The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, July 24, 1931, Image 4

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Press Paragraphs
Penn Harris spent Tuesday in Wal
la Walla.
Dr. J. L. Geyer of Walla Walla was
a Sunday visitor here.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cutler are
here from La Grande.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Pinkerton of
Weston, were in the city Saturday.
h. L. Rogers of Pendleton called on
business friends here Wednesday.
Miss Arleen Myrick has a position
in the Taylor Cafe at Pendleton.
Oliver Dickenson was an Athena
visitor from Freewater, Wednesday.
Frank Ames was here from Pendle
ton Wednesday on a business mission.
Henry Koepke moved his threshing
outfit to the Koepke ranch near He
lix, Monday. -
H. H. Eickhoff came over from
Walla Walla Tuesday and spent the
day in Athena. ,
During the past week the Shell
Oil service station has received a new
coat of paint.
Melba Montague spent the week
end at the Floyd Pinkerton ranch
west of Athena.
E. H. Leonard came down from
Waitsburg, Monday, and spent the
day in Athena.
George W. Staggs prominent resi
dent of Weston called on Athena
friends Thursday.
A number of Indians have been in
town this week, selling huckleberries
from the mountains.
It is reported that a number of
Athena fanners sold wheat this week
at the price of 34 cents.
Charles Price prominent farmer of
the Weston district, was a business
visitor here Wednesday.
Dr. W. G. Cowan came over from
Walla Walla Wednesday, and made
a professional call here.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Winn of Adams,
are sojourning in their summer cot
tage at Bingham Springs.
J. T. Lieuallen, Sr., who has been at
Adams for several weeks, has return
ed to his home in Portland.
Mrs. Chester Gemmell of Helix,
who has been seriously ill in Pendle
ton, is now improving in health.
Miss Mayme French is here from
her home at Heppner and is visiting
her sister, Mrs. Oral McPherrin.
Justin Harwood has been employed
in applying a coat of stain to the
roof of the M. L. Watts home this
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Mrs. Richard Powers of Weston,
visited friends in Athena, Tuesday
C. M. Eager has returned from a
two weeks vacation at Seaside. His
family will remain for a longer visit.
Bun Moore was at Ukiah last week
where he visited his mother, Mrs.
Jennie Moore and his sister, Mrs.
H. H. Hill was in Pendleton Satur
day for the purpose of paying the
taxes on the Christian church par
sonage. Mr. and Mrs. Saylor Parris motored
here from Walla Walla Friday and
visited at the home of their , son,
Sterling Parris.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Carpenter,
formerly ,of Adams, but now living
at Haas, Washington, were Adams
visitors last week.
Mrs. Mollie Worthington returned
Saturday from the Umatilla river
where she has spent several weeks
with her nephew.
Wade Goodman who now makes
his headquarters at Spokane was an
Athena visitor this week, after sev
eral months absence.
John. Pierce who has a fine truck
farm south of Athena, has large
quantities of cucumbers for pickling
purposes at this time. . ,
Mr. and Mrs. Max Hopper returned
Monday night from a motor trip to
Portland and Seaside. They report
ideal weather at the beach.
Mrs. Glenn Dudley, Mrs. Donald
Robinson and Mrs. Toffman were
luncheon guests Wednesday of Mrs.
Henry Koepke in Walla Walla.
Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Miller are
here from St. Helens, visiting at the
Henry Miller home. Vernon will take
a workout in the harvest field. -
ADDarentlv due to the intense heat
Monday, truck drivers had a lot of
trouble with tires, and local garages
were kept busy repairing them.
After spending a week at-the home
of her parents Mr. and Mrs. Gopen-
haver in Heppner, Mrs. Dick Swift
has returned to her home here.
Walter Singer is richer by several
shekles this week as a reward for
mowing and trimming several lawns.
Hot work, too, but the lad stuck to
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. 0. Montague
and Clarence Montague spent Sunday
in Walla Walla where they attended
the Moose picnic at the Walla Walla
park. ..
Young Chinese elm trees planted in
the late spring at the Huggms ser
vice station at corner of Main and
Fifth streets are making rapid
York Dell is remodeling his resi
dence which was damaged by fire sev
eral weeks ago. When completed, the
roof will be three feet lower than it
was originally.
It is reported that wells and springs
in outlying districts are very low. If
the heat continues this may work a
hardship on farmers and retard har
vest operations.
Raymond Murphy who tended head'
er on the R. B. McEwen combine
last week has gone to the Will Kirk
ranch where he will spend the rest
of the harvest season.
A number of Athena young folks
have been going to the Umatilla river
this week and taking advantage of
the opportunity to swim in a large
pool near Thorn Hollow.
Max Johnson who is operating a
cold drink stand at the mill had the
misfortune to break a bottle cutting
a deep gash in his hand. The wound
is healing satisfactorily.!
