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    THE PRESS. "ATTTF.WA ATiV.fin'hl KfWWKimvv oq iga
Sto Maui 3?ss
wake four dead and scores injured
from falling debris. The fifty mile
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Athena, Oregon, November 28, 1930
ings and entailed thousands of dollars
loss to fruit farms. More than any
thing eke that could be a detriment
to Southern California's lure to tour
ists from the " storm-ridden prairie
state would be more storms.
Clark Wood Says
"Al Capone is said to be the
of a big Chicago
'angel' back
t soup house, but his pineapples
J are reserved for other purposes
than dessert."
After more than forty-two years
of service in the United States Army,
General Summerall, chief of staff, has
passed into retirement. During his
long service General Summerall has
seen the army which he entered as
a second lieutenant, under every vi
cissitude in peace and in war, and be
it said of him that as an officer and
a man he will be greatly missed by
the rank and file of the service for
which he has done so much toward
development of efficiency.
The Forest Service bulletin gives
the information that annnrtinnment
of $9,500,000 in forest hiehway funds Every county in Oregon, 25 other
this fall to 29 states and 2 territories state' 3 stories nd even foreign
is making possible more rapid road countrieB are represented by students
construction on the national forests. at Oregon State college this year, a
savs the U. S. forest service. Port- "cent report shows. Of the 3321
land. Oregon will receive $1,334.- studenU in regular courses this fall,
195 or an increase of .$701,557 and 243 come ,rom the 36 Oregon coun
Washington $669,555 or an increase lie8.
of $336,939 over 1930 allotment. In O-
most of the regions receiving forest Guns barked in St Louis when her
highway funds, the allocated amount Cucko gangsters staged a family
will be more than double that of the Wrrel kmi"8r one of their number
last fiscal vear. For 1930. Oregon and fatally wounding another. Hun.
was apportioned $632,638, and Wash- dreds o shot8 were firel m putting
ineton $332,614. so that the new the two on the spot and its a shame
amounts are over twice the former 80 much lead and Powder was wasted
figures. For five Years the annual
federal appropriation for forest high- Four major measures, tax, power,
ways has been $4,500,000. Under rate regulation and roads will give
provisions of the Oddie-Colton law. an tne members at the approaching ses
additional fund of $5,000,000 became 8ion of the Oregon legislature some
' .... ... .
thing to do, aside from the usual
quota of legislation. And all for $3
per each working day of the session.
Two ounce eggs, with fine smooth
shells are best for hatching purposes
Oregon State college informs us. And
two ounce eggs, with fine smooth
a given state to the sneIls are best th a couple of slices
available for the first time last July,
to be used in the current fiscal year.
Division of these funds for construc
tion of highways within and adjacent
to national forests is made on the
basis of area and value of the forests.
Half the amount is apportioned ac
cording to the ratio of the national
forest area in
total area of all the national forests.
The other half is divided in propor
tion to the value of the national for
est lands in each state. This road-
I of toast, bacon and coffee for break
Once in a while you hear of a brok
building activity, more than doubled er trying to do something else. Men
this year, is part of a continuing pro- tion is made of Roy W. Ammel, Chi
gram. An equal amount of federal cago broker cracking up in his plane
funds has already been appropriated I when he started on his return flight
for the work in the fiscal year 1932 from the canal zone,
-o o-
Johnnv O'Neil. old-time Colorado ine ureKon Journal appears to be
. .. .. imVinoJ u.ili tV.. IA !..
gaming sport, was undoubtedly a " "": IUCO ""B
queer duck. When he died several Louck 8 principal weapon of defense
years ago, the family found several
thousand dollars in currency in his
clothes, together with a couple of lib
erty bonds. The other day when the
widow was cleaning up the wood shed,
one of a number of old cans' would
not push aside at the whisk of her
broom. Raising the lid, Mrs. O'Neil
was dumfounded to behold stacks of
is a copious flow of tears; having a
marked effect upon the Portland po
lice department.
As a diplomat Johnny Bull "is
there," to put it in U. S. language.
At a recent round-table he sent India
back home with a few drops of tea in
her cup of hope, feeling tip-top,
$20 gold pieces, and begorra neither thank yu!
could she lift the can
(ffl. 1I1S. Western Newipaper Union.)
Laugh and the world laughs with
Weep and you weep alone.
For this old array earth has need -.
t ot your mirth.
It has sorrow enough of Its own.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox.
-They tell ns there Is nothing new
tinder the sun and he that discovers
a new star is not nearly
so Important as he who
discovers a new dish, as
we already have all the
stars we need, but can
always enjoy a new dish.
Some ood lover of
spinach has added an
other way to make it at
tractive. Serve it well cooked and
seasoned with two or three sections
of luscious grapefruit atop each
serving gi ving a tart taste to the vege
table which makes it more palatable.
