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Established Jan. 1, 1887
F. B. BOYD. Owner and Publisher
Subacriotion Rates.
One copy, one year $2.00
' One copy, six months.... .... ......1.00
One copy, three months... 7S
Athena, Oregon, May 15,..
Clark Wood says:
"We're a bit fed up with the
t type of campaigner who always t
J hands the other side a pitchfork t
and his own a harp." ; '
steps of his pullman and both were
satisfied. "
Golf and archerv do not mix well
in the same pasture. Down in Cali
fornia a demure Miss took a shot at
a 20-foot target and her arrow got
tangled up in the rear anatomy of a
golfer who is now telling hospital
nurses all about birdies and tees.
' A referendum movement against
the state police bill which passed the
legislature with little opposition is
being sponsored by "Independence
Hall of Oregon, Inc.," if you know
what that means. The referendum
organization is officered by Fred L.
Gifford, ex-great grand dragon of the
K. K. K., president; Clarence Tre
vathan, (don't know him) secretary;
Harry W. Poole, Klamath Falls movie
theatre operator, treasurer; Albert
Ferrera, Italian consul and attorney
of Portland and R. T. Cookingham,
once sheriff of Umatilla county, ex
ecutive board members. Governor
Meier estimates that the new state
police department which is patterned
after thfe 'departments of Pennsyl
vania and New Jersey, should save
taxpayers of Oregon $187,330 in Jhe
next biennium. With reference to the
referendum movement against the
new department, we are of the opin
ion that Independence Hall of Oregon,
Inc., will have to hook up with a few
more master minds and squeeze them
into the personnel of their roster,
At no time in the recollection of
The Press has the mail service been
worse at Athena than it is at the
present time. With the annullment
of two Union Pacific stages, was in
cluded one arriving here from the
east at 8 a. m., which delivered Port
land mail so that delivery was made
at once through the local post office.
Under present service, Portland and
eastern mail arrives in Athena at
10:23 a. m., and is around 11 o'clock
before it is possible for one to re
ceive his mail. The change is one of
great inconvenience to Athena busi
ness men and works a hardship on
rural delivery as well. It is to be
hoped that the matter may be success
fully taken up with the postal author
ities and result in at least a part of
Athena mail being delivered on the
morning stage from Pendleton.
During 1930 farmers suffered one
of the greatest fire losses in agricul
tural history a total of about $125,
000,000, according to the National
Fire Waste Council, as compared with
an average of $100,000,000 in "nor
mal" years.
Russia confiscated all wealth. Its
experiment worked out in the usual
manner after a top-heavy govern
ment has eaten up confiscated capital,
the individual worker is forced to dig
up taxes for the official machine,
Helen and Carol seem .to have
smoothed out the troubled waves of
domestic storm and are ready for re
conciliation to the joy of their royal
court and to the disinterested interest
of everybody else.
Another real sign of late spring and
early summer is the blooming of the
roadhouse dance halls throughout the
Cheyenne beat Pendleton to it,
Mayor Baker of Portland will wear
a Frontier Days 10-gallon hat in
Oregon seems to have been more
than holding her own in farm acreage
increase over the last ten-year period.
In 1920 Oregon hRd 13,542,313 acres
under the plow; in 1925 14,130,847
acres, but in 1930 it had jumped to
15,649,711 a ten-year increase of
of 3,107,393 acres. The last five years
it was an increase of 2,518,864 acres
or 18 per cent the largest in the
United States reported to date. Ore
gon's gain in people residing in the
ten-year period was 24 per cent. In
the face of a national movement away
from the farms, Oregon has been not
only maintaining its farm population
but has shown a very satisfactory increase.
- Perhaps the most versatile writer
we know of is Ben Hur Lampman, of
the Morning Oregonian staff. Ben
can write interestingly about most
anything that pops up from fishes
to, skillets, from ants to mastodons
and then some. Last Sunday he took
a cold, gray, onery old grindstone for
his subject and out of it he molded a
literary gem that sparkled with the
glamor of boyhood days. After read
ing it, a fellow felt like taking a hike
down to the creek, sans shoes, sans
That the buses, on the whole, are
paying their way and contributing a
constantly increasing sum to the cost
of government is shown by a recent
survey conducted by the National As
sociation of motor bus operators.
