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Press Paragraphs
John Stanton is home from Mon
tana. Mrs. W. J. Crabill visited relatives
in Pendleton, Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pittman spent
Sunday fishing in the Umatilla.
Recent visitors at the Frank Little
home in Athena were Mr. and Mrs.
Ed, Huxley and daughter, Mildred of
Three Hills, Alberta, and Mrs. Water
man of Hermiston.
Lee Mitchel of Eeed and Hawley
mountain was a week-end visitor
Edna DeFreece was an over Sunday
guest of Miss Hilda Dickenson at
Arlington. '
Miss Lois Smith who has returned
from a Walla Walla hospital is re
ported improving. .' i
, Madame Kennedy, well known
resident of Weston called on Athena
friends Tuesday.
Fred Singer, Emery Rogers and
Lowell Jenkins spent Saturday and
Sunday at Cold Springs and Langdon
To Carry Ice to North Pole
1 7 3
n't-la- i t
The submarine, "Nautilus," by means of which Sir Hubert Wilkins hopes
to make an undersea dash to North Pole. (Inset) Sir Hubert inspecting
the boat's kitchen.
THE expedition of Sir Hubert
Wilkins, the explorer, to the
North Pole will bo the most unusual
in the history of tho world an at
tempt to exploro tho polar regions by
means of a submarine.. His undersea
boat, christened the "Nautilus," after
Jules Verne's famous vessel of fiction,
will try to travel under the top of tho
earth and beneath the North Pole.
But Sir Hubert has arranged that
hi crew of twenty will have all mod
ern comforts possible. On the trip to
the coldest section of the world, the
submarine will be equipped with an
(Blectric refrigerator and his jpen will
have the advantages of sunlamps, as
well as electric fans, radio, electric
washing machines, vacuum cleaners,
electric stove and electric heaters.
The General Electric Company was
called in to install the refrigerator
and other appliances.
While the submarine will travel
under the ice, the temperature inside
tho boat will be such that foodstuffs
would spoil without an electric re
frigerator. Then, too, while the boat
will travel to the North Pole Land
of the Midnight Sun tho crew would
get little natural sunlight. That's the
reason for the sunlamps.
Red . White
Luncheon Dainties for the Glorious
July 2nd and 3rd
W. Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Lime, Sparkling Orange
tit cx nr .1 C 1 AO
z I or ooc or one aozen lor spi.vo
Ripe Olives, Blue and White, pints
2 for 39c
Walla Hams half or whole
Mayonnaise, Red and White, pints
Kraft Cheese, lb. packages
2 for 35c
Plain Sweet Pickles Yolos, quarts
- Mc
$ Crackers, Grahams or Sodas, Tru Blu, 2 lbs.
J: - B. & M. Beans and Brown Bread, large sizes
Underwoods Deviled Ham, 14s
2 for 29c
Tea, Red and White, lbs.
45 .
Sardines, Booths, 1 lb. oval
2 for 25c
Coffee, Red and White, Vacuum Tins, 1 lb.
3 PHONE 171
H. I. Watts was a business visitor
in Walla Walla Wednesday. "
F. B. Wood is building a garage at
his home on College street.
A. L. Douglas was an Athena vis
itor from Hermiston Thursday.
Wheat haying occupied the atten
tion of Athena farmers this week.
Venard Bell, caterpillar salesman
was in town Wednesday from Pendle
ton. . - - ' .
Marion Hansell has had several
teams and trucks hauling hay this
William Morrison real estate deal
er of Pendleton transacted business
here Tuesday.
Leo Geissel is with his brother Her
man, at the latter's stock ranch in
Grant county. '
Knijrhts of Pythias of Umatilla
county held a picnic at Meacham
Lake Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Wilson and
daughter Marjorie spent Sunday at
Bingham springs.
Miss Edna DeFreece and Miss Uiro
lyn Kidder visited friends in Walla
Walla Wednesday.
Charles Alspach, Helix real estate
and insurance man, was an Athena
visitor Wednesday.
Miss Esther Berlin contemplates
spending the Fourth of July with
friends at Spokane.
Charles Pinkerton, deputy assessor,
who resides in Weston was an Athena
visitor, Wednesday.
Mrs. Velton Read, who has been in
Walla Walla for several weeks re
turned home Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Avery of Wal
la Walla were Sunday visitors at the
Cornell home in Athena.
