomato Soup, Red and White
6 for 49c
Cut Beans, Blue and White
3 for 49c
Franco American Spaghetti
4 for 49c
Tuna Flakes, ios
' 3 for 49c
Crown Sardines, y$
4 for 49c
Red and White Peanut Butter, 2V4 jars
Oronite Fly Sprayfl pints
Jell Dessert, Red and White Assorted
7 for 49c
Boston Butts
Ralph McEwen, Jr., and Harold
Kirk motored to Langdon lake Sun
day where they spent the day.
Mrs. Wm. Piper, Sr., was here from
Walla Walla Tuesday and visited rel
atives in Athena and vicinity.
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Cornell were
dinner guests Sunday at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Roseberry.
Among the Milton golf players on
the local course Monday evening,
were Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Walker.
Frinds of "Dad" Welch will be glad
to learn of his improvement after a
serious attack of blood poisoning.
Mrs. Joe Hodgson of Walla Walla,
has been visiting at the home of her
son, J. L. Hodgson, near Weston.
In the service at the Christian
church Sunday morning, Mr. Sias'
theme will be "The Lord's Prayer."
Joe Tucker of the Preston-Shaffer
Milling Co., has returned to Waits
burg after several days spent in Athe
na. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pittman, Mr. and
Mrs. Tom Kirk and Billy were among
those spending Sunday in the moun
tains. 4
Mrs. Nellie Taylor was here from
Walla Walla this week, visiting at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon
Mrs. L. V. Ball of Walla Walla en
tertained Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Walk
er and Miss Veryle Keeper at dinner
Mr. and Mrs. James Ross accom
panied by their daughters Velma and
Laura were Sunday visitors in Wal
la Walla.
Mr. and Mrs. Sias are at the Flint
Johns farm west of town, during the
absence of Mr. and Mrs. Johns, in the
George Mulky, old-time cowboy,
has returned to Thorn Hollow, from
Prescott, Washington where he spent
the summer. v
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Little, accom-
by Mrs. Ida Chronicle and Mrs. Hul
dah McKinney spent last Sunday in
Walla Walla.
Word comes from Portland to the
effect that E. A. Dudley hopes to be
able to return to his homo here in
about two weeks.
Mrs. Froom of the Athena Hotel,
had as dinner guests Monday eve
ning, Miss Dorothy Burke and Miss
Arleen Myrick.
Mrs. Velton Read is ill in Walla
Walla at the home of her parents.
She is suffering with an attack of irt
testinal iefluenza.
Mrs. Ralph Singer who has been a
guest of her mother, Mrs. Flora Mal
colm of Echo returned to her home
here last Friday.
Donald Jones who accompanied Mr.
and Mrs. C." M. Jones to Walla Wal
la last Sunday remined to spend the
week as a guest of his aunt.
Mr. and Mrs. Omer Stephens and
Mrs. Kimball were here from Pen
dleton, Sunday, guests at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Richards.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Markham of
Walla Walla were visitors Sunday
evening at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Remillard, south of Athena.
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Dudley left
this morning for an outing at Seaside
where they will be guests of Dr. and
Mrs. Arthur Van Dusen of Astoria.
Mr. and Mrs. Warnie Whitehead
and Mrs. Matt Shaw and son Gerald
were visitors from Walla Walla at
the C. E. 0. Montgue home Monday.
Dr. and Mrs. W. G. Cowan were m
Athena Sunday, en route home from
Vale, where they had been visiting at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. James Rice.
Mrs. Genevieve Hampton of Genes-
see, Idaho, who is visiting her Bis
ter, Mrs. Floyd Pinkerton plans to
remain in this vicinity for two weeks.
Miss Margaret Hodgen will return
to her home at Adams tomorrow, af
ter a two weeks' motor trip to Vic
toria, Vancouver and other Canadian
Mrs. H. W. Gissel of Brooklyn,
New York, who is visiting at the
home of her sister Mrs. Charles Betts
will remain in the west for about a
Mrs. Zeltha Mclntyre has been en
joying a visit from her daughter
Katherine, who accompanied Mr. and
Mrs. Ralph Cannon and children here
Walter Edger and Alister Meldrum
have returned from a week's fishing
trip on the Lookingglass. The boys
returned by the way of Bingham
Verne Dudley of near Dayton was
an Athena visitor Wednesday, Mrs.
Dudley is spending a short outing
with friends at Newman Lake near
Laurence Ringel of the Vansycle
section was the victim of a fire when
he lost seventy acres of wheat. Mr.
Ringel is a brother of Louie Ringel of
this vicinity.
A contract foursome spending Tues
day afternoon at the home of Mrs.
Ralph McEwen included Mrs. Clason
Adams, Mrs. F. S. LeGrow and Mrs.
M. L. Watts,
Clayton Cornell of Walla Walla is
spending the week at the home of his
grand parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. A.
Cornell during the absence of his par
ents in Seattle.
Mr.' and Mrs, J. A. Nelson left Mon
day for their home in Long Beach,
California, after spending several
weeks past visiting relatives here and
at LaCrosse, Washington.
After finishing the harvest season
spent with the Catron crew northwest
of Athena, Jack Miller left for his
home at Colfax. Mr. Miller is a
brother of M. I. Miller of Athena.
Mrs. Frank Blair, who recently left
Athena to become a patient in the
Eastern Oregon Tuberculor hospital
at The Dalles, is somewhat improved
according to reports received here.
Real estate transfers during the
week as appear of record include;1
Or M. Shif W and Mm Shfgttf to
I. N. Wickersham, lots 2 and 3 in
block 3 of Rose's addition to Athena.