A number of Pendleton players are
becoming regular visitors to the
Athena golf course. A number have
expressed themselves as being well
pleased with the new course.
Mr. and Mrs. Buell who have been
visiting at the home of Mrs. Joe
Anderson have returned to their
home at Myrtle Creek. Mrs. Buell
and Mrs. Anderson are sisters.
Charles Kirk who is here from
Creston, B. C, secured an Oregon li
cense for his British Columbia truck
and will haul bulk wheat for the Eu:
gene Schrimpf threshing outfit.
A party of ladies spending the
week in the mountains in search of
huckleberries includes Mrs. Tim
McBride, Mrs. Edith Lumsden, Mrs.
Arnold Wood and Miss Emma Ringel.
A group of ladies playing contract
at the home of Mrs. M. L. Watts
Friday included, Mrs. F. S. LeGrow,
Mrs. H. I. Watts, Mrs. Clason Adams,
Mrs. Ralph McEwen and tho hostess.
Special agent Megy, who worked at
the local Union Pacific station during
the vacation absence of C. M. Eager,
regular agent, departed for Spokane
Wednesday, when Mr. Eager resumed
The local W. C. T. U. will meet
next Tuesday afternoon at the home
of Mrs. E. B. Foster, Mrs. Clarence
Zerba will have charge of the pro
gram and all members are urged to
Manager Sloan of the Washington
Idaho Seed company, has been here
this week from Spokane, seeing to
the opening of operations at the com
pany's pea cleaning and grading
Miss Amy Furcell of Fresno, Cali
fornia, who is a guest of her sister,
Mrs. Marion Hansel! is an interest
ing visitor here. Miss Purccll is a
missionary worker among the Chinese
in Fresno.
Blinded by a dust storm, Roderick
Larrabce and Bud Dames grain truck
drivers collided near the John Adams
ranch near Adams Monday evening.
No serious damage occurred to either
drivers or trucks.
Mr. and Mrs. William Hammer and
Mrs. Marie Holt of Walla Walla were
Sunday guests at the D. A. Pinker
ton home here. Mrs. Belle Scott al
to of Walla Walla U a house guest
- Mrs. Cv L. Ingram and Mrs. J. L.
Walton of Walla Walla were lunch
eon guests of Mrs. Clason Adams and
Mrs. M. L. Watts at the Watts home
last week. Mrs. Adams and Mrs. Wal
ton were schoolmates.
Mrs. Frank Sanders who has been
a patient for the past two weeks in
a Walla Walla hospital has returned
to her home. Mrs. Sanders' trouble
was a stomach indisposition and not
an operation as reported.
A fine assortment of beautiful
roses are still blooming in the flower
garden of Mrs. E. C. Rogers. A num
ber of Mrs. Rogers' friends have been
remembered with fine boquets of
roses during the summer.
Teddy Miller & Co., dealers in soft
drinks, especially root beer, were suc
cessful in disposing of their refresh
ing drinks to Main street pedestrians
during the two hottest days of the
week, Monday and Tuesday.
C. A. Sias accompanied his daugh
ter, Glea, to Prineville where Miss
Sias is applicant for a position as
teacher in a school. . They made the
trip to Prineville and return in two
days, motoring by way of Redmond.
Mrs. Gordon Watkins and children
accompanied by Miss Mildred Wat
kins, are expected to arrive home to
morrow from Tacoma. Mrs. Wat
kins has been visiting relatives and
friends on the Sound for the past
J. V. Milligan, chemist out at the
Preston - Shaffer Milling company
plant is a new subscriber to the Athe
na Press. Mr. and Mrs. Muligan who
came to Athena from Waitsburg, re
side on Adams street, between Third
and Fourth.
Miss Edna DeFreece is visiting in
Portland having accompanied her
aunt Mrs. 0. E. Bowman and daugh
ters, Wednesday, when they returned
home after several days visit in Athe
na at the home of her sister Mrs.
Will Kirk. .
Patronage at the Booth auto camp
in Athena continues to increase
day by day. The tourist travel
seems to be at a peak stage at this
time. Many cars from eastern and
mid-west states are now traveling
Oregon highways.
Mrs. Roy Wiicox a former resident
of Helix and a sister of Mrs. E. A.
McCulley of that place, died suddenly
at her home in Eugene. Funeral
services were held Friday at Fol
som's chapel in Pendleton, with in
terment taking place at Helix.
Mrs. L. S. Randall and Mr. and
Mrs. Ridgeway of Anaheim, Cali
fornia, were visitors this week at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Justin Har
wood. The party was en route by
motor to Red Deer, Canada. Mrs.
Randall is Mrs. Harwood's niece.