Grapefruit French Dressing. Take
one teaspoonful of salt, one-half tea
spoonful of paprika, three tablespoon
fuls of grapefruit juice and one-half
cupful of salad oil. Mix the season
ing well, add the fruit Juice and oil
and shake or beat until slightly thick
ened. A small piece of ice added to
mixture will hasten the mixing.
Golden Fruit Salad Dressing. Take
the Juice of a large orange, the Juice
of half a lemon, one tablespoonful ol
butter, one-fourth of a cupful of sugar,
two egg yolks and one-half cupful ot
cream, whipped. Melt the butter In
a double boiler top, add the fruit
Juices, sugar and slightly beaten yolks
or the eggs. Cook over a low flame
until thick, stirring constantly. Cool.
Fold in whipped cream just before
serving. If one has canned grapefruit
one cupful of the Juice may take the
place of the orange and lemon.
Molded Cheese With Fruit Fflllno.
Take a tablespoonful of gelatin, dis
solve In one4ourth cupful of cold
water, add one cupful of boiling water
or the fruit Juice may be used in
place of the water: add one-fourth
teaspoonful of salt, one cupful of
whipped cream, one chopped pimento.
one-half green pepper chopped and one
small onion chopped, one 'ounce' of
roquefort cheese, one cream cheese'
and one can of grapefruit Soak .the
gelatin and when it begins to thicken
fold In the cheese and whipped cream.
Pour Into a ring mold and chill. Servo
with tne drained grapefruit la the
center. . ' .'
23 Years Ago
' Friday, November 22, 1907
The members of the Friday Night
Skating Club and invited guests had
a most enjoyable time Friday eve
ning participating in the panic party.
For the most part the costumes were
gorgeous and elicited applause and
comment ' Miss Maud Gholson was
awarded the prize for wearing the
most appropriate costume and. the
gentlemen's honors went to Mr. Fred
Land that was abandoned by home
steaders who came to Echo in the
early days is being filed on. It has
been shown that it is among the very
best wheat land in the west end of
Umatilla county. It lies from two to
12 miles southwest of Echo and those
who are now filing on it in 160 acre
tracts expect to make some of the
best farms in this section. Early
settlers on some of these lands had
planted poplar trees and had made
all arrangements to locate'permanent
ly, but abandoned their claims for
land they thought might be better.
Since then it has been lying idle.
Earl Dudley and Marion Hansell de
parted Monday for the haunts of the
wild goose on the Columbia river.
Miss Mabel Jenkins is expected to
arrive in Athena soon, accompanying
Mr. and Mrs. O. A.- Rhodes from Hood
River. . . . . '
Fred Ruble, a pharmacist, formerly
employed at the Pioneer drug store, is
now a resident of Walla Walla, and
works for the Shelton Drug Co.
W. W. Jacobs has been making im
provements on his residence property
at the corner of Third and Jefferson
streets, opposite the M. E. church. .
Mr. and Mrs. J. N. B. Gerking left
yesterday for Laidlaw. Crook county.
They were accompanied by their son
Charles, who will spend the winter on
the Sound and in California.
A masquerade ball will be given at
the Athena opera house on Thanks
giving night. LaBrache Bros., orches
tra will furnish the music and supper
will be served in the opera house.
Mrs. William Tompkins realized the
neat sum of $14.50 as the receipts for
the tea and lunch served at her home
last Saturday afternoon. The money
was turned into the Aid society fund.
The goose hunting party consisting
of Charley Smith, Will Harden, El
mer Connick and Wm. Winship re
turned home Saturday, having bagged
21 geese on the trip. They were gone
about a week.
F. S. LeGrow, accompanied by Sam
Pambrun returned Sunday from the
Crab creek stock range. Mr. LeGrow
brought down 350 head of cattle which
he will winter in the Cold Springs
Craig Wilkinson and Alfred Lowen-
gart left yesterday for Cambridge,
Idaho, where they will remain during,
the winter. They went by team, mak
ing the drive across the mountains in
company with another man.
Miss Merna DePeatt was stricken
with another attack of illness Tues
day morning, which her physicians
pronounce appendicitis. The little
girl is very much better at present
and an immediate operation will not
be necessary.
. Miss Gladys Bush is up from the
farm of her grandparents on Birch
creek, where she has spent the past
summer. i
Orie Zerba, who some months ago
went to Myrtle, Idaho, to reside, Re
turned to Athena this week with his
family. He lost his entire crop this
season in a hail storm, and his opinion
of Idaho, or the portion where he Re
sided, at least, is not very flattering.
