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Established Jan. 1, 1S87
F. B. BOYD. Owner and Publisher
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Athena, Oregon, May 1, 1931
Clark Wood says:
"Results only will determine J
J whether or cot Spain will be
charged by the league scorer J
J with an error for that over-
throw.'' " J
the pockets of the people. Too cant
"soak" s corporation -without "soak
ing" the consumer, and yon cast
"soak" the consumer -without "soak
ing" the corporation in both cases
yon "soak tike be ring power of the
nation and tend to cause depression
and stagnation.
22 Years Ago
Here if a booster for the dairyman
and banker. A Pennsylvania dairy
organization has located automatic
milk Tending machines, electrically
refrigerated, which will deliver a bot
tle of milk for 10 cents and will re
pay 5 cents when the bottle is re
turned. These machines are located
in factory districts. A companion
Tending machine offers "hot dogs" at
current prices.
Oregon which has a university, a
stste college and three normal schools,
the same as its neighbor state, ex
pects to cut costs very materially.
Governor Meier, aroused at the high
cost of education as shown is a re
cent federal snrver. reouested action
and presidents of the fire institutions mke 5t sier in every way.
What with a proposed drastic re
vision oi marriage and divorce laws
in the Episcopal church, the Presby
terians leaning to the removal of
bans against birth control, and with
only forty-two days residence re
quired in Reno to secure divorce, it
Dr. Arnold Bennett Hall, dynamic
Chances are that General Butler
president of the state university wentl33 llre renuons two weeks when
so far as to suggest as actual eon-, w Oregon to organize we
solidation of the institutions, con-Police fore- Eat ta
ducting them separately but as one;13 accustomed to strenoosity. If
duvCTsty with ne d:r irdrtjstire be ja "A timself, others nn-
feeai. Ej'tfcir rian faculty jncn-bers ,cover a fnr tim-
. could t aitercfcaairea, and much of ;
tie Kksrji".nd investigation work ! A -veiT m Portland girl won
would be cHnsoliaated. ATI rivalry niiant victory over seven high
between the state imivershy and the school boys in the Oregon finals of
stele cuUcge would be eliminuted and th t'onal oratorical contest and
thus would end one race to spend the wia represent the state in the Pa
publirt uuliarK, sinse under the inw-;cifc 03tst final Angeles.
meh Kate institution tries to outdo ! CsI"jn furnishes the first
the cher, and xhis wmts money. ; snwiwrries of the season. Good
Duplications would be eliminated 0VeT to-
Kai 3t is estimated the Ktate would
save some during the re
mainder of the biennium.
These sutrrestions are tentative, of
course, and subject to overcoming 1830. The Twin Rivers State Eank.
some difficulties, such as the state- j Pay to the order of Kirk Buck. Five
ment of Dr. Hall that he seriously ob- , Dollars." Arnold Buck signed the
jected to the recommendation "that check, mailed his letter and then went
the pure science be transferred from over to the pool hall for recreation,
the university to the college," and the i The postmaster read "Eirk Buck,
request of I)r. Eerr that the O. S. C. Moscow, Ida." tying it into the prop
retain many of its courses. er pile just as the stage driver pre
These difference can be ironed out, sented himself for Uncle Sam's bag
wrih others, if all are willing to do Fgc.
thfiir pari in the proposed eff ort to re-1 Out of TaHey City a few hours later
lieve expenditures, .the letter was being bandied by ra2-
Eads mate as facing s rather ser- ; way mail clerks enroute to its destina
auuE condition in paying for the edu- .tion. At Kobcdw the drey transferred
Ciiional lacilitU which have been j it to the port office end the carrier
xm2t x'p. IThere to start if the que- delivered h to Eirk Bnck.
tiiffl and Oregiai stems to be trying to ' Kert day a young high school boy
juiixit the way. Epjmared at the Wesienj Trust Co.
Is this sttte the idea of a central - bank and received jjayment on the
(Bankers Service Bulletin)
"Twin Rivers, Oregon, May 15th,
Friday, May 7, 1SW
Concrete walks are being put down
on Main street this week, in front of
the business property of Chas. N orris
and David Taylor, the latter property
being occupied by DeH Bros., Other
Main street property owners are also
considering replacing board walks
with concrete.
Big posters announcing Athens's
annual sales day arc being distribut
ed throughout the county. The post
ers announce the J 9,000 worth of
property including 50 bead of horses,
new buggies, wagons, etc, will be of
fered for sale to the highest bidder in
this city Saturday, May la. The men
having the sale in charge have aS
necessary arrangements made, and
every indication points to success.
