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' Established Jan. I, 1887
F. B. BOYD. Owner and Publisher
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Athena, Oregon, July 3, .... 1931
The highest price ever received in
the Northwest for cherries was paid
nt Denver when 600 pounds of Bings
shipped from Salem by airplane
brought 6T cents per pound. The
fruit reached its destination in fine
condition, attracted unusual attention
and when placed on display was
photographed. This unique disposal
of the Salem cherry has brought
Valuable advertising to Oregon's capi
tal city. With this auspicious begin
ning in shipment by plane, shippers
are assured of. new and wider mar
kets for their produce in future.
In letters written home by Mayor
Baker of Portland, he gives the in
formation that to keep up with the
French government and French hos
pitality has left him in rather a jad
ed condition. The mayor's admission
must be sorely disappointing to his
friends, for "our George" is famous
for his frequent half-tone appearance
in the columns of the metropolitan
press and his well known proclivities
for busting into the front rank of
merriment. We'll just say that the
ol' kid must be off his oatsl
Europe. Vacation hobbies are varied
among the people who take them. For
instance somebody will prefer fishing,
another boating, and so on, but Uncle
Andrew wants to be monkeying with
finances always; whether he's at work
or playing poker.
Mofe butter and less oleomargine is
being consumed as a. result of the
low prices prevailing for butter, ac
cording to a report on the farm mar
ket situation just released by the
Oregon State college Extension ser
vice. Manufacture of oleomargerine
has decreased and surplus stocks of
dairy products are relatively smaller
than a month ago, although milk pro
duction is running somewhat ahead
of last year.
You read where one section of the
country claims that it is not hit so
bad by the depression as some other
district, but you will observe no rea
son is given for the advantage claim
ed in a situation which is known to
be general through out the nation.
However, there is nothing more sooth
ing than "tooting your own horn" and
a booster is the fellow who helps
make the wheels go 'round, rain or
Strenuous opposition from shippers
of farm products to the IB per cent
increase sought in freight rates is
heard from every part of the nation.
Protests have deluged the President
and interstate commerce commission
declaring rates too high and predict
ing disaster to growers if the request
is granted since increases in rates are
reflected in the lower net returns to
' o
A full moon and a midnight wed
ding brought joy to the heart of Ma
Kennedy when Bhe wed G. E. Hudson
of New York, at Longview, Wash.,
Sunday. Ma scooped the news re
porters by slipping out to the banks
of Sacajawea lake and marrying a
man ten years her junior, but her
marriage was good for a full deck
head on the front page, just the same.
Over Missouri way they say a mule
's a mule no matter where you find
him or the way you treat him. A Mr.
Curtis of Prescott Burely believes as
does Missouri, after coming out of a
stall with a broken leg, three frac
tured ribs and loss of considerable
cuticle, as a result of forgetting to
speak to the occupant thereof before
The airplane is a valuable asset to
Alaskan winter life a Godsend in
sickness and of inestimable value in
the transportation of food, mail and
rich furs. The plane has conquered
mountain crag and pinnacle, great
reaches of snowcovered plain and
frozen marsh, making the northland
a better place in which to live.
It is reported that a Malheur coun
ty farmer received an equivalent of
$1.20 a bushel for his wheat fed to
beef cattle and hogs. Similar re
ports of the value of feeding grain
to livestock are frequent, and it may
be good practice for other farmers to
Backed by poultrymen and members
of the Grange a resolution has been
passed requesting the Oregon legis
lature to enact a law forbidding the
manufacture of food products using
Chinese eggs in said products unless
so labeled.
And now the claim that American
teeth are best. Inasmuch as the
Chicago Dental society makes this
challenge to the world, we may ex
pect to see an immediate imitation of
the Roosevelt smile everywhere.
o -
' Enrolled at the summer session at
Oregon State college are 839 students,
the largest number ever attending
the session. Twenty states, three
foreign countries and two territories
are represented.
