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Nearly all the makings for a Thanksgiving dinner. Mr. and Mrs. PunUn,
the Sweet Potato family, the little Apples and the leading character in the j
Thanksgiving drama. ' . .
Present-Day 'Turk"
of Mexican Breed?
n jbmpiy-nanaea uistourugeuieui, wvmu
f.: ; be .the lof of tlie.-Filgrlra father were ,
&: he to return-this year and go In quest
' A of food for the Thanksgiving table in
v::'t the woods and fields of Massachusetts.
.7 - Settlers - seeking ' to live as those
pioneers did would find life vastly
'' ; , harde,r,lo some respects in this, Twen-.
l' tieth 'century' than" did' the 'Pilgrims
f in 1C20. For the enormous flocks of
i' ' ;game birds that were a vital source
i.'iof supply, for the larders of early set-
V ' tiers have: vanished. " .
..: f Woodlands Now Bare.
-v? The bare and lonely woodlands of
' Massachusetts, today are' In cdntrast,
? with the time when Obadlah Turner
;. wrote In his Journal, July 28, 1630, that
f 1 "we are of truth in a paradise of
V those moving things that be good for
"Incredible," is the word used by
, : ornithologists to describe the numbers
; of individuals in the flocks of birds
i" that once roamed the North American
- continent, of which Massachusetts was
'-' a favored spot
!- V Writing in 1632, Thomas Morton
said: "Turkeys there "are which dl
vers times In great flocks have sallied
'' ; by our doors ; and then a gunne, be
? y. Ing commonly . in readiness,-salutes
them with such a courtesle as makes
them take a tume In the Cooke
Roome." 1 ' '.. ... :J . I
I v TJyi president and council. of New
England, setting fortb the advantages
of New England as a place of abode
in 1622, spoke of the country as
abounding with diversity of wild fowl,
as turkeys, partridges, swans, wild
geese, wild ducks and many doves.
1 The turkeys, which attained a length
of 48 inches, were seen In flocks as
great as 300 to 500. Among the most
unsuspecting of birds, they were easily
killed and an early settler might come
home with as many as ten or twelve
as a result tf half a day's shooting.
It was the original Thanksgiving bird.
Ruthless slaughter wiped out the
turkey In Massachusetts, and most
other sections of America; The last
wild turkey known to be captured in
Massachusetts was shot in the winter
of 1850-51 on Mount Tom.
i. No True Descendants.
. Millions of families this year will
feast on turkey on Thanksgiving day.
But these' birds are no true descend
ants of the original wild turkey, in the
' opinion of such ornithologists as Ed
ward Howe Forbush, former state or
nithologist of. Massachusetts. Rather,
the Mexican turkey, a distinct breed,
Is their progenitor. . .
Other birds that once were a provi
dential source of food for the Pilgrims
have likewise been extirpated and a
number of species are extinct Gone
is the great auk, once abundant. Like
wise the Labrador duck, the Eskimo
curlew., the trumpeter swan, . the-
whooping crane, the heath hen, the
sandhill, crane and the passenger
pigeon have been wiped out
The First National1 Bank
'CAPITAL $50,000 ' SURPLUS $60,000 ,
, ," ., .Undivided Profitsover $45,000 .
A Real Service to the Community
Conveniently Located, Financially, Sound, Able
' and Willing to: Serve. ;You.- r,
; ' Maintains a Complete Trust Department
The Paofic Telephone And Telegraph Company
J'' -, i
messages a second are tele
phoned on the 'Pacific Coast
Of these calls entrusted to us,
98.8 vare handled without
operating error." The record
. continually improves. The
goal is perfection:
KmgTvrikey on
High School Notes
' ' " L-'
To the martial music of brass bands
10,000 Thanksgiving turkeys march,
down the broad street" between the
gaily decorated buildings as the cheer
ing multitude applauds the strutting
battalions. For Turkeyvllle any one
of the half-dozen Texas towns which
help supply us with rare meat for
the festival holiday board Is cele
brating the one red-letter holiday of
the year.
- Row upon row until their lines
stretch into the far distance in shim
mering colors of red, white and bronze
come the multitude of turkeys. Fluffy
white privates, bronze corporals, conl
black lieutenants, dull red 'sergeants
and gold-bedecked majors and colo
nels push out their wishbones a lltUe
farther as they pass the mayor's re
view, stand and add a bit of swagger
to their gait -
On and on they march, until a mile
or more of the trotting turkeys have
passed up the main street, ever get
ting closer and closer to that Ignoble
fate that mokes this truly the "march
of death" and reach the end of that
long and treacherous maneuvering
which Insures to the American con
sumer his Thanksgiving turkey. While
admiring - throngs to the ' right, ap
plauding people to the left, cheer the
turkeys on, the leaders are marching
through the gates of the large dress
Ing plant into the very "Jaws of
death, Enrle W. Pnge writes in the
New lork Evening Post i
All Hall Kino Turkey.