Jay Gross, the Weston farmer, was
noticed on our streets "Wednesday.
A number of Athena residences are
being brightened up with paint. The
homes of Dr. Sharp and Henry DeS
have been painted this week. The
Christian church building is to be
painted soon, and the big Preston
Parton mill will also be given a new
dress cf color.
Sam Eutt sold his iron grey dray
team to a horse buyer this week. The
price received is said to be over the
(500 mark.
Mr. B. C Kidder, father of G. B. i
Kidder, has purchased the Hays pro
perty in the north part of town and
wiD make his home in this city.
Mr. and Mrs. George Gross and lit
tle granddaughter, Verva, left yester
day noon for Alberta, where they will
visit their children for six weeks or
more. Sunday Mr. Gross visited his
brother, J. J in Walla Walla. ,
G. W. Proebstel of Weston, is at
T7i T - 1- - : i , -,i
I v -ZFZ l ' 'i "Kt Hay-Bundle Wheat hay for
" 'Z J" U"T i: "4 sale. James Duncan, phone 30F15.
mg benefit from the waters of that
j place. Eyes examined, glasses properly i
Miss Came Sharp has been elected Etted at bctneiier's, 9 tast Mam,
to her present position in the Pen die- j Walla Walla,
ton public schools for another year. I PPV R1TFM AV
Miss Airy Fobs, who also teaches in JiJSuN 15Ai.JlAi
Pendleton has resigned her position. ! Expert in
Eyron N. Eawks of the Pioneer j Body Correction
drug store, has perfected a splendid ; Calls answered promptly
face lotion, which is giving satisfac- Office at Residence in North Athena
a good team, and only once has it been ;
defeated this season. 1
John Mclntyre, whose health has
been growing noticeably worse during j
the part few weeks, was taken to Pen- j
dletoa Wednesday for treatment in (
the hospital j
The Athena Truck company, which j
has the contract for sprinkling the
streets for the year, rolled a new
"squirt wagon" into service Wednes
day morning. The new outfit consists
of a big round tank mounted on trucks
and is equipped with the very latest
Austin sprinkler like those used in
the large cities, and is giving entire
satisfaction. 1
La Mar Union No. held one of the
most successful social meetings in the ;
history of the organization, Monday
night. Between 75 and 100 persons ;
were present and enjoyed the eve-1
mug entertainment, wiucn consisted
of a splendid program. An oyster sup
per was served, and it required two
tables, extending across the school
house to accommodate those who par
ticipated in the feast.
The funeral of Jas. C Stamper was
held at the M. E. Church Sunday at
11 o'clock, and the big auditorium,
class room, and gallery, all three of
which were thrown open, were taxed
to full capacity, and then many per
sons were compelled to remain outside
the church during the services. The
seats in the center of the auditorium
were all occupied by relatives of the
deceased, and members of the Odd
Fellow and Woodman lodges. The
service at the grave was conducted by
the Odd Fellows. The floral offerings
were profuse and beautiful.
Contours Specialties
Beautify the Complexion
Strengthen the Countour
Athena Beauty Shop
Sadie Pambrun, Operator
Phone 22
Take Advantage of Our
We are equipped to
Haynes Stellite
plow shares (or do any other
kind of welding work) promptly,
efficiently, and at moderate cost.
See us today it will add many
more dollars to your profits.
Acetylene Welding
Lower Main Street
The First National Bank
of Athena
Established 1891 :
Does a General Banking Business
and Maintains a Complete
Trust Department
Wanted Clean, Cotton rags at the
Press office.
li:ri t dirwt a.ffaire of institutions
f higher loaning has been put fur
ward, and usually yromptly ntjut-kb-ed,
fear being xpresd that it would
put too vacfe itnt'tr in the hands of
one aaa. Over in Oregon they do
not sejB t have this fear. Walla
Walla Union.
o .
All the available FUatge rpat for
grain is being ykitd up in the ter
minal cities of Portland, Astoria,
Locgvk-w, Tacoma and Seattie, says
the state market ajrent. In Portland.
the Pacific Coast Elevator dock is in
receipt of 7 COO ton of wheat the
first storage cf its kind in several
years. During this week the Oceanic
Terminal took ia about 0 carloads
and on Monday this week the ware
house of the old Peninsula Lumber
Mill begin rtoritg about MOO tons.