How much do you know about the
new laws passed by the last legisla
ture? Three hundred and fifty be
came effective on June 6.
(Oregon Journal)
Recently there has been a deal of
discussion about safeguarding the
future against depression, unemploy
ment and bread lines. Much has been
said but little has been done except
in the case of Rochester, New York,
where industrial leaders have adopt
ed a comprehensive and, apparently
a workable plan. It is essentially un
employment insurance, augmented by
city and county financial reserves for
public construction during periods of
' Fourteen manufacturing plants,
whose employes constitute one-third
of all industrial workers in Rochester
have adopted the plan. From 1 to 2
per cent of its payroll is set aside by
each company and is available for
stabilization of wages of its em
ployes. If an employe who has been
with the company for a year, and
whose weekly earnings are less than
$50, is laid off for any reason except
incompetence or a shutdown due to a
strike, he is entitled to receive 60 per
cent of his normal earnings for a
period of six weeks, unless he finds
employment before the end of that
time. If the worker has been with
the company more than a year the
period during which he receives the
benefit is increased, according to the
length of his service. The maximum
benefit he can receive is 13 weeks.
The stabilization thus afforded by
private agencies is to be supple
mented by the city and county
through what is popularly known as
the Foster and Catchings plan. The
old policy of retrenchment in public
expenditures during times of depres
sion is to be reversed. Financial re
serves are being built up by the city
and county of Rochester to be expend
ed for construction purposes during
times of stress.
No doubt the Rochester plan can
and will be improved upon but it is
a beginning a definite, concrete
plan for mitigating the business cycle
a definite start toward giving per
manency to employment.
What has been done in Rochester
will be done elsewhere, and can be
done in Portland, but it requires
leadership unselfish leadership in
dustrial, labor and civic leadership
Will Portland's leaders measure up to
their responsibilities T
Warren's Diggings, old Idaho min
ing camp town was sold ly the United
States forest service under the ham
mer. Only 70 persons remain where
formerly thousands who panned gold
en treasure from sand and gravel,
roamed its streets.
Toll bridges are out of fashion, bo
the state of Washington purchased
the Kennewick bridge from the toll
company and set it free to the travel
ing public.
Mr. Mellon seems to have become
busy during hi "vacation" over In
In the County Court of the State of
Oreeon for Umatilla County.
In the matter of the estate of George
W. Horn, deceased.
Notice is hereby given to all per
sons whom it may concern:
That The Inland Empire Bank ol
Pendleton at Pendleton, Oregon, has
been appointed executor of the last
will and testament of George W.
Horn, deceased, and has qualified as
such. All persons having claims
against Baid estate are hereby noti
fied and required to present them witn
proper vouchers to the said executor
at The Inland Empire Bank of Pen
dleton or to Peterson and Lewis, its
attorneys, within six months of the
date of the first publication of this
notice which is the 26th day or June,
PENDLETON, Executor.
Peterson & Lewis, attorneys for
Executor. J26J24
22 Years Ago
Friday, July 9, 1909
James Mosgrove met a shocking
death near Nanton, Alberta, Satur
day afternoon, being instantly killed
when thrown from his buggy by a
runaway team.
Homeward bound from Salem, John
Mclntyre died on the train at Wallula
Tuesday morning. Hugh Mclntyre,
a brother, was bringing the sick man
to his home in Athena, and when he
left Portland the evening before, the
patient gave every evidence of being
able to stand the journey but his
physical condition was such that when
the sinking period was reached, the
end came quickly.
: York Dell is nursing a badly lacer
ated hand, as the result of celebrat
ing a sane Fourth of July at Wenaha
Springs. York experimented with a
giant fire cracker and the miniature
bomb exploded in his left hand. The
hand was badly lacerated and the
shock was so great that little or no
feeling was experienced for several
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Sam Booher,
July 7, a daughter. Sam is the proud
est man in town.
Milt Swaggart sold a nice lot of
stock hogs to W. R. Taylor this week
at 6 1-2 cents.