There are now 40,000 buses engaged
in common carrier business, paying
aa annual tax bill in excess of $30,-000,000.
(Dr. Arnold Bennett Hall)
At the University of Wisconsin I
taught for many years a course in
American Government. I always
used two sets of examination ques
tions in order to try out relative ef
ficiency of the different types. One
experiment I tried frequently always
gave the same result. I would ask
one half of the class, how may the
constitution of the United States be
amended?" The other half I would
ask, how may an amendment to the
constitution of the United States be
proposed and how may it be ratified ?
I did this five times with the result
that of the first half of the class only
thirty per cent answered the ques
tion correctly and in the second half
ninety per cent answered the ques
tion correctly. Both questions invol
ved the same information for a cor
rect answer, yet there was a differ
ence between thirty and ninety per
cent in the two sections.
What was the cause of this strik
ing difference in results ? It was that
in the second group I had broken the
question into its constituent parts.
All the students in the first group
could have done the same thing for
themselves if they had the habit of
thinking. They must have known that
the amending process involved just
two things the proposal of an
amendment and its ratification, and
yet they did not take the time to
think, or perhaps, putting it in a bet
ter way, they were not in the habit
of thinking.
When you have a problem to solve
the first step is to break it into its
constituent parts. If the first group
in my class had done this they would
have attained ninety per cent perfec
tion instead of thirty per cent.
Whether or not one attacks a pro
blem this way depends upon his ha
bits of thinking. What one gets out
of his university education depends
upon thinking habits that have been
formed. Long after the information
gained has been erased by the hand
of time the thinking habits that have
become fixed will tend to deepen and
endure and render increasing divi
dends as the years go by.
22 Years Ago
Friday, May 21, 1909
There was a larce attendance at
Athena's Annual Sales rlav Saturday.
and in every way the sale was a suc
cess. The stock and vehicles ana
linn uphold cnoHs were of hieher
quality and the prices better than at
former sales.
There nrnmises to be a bit? demand
for the Athena Land & Trust Com
pany's sub-irrigated acre tract. To
date, $7,900 worth or land has oeen
contracted for and four other deals
are exnected to be closed tomorrow.
With the exception of the park,
which was sold to the city lor $io
ner acre, all of the nresent sales in
clude $500 ner acre land. '
B. F. Ogle and family departed ior
Pendleton Tuesday, where they will
make their future home.
Rawl Miller and Benny Gross, who
attend the Oregon Agricultural col
lege, will be among the next to ar
rive home, sometime next montn.
Dr. Plamondon, Attorney Wilson
and M. L. Watts transacted business
at the agency Wednesday. They
made the trip in the Barrett automo
bile. Wenaha Springs will be opened to
the nnhlie June 1. J. A. Borie. the
proprietor has been making improve
ments on the roads leading to tne re
sort. The reading room is being well
patronized bv the young people of the
community. All who have magazines
are renuested to brine; them in. It
will be greatly appreciated.
New siaewaiKs are Deing put aown
this week in front of the Jarman res
idence on Fourth street and fronting
the Mosgrove property on Third
street, between Main and Current.
Mr. and Mrs. P. E. Colburn return
ed from California Friday evening.
Mr. Colburn has purchased a res
idence at Long Beach and hereafter
will spend the winter months there.
Misses Gertie Booher and Kate
Maloney assisted the Press force this
week in folding the thousands of pub
licity tracts that are to be distribut
ed by the Athena Commercial Associ
ation. Decoration Day is to be observed at
Athena in the usual appropriate man
ner. The local G. A. R. post has is
sued a call for a general cleaning up
nf the cemeterv. The work will be
gin at 2 p. m. Saturday, May 29. Sun
day, May 30, the churches are to hold
union memorial services at the Meth
odist church. Rer. Geiszler, of the
M. E. church, will preach the mem
orial sermon. On Monday, May 31,
all are invited to meet with the war
veterans at Masonic hall at 10
o'clock, a. m., when the march will be
taken up proceeding to the cemetery,
where the graves of the dead will be
Dr. Joseph Baddeley, the veterinary
surgeon, will be in the city from
Boise, Idaho ,between June 5th and
12th and will remain for a few days.
