The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, October 31, 1930, Image 3

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Dirt and Dandruff can not remain in the same
scalp with Fitch D. R. Shampoo. Give yourself
a treat 'and try one. Also retail size bottle.
, -, Phone 492 - ' '
Continental Oil Company
Always at Your Service
Athena Service Station
Gas, Oils, Greasing
Automobile Accessories Tires
BRYCE BAKER, Prop. . . Athena, .. . Phone 762
r- .., . ... .. . , ..
Higli School Notes
The Military Sird
The wild geese and ducks are arriving on their
annual migration from the great north.
'. - ..The' goose, the noblest of all game birds, is the
only bird who conducts his affairs in military order.
He flies in perfect formation, wears a beautiful uni
form and places sentinels when in camps. He is a
wary fellow and it is the keen sportsman who can
out-general him. .
For the accommodation of the particular and
discriminating hunter, we carry a stock of UMC
Ammunition. Our Remington long range loads
will out shoot, shell for shell, any make or brand of
heavy, long, range loads on the market.
Gallaher's Garage
J. E. Gallaher
Phone 471
3aM (Miu
1 (Arleen Myrick)
"Talkies" are much more advanced
and nought by the public than the old
silent pictures. In these person
gets the full benefit of seeing the
pictures, which he did with the silent
ones, plus the sound. Taking every
thing into consideration, "talkies" are
much better than silent pictures. But
are "talkies" n school any better than
silent ones? These are not picture
shows but pupils who, while they are
supposed to be studying, talk so as to
be heard. Maybe they think the rest
of the students will enjoy it more, as
they do. "talkie" shows. But this is
not right and these pupils are not
sought, unless by the teachers to
punish them. In our study-hall there
are quite a few, of these so-called
"school talkies." .Maybe they got
their idea from shows. If this is the
case which, surely cannot be, then
"talkies" "are not better than silent
ones. But as a rule the pupils just
get the idea themselves to keep the
rest from studying. Let us all go to
"talkies" and enjoy them but not try
to imitate them at school.
r Honor Roll
The following students had no
grades below a two on their report
cards for the first six weeks. A two
is between eighty-six and ninety
three per cent.
Freshmen: Walter Singer, Mary
Jane Miller. - Sophomores: Bonnie Al
kire, Helen Barrett, Velma Ross,
Doris Street Juniors: Marjorie Doug
las, Betty Eager, Mildred Hansell,
Arleen Myrick. Seniors: Stafford
Hansell. . . -
Student Body
The high school student body en
joyed a program Monday morning,
given by the seventh and eighth
grades, directed by their teacher, Mr.
Miller. These programs are to be
presented by the different grades
every week. The program was as
follows: Song Oregon My - Oregon,
7th and 8th grades; recitation, Gene
vieve Barrett; pantimime "Three
Wishes," Aaron Douglas, Arleen Fds
ter, Jack Miller, Bud Weber, Barbara
Lee and Doris Jenkins.
Society News
Girls' League met Tuesday at 3:30
p. m. in the auditorium. Marjorie
Douglas, chairman of the social com
mittee, reported that she and her
committee had planned the Hallowe'en
party for the League, to be Saturday,
October 25, and they had decided to
invite the student body. The chair
man of the finance committee, Velma
Ross, stated that the committee had
some plans in mind but they have riot
yet perfected them. After this a
short program, consisting of the fol
lowing numbers, was given: ; piano
solo, "Mattinetta," Esther Berlin;
reading, "Mia Carlotta," Helen Bar
rett: niano solo. "Pierrot and Pier
rette," Marjorie Montague. .
A unique Hallowe'en ' party was
given by the Girls' League Saturday,
October 25. It was given for the
League and the high school student
body. The party was planned and
carried out exclusively by the social
committee. ; Many good games, that
were very different, were played in
the party room and later in the gym
nasium. Later in the evening re
freshments of doughnuts and cider
were served.