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Foss, Mr. H. A.
Barrett and Miss Kathleen McEwen
went to Walla Walla Monday evening
by auto, to witness the fire works.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gross, Jr., re
turned to their home in Alberta, Wed
nesday, i
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Cop-
pock, July 5, 1909, a son.
Roy Burke was dragged through
the brush and thrown by his horse on
the river during his vacation, and re'
ceived some painful scratches. Luckily
he escaped with no broken bones.
B. C. Kidder, father of the Kidder
boys of this city, has leased his land
northwest of Pendleton, and moved
to Athena, where he will improve his
property recently purchased here. ,
Many Weston people are preparing
to take their annual outing at the
popular resort known as "Aunt
Sarah's Camp," just beyond Cold
Springs. This is the most pleasant
place in the Blue mountains to pass
the heated term.
Fay LeGrow was successful in win
ning both principal running races at
Walla Walla during the celebration,
Joe won one of the half-mile events
and Redmont the other, both horses
beating such fleet runners as Mis
chief and Skimmerhorn. Grover
Bowles easily won the cowboy race
with his roan saddle horse.
Novie Desper is carrying his hand
swathed in bandages as the result of
severe burns received in putting out
fire that had caught in the dress of
Mrs. B, W. Myers, who chaperoned a
party of young folks on a camping
expedition to the river.
This is. one Fourth of July that
George Winship will never forget.
Not since the day he touched off a
pile of powder has he had such a live
ly experience as he ran up against
Monday. This time it ,was Roman
candles, and they had "Windy" roam
in' around some to get rid of a bunch
that caught fire in his right side poc
ket. It looked for a while as though
the fire department would have to be
called out. George is O K now
Low Price
"Vigorbilt" Chicks
May Delivery
May Leghornes Make Good Layers
"Vigorbilt" Hatchery
Milton, Ore. Phone 1102
Main St H. H. HILL Athena
The Athena Hotel
Courteous Treatment, Clean Beds
Good Meals
Tourists Made Welcome
t Corner Main and Third
' Athena, Oregon
Stop and Shop
at Harris' Barber and
Beauty Parlor
Everything in Barber and Beauty
work efficiently done
Permanent Wave
Phone 492
for appointments
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Umatilla County.
In the Matter of the Estate of A. M.
Gillis, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned has been appointed ad
ministrator of the estate of A. M.
Gillis, deceased, by the above entitled
All persons having claims against
the said estate are hereby notified to
present the same to me at Athena,
Oregon, or to my attorneys, Watts
& Prestbye, at their law office in
Athena, Oregon, within six (6)
months from the date of the first
publication of this notice. All claims
must be verified as by law required.
Dated at Athena, Oregon, this 6th
day of June, 1931.
F. S. LeGROW, Administrator.
Watts & Prestbye, Athena, Oregon,
Attorney! for estate. J5J3
Real Estate
Wheat Alfalfa and
Stock Land
L. L. Montague, Arlington
There's No Escaping
the man who's "out to
hook you for all you're
worth, specially if that
Auto Accident
was more or less your
fault Your only protec
tion is Liability Insurance
and Plenty of It!
Contoure Specialties
Beautify the Complexion
Strengthen the Countour
Athena Beauty Shop
Sadie Pambrun, Operator
Phone 32
The First National Bank
of Athena
Wanted Clean, Cotton rags at the
Press office.
Eyes examined, glasses properly
fitted at Schneller's, 39 East Main,
Walla Walla,
Pine Wood Place your orders for
winter wood now and save money.
12, 16, and 24 inch old growth yellow
pine at $4.00 on all orders received
before July 4.- Write or see Shannon
Oshea, Meacham, Oregon. Will deliver.
Expert in
Body Correction
Calls answered promptly
Office at Residence in North Athena
Telephone 595.
Dr. W. Boyd Whyte
Stangier Building, Phone 706
Pendleton. Oregon. 957 J
Dr. W. H. McKinney
Physician and Surgeon
Dr. Sharp's Office
Office Hours at Athena 1 to 6 p. m.