Among the ha nest festivals of
America, "Turkey day" stands out
unique, linking the Pilgrim Fathers'
love of the tender. Juicy breast of wild
turkeys with the modern popularity
of this piece de resistance of the an
nual holiday table. On this day, the
turkeys are hailed as the absolute
monarchs they will later become for
mally upon the throne of the Ameri
can Thanksgiving dinner table., For
this Is Turkeyvllle, In the heart of
Turkeyland a land of magnificent
distances, vast grain ranches and a
wealth of climate.1 which makes the
empire a natural ranging country for
the most beautiful and profitable of
our farmyard fowls. ,
Each town In Turkeyland has its
turkey dressing plant, to which all
turkeys intended for the holiday ta
ble, for many miles about, head early
In November. While a few are brought
in motor trucks, most of the thou
sands each plant prepares for market
are driven in great flocks, after the
fashion of trailing western cattle to
market. ' '
A dozen men are required to han
dle these large flocks, - and shelled
corn Is scattered to the leaders to
keep them moving. When night comes
a stop Is made under a grove of trees,
where the fowls may rest. Early the
next morning the Journey Is contin
ued, a man driving ahead in a cart and
scattering handfuls of corn now and
then, to keep the leaders headed in
the right direction.
Thus it is that, during the two or
three days prior to the big "turkey
day" celebration great flocks of tur
keys are being driven over many
roads toward the town. Sunrise of
the morning of the big event finds a
host of turks ready for the final dash
down the main street to the dressing
plant It also finds the multitude of
King Turkey's hinterland gathered
along the street to participate in the
After the flock has paraded into the
large corral of the dressing plant, and
the army of killers, pickers and pack
ers have started in dead earnest to
wind up the season's work, that the
refrleerator cars of dressed turkey
mav start on their long Journey across
the continent, the milling multitude
enjoys all manner or pastime, irom
real "turkey trot" dancing to gay cere
monies characteristic of tne soutn-
In the davs of the Pilgrims, flocks
of wild turkeys strutted in unrestrict
ed pride and splendor through the for
ests of New England. Doubtless the
red man Introduced the early settlers to
the creamy taste of the white and the.
succulence of the dark meat of the
fowl. From that good day to tbe pres
ent the turkey, either wild or tame,
hfla MntinnM to occudv the olace of
honor at the American Thanksgiving-
dinner. . '
' Its Name Mystery.
Just why this fowl should have been
named "turkey" In the English lan
guage no one seems to know. Tbe
realm of his sultanlc majesty had ne
more to do with the introduction of
the bird into polite society than did
Greenland. The real turkey la a bird
Indigenous to North America and was
from here introduced to the rest of tbe
The name possibly may be explained
by the peculiar call of the mother to
her chicks, which sounds very much
like "tur-r-k, tur-r-k, tur-r-k." ' At any
rate, there Is no relation between the
bird and the "country of the tame
The turkey was a favorite fowl
among the aboriginal Inhabitants of
America. It bad its habitat all over
that vast area, where grew its favor,
ite food Indian corn. When Cortes,
In 1510, reached the realm of the
Aztecs, Montezuma entertained him
with royal splendor, and among the
delicious viands set before tbe Spanish
invaders was roasted turkey.
North of the Bio Grande the turkey
vu well known and the adventurous
Coronado found It among the clIU
dwellers and other tribes he met on
hla expedition tbroueh what Is today
Texas, Arizona and New lsflcoj-r '
' S Editorial ; ,
In basketball one rule is, "the
team shall consist of five players.:
one eenter, two guards and two for
wards." If one player is going! to
play the game alone, why do they re
quire four other men? Because: it
tulcM ft men to t)lav the came cor
rectly and to win. If you have one
man who will not work witn tne
other four what good is he? They
cannot set their plays and cannot
have a good offensive. The defensive
will be nearly , as good because tne
"one man,- player" has a certain posi
tion to play and he has to be there
to break up the play; but to win you
must have a eood offensive and all
the players must cooperate. This is
also true on the football neia. iou
will finil certain individuals who think
the team cannot 'function without
them. This is especially true in the
back field.- They are always "nag-
a" nt the line for not ODenmK tip
holes in the opponents line; but they
will be stopped behind the une.ii
thir line fails to hold.' This shows
that neither the backfield or the line
can function without the other. ;A
player who plays individually is more
of a detriment than a help. , j
Xl . lei
; Glee Club !
The Glee club is practicing" pn
songs for Christmas.- One is a piece
by Work entitled ' "Grandfather s
Clock." They are also working pn
some Christmas carols. i .
Girls' Athletics (
Girls are having scrimmage now jn
place of exercises. They are being
played in all the positions to see
where they play best, - as there ' are
many who have never played befote.
Most of the girls left from last year
four are being played" in their
regular positions. These four made
letters last year and should be heard
from in a real way this year.
Faculty 1
Mr. BloomJs mother - and little
.r.iirar n visi'tino- at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Bloom. They all plan
on spending the Thanksgiving vaca
tion with one of Mr. Bloom's sisters
who lives at Olympia, Washington.:
Mr. Tilley was in walla waiia oai-
urday. ,.