Any one desiring his professional ser
vices will find him at McBride's livery
The Athena Truck company has
purchased a splendid team of draft
horses from Henry Barrett. . This
makes the second team purchased by
the company in the past two weeks,
the other being a fine pair of black
The Press is in receipt of an invita
tion to attend the commencement ex
ercises at the Eastern Oregon Nor
mal school, which take place next
Monday and Tuesday. The invitation
is sent by courtesy of Miss Doris
Barnes, of Weston, who is a member
of the graduating class.
School jelosed in Athena this fore
noon, and children and teachers will
now take a needed vacation for the
summer. The Misses Orswell will
leave for their home in Eugene, the
first of next week, and Mrs. Walker
will go to Walla Walla, where she
will take a position as bookkeeper for
the summer months.
Six gangsters are in custody, taken
at St. Louis. Included in the haul by
Chicago detectives working in con
junction with the crime-fighting com
mittee of Chicago millionaires known
us tho "Secret Six" are men charged
with almost every crime in the cuta
gory of law breaking.
It has been observed that the worst
thing about reform is the reformers
themselves. Recently, Sinclair Lewis,
first American to win the Nobd prize
for literature, gave a new twist to
this by saying, "Reform in general
is all right. Individual reformers
are all hell."
Main St. H. H. HILL Athena
The Athena Hotel
Courteous Treatment, Clean Beds
Good Meals
Tourists Made Welcome
Corner Main and Third
Athena, Oregon
Real Estate
Wheat. Alfalfa and
Stock Land
L. L. Montague, Arlington
The lost picture taken in Oregon
of Mayor Baker of Portland, who is
en route to Paris, was at Baker
(city). Importuned by a girl newspa
per reporter, tho maydr clad in pa
jamas and bare feet, posed on the
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon, for the County of Uma
tilla. In the matter of the Estate of San
ford C. Stone, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned has been appointed Ad
ministrator of the Estate of Sanford
C. Stone, deceased, by the above en
titled Court.
All persons having claims against
said estate are hereby notified to pre
sent them to me, at my office in Athe
na, Oregon, within six months from
the date of the first publication of
this notice. AH claims must be veri
fied as by law required.
Dated at Athena, Oregon, this 17th
day of April, 1931.
A17M15 , . Administrator
Bruno Weber
Repair Work
Prices Reasonable
Successor To
Contoure Specialties
Beautify the Complexion "
Strengthen the Countour
Athena Beauty Shop
. Sadie Pambrun, Operator
Phone 32
Wanted Clean, Cotton rags at the
Press office.
Wheat Hay Bundle wheat hay for
sale. James Duncan, phone 30F1S.
Eyes examined, glasses properly
fitted at Schneller's, 39 East Main,
Walla Walla,
For Sale Oak dining set, 8 piece.
Gray Axminister rug 9x12. Mrs. Lil
la Kirk. Phone 30-F-ll.
Expert in
Body Correction
Calls answered promptly
Office at Residence in North Athena
Telephone 595.
Dr. W. Boyd Whyte
Stangier Building, Phone 708
Pendleton, Oregon. 957 J
Dr. W. H. McKinney
Physician and Surgeon
Dr. Sharp's Office
Office Hours at Athena 1 to 6 p. m.
Phone 462. Office Hours at Weston
8 a. m. to 12 noon. Phone 83. Calls
made day or night.