This is the first time that wheat hai
ever been stored at either of these
two places. In Tacoma, warehouse,
for years vacant, are filling up with
wheat. All this grain is stored for
the account of the Farmers National
Grain Corporation or the Stabilitatioa
Board. The date for the further move
ment of this old crop of grain is un
certain but it is relief for the ware
housemen in the interior of the itate
for in approximately three months
storage room must be provided for
the new crop. An average of about
50 car of grain arrived in Portland
daily last week.
With the going of "Tige" Reynolds,
the natioii loses one of its greatest
cartoonists and the Morning Oregon
ian a loyal and brilliant member of
its staJ. No more will the kiddies
look for the smiles and winks of the
little tiger cub that peered always
from the drawings of Edward Samuel
Reynolds. No longer will elders look
on the front page to find what Reyn
olds "has to say of it" in crayon and
ink. The sympathic, humorous, virile
caricaturist hss passed on.
O "
Facing a roost critical situation in
the dairy industry from the flooding
of markets by substitutes for butter
fanners organizations are protesting
gainst the proponed referendum on
the recent law taxing oloo 10 cents a
pound. While statewide action has
cot yet been taken by these group
various unit of the Grange have car
ried on successful campaigns result
ing in the banishment of oleo from
the stores of various towns.
Here is something to think about,
says an exchange: Tax money does
not grow oa trees. It comes out cf
check. The bank remitted it to ite
correspondent at Spokane, Spokane
remitted it to Portland, Portland to
Valley City, and Valley City to Twin
Rivers, Twin Rivers passed it to the
bookkeeper, who found the account
Buck's boarding house was called,
bet be was out, might be in before
closing time, called again, still out
The check was taken off the sheets
and charged back to Valley City.
Vtlky City credits Twin Rivers and
charges Portland, Portland credits
Valley City and charges Spokane,
Spokane credits Portland and charges
Moscow, Moscow credits Spokane and
the teller consults the bookkeepers as
ia who Kirk Buck is. The teller
thought he knew Ms man when be
csshed the check but since forgotten.
The item on this first little round
has made &6 separate individual con
tacts. Kirk's address is finally located but
he is out on a picnic. By mistake
the check gets into the remittances .
and makes the rounds in 10 days and
is back in the cath items with 65 ad- j
ditional contacts. So the check is
started out again, but Arnold Buck
has moved to a new camp and the
item comes limping back the third
time. Kirk is still out in the sticks.
There is nothicg to do but hold the
check in the cash items until his return.
The check has cow been handled j
separately above 300 tiroes also ban- j
died in bulk by train men, post office j
employees, mail clerks, earners, and
draymen about 50 times for each trip
This with the correspondence and con
versation directly pertaining to it
brings the number of contacts to its
discredit near TOO and it is still in the
August first, young man rings the
bell at the teller's home. He explains
he just got in, is going out before!
banking hours in the morning, here
is the money for the "insufficient
check. The teller thanks him, smiles
and swears at the same rime. After-1
wards in bed he remembers leaving ;
the money lying on the table. He
stumbles down puts it into his coat
pocket. Next morning he changes to
a lighter suit. Bringing out his
daily cath, the Buck checks bobs up,
he grabs the phone and asks his wife
to send one of the children down with
the money.
And so the "Arnold Buck $5 In
sufficient is rounded up after 400
miles, 700 contacts, 60 days' yrief and
time consumed in clearing allowing
a few seconds for each contact,
amounting to one man working al
most a fuH day."
tion to all who have used it It is a ! Telephone SSa.
snow white preparation, put up in ?
convenient sized bottles and is known j
on the market as Peroxide Greasekss i
Skin Food. j
Dr. W. Boyd Whyte
The ShsmTwts w-iTi mw t mrh Stancier B&Hdixir. Fnone 70
Pilot Rock team on the borne grounds Peadletam. Orersn. 57 S
Sunday afternoon. The game win be
called at 1:3D sharp, so that Charley Dr. W. H. McKinney '
Mastery's bunch can get away cm the j rw,. ,i rm I
Spring is here!
and with it comes
Send Us Your
In fact anything washable
Four Trips Weekly
Pendleton, Oregon
Eastman Hawkeye Cameras
As a special offer to our Customers, we will
give one of these cameras free for each tire pur
chase or other sale amounting to $5.00 cash or
$10.00 payment on account.