Another disastrous wreck occur
red on the Northern Pacific in Van
sycle canyon, north of Adams, Tues
night. ' Nine cars, loaded with grain,
left the track. None of the train men
were injured. The wreck took place
on the heavy grade where a train of
cattle was. ditched several weeks ago,
the -reason for the wreck being the
same speed of engine beyond control.
"Are You Satisfied"
with your personal appearance? j
Try a -famous Marinello facial or a more ad
vanced one in muscle toning to build up those sag
ging facial muscles or reduce that double chin. We
also specialize in tinting gray or faded hair to re
store its natural color and lustre. " b-; ;-;
In fact we can serve you well in : all : lines of
beauty culture and tonsorial work.;
Nestle Le Mur Permanent Wave,
Phone 492 .. , :
When count
cd, Mrs. O'Neil found she had $15,-
And how those Whitman lads
000 for herself and the kiddies, now and Particularly one, young Apple-
.... I nolo (nu l.n Will m.H ! M
grown, she wrote one of her daugn
tors, Mrs. Blanche Ianson of Port
land, in substance, "we've found
father's gold," and she is still snook- J
ing around the place for more.
gate tore up Willamette's ol' grid
iron, Saturday afternoon and won,
Just another little tax reminder
For many years candy and other
sweets have been portioned out spar
ingly to the children of careful par
ents on the grounds that too much
of it would "rot the teeth." Today
this indictment against too much
From July 1, 1928 to July 1, 1930
Oregon cities had increased bonded
indebtedness in round figures, $6,000,
Aimee McPherson, after a prolong
ed rest-cure in the east is headed for
hnma anrl innilanf a lit mAra Virain.
of foods and nutrition at Oregon
Stnte college. They are still consider
ed bad for the child's teeth, not be
cause of any tendency to rot them,
but for the same reason that they are
bad for the rest of the body simply
that they dull the child's appetite for
foods containing vitamins, minerals
and other substances necessary for
Lobby Birds May Desert Old
Roosts. Headline, Yeah, but who will
take their places?
Frick's Metal Weather Stripping is
The federal government is after Al
Capone, not so much for the reason
that he is a criminal, a racketeer, but
because Al has gone delinquent in
paying his income tax. It will be in
teresting, to say the least, to see three full lots.
what success the department of in- Athena.
ternal revenue has in collecting from
the world's arch criminal a crimin
al so influential that he is permitted
to live on a million dollar Florida
estate and dictate from there gang
tribute from legitimate business and
industry extending from the city of
Chicago to the state of California
Hay for Sale Wheat hay for Bale.
F. J. Jackson.
For Sale For good, dry wood, see
R. B. McEwen.
For Sale Eight room house and
Mrs. S. F. Sharp,
Notice is hereby criven. that the
undersigned has been appointed ad-
iiniuBi.riti.rix ui me estate oi rteea
Hill, deceased, in the County Court of
the State of Oregon, for Umatilla
All persons having claims against
the said estate are hereby required
to present such claims duly verified,
and with proper vouchers attached, to
the undersigned at the office of Raley,
Raley & Warner, in the Frist Nation
al Bank Building, in Pendleton, Ore
gon, within six months from date of
this notice, the same being dated and
published the first time this 7th day
of November, 1930. '
As Administratrix of the Estate of
Reed Hill, deceased. r
Raley, Raley & Warner, John F.
Kilkenny & Alfred F. Cunha, Pendle- j
ton, Oregon, Attorneys for Adminis
tratrix. N7D5
- Ben Bateman :
Expert in Body Correction 4 uses
hand vibration, posturing, diet,' mas
sage, baths, corrective exercises and
sun lamp .and rays, mental gym
nastics, specific for each case. Office
in Foss house in North Athena.
Dr. W. Boyd Whyte
Stangier Building. Phone 706
Pendleton. Oregon. 957 J
For Sale Three full-blooded Jersey
bull calves. Floyd Pinkerton, Athe
na, phone 26F5.
Eyes exnmined, glasses properly
fitted at Schncller's, 39 East Main.
Walla Walla,
The Chicago Tribune points out
that "time cracks and splinters under
the sledges of science." It observes
that a hundred years ago it took at
least three months for a message to
go from Ixmdon to Chicago. In 1850,
five weeks wore necessary. By 1900
this time had been reduced to hulf
an hour. Now, with the telephone,
the time element has almost entire
ly disappeared. Words spoken in
London or Parts or Buenos Aires-
are heard at the same instant in
Chicago or any other American community.
For Sale Two registered Guernsey
bull calves at $75 and $25. Louie
Ringel, Athena, phone 82F21.
Not 10 long ago a storm of cyclonic
proportion visited the Los Angeles
district and Saturday a second visita
tion in the same locality left in iis
Bruno Weber
Repair Work
Prices Reasonable
Successor To
Physician and Surgeon
Dr. Sharp's Office
Office Hours at Athena 1 to 6 p. m.
