The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, April 10, 1931, Image 4

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Press Paragraphs
Watch for the 1 cent sale at Wat
kins Pharmacy.
Mr. and Mrs. Alva Blalock and
children will probably be here sever
al weeks.
Mrs. Joe Crowley who is ill in a
Pendleton hospital is slightly improv
ed. Mrs. A. Sanders and Mrs. Starr
Charlton were Walla Walla visitors
Roy DeFreece came over from Free
water Sunday ' and spent , the day in
Miss Ilene McBride was the week
end guest of Miss Georgie Gertson,
at Pendleton.
Miss Freda Olson of Portland was
the guest of Miss Dorothy Burke
over the week-end.
Claude Price, well known Weston
farmer, was in Athena Wednesday,
transacting business.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Lee and Thomas
DeFreece of Walla Walla, were Sun
day guests of relatives in Athena.
Mr. and Mrs. 0. E. Bowman and
E. B. Foster
on business
of LaGrande,
nrA tliillvon Inava hepn herfl this
week, visiting at the W. J. Kirk home. I soon be at home here.
Watch for the 1 cent sale at Wat-
kins Pharmacy.
Charles Pinkerton was here irom
Weston Thursday.
Dr. M. S. Kern of Pendleton was
in Athena "on a business mission Wed
F. S. LeGrow and
were in Walla Walla
Miss Gladvs Beem
was a week-end guest of Mrs
Harris here.
.Tnhn NarlnAiia was here from Wild
Horse mountain this week transact
ing business.
Mrs. Theresa Berlin and daughters
Mary and Esther motored to Walla
Walla, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Kershaw and
Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Boyd were in Mil
ton Monday evening.
Mrs. Glenn Dudley played in the
golf tournament at the Walla Walla
Country club yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Bert Haynes 01 Port
land were visitors at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Glenn Dudley Sunday.
Miss Zelda Hartle of Pendleton
visited her grandparents, Mr. and
Mrs. J. D. Hargett, Saturday.
A card from Jens Jensen, popular
Athena blacksmith announces that he
left Denmark. March 25 and will
FrenS o o .
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Sweet Peas, Blue and White
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Toilet Paper, Blue and White
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"Van Camps, Pork and Beans, 16 oz.
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Standard Tomatoes, No. Is
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"Pears, Blue and White, 2ys
n nn -
3 for 69c
& PHONE 171
Watch for the 1 cent sale at Wat-
kins Pharmacy.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Koepke, Jr.,
spent Easter with relatives in Wal
la Walla.
Paul Kibbey is making a satis
factory recovery from an attack of
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Chamnes 01
Weston mountain, were Athena vis
itors Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. F. S. LeGrow motor
ed to Yakima last Sunday, returning
Monday night.
C. E. O. Montague spent Wednes
day and Thursday transacting busi
ness in Walla Walla.
Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Tate and fam
ily of Pendleton were visitors at the
Lee Wilson home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Mclntyre and
Mr. and Mrs. Jess Myrick were Wal
la Walla visitors Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Jenkins and
family were visitors of Mrs. Frank
Williams at Milton Sunday.
J. C. Harwood is engaged in paint
ing and repapering the interior of
the office at the Athena Oarage.
Mrs. Fred Kershaw plans to leave
within a few days for Ontario, to
visit her mother Mrs. Barbara Willa-
by. .
E. H. Leonard motored here from
Waitsburg Thursday proceeding to
Pendleton where he transacted Business.
Mm. Ar? Pinkerton has recovered
from a serious attack of nervous in
digestion which occurred Sunday
Miss Blanche Thorson and Miss
Delia Bryant spent Easter Sunday at
the home of Miss Thorson's parents
in Kt.nnfielfl
Mr. and Mrs. John Tompkins and
daughter Mary and Mr. and Mrs.
Willard Crabill spent Sunday m Wal
la' Walla.
Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Thome and
Miss Dorothv Thorne of Pendleton,
were visitors at the George Green
home Sunday.
Mr and Mrs. Bud Crabill and Mr
and Mrs. Ray O'Harra of Pendleton,
visited at the Willard JrabiU nome,
Sunday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Pittman,
Arthur Crowley and Betty Eager at
tended the show "Cimarron" in Mil
ton SnnHav evenincr.
H. A. Barrett was among those at
tending the funeral of Mrs. kuiott,
daughter of Henry Lewis, in Pendle
ton Wednesday.
Mrs. C. M. Eager, Mrs. Laurence
Pinkerton, Mrs. Lloyd Michener and
Mrs. Ralph McEwen spent Tuesday
in Walla Walla.
Mrs. Ray Hansell is ill at the
Marion Hansell home here. She is
confined to her bed and will probably
be here several weeks.
Miss Delia Bryant is suffering with
a serious infection in her face con
tracted following the extraction of a
tooth several weeks ago.