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Watkins were
Sunday guests at the country home of
Mr. and Mrs. Kohler Betts.
Mrs. M. M. Johns was a dinner
guest Tuesday night at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Watts.
Barbara Huffman returned home
Saturday evening from a week's visit
with relatives in Walla Walla.
Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Zerba and
son Marvel joined the Baptist picnic
campers Saturday at Cold Springs.
Master Clarence Montague is sales
boy at a fireworks booth located in
front part of the Mosgrove building.
The Misses Itol and Lela Schubert
are visiting at the home of their aunt,
Mrs. M. L. Volwiler, at Delta, Utah.
Lew McNair, salesman at the Athe
na Department store will take a two
week's vacation, beginning next Mon
day. L. L. Rogers was in town Wednes
day to secure reDairs for his harvest
er which is at present threshing
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Nelson of
Hollywood who have been visiting
relatives here have left for a visit in
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Roseberry
were dinner guests Wednesday eve
ning at the home of Mr. and Mrs. u
A Cornell.
Tennis enthusiasts are enjoying
the courts on Main street which have
recently been put in splendid condi
tion for play.
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Pinkerton en
tertained Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Nelson,
of Genessee, Idaho, at their larm
home Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Martin and Mr.
and Mrs. John Standage and families
contemplate spending the tourth at
Meacham Lake.
Mrs. Minnie Gross and son Hal of
Brownsville have been here visiting
at the homes of Herbert Hale and
Mrs. Jennie Gross.
Mrs. Donev of Milton who was en
route home from a visit at Arlington
was a guest at the home of Mrs. fed
Montague Monday.
Funeral services for the late John
Lightfoot were held at Pilot Rock
Friday afternoon, with Kev. l. fe.
Walker in charge.
Henry Koepke has returned from a
motor trip to Creston, B. C. and
points in Idaho. Mr. Koepke visited
in Spokane en route.
Mrs. Gordon Watkins and children
have left for Bellingham, Washing
ton, where they will spend several
weeks visiting relatives.
Mrs. Clair Gurney is visiting at the
home of her parents Mr. and Mrs. W.
P. Littlejohn. Mr. Gurney is expected
to spend the week-end here
Miss Marian Ridenour. niece of
Mrs. F. B. Boyd, left Saturday morn
ing for her home at Chelan, Washing
ton, after a week's visit here.
Jim Canina. head man of the Uma-
tillas, estimates that 300 Indians will
participate in the red men's uourtn
of July celebration at Cayuse.
Mrs. Alfred Kibbey and children
left yesterday for a fortnights stay
in Condon. They will visit at the
home of Mr. Kibbey's brother.
The Rev. L. W. Gowan, minister 01
Waitsburg, Wash., will fill the pulpit
at the First Baptist Church of Athe
nrfj Sunday morning and evening.
The improvement on the Vic Harris
property on 2nd and Currant streets
are nearing completion. A bedroom,
basement and enlarged flue have been
J. E. Jones, rural mail carrier is
again on his route after enjoying a
two week's duration, dur
ing which time he did not go bear
George Smith has had the front of
his Main street garage and automo
bile repair shop newly painted this
week. Henry Miller weilded the
brush on the job.
A group of girls and women have
been employed in picking green peas
in the fields near Athena during the
nast week. The peas are being mar
keted in Walla Walla.
Mr. and Mrs. Meti of Weston, Mr.
and Mrs. Knowlton and Mrs. Adams
dinner iruests at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. George Sheard
Wednt&day evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Thompson of
Pendleton and Mr. and Mrs. Bert
Haynes of Portland were dinner
guests Friday evening at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Dudley.
Members of the 0. D. 0. club and
their families plan to spend the
Fourth tit Jnlv ovpniTiir nt Walla. Wal
la Park, where a no-hostess lunch
will be served at seven o clock.
Mr and Mrs. Fred Pittman will
leave by motor at noon today for
Cottonwood, Idaho, where they will
spend the week-end with Mrs. Pitt
man's brother, T. P. Mitchell.
Leland Jenkins is working at the
Athena Service Station during the
nhspnee of Mr. and Mrs. Brvce Baker.
who are attending the cowboys con
vention at Ukiah over the Fourth.
"Rill" 'RiphardH. with a crew of
hardworking haymakers has been
hanlinc and stowin? awav hav for his
string of ponies. A car with gayly
painted trailer was used for the work.