A group of Athena friends motor
ing to Pendleton Tuesday evening
where they made up a "line party" at
the Rivoli included Mrs. Ethel Mon
tague, Mrs. Laura Froom, Marjorie
Montague, Arleen Myrick and Doro
thy Burke.
In honor of her birthday Mrs. C.
M. Eager invited a few friends to
make up a foursome at bridge Thurs
day of last week. Contract was play
ed and the hostess served ices and
a birthday cake.
Mrs. Matilda Gray who has been
visiting at the Jiomes of her son,
Lisle Gray and daughter, Mrs. Laur
ence Pinkerton left last Saturday for
Lewiston where she is matron of the
children's home.
Miss Sadie Pambrun and Miss Helen
Foster are spending a few days in
Spokane. Mrs. Percy Wilson and
children will return with them and
will spend several weeks at the Pam
brun home, south of Athena.
Mrs. James Rice .XLois Mclntyre)
who has been visiting at the home of
her parents, Mr. and Mrs.-Alex Mc
lntyre here has returned to her home
at Vale. She was accompanied by
her mother who will visit for a short
time. ' --
The smiling countenance of "Snip
er" Snider, well known Weston boy,
beams from the driver's seat of a
wheat truck, as it zooms along Main
street in regular trips from the har
vest field to the Farmers Grain Elevator.
Word from Creston, B. C, is to the
effect that the two Rogers boys ar
rived 0. K. at their destination and
are members of the Dudley Rogers
threshing crew. Kenny is driving
tractor and Emery is "tending" sepa
rator. The Conoco trucks of Bryce Baker's
Athena Service Station are all dolled
up in new coats of green and red
paint. Bryce says the price of Conoco
has not raised, but remains in the
notch where it was before the trucks
were dressed up.
Miss Velma Schubert, bookkeeper at
the First National Bank, is taking her
vacation. She went from here to
Goldendale and joined her mother at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Blaine Dug
gar. From there the two went to
Portland to visit friends.
As time approaches for harvesting
wheat on their Creston, B. C, hold
ings, Charles Kirk and Tom Kirk are
getting ready to leave Athena after
their harvest run in this vicinity. Will
Piper will also leave for Creston soon,
to harvest his wheat crop there.
Mrs. 0. M. Castleman and daughter
Barbara returned to their home at
Ontario Saturday, after spending
several days here and at Pendleton.
Miss Castleman, who is one of the
Round-Up queen's attendants, will re
turn the latter part of the week. ,
Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Jones and son
Ray Jones motored to Toppenish,
Washington, a week ago Sunday and
visited at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Trajan Tucker. Mrs. Ray Jones who
had been visiting for a time in Top
penish returned home with the party.
Athena Circle, Women of Woodcraft
was represented at the district con
vention at La Grande by Mrs. Lola
Payne of Athena. While in that vic
inity Mrs. Payne went to Joseph
where she visited her son Rex Payne.
Mr. and Mrs. Oral McPherrin are
entertaining a group of relatives in
cluding Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Howell
and Miss Betty Davidson of Portland
and Mrs. Jeff French and Louis Bar
clay of Heppner and Mr. and Mrs.
Roy Davidson and family of Port
land, i
Miss Mary Lou Hansell entertained
at a slumber party Tuesday night
Red Beans Prunes
Recleaned, '10 lbs. 45c Fancy Italians, 5 lbs..... 35c
Flour Soap
Made at home, 49 lb. sack .89c Polar White 10 bars.............. ..:.......25c
Coffee Matches
Steel cut, 3 lbs............ ......57c 6 box carton, each.... ..-.15c
Peaches Canned Corn
Lemon Cling, 2y2s, 3 cans...... 49c Silver Leaf brand, 4 cans..::.......-49c
Pork C& Beans Deviled Meat
Van Camps medium size, 2 f or....!5c Small cans, 6 for 25c, 3 Large for 25c
Creioives in Gay Colors
Phone 152
when Bonnie Johnson, Helen Rogers
and Wilma Mclntyre were her guests.
The young ladies enjoyed games and
other amusements during the eve
ning and it is a question whether
much "slumbering" ensued.'
Mrs. Ora Shigley and family have
left Athena to make their home on a
small diversified farm near Koos
kooskie above Walla Walla. The
Shigley property was turned in on the
mountain farm.
Dell DeMerritt of Walla Walla has
been a guest at the home of his
grand parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Dell for the past week. His parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Armand DeMerritt have
been enjoying a vacation outing, tak
ing the loop trip by way of Langdon
lake and Skyline drive, Bone Springs
and Dayton.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Gribble return
ing from Palouse, remained over
night at the home of Mrs. M. M.
Johns and resumed their journey
home, to Shafter, California. While
in the city, a number of his former
Athena school pupils called on Mr.
Gribble and recounted incidents that
transpired in old school days.
The Thimble club of the Woman
of Woodcraft met at the home of
Mrs. D. A. Pinkerton Tuesday after
noon to work on the doll baby cush
ion which will be sold with the at
tractive quilt on display at the Red
and White store. Fourteen ladies
were present and following the work
of the afternoon the hostess served
delicious watermelon. Those present
were Mrs. Louis Keen, Mrs. William
McPherson, Mrs. Clarence Hand, Mrs.
John Stanton, Mrs. Mary McKay,
Mrs. C. M. McCullough, Mrs. L. A.
Cornell, Clayton Cornell,- Mrs. Ethel
Montague, Mrs. Celia Harden, Mrs.
J. A. Garner, Mrs. Bruno Weber,
Mrs. Will Pinkerton and the hostess.
Phone 561
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