Phone 462. Office Hours at Weston
8 a. m. to 12 noon. Phone 83. Calls
made day or night.
Dr. Dale Rothwell
The best in glasses at a reasonable
Over Woolworth's Phone 1286
Pendleton, Oregon
Peterson & Lewis
Attorneys at Law
Practice in all State and Federal
Inland Empire Bank Building
Pendleton Oregon
Watts & Prestbye
Main Street, Athena, Oregon
State and Federal Court Practice
Foley1 '& Honey and Tar
ures cows, prevents pneumonia
Bruno Weber
Repair Work
Prices Reasonable
Successor To
Established 1891
'Does a General Banking Business
and Maintains a Complete
Trust Department
Spring is here!
and with it comes
Send Us Your
In fact anything washable
Four Trips Weekly
Pendleton, Oregon
Eastman Hawkeye Cameras
As a special offer to our Customers, we will
give one of these cameras free for each tire pur
chase or other sale amounting to $5.00 cash or
$10.00 payment on account.
Call in and get particulars
J. E. Gallaher. Prop. Athena Phone 471
Bell C& Gray
Now for
Are Always
to do
Auto Truck
Prices Rieht
Phone 593
Milk and Cream
for Sale Here
All the Time
Tum-a-Lum Tickler
Published in the intesests of the people of Athena and vicinity by
Vol. 31
Athena, Oregon, July 3, 1931
No. 25
Ships that cost the govern
ment $1,000,000.00 each to
build sold recently for $6,800
per. That should make you feel
better about the trade-in price
you are offered for the old bus.
A. M. Johnson, Editor
A garage to protect the fam
ily carry-all from the summer
heat and winter cold will add
dollars to the trade in value a
couple of years later. The cost
is less than a good repaint job.
Wheat fed to stock will bring
around a dollar a bushel ($1.00)
as compared to the present
market price of less than 50c.
You will be surprised at the
moderate cost of chicken houses,
cattle feeding racks, and other
stock feeding and handling
Building is 50 per cent cheap
er today. The saving is all
your kitchen and brighten up.
A few chickens in your back
yard will eat up the scraps and
keep you in fresh eggs.
Bert: "Hurry up John, break
the bones in Mr. Rogers chops
and put Mr. Smith's ribs in the
basket for him."
Little butcher: Yes sir, as
soon as I've sawed off Mrs.
Brown's leg."
About $2.50 worth of paint
will change the color scheme of
See where a man murdered
his wife because she was too
extravagant. I think this is go
ing too far. Not for a minute
could such a policy be endorsed
or approved, but there is no ob
jection to every married man
reading this aloud to his wife.
Obey that - impulse Repair,
Repaint, Remodel.
Make H yourself cupboards,
shelving in the closet, stools,
flower boxes, and many things
around the house can be made
with Tum-A-Lumber. and our
helpful plans.
Continental Oil Company
Germ Processed Motor Oil
Athena Service Station
"Service With a Smile"
Automobile Accessories Tires
BRYCE BAKER, Prop. . . Athena, . . Phone 762
Farmers Grain Elevator
Grian and Feed -
A Full Line of Sperry s Chick Feed
Dependable Service
Lower Prices April 1st
Ladies Spring Coats $1 and UP Silk Dresses $1.25
and Up Wool Dresses $1 and Up
Men's Suits $1.25
For other prices, ask the Driver
Trade with the man who helps pay your taxes
We call for and deliver every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
T. E. SMITH, Proprietor,1 Phone 1571 Freewater Oregon
See Us ...
Before Buying
Electric Lamps
and other electric appliances, including Sad-irons,
Percolators, Toasters, Waffle Irons, Hotplates,
Vacuum Sweepers, G. E. Refrigerators, and Hot
point Electric Stoves. In fact, everything electrical
Electrical Department, Athena, Oregon, Phone 182
9f y.