Dr. McKinney's office on Third
strop, tipar the Athena Press office.
is to have a new concrete floor at the
porch entrance to the building. Joe
Crowley is doing the concrete work.
Rnhn Montague and Georee Shane
of Arlington visited at the Stanton
and Montague homes Saturday. Mr.
Mnntamip is a nenhew of Mr. Stan
ton and he is Ed Montague's cousin.
Oral Michener has been entertain
ing twA nt his Camn Clatson "bud
dies" who spent the week-end here.
They are Fred Burgin, bugler, ana
Sergeant Tom Campbell of Pendle
ton. '
Athonn hifrh Krhnnl bovs have Cinch-
ed harvest jobs with neighborhood
farmers. Several will drive trucks
from the bulk grain machines, while
others have secured places on combines.
Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Roarers and
rlnno-htpr Helen, left bv motor early
yesterday morning for the country
home of Mr. and Mrs. uuaiey sogers,
near Creston, B. C. They expect to
return home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Dell returned
home from Portland Tuesday night.
They were accompanied Dy ivirs.
James Cresswell who has spent the
past month visiting at the home of
her parents in Forest Grove.
Mrs. F. P. Bruce and son itaipn
and little grandson Gene Hodgson and
daughter Mrs. Thelma Hodgson were
in Athena Sunday en route to their
ranch above Gibbon, after a ten days
visit with relatives at uaKer.
Miss Virginia Taylor, daughter of
Prnf T. R. Tavlor. resident of Linn-
field College at McMinnville, is a
guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Clarence Zerba, west of Athena. Miss
Taylor is a niece of Mr. Zerba.
Rill TTocro-nrd' has returned from
- " o o
Troy, Montana, where he spent the
winter months. Mr. Hoggard re
nnrts that the labor situation in Mon
tana is so serious that men are glad
to take Jods at zo cents an nour.
T, A. Cornell left Tuesday for
Weiser, Idaho, on a business mission.
Mr. Cornell made the trip by motor
and was accompanied by George
pittman. Visits will also be made at
Vale and Brogan en route home.
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Bateman ant
Misses Suzanne Hayes and Frances
Bateman made a trip to Portland and
Coos Bay over the week-end. Miss
Hayes returned to her home in Pow
ers after an extended visit in Athe
M. I. Miller i3 completing the paint
ing of his residence on Adams street.
"Pike" found the job turned out to be
a long one and his right wrist has de
vplnncH a twist such a3 would nlease
a major baseball pitcher curve
pitcher if you please.
The cooperative cannery at Hermis
ton is beintf natronized by a few peo
ple of the Athena community who
have been canning peas there during
the past few days. Later the cannery
facilities may be used in canning
string beans, corn, etc.
Mrs. Georee Sheard honored her
niece, Miss Eileen Anderson of Wes
ton, at a birthday dinner Thursday
evening, the occasion being her
ieventeenth anniversary. Additional
guests were members of the Ander
son and Sheard families.
Mrs. Wavne Pittman expects to
visit her husband at Klamath Falls,
remaining there for a few days.
Wayne is a truck driver for a rail
road contractor, who is constructing a
portion of the Great Northern road,
south of Klamath Falls.
Alfred McLouth who has been in
Montana for some time has returned
to Athena and vicinity for the har
vest season and is employed at the
Henry Barrett ranch near town. A
number of years ago Mr. Mcboutn
ran a delivery wagon here.
Mrs. Fred Blinn was painfully in
jured Sunday when a car near which
she was standing was accidentally
backed against her, crushing her be
tweon it and another car. No bones
were fractured but Mrs. Blinn suf
fered deep cuts and bruises.
Mr. and Mrs. Rov Burke were here
from Portland a counle of days this
week, visiting at the home of Mr. and
Mrs. J. C. Burke. Roy, who works
in a Portland sraratre. last week suf
fered a coude of fractured ribs as
the result of a shop accident.
Geo Green of Stanfield was a
house guest of Dorris Jenkins last
week. Sunday the Jenkins family
motored to Stanfield to visit at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Green.