Post Building, Athena. Phone 582
Dr. Dale Rothwell
The best in glasses at a reasonable
Over Woolworth's Phone 1286
Pendleton, Oregon
Peterson & Lewis
Attorneys at Law
Practice in all State and Federal
Inland Empire Bank Building
Pendleton Oregon
Watts & Prestbye
Main Street, Athena, Oregon
State and Federal Court Practice
Foley's Honey and Tar
wres colds, prevents pneumonia
Take Advantage of Our
We are equipped to
Haynes Stellite
plow shares (or do any other
kind of welding work) promptly,
efficiently, and at moderate cost.
See us today it will add many
more dollars to your profits.
Acetylene Welding
Athena, Lower Main Street
The First National Bank
of Athena
Established 1891
Does a General Banking Business
and Maintains a Complete ,
Trust Department -
(P ) I
Spring is here!
and with it comes
Send Us Your
In fact anything washable
Four Trips Weekly
Pendleton, Oregon
Bell C& Gray
Now for
Are Always
to do
Auto Truck
Prices Right
Phone 593
There's No Escaping
the man who's "out to
hook you for all you're
worth," specially if that
Auto Accident
was more or less your
fault Your only protec
tion is Liability Insurance
and Plenty of It!
Tum-arLum Tickler
Published in the Intesests of the people of Athena and vicinity by
Vol. 31
Athena, Oregon, May 15, 1931
No. 21
You can bring new beauty
into your home with DU-KWIK
ENAMEL Easy to apply 4
hours to dry attractively pric
ed at $1.40 a quart. Can be
used on all exterior and interior
surfaces. Absolute guarantee of
your satisfaction.
A minister was in the habit
of riding to church in his car.
He received an anonymous let
ter from one of his congrega
tion scoring him for riding in
an automobile ; saying that
Jesus Christ never rode to
church in an automobile. Tho
minister read the letter to the
congregation with this com
ment: "If the writer of this
letter will come to church prop
erly bridled and saddled, I'll
ride just like Christ rode."
painted white or green will add
much to your" garden. We have
many attractive styles and very
mcderate prices.
Oui- First Fish Story
An inland visitor to the city
had visited all places of interest
Crammed full of the wonders
he had seen, he was on the
point pf leaving when he ob
served a sign.
He bought a ticket, entered
and gazed in awed wonder at
the monster. Suddenly he turn-,
ed to the man beside him. "Say,
stranger," he said. "The fellow
that caught that iish is a blam
ed liar."
Summer boarder: But why
are those trees bending over so
Farmer: You'd be . bending
over, too, miss, if you were as
full of green apples as those
trees are.
A garden fence and trellis
When a girl builds air castles
she may leave out the kitchen
but never the garage.
Now, our accomplished archi
tects figure all of these things
in when they plan you HOME.
Come in today and let us figure
out the plans for your new
home or the remodeling that
should be done to the old one.
A. M. Johnson, Editor
Eastman Hawkeye Cameras
As a special offer toour Customers, we will
give one of these cameras free for each tire pur
chase or other sale amounting to $5.00 cash or
$10.00 payment on account.
Call in and get particulars
J. E. Gallaher, Prop. Athena Phone 471
Milk and Cream
for Sale Here
All the Time
Continental Oil Company
Germ Processed Motor Oil
Athena Service Station
"Service With a Smile"
Automobile Accessories Tires
BRYCE BAKER, Prop. . . Athena, . . Phone 762
Farmers Grain Elevator
Grian and Feed
A Full Line of Sperry's Chick Feed
Phone 382 LEE WILSON, M'gr.
Dependable Service
Lower Prices April 1st
Ladies Spring Coats $1 and UP Silk Dresses $1.25
and Up Wool Dresses $1 and Up
Men's Suits $1.25
For other prices, ask the Driver
Trade with the man who helps pay your taxes
We call for and deliver every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
T. E. SMITH, Proprietor, Phone 1571 Freewater Oregon
See Us
Before Buying
Electric Lamps
and other electric appliances, including Sad-irons,
Percolators, Toasters, Waffle Irons, Hotplates,
Vacuum Sweepers, G. E. Refrigerators, and Hot-
point Electric Stoves. In fact, everything electrical
Electrical Department, Athena, Oregon. Phone 182