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Established Jan. 1, 1887
V, B. BOYD. Owner and Publisher
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Athena, Oregon, July 24r.. 1931
and supplies from there to a mining
camp. Mules are the beasts of bur
den and on their backs are evenly!
balanced cargoes securely lashed in
place by the diamond hitch.
The expected has come to pass.
California millionaires who havet() bay umbeT at preSent low level
The pestiferous earwig has taken
up its abode in Athena gardens. In at
least one respect, in consequence, we
shoot par with Portland. Wonder if
there will be as much noise made
about the presence of the ."wig" here.
The bargain-seeking public is urged
bought up Rogue river frontage are
entering the wedge of "No Trespas
sing" over their properties by serving
notice to placer miners to keep off.
Meeting with success against the
miners the next step taken would be
against anglers. The only way to
forever kill this fishing stream tres
pass grab against the rights of Ore
gon anglers to fish with freedom, is
for the fish and game commission,
the sportsmen clubs and the anglers
to get behind the legislature with the
demand that a bill be passed making
it unlawful for anyone to post tres
pass notices against anglers on any
stream which is stocked with game
fish by the state; except by the com
mission at its discretion in protec
tion of fish propagation.
- 0
The Athena community is pleased
over the appointment of M. L, Watts
by Governor Meier as he third mem
ber of the Umatilla county tax com
mittee. No man of higher capability
in appraisement of land values can be
found in the county than Mr, Watts.
Farm lands in this county, especially
the farm lands of the Athena-Weston
district have been taxed "out of
sight," taxed to a point where it is
bankrupting the land owners to pay
the tax, Mr, Watts, a landowner and
farmer, is thoroughly conversant with
the tax situation involving farm land.!
Jn this county and his selection as a
member of the committee places him
in a position to assist in revision of
land taxes downward.
prices, but the heck of it is, wheat
prices are at a still lower level and
lumber will buy more wheat, than
wheat will buy lumber.
Fall tells how Daugherty won his
portfolio in Harding's cabinent, but
what interested the public much more
at the time, wag how Harding was to
get rid of Daugherty.
Portland sweltered in the heat at
101 Sunday and spent the day at
parks and in swimming pools; others
remained at home and "took it on the
22 Years Ago
A Reno divorce item is read as a mat
ter of course, while a Hollywood di
vorce action is associated with the
motion picture "industry".
India just won't behave. Grave riots
have broken out in a town called
Pudukkotia, or a place spelled like
Paris and Berlin in Entire Accord
Headline, Well, for heaven's sake
let's not cut the cord J
"Ma's affair," says Aimee,
They're at it again. Ma Kennedy
finds that her new spouse, the Rev.
Guy Edward Hudson, is not her legal
spouse and divorce proceedings have
been filed. Ma is sticking by the
Rev, Hudson, however, after develop
ments revealed that he was married
to Mrs. L. Margaret Hudson of Los
Angeles and still is. Ma has hopes of
again marrying Guy Edward when
he clears away the asserted previous
matrimonial claims of L, Margaret
The seventeen days' wrangle with
France over the Hoover moratorium
cost Germany about $16,222,000 daily
or a total of about $275,000,000,
through withdrawal of capital from
the German banks, Thus the direct
benefits which the proposed Hoover
moratorium aimed to confer on Ger
many through the suspension of rep
arations payments, were more than
Those Hungarian transatlantic fly
ers are to be commended for their
skill in making a safe crossing and
liehtinir within fourteen miles of
their home town, Budapest. A few
more drops of gas and they would
have brought the good old can down
at the airport, for they had her nosed
in that direction all the way across.
Albert B. Fall's story of his ex
periences while In Washington, now
running serially in newspapers, only
serves to impress the reader with the
fact that the author is about to enter
a state prison to serve sentence for
accepting a $100,000 bribe while sec
retary of the interior in President
Harding's cabinet,
i i-i . . o
Fewer cases In Portland against
drunken drivers, would Indicato pro
gress in the drive against thorn. Pun
ishment so direct and severe that a
second sentence would bo unnecessary
Is whnt is needed to control drunken
drivers. Give thorn the works first,
then solving the problem will take
care of itself.