Miss Cameron plans on spending
Thanksgiving vacation with her par
ents in Portland. , ;
J '( -" ,. (
, j Alumni
Eldon Myrick came over from Wal
la Walla and spent the week-end with
his parents. . ' .
Curtis Duffield was in Walla Wal
la Friday. v ,
John Kirk spent Saturday in Athe
tatt , lltisti: emmes imtt
NOW have the super powered Atwater
Kent Screen-Grid Set that revolution
ized radio, in an exquisite lowboy of rare
woods, with the true-toned Atwater Kent
' Electro-Dynamic Speaker at a price actu
ally lower than ordinary sets in ordinary
Come in -listen see how graceful, how
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r .;
MODEL 1055 . . Style and distinction in
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Harmonizes with any scheme of decoration.
Society News
The Girls' League met Tuesday af
ternoon at 3:15 p. m. in the auditor
ium: They talked of what work there
would be for the Philanthropic com
mittee to do for Christmas. They al
- ....Ucrui aendinir a box to the
t . niri Aid society in Port-
land, but they did not decide definite
ly on the plan as tney may cui.
their work to local vicinities.
Student Body
The student body play "The Goose
Hangs High" which' was given No
vember 14, resulted in-tne www
amount of S72.00 being turnea
the student body fund. This money
will be used to help put out the
annual at the end of the term.
Par annals
m1 Walter Singer
visited friends in Waitsburg, Sunday
Jack Moore motored to tieux, oun-
tey-. . . .... M,. rw
Rebert Lee visitea irienuu m
Father Berlin and Solista Pickett
: wolio Walla. Sunday.
Jim Wilson, Harold JUrK ana uieim
McCullough motored io renowwu
aatuiua;. ' ..... t 1.
Goldie Miller and marjone iuuBio
spent Saturday m Pendleton.
Roland Klcharos moioreo w
dleton, Friday.
Tnnlf Car From Parking
Floyd Pinkerion's car was taken
from the parking of the Baptist
church, Sunday evening," during B. Y.
P. U. service. Its loss was not dis
covered, however, until after church
service, when a searcn was maue aim
police notified. The car was found
later at the east ena oi laums uwi
where it had been left either because
of the inability of the driver to make
it operate, . or because the would be
thief was frightened away.
nffirial Maioritv 22.405
T.. Meier, independent can
didate for governor, was swept into
office by a majority vote of 22,405
over his three opponents. His total
vote was 135,608, according w com
plete official count tabulated Friday
by Hal E. Hoss, secretary of state.
Edward Bailey, Democratic candidate,
received 62,452 votes; Phil Metschan,
Republican, 46,840; AiDen otreiu,
Socialist-Independent, avit.
Auto Skids; One May Die
Mildred Waldron, Oak Grove, Or.,
was injured probably fatally and
Gladys Schellenberger, Portland, in
structor at a girl's school in Walla
Walla was badly hurt in a collision of
their car with a telephone pole late
Saturday night. Sam Gordon, negro
chef at the school and driver, also
waa ininrpH. . The foST nd sllBDerY
pavement were blamed for the trash.
Rogers H Goodmaa
' 7A Morranf i'Ia Trusr
Specialty Manufacturers
University of Oregon, Specialty
manufacturers in a large number of
lines are becoming firmly established
in Oregon, and in the future this
branch of commerce will become in
erpnsincrlv imnortant. it is declared by
Harry C Hawkins, professor of busi
ness administration at tne university
f Orpo-on with with L. E. Aneell.
research agent and formerly of the
department of commerce in Washing
ton, is making a survey of foreign
trade activities and potentialities of
Oregon business concerns.
H. A. Frick
Carpenter and Contractor
.Pendleton - Phone 1392J
Specializes in
Weather Stripping
Real Estate
Wheat Alfalfa and
Stock Land
L. L. Montagne, Arlington
Pleads Guilty to Sale
and Possession
B. B. Richards, when in
terviewed by the Press
man, pleaded guilty to the
sale of the best insurance
obtainable for the money
and possession of more
policies in reserve ready
at a moments notice for
your use and purpose. A
policy for every hazzard.
Bring in Your Bent
and Sprung Axles:
Acetylene Welding and Black
smithing C. M. Jones Blacksmith Shop
"The Choice of Women who Care!"
Athena Beauty Shop
Sadie Pambrun, Operator
Phone 32
The Athena Hotel
Court com Treatment, Cleaa Beds
Good Meal
- Tourists Mads Welcome
Special Attention Given
to 11 obj t Patrons
Corner Maia and Third
Athena, Oregon
Work Shoes
Dress Shoes
Garner Stands Back of
Their Quality
Priced Right!
Ice :
Bell & Gray
' Phone 593
Two Auto
Truck Drays
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We Can
Cast Your
The installation of an
Electricaater Stereotyp
ing Machine make It
possible for us to accom
modate our merchant
advertiser and others
in the matter of making
printing plates from
matrices. 1 1 means a val
uable addition to our
eouipmcntin thematter
of serving our patroiaa.