Phone 462. Office Hours at Weston
8 a. m. to 12 noon. Phone 83. Calls
made day or night
v .Dentist
Post Building, Athena. Thone 582
Attorney s-At-Law
Main Street Athena, Oregon
State and Federal Court Practice
Attorney! at Law
Stangier . Building. Pendleton, Oregon
Practice in all State and Federal
Main St EE BILL Athena
Tum-A-Lum Tickler
Published in the intesesta of the people of Athena and vicinity by
VoL 30
Athena, Oregon, November 28
No. 45
Now that Thanksgiving has
been given and we are almost
through eating up what was
left of the turkey, we are re
minded of "a story, which goes,
"Dear, tomorrow is our tenth
wedding anniversary. Shall I
kill the turkey?" "I suppose
so," answered the Tiusband, "but
why put the blame on the poor
Some people are born lazy.
Others just hate to carry out
ashes. Insulate and save your
self a lot of work, both in
carrying ashes and tending to
the fire.
. Place that order today for a
new set of kitchen cupboards
and built-in fixtures for your
wife's Christmas present
Never in the last fifteen years
has lumber and building mater
ials been so low in price. Lum
ber and millwork, i including
doors, windows, kitchen cup
boards and shingles for a beau
tiful down-to-the-minute five
room house may be purchased
for as low' as $745.00, depend
ing of course on size of the
house and quality of materials.
If you are interested, call and
we will be glad to place our free
architectural service . at . your
Call 91 for that load of TUM-A-LUMP
High Heat Content
coal. It makes you hot.
A girl named Anna knowed
her raisins when she made a
. date with a prune, named Bart- ;
lett, for whom she didn't care
a fig. She said to be a peach ;
and they make a Bartlett pair.
She is the apple of his eye, and '
while she has a cherry disposi- ',
tion, she frequently hands him
a lemon. This is plum wrong
and he ought to ban Anna, but i
our saying so is fruitless.
"Been West, eh?" !
"Yes." '
: "Of all the things you saw
what impressed you most?"
"An Indian wearing a straw '
hat." '..'.'
The Military BiM
The wild geese and ducks are arriving on their
annual migration from the great north: s . ;
The goose, the noblest of all game birds, is the
only bird who conducts his affairs in military order.
He flies in perfect formation, wears a beautiful uni
form and places sentinels when in campsi He is a
wary fellow and it is the keen sportsman who can
out-general him. . : -
For the accommodation of the particular' and
discriminating hunter, we carry a stock of IF M C
Ammunition. vOur Remington long range ijoads
will out shoot, shell for shellany make or! brand -of
heavy, long range loads on the market. '
Gallaher's Garage V I
J. E. Gallaher Athena Phone 471
Continental Oil Company
Always at Your Service 7 .
Athena Service Station
Gas,ils, Greasing
Automobile Accessories Tires
BRYCE BAKER, Prop. . . Athena, . ". Phone 762
We Have the Best
Eastern Fried Oysters
Hot Tamales
Chili Beans
' rs r- p -t
. . .
1 " . r ,
Walla Walla General Hospital :
A modern non sectarian fifty bed hospital, with
all up to date modern hospital facilities for the care
of patients. .
X-Kav and bacteriological labortories, washed air ;
Only graduate nurses are employed and their ser
vices are included at the regular rates which "are
$3.50 o $6.00
Special nurses extra. Your interest and patronage
is solicited. Phone 480.
Farmers Grain Elevator
Grian 'and Feed ' v
A Full Line of Sperrys Chick Feed
Phone 382 LEE WILSON, M'gr-
We Have the Agency' ::
For the v .
Macy Tailoring System
of America ;
Twin City Cleaners
Phone 492 '. J :" " :
T. E. Smith, Prop. Freewater, Oregon '
Reduction In Electric
Lighi Rates
The following reduction in Electric light rates will
be in effect on and after March 15, 1929: ; - . f
Residential Rates , . ,
First 30 KWH hours used, per month...!0c per KWH
Excess over 30 KWH used, per month..3c per KWH -
The above rates apply when bills are paid in full within' 10 days '
rrom date of bill. Otherwise, the rate will be increased by 10 per '
cent on each item. '.. - - Vr
Commercial Rates v . . ? v u-v
-First 100 KWH used per month .10c per KWH
SeS 7c perKWH
Next 300. -6cperKWH
Next 400 -5cperKWlT;:
Next 1000. .....4cperKWH-
Excess over 2000 ; .3c per KWH
The bove rates apply when bills are paid in full within 10 days
from date of biU. Otherwise, the rate will be increased by 10 per
cent on each item. ". .
Preston-Shaffer. Milling Company i ; ;