One Oregon industry nt least, lin
en textile, has assurance of steady
output for 1932. All the product of
the Miles mill at Salem has been sold
insuring operation of the plant on a
full 24-hour day, Flax is gradually
becoming a paying crop on certain
farms of Western Oregon.
Wild life has a hard time making
the gradu ill Oregon. Gosling honker
gi'vse, unable to fly, are being slaugh
tered by coyotes In the Clear lake
federal game preserve, while last
year thousands of wild ducks sue
BUmbcd to a strange malady at Klam
ath lake.
It took a 300-mile diuso to catch a
gusolino cowboy, but a Dallas, Ore
gon, ofTicer brought back tho cowboy
und tho hlda of a stolen cow from
Wapnto, Washington; which was some
consolation after counting money
spent for gas and wear and tear on
his car,
Powers, a little town in Southern
Oregon, is rehearsing the days of '49.
I'oi'k trains' ara carrying provisions
(Oregon Journal)
If a special legislature should be
called in Oregon it could not pass
laws giving the state tax commission
power to control issues of bonds or
levies of taxes in incorporated towns
and cities. That kind of legislation is
prohibited by the state constitution
Nor can the legislature forbid the
people or school districts from vot
ing special levies except such as a
state tax commission might approve,
as is done under the Indiana plan.
That action is also prohibited by the
Oregon state constitution.
inese iacis mean mat about all a
special session of the legislature
i ... . .
coum accompiisn would De to give
control over the county levy for oper
aung costs ana personal service
that is, salaries and wages. It is ac
cordingly apparent that constitutional
amendments, which can be voted only
by the people, are the only means
through which the legislature could
be given power to put the provisions
of the Indiana plan into effect in
Meanwhile there will be a great
many people in the state who would
not want a central body to be placed
In control of tax levies, bond issues
and like financial measures of school
districts, incorporated towns, port
districts and like civic organizations.
Such folks would, insist that the In
diana plan is not local self-government,
and they could make good in
that contention.
For it to be decided by a central
state commission whether a school
district, say in Polk county, could or
could not make a certain tax levy
for school purposes would be to hold
that the people of that school district
are not competent to run their own
school affairs and that a sort of trus
teeship must be placed over them to
direct their school financing.
Such a course would be materially
to abridge the rights and privileges
of community and district people and
to turn those rights and privileges
over to a central tax body by which
those rights and privileges would be
exercised. It would be government
handed down from above instead of
government of, by and for the people.
Of course, there Is need for more
discretion and greater care by sonic
of the minor departments of govern
ment in their tax levies and bond is
sues. There have been financial opera
tions in Oregon that border on the
reckless. But the cure for them is
not by an Indiana plan to take away
some of the rights of a sovereign
citizen and place voters under a sort
of trusteeship or guardianship.
Friday, Jaly 30, 1909
Hogs advanced to $9.50 per hundred
pounds in the Portland stock yards
Tuesday, the highest price ever reach
ed. It beats all previous records by
35 cents.
Miss Norma Smith was a Pendleton
visitor Saturday.
T. J. Kirk went down to The Dalles
Monday, on business.
Hey Winn, an extensive farmer
west of town was trading in the city
Mrs. B. D. demons was a Pendle
ton visitor yesterday.
George Banister is down from the
mountains. He will return to the
camp Saturday,
Chas. McFarland has been appoint
ed agent in this city for the Pacific
Coast Elevator Company,
Melville Johns arrived in town yes
terday from Portland, and will visit
friends for a few weeks.
Attorney Wilson returned Wednes
day from Waterville, Wash., where
he went on legal business.
Mrs, I. M. Kemp and Mrs, B. D.
Jarman drove over from Weston
Wednesday, and did some shopping.