Mrs. Gray will arrive in Athena to
morrow from Lewiston to visit for a
couple of weeks with her daughter,
Mrs. Laurence Pinkerton and her son,
Lisle Gray. Mrs. Gray is matron of
the Children's Home at Lewiston and
is taking her summer vacation at
this time. ' '
Oral. Michener who has been work
ing at the Pambrun ranch during har
vest has been forced to give up his
job due to a severe case of tai-weed
poisoning and hay fever. He is re
ceiving treatment at the home of his
parents Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Michen
er here. .
Rev. and Mrs. G. H. Brown and
family of Veneta, Oregon, left Wed
nesday to visit relatives at Clarkston,
Washington. Rev Brown who preach
ed at the local Baptist church last
Sunday has with his family, been vis
iting at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Delmar Heighton. .'-'
Major and Mrs. C. T. Vanderwort
of Palo Alto, California, were guests
Wednesday of Mr. and Mrs. Clason
Adams. They were en route to Yel
lowstone Park and Canadian points
by motor. Major Vanderwort is dean
of the Junior college of the Menlo
school near Palo Alto.
Dr. and Mrs. Fred Lieuallen of
Bend, spent the week-end at the L.
L. Lieuallen farm home near Adams.
They returned to Bend Monday, ac
companied by their young son, Fred,
Jr., who had the misfortune to break
his wrist, when he fell from a stacK
of hay several days ago.
Highway employers are kept busy
sanding the turns which have become j
dangerous on account of the recent
intense heat. William Lyons who has
been employed mowing the weeds on
the right of way has completed his
task. He covered the distance from
the state line to Pendleton."
Dan Hicks, who spent his boyhood
at Weston and who was known in
Athena, was in town Tuesday from
Pendleton. Mr. Hicks has been leas
ing out his farm for several years
and has been living in Pendleton,
where he was janitor of one of the
school buildings in that city.
Miss Viola DeLonjr of Roseburg is
visiting at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
J. F. Kershaw, the guest of Misa
Frederica Kershaw. Miss DeLong,
who will remain at the Kershaw home
for a week, is bookkeeper for the
Rose Hotel at Roseburg, and is en
joying her summer vacation at this
time. V
Mrs. Marion Hansell sustained an in
jury to her hip and for a couple of
days suffered intense pain. Dr.
Cowan was called from Walla Walla
Wednesday and advised tho patient bo
removed to Walla Walla, where an
X-ray examination revealed that the
hip had sustained a severe sprain.
Mrs. Hansell was taken to walla
Walla yesterday morning and later in
the day returned home.
A group of Athena and Weston
people motored to the mountains last
Sunday where they rambled up hill
and down dale in search of huckle
berries. They were scantily reward
ed for their labors but brought home
a tow gallon ot tho fruit. -Those in
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the party were Mr. and Mrs. Fred
Pittman, Mrs. Tom Kirk and son
Billy, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Jones, Mr.
and Mrs. Matt Johnson, Miss Lois
Johnson, Mr. and Mrs. Vern O'Hara,
Miss Vernita O'Hara and Mrs. James
Athena fishermen who have lately
angled for trout in the Umatilla river
report very poor success. Apparently
there are but few trout in that stream
this season and a number of expres
sions have been heard favoring the
closing of the stream until restocking
shall bring it into its own again.
First Christian Church
There will be morning services only
in these summer weeks. "The Un
shamed Gospel" will be the pulpit
theme this Sunday. Bible school at
10 a. m. Your loyalty is being test
ed now in the harvest time. There
will be a very short business meet
ing at the close of the morning service.
- (, 1930, Western Newspaper Union.) .
Oh, East is East and West Is West
and never the twain shall
Till Earth and Sky stand presently
at God's great Judgment
But there is neither East or West,
Border nor Breed nor Birth
When two strong men stand face
to face tho'' they coma from
, ' the ends of the earth!
I Kipling.
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Mild Rarebit
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spoonful of paprika ; when the dish is
full add one and one-half cupfuls of
milk and set Into a pan of hot water.
Bake in a moderate oven thirty-five
Junket With Bananas.--riace thinly
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over the bananas and let stand In a
warm room until set Flavor, milk
with lemon extract. .
"Apple Souffle, Add four and one
half tablespoonfuls of tapioca and a
little salt to one cupful of scalded
milk. Cook In a double boiler until
the tapioca Is clear, stirring frequent
ly. Add one-half cupful of sugar, cool
and add the beaten yolks of three
eggs, one-half tablespoonful of lemon
Juice and one cupful of grated raw
apple, fold in the stiffly beaten egg
whites and bake in ramekins or cas
serole set in water. Serve hot with
sweetened whipped cream, flavored
with almond.: x
Cheese Souffle. Take three bible
spoonfuls of quick cooking tapioca,
cook in one cupful of milk until the
tapioca is clear. Add one cnpfulVf
grated cheese, stir until melted, cool,
add three beaten egg yolks, one tea
spoonful of salt and fold In the stiffly
beaten egg whites. Place In a pan set
In water and bnke untp ibe souffle is
firm. Serve at once.- This serves four.
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