They were accompanied by their
young visitor who remained in Stan
field. Four sisters and a brother met in
Athena Tuesday for the first time in
soveral years. At the home of Mrs,
Margaret Banister there were her
three sisters, Mrs. McArthur and
Mrs. Perry of Portland, Mrs. Leon
ard of Waitsburg, and J. T. Lieuallen
of Portland. -
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Soap Anklets
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Word comes to Athena relatives
that Mr. and Mrs. Grant Prestbye of
Kalispel, Montana, contemplate com
ing to Athena and the Pendleton
Round-Up by airplane. A Kalispel
friend, owner of a plane made the of
fer and it has been accepted by Mr.
and Mrs. Prestbye.
W. E. Campbell and son Bob have
received a shipment of registered
Poland China hogs from Weiser, Ida
ho. These hogs will form the begin
ning of a herd of breeding stock
which Mr. Campbell and son will
build up to sell to breeders through
out the Northwest. .
F. B. Radtke and John Rothrock
returned Monday from a week's fish
ing trip to the Deschutes country in
the vicinity of Bend. Fred Radtke,
Jr., and Herbert Parker remained for
a few more days of piscatorial sport.
Harry Keller fished with the Athena
party at Clear Lake, Sunday last
Mrs. Fletcher of Enterprise, who
has been visiting at the Wm. Mc
Pherson home in Athena has left for
Enterprise. She was accompanied by
Mr. and Mrs. McPherson, who will
spend the Fourth at Wallowa Lake.
Sunday Mr. and Mrs. McPherson and
Mrs. Fletcher were at Camp Koos
kooskie, above Walla Walla.
The members of the Xoyal Glean
ers class of the Christian Sunday
school announce a food sale at the
Quality Grocery store this afternoon,
Friday, July 3. All kinds of delic
ious pastries, cakes and dressed
chickens will be on sale. . This is a
splendid opportunity to procure deli
cacies for your July 4th dinner.
Clusters of brilliant summer flow
ers were used as decoration at the
home of Mrs. Ralph McEwen last
Friday afternoon when she enter
tained the Athena Bridge club.
Luncheon was served at one o'clock
and bridge was the diversion of the
afternoon. Additional guests were
Mrs. Clason Adams, Mrs. Laurence
Pinkerton, Mrs. Max Hopper, and
Mrs. Gordon Watkins. Mrs. Pinker
ton won the guest prize. Mrs. Ker
shaw made high club score and Mrs.
H. I. Watts second.
Mrs. Roy Raley and Mrs. Charles
Bond were hostesses at luncheon at
the home of the former in Pendleton,
Wednesday afternoon. Covers were
placed for sixteen at a table centered
with a huge basket of snap dragons
and other colorful summer flowers.
Bridge was the diversion of the af
ternoon when four tables were in
play. Athena matrons who motored
to Pendleton for the event included
Mrs. M. L. Watts, Mrs. F. S. LeGrow,
Mrs. C. M. Eager, Mrs. H. I. Watts
and Mrs. R. B. McEwen.
A pleasant day was spent by the
Thimble club Tuesday at the home of
Mrs. Stella Keen. Seventeen ladies
were present and assisted in quilting.
A pot luck dinner was served at noon
and was a feature of the day. Those
present were Mrs. D. A. Pinkerton,
Mrs. Mary McKay, Mrs. J. A. Nel
son, Mrs. William Harden, Mrs.
Charles Henry, Mrs. Lee Johnson,
Mrs. Star Charlton, Mrs. Sanders,
Mrs. Lola Payne, Mrs. Ross Payne,
Mrs. Ethel Montague, Mrs. Bruno
Weber, Mrs. Stella Keen, Mrs. Glen
Steen, Mrs. Mary Booher, Mrs."Matt
Johnson and Mrs. C. M. McCullough.
Members of the Methodist Society
and their guests spent Sunday on
Pine Creek where they enjoyed pic
nic dinner and supper. The day was
spent pleasantly visiting and a num
ber present took a long walk in the
woods. Those who attended were Mr.
and Mrs. Clarence Hand, Mr. and
Mrs. Will Read, Mrs. Velton Read,
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Crabill, Sims
Dickenson, Frank DeFreece, H". H.
Hill, Mr. and Mrs. , Charles Henry,
Mrs. Ethel Montague, Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Coppock and family, Mr. and
Mrs. Bruno Weber and family, Mr.
and Mrs. J. E. Burke, Mrs. " Laura
Froome, Mrs. Will Harden, Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur Coppock,
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