Miss Pearl Leonard returned to her
home in Corvallis Sunday, after
spending several days with Athena
Fred Kershaw made the trip to
Missoula and Kalispel to register for
the drawing on the Blackfoot reser
vation. Mr, and Mrs. M. Woodward are
over from their home in Walla Walla,
spending the harvest season on the
farm west of town,
J. V, Mitchell, operator at the O.
R. & N. station in Athena, is in the
upper country substituting for var
ious agents who are registering for
land drawing.
Mr. and Mrs. Preston, parents of
Mrs. Joseph N. Scott, arrived in the
city the first of the week from Cali-
To whom it may concern in Athena
and vicinity: I, Suzanne F, Hayes,
make this statement and declare it to
be the truth, at no time has Ben
Bateman borrowed money of me, nor
has he or his wife ever used any
money belonging to me. nor at any
time have I been expected to, or al
lowed to pay any money for board,
room or treatments, while in the
home and under care of said Ben
Bateman and wife. And I further
state that anything reported to the
contrary is a malicious lie.
Main St H. H. HILL Athena
fornia and are visiting their daugh
ter west of town.
A. R. Booher this week shipped the
household goods of his daughter, Mrs.
James Feeler, to her present home
near Buht, Idaho. Mr. Feeler is a
prosperous landholder in that vicin
ity. John O'Harra, the well known Wes
ton rancher, was in town Monday in
terviewing Athena wheat raisers in
regard to threshing. Mr. O'Harra
owns a large steam threshing ma
chine and is seeking work in this vic
inity. During the past week C. A. Barrett
has been appointed to two offices. He
is now resident agent for the Title &
Guarantee company, the well known
bonding company of Philadelphia,
and is also a notary public for Ore
gon. Mr. and MrsEllis B. Harris, of the
Christian church returned Saturday
from a visit in Washington. They
were accompanied home by Raymond,
a young brother of Mr. Harris, who
will remain in Athena for a few
Wednesday evening Austin Toss
and wife and York Dell formed an
auto party who drove to Walla Wal
la. Mrs. Foss went from there to Ta
coma and Seattle, where she will
spend a month and see the fair. She
will be accompanied home by her sis
ter, Miss Kittie Gholson who has
spent the summer on the Sound.
Will Dobsoii, Frank Tharp and
Wm. Winship returned Tuesday from
Spokane, where they registered for
Wanted Clean, Cotton rags at the
Press office.
Eyes examined, glasses properly
fitted at Schneller's, 39 East Main,
Walla Walla,
Seed Wheat Cleaning, treating and
grading direct from your combine in
the field. You save in hauling and
sacking. Also we treat seed wheat
in the sack at your grainery. Myrick
& Hawkins, Phone 1391J, Pendle
ton. -
Expert in
Body Correction
Calls answered promptly
Office at Residence in North Athena
Telephone 595.
Dr. W. Boyd Whyte
Stangier Building, Phone 706
Pendleton. Oregon. 957 i
The Athena Hotel
Courteous Treatment, CTean Beds
Good Meals
Tourists Made Welcome
Corner Main and Third
Athena, Oregon
Barber Shop
Beauty Parlor
Pcnn Harris, Prop.
Physician and Surgeon
Dr. Sharp's Office
Office Hours at Athena 1 to 6 p. m.
Phone 462. Office Hours at Weston
8 a. m. to 12 noon. Phone 83. Calls
made day or night.
Dr. Dale Rothwell
The best in glasses at a reasonable
Over Woolworth's Phone 1288
Pendleton, Oregon
Peterson & Lewis
Attorneys at Law
Practice in all State and Federal
Inland Empire Bank Building
Pendleton Oregon
Watts & Prestbye
Main Street, Athena, Oregon
State and Federal Court Practice
In the County Court of the State of
Ureiron for Umatilla County.
In the matter of the estate of George
W. Uorn, deceased.
Notice is hereby given to all per
sons whom it may concern:
That The Inland hmptre Bank of
Pendleton at Pendleton, Oregon, has
been appointed executor of the laRt
will and testament of George W.
Horn, dcccuHcd, und has qualified as
KUth. All persona having claims
against said estate are hereby noti
fied and required to present them with
proper vouchors to the said executor
at The Inland Empire Bank of Pen
dleton or to Peterson and Lewis, its
attorneys, within six months of the
date of the first publication of this
notice which is the 2Gth day of June,
PENDLETON, Executor.