Mrs. Flint Johns and little Altha
adell left Tuesday for Vancouver,
Washington, where they will visit
relatives for a few days.
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Little and Mr.,
and Mrs. L. A. Cornell drove to Wal
la Walla Sunday to view the effects
of the recent flood in that city. -
J. T. Lieuallen was in Athena from
his home in Portland. He visited his
sisters. Mrs. Amanda McArthur and
Mrs. George Banister, while in Athena.
TTarrv Saulsberrv came over from
Rrvn Mawr. Washington, and trans
acted business here from Wednesday
till Saturday, returning home Satur
day night.
James R. Thompson of Pendleton
was a visitor here Wednesday. Mr.
Thnmnson who Buffered a serious ac
cident last summer is much improved
at this time.
The condition of E. A. Dudley who
is painfully ill with lumbago is re
ported slightly improved. Mr. Dud
ley has been confined to his bed for
the past fortnight. -
Mr. and Mrs. Harold watkins were
recent visitors at the Gordon Wat
kins home. Mr. Harold Watkins is
principal of the Lancaster, Wash
ington, public schools.
Mr. and Mrs. Alva Blalock and
family of Pendleton and Mr. and
Mrs. Laurence Pinkerton and Jewell,
were dinner guests Sunday at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Lisle Uray.
Circuit court convenes in Pendle
ton next week, and F. B. Radtke is
one of the jurymen on the panel for
the term. And Fred knows that the
fishing season opens next Wednesday,
Mr. and Mrs. Verne Dudley of
Dayton spent the week-end here.
They were accompanied by Bill Dud
lev anH Cornelia Nichols, who make
their home with Mr. and Mrs. Dud
Arnold Schubert of Umapine was a
business visitor here Tuesday. He
and hi3 brother have finished plow
ing 600 acres and contemplate rent
ing additional land in the basin this
Mrs, Floyd Pinkerton has a nice
flock of two week old chicks which are
thriving. The trouble with the
brooder the first of the week took a
heavy toll and about a hundred were
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Roseberry and
daughters, of Waitsburg, formerly of
Athena visited at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. O. E. Venable Sunday. They
report that flood conditions at waits
burg were serious.
Mr. and Mrs. Percy Wilson and
little sons Sammy and Bobby were
over week-end visitors at the Sam
Pambrun home south of Athena.
Percy is employed by the Washing
ton state highway commission, with
headquarters at Spokane.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Burke came up
fmm Portland and sDent Saturday
and Sunday at the J. C. Burke noma
' hero. Mr. and Mrs. Burks wera ac
companied on the trip from Portland,
by Mr, and Mrs. uison.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Cutler and
Miss Gladys Beem of La Grande, vis
ited at the Leon Miller home Sun
day. Mrs. Maude Moore and Mrs. Laur
ence Stover of Pendleton were guests
at the home or Mrs. u. tu. u. Mon
tague. Mrs. Errold Kenworthy and chil
dren are here from Spokane, visiting
at the George Gerking farm home
west of Athena. I
Miss Hilda Dickenson - and Cecil
KrhnllarH were in Athena Sunday
from Arlington, visiting at the Sims
Dickenson home.
Miss Sadie Pambrun ' accompanied
Mr. and Mrs. Percy Wilson to their
home in Spokane, returning home
Wednesday evening.
B. B. Richards and W. J. Morrison
nf Pendleton were in Milton. Wednes
day, on business connected with the
Higby Harris estate.
Miss Hayes of Powers, Oregon, an
accomplished artist in oil and water
colors, is a guest at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Ben Bateman.
The Sullivan family of Pendleton,
express their appreciation for ex
nreaRions of svmnathv from Athena
members of the Eagle lodge during
their bereavement in the death of the
late Frank G. Sullivan.
Mrs. Otis Whiteman had the mis
fortune to break one of the bones in
her right foot during the flood at
Walla Walla. Mrs. Whiteman in
crossine a Blank made a misstep
which caused the injury.
Mr. Hemmingway of the Contin
ental Oil Co. construction depart
ment, was a visitor at Athena Ser
vice station Saturday. He cleaned
out the big tanks at the Conoco dis
tributing plant while here.
A erouD of Athena people who mo
tored to Gibbon Sunday report the
road ud the river in bad condition
due to the late rains and flood. At
present the road above Gibbon is im
passable for vehicles of any kind. -
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph N. Scott vis
ited Athena friends Sunday and at
tended the community cantata in the
evening. They are now residing on
the farm west of Athena. Their son
Jay is attending the Athena grade
Mrs. Myrtle Myers of Calwell, Ida
ho, last week visited at the home of
her brother, Sterling Parris. This
week Mrs. Myers is at the home of
her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. S.
Parris, in Walla Walla.