Call in and get particulars
J. E. Gallaher. Prop. Athena Phone 471
Meals all hours of the day
We can give you the best
That money can buy
down train at 4:15. Pilot Rock has
Dr. Sharp's Office
OSee Hours at Athena 1 to S p. in.
Phone 422. Hours at Weston
Post BaOdiag. AUema. PboM SS2
In the County Court of the Stele of j 5 - m. to 12 noon. Phone S3. Calls 1
Oregon, for the County of Lma- maae cay or tight.
tnia. !
Is the matter of the Estate cf San- i
ford C Stone, Deceased. !
Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned has been appointed Ad
ministrator cf the Estate of Sanford
jC Stone, deceased, by the above en
tities Court.
AS persons having claims against
said estate are hereby notified to pre
fect them to me, at my office in Athe
na, Oregon, within six months from
the date of the first publication cf
this notice. AH claims must be veri
fied as by law required.
Dated at Athena, Oregon, this 17th
day of April, 1921.
A17M15 Administrator
Dr. Dale RothweH
The best in glasses at a reasonable
Over Woolworth's Phone 12S6
Pendleton, Oregoa
Real Estate
Wheat Alfalfa and
Stock Urtd
L. L. Montague, Arlingtoa
Peterson & Lewis
Attorneys at Law
Practice in all State and Federal
1 Pendleton Oregoa
I Watts & Prestbye
! Main Street, Athena, Oregon
! State and Federal Court Practice
j Foley's Honey od Tar
txuas. prevents Pneumonia.
Bell CS, Gray
Now for
Are Always
to do
Auto Truck
Prices Rirht
Phone 593
Bruno Weber
Repair Work
Prices Reasonable
Successor To
There's lio Escaping
the man who's out to
hook you for all you're
worth," specially if that
Auto Accident
was more or less your
fault Your only protec
tion is Liability Insurance
and Plenty of It!
TumaLimi Tickler
Published ia the istesesta of the people of Athena and vicinity by
Athena, Oregon, May 1, 1931
No. 19
When a girl builds air castles
she may leave out the kitchen
but never the garage.
A. M. Johnson, Editor
Now, our accomplished archi
tects figure all of these things
in when they plan you HOME.
Come in today and let as figure
out the plans for your new
home or the remodeling that
should be done to the old one.
You might even give the dog a
treat by building him a kenneL
A small boy rushed into Rad
tke's the other day and said, "I
want a quarters worth of ochre
"But, we dont have paints,"
replied Mac. "You go over to
the Tum-a-Lum and ask for yel
low ochre."
"Aw, that aint what I want,"
came back the future president.
"Ma said to get the kind of
ochre yoa use to make tappy
ochre pudding."
Whether it is painting inside
or out, our yellow ochre is like
all of our paints. And we keep
only one kind THE BEST.
Every drop guaranteed to "Save
the Surface."
Customer: "That chicken I
bought yesterday had no wish
Bert: Madam, that chicken
lived in a Tum-a-Lum designed
house. He was so happy and
contented that he had nothing to
wish for.
Sims and Mac have their re
modeling job well in hand.
A few of the things you
should plan on doing to your
Eeflooring ,
At a moderate cost your homo
can be given new life. Ask us,
Ralph Singer says his chemical
kitchen is just .a dandy.
Houses painted to stay paint
ed. It is just as easy to get a
good paint job as it is to gt
the other kind.
Continental Oil Company
Germ Processed Motor Oil
Athena Service Station
"Service With a Smile"
Automobile Accessories Tires
BRYCE BAKER, Prop. . . Athena, . . Phone 762
Farmers Grain Elevator
Grian and Feed
A Full Line of Sperry's Chick Feed
Phone SS2 LEE WILSON. Wer.
- - 5t
Dependable Service
Lower Prices April 1st
Ladies Spring Coats $1 and UP Silk Dresses $125
and Up Wool Dresses $1 and Up
Men's Suits $1.25
For other prices, ask the Driver
Trade with the man who helps pay your taxes
We call for and deliver every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
SMITH, Proprietor, phone 1571 Free water Oregon
See Us...
Before Buying
Electric Lamps
j and other electric appliances, including Sad-irons,
i Percolators, Toasters, Waffle Irons, Hotplates,
!J Vacuum Sweepers, G. E. Refrigerators, and Hot-
jjj point Electric Stoves. In fact, everything electrical g
fi Electrical Department, Athena, Oregon. Phone 1S2 g