Peterson A Lewis, attorneys for
ExWutbr, J2BJ24
Real Estaie
Wheat Alfalfa and
Stock Land
I. L. Montague, Arlington
Foley's Honey and Tar
'ures colds, prevents pneumonia.
Contoure Specialties
Beautify the Complexion
Strengthen the Countour
Athena Beauty Shop
Sadie Pambrun, Operator
Phone 82
Bruno Weber
Repair Work
Prices Reasonable
Successor To
Use one of our
Family Services
during the hot weather
Pendleton, Oregon
The First National Bank
of Athena
Established 1891
Does a General Banking Business
and Maintains a Complete ) ,
Trust Department
Eastman Hawkeye Cameras
As a special offer to our Customers, we will
give one of these cameras free for each tire pur
chase or other sale amounting to $5.00 cash or
$10.00 payment on account.
Call in and get particulars
J. E. Gallahcr, Prop. Athena Phone 471
Bell CS, Gray
Now for
Are Always
to do
Auto Truck
Prices Right
Phone 593
Milk and Cream
for Sale Here
All the Time
Continental Oil Company
Bryce Baker, Local Representative
Buy your Harvest
Gas and Oils
from the Local Dealer
Satisfactory Service ... Phone 762
There's Ho Escaping
the man who's "out to
hook you for all you're
worth, specially if that
. Auto Accident
was more or less your
fault. Your only protec
tion is Liability Insurance
and Plenty of It!
Agent ,
Tum-a-Lum Tickler
Published in the intesests of the people of Athena and vicinity by
Vol. 31
Athena, Oregon, July 24, 1931
No. 27
Post and Gatty haven't any
thing on Paul Bunyan, the first
logger. Airplanes were too slow
for Paul in a trip from Europe
so he embarked in his bark
canoe. He sure rambled and the
sea was covered with dead fish
that broke their backs trying to
watch him coming and going.
As he showed oif from France,
Paul sent a wireless but he
passed the Statue of Liberty
three lengths ahead of the mes
sage. A. M. Johnson, Editor
And now you tell one.
We want to tell you that Vic
Harris has done some mighty
fine remodeling, on his town
Boss: "Say, where are you
two laxy porters going?" Why
don't you get to work!"
Jackson: "Were working boss
we're carryin dis her desk
upstairs." i
Boss: "I don't see any desk.
Jackson: "Well, for de lan's
sake, Zeke, if we ain't gone and
forgot de desk."
Here are a few things you
may be forgetting about your
Our architects are experts in
their line and are ready and
anxious to help you.
A better chicken house will
add from 20 to 40 eggs per year
to each chicken in your flock.
This ia worth while, and prices
of eggs are bound to go up.
Oh, boy! Won't building boom
then. Call us up as soon as it
happens and we'll be right out
to build that new home. In the
meantime , it might be a good
idea to keep it in repair with
Tum-A-Lumber and paint.
The idea of debt moratoriums
, is spreading. Pretty soon all
of us will be putting in for our
Farmers Grain Elevator
Grian and Feed
A Full Line of Sperrys Chick Feed
Phone 382 LEE WTT.rhm m'.
a " -"ww, am. 6i. a
Dependable Service
Lower Prices April 1st
Ladies Spring Coats $1 and UP-Silk Dresses $1.25
and Up Wool Dresses $1 and Up
Men's Suits $1.25
For other prices, ask the Driver
vv i. Jrade,with the man ho helps pay your taxes
We call for and deliver every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
T. E. SMITH, Proprietor, Phone 1571 Freewater Oregon
Lamps Lamps
Why Pay More?
Plain and Frosted Mazda Lamps
25 Watt - 17
40 Watt 17c -
60 Watt : 17c
75 Watt . ' " 98n MflWflW
100 Watt ......7""";28c ZZZZZI
150 Watt .....".50c
Electrical Department, Athena, Oregon. Phone 182