Eldon Myrick is spending- his
spring vacation in Athena. Whitman
college was closed a day early on ac
count of the flood. It was impossible
to heat the buildings and dormitories
suffered from the lack of water caus
ed hv the damaged city mains.
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Dufneld and son
Curtis motored to Portland, where
they spent a few days at the home
of Mr. Dufneld's mother, who has
been ill. Charles Russell kept the
Duffield barber shop in full swing
the absence of the proprietor.
Fred Kershaw and Albert, King of
the Belgians, celebrated their birtnaay
anniversaries, Wednesday, April 8th.
We know how Fred celebrated the
occasion with a waifie dinner dui
Albert was too far away for us to get
a line on lust how much wine it tooK
to mellow the old guy up.
B. Y. P. U. sponsored an Easter
sunrise service last Sunday morning
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Kohlei
Retta.anuth of Athena. About thirty
voiinc neonle assembled at 5:30 and
after a song service were led in de
votions by Rev. Gerald uryuen.
Breakfast was served later.
The fioldendale. Wash.. Sentinel re
nnrts that Chester Dugger, son of
Mr. and Mrs. Blaine Dugger, former
fooi Hon fa of Athena, is displaying
marked mechanical ability. Chester is
engaged in building a real airplane,
whir-h when completed he proposes to
use for transporting himself through
any and all airways.
Mrs. Rosa Pavne was hostess to
the .Tollv Twentv club last Friday af
ternoon, twelve ladies being present.
In add it on to club members. Mrs.
Clarence Hand and Mrs. Robert Lee
were guests. The time was speni
socially and refreshments were serv
ed at the tea hour. The next meet
w will be at the home of Mrs.
.Tames Lieuallen. Jr.. in Adams.
In a recent letter from James na-
worth he savs he is located at North
Rend, where he has a nice 2-chair
barber shop. Business is good and
thnnirh work seems scarce, idle men
are not plentiful. Clams, crabs and
fish form the main diet of the erst
while inlander and Mr. Haworth feels
no danger of starving while they hold
out. His new address is l0d &ner
man Avenue. North Bend. Oregon.
Beautiful daffodils from her garden
diwwated the home of Mrs. M. L.
Watt last Fridav when she entertain
ed the Athena Bridge club, at lunch-
. 1 1 v 1
eon. Yellow luncheon cioms nnu
niace rarda further accented the
color scheme. At bridge which fol
lowed luncheon Mrs. Ralph McEwen
made high score, Mrs. C. M. Eager
second, and Mrs. C. L. McFadden of
Portland was presented with an at
tractive gift.
Merle Johnson, nephew ot Mrs.
Fthel Montamie. had the misfortune
to fall one day last week, while do
ing chores at the Catron farm, and
cut his wrist severely. A few days
after, the had beean to swell and
when an examination was made it
was found that the tendons in his
arm had heen severed. He was taken
to a hospital in Penldeton where the
tendons were drawn back to place
and tied. He will be in the hospital
for several days.
Easter decorations and spring
flowers were used effectively at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. M. I. Miller.
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Thursday of last week when they en
tertained the B. B. club. Dinner pre
ceded hridire when I. L. Michener won
high score, Mrs. Flint Johns, the con
solation and Mrs. E. a. roster the
guest prize. Mr. and Mrs. Laurence
Pinkerton will be hosts at the next
meeting of the club.
Kiddies of the nrimarv department
of the Christian Sunday school were
entertained last Saturday afternoon
at an Easter party in the parlors ol
the church. The main feature of en
tertainment was an Easter egg hunt
and many thrills were experienced
by the fifteen tots who were present.
The hostesses, Mrs. Floyd rmKerton,
Mrs. L. M. Keen, Mrs. Flint Johns
and Miss Mary Berlin served dainty
refreshments and provided eleven
games and favors for the little
guests. .
Mrs. C. L. McFadden of Portland
was complimented at a bridge tea
Thursday afternoon of last weeK,
where Mrs. F. S. LeGrow, and Mrs.
H. I. Watts entertained at the home
of ,the former. Clusters of daffodils
were the decorations and score cards
caw with sprint? colors were used.
Three tables were in play, high score
being held by Mrs. M. h. watts ana
second bv Mrs. Henry Dell. The
honoree was presented with an at
tractive gift. The guests mciuaea,
Mrs. Justin Harwood, Mrs. W. S.
Ferguson. Mrs. M. L. Watts, Mrs.
Gordon Watkins, Mrs. E. C. Prestbye,
Mrs. J. F. Kershaw, Mrs. Fiske, Mrs.
Henry Dell, Mrs. Fred Pinkerton and
Mrs. James Cresswell.
i'a the people of Athena and
virinitv who were unable to eet to
Walla Walla on account of the flood
we will give the same terms as an
nounced in our circular of March 28,
for one week only, beginning Mon
day, April 13.
65 E. Main, Walla Walla
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