Athena went to Kennewick last Fri
day, and after a very rough game
came out loser by a score of 12 to 0.
Kennewick made a touchdown in
the first quarter but failed to make
the try-for-pomt. ine Atnena Doys
Hsmm) t.n tw cpt.tiner more than their
share of injuries. Lowell Jenkins re
ceived a severe -blow on tne dsck
which caused him to leave the game.
Several more were hurt temnorarily.
but none of theinjuries were serious
enough to force the boys out oi tne
Grade News
First and Second Grades
Donald Mayberry has returned af
ter a recent illness.
i Loraine Peterson is absent from
school. He is bothered with ear
trouble and is unable to attend.
Third and Fourth Grades
fiarrett and Robert May-
berry have returned after recent ill
ness. '.
' The third and fourth grades will put
on the program in assembly next Fri
day. Fifth and Sixth Grades
Bettv Geiss was absent from school
last Thursday.
The fifth and sixth grades have a
new desism on their sand table. It
now is a miniature Indian village.
The fifth and sixth grades received
a letter from a Grenola, Kansas,
school where a friend of Miss Lee
teaches. They sent a cotton plant as
a symbol of their state. The sixth
is coinc to send something to
them as a symbol of the state of Ore
gon. They are going to exchange
bits of news that will help in their
geography classes.
Seventh and Eighth Grades
Daniel Reeder is back to his stu
dies after an absence of three days.
. Mrs. Milton Miller taught the
seventh and eighth grades while Mr.
Miller attended the Athena-Kenne-wick
football game. , '
Against Excessive
PiiMic elits
; awul
: Unlimited'-"--!
Increases in Yoiii
The power districts amendment would
permit political speculation and "high
finance". . . without any limit . . . at the
expense of every taxpayer in the state.
Paid Advertisement
H. L. WALTHER. Manager
. i : 206 Sixth Street, Portland, Oregoo
Hear . . . ;
..T..T..T..T..T..T..T..T..T..T..T..T..T..T.....T ...T..T...T T
.... "S ..f $
I 1 ill! 1
1 kfc
..J' '
SEE the 1930 Atwaver Kent in our window, with
the blue ribbon around it. Come inside and
sample its blue-ribbon performance. It's a winner
for natural tone, mighty range, flexible volume,
abundant power, needle-point selectivity, beauty
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ments. NOW!
Rogers Goodman
(A Mercantile Trust)
(Equity No. 4950)
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon for Umatilla County.
H. A. Street and Betha C. Street,
husband and wife, Plaintiffs, .
Inez Westerdale and A. M. Wester
dale, her husband; Carrie M. Shook
and Samuel W. Shook, her husband;
Jane Doe Davis and F. A. Davis,
her husband; Pike Steel and Jane
Doe Steel, his wife; Also all other
persons or parties unknown claim
ing any right, title, estate, lien or
interest in the real estate described
- in the complaint herein, Defendants.
To Inez Westerdale and A. M. West
erdale, her husband: Carrie M.
Shook and Samuel W. Shook, her
husband; Jane Doe Davis and F. A.
Davis, her husband; Pike Steel and
Jane Doe Steel, his wife; Also all
' other persons unknown claiming
any right, title, estate, lien or in
. terest in the real estate described
in the complaint -herein, the above
named defendants:
In the name of the State of Oregon:
you are hereby required to appear
and answer the complaint filled
against you in the above entitled
court and cause within four weeks
from the date of the first publication
of this summons and if you fail to so
appear and answer, for want there
of, plaintiffs will apply to said court
for the relief prayed for and demand
ed in said complaint, to-wit; A decree
that plaintiffs have an interest and
estate in the following described
Isnds, to-wit:
Lot 11 in the Southeast quarter and
the Northwest quarter or the boutn
east' quarter and the South Half of
the Southwest quarter of the North
east quarter of bection a, m l own
ship 3 North, of Range 35 EWM; ex
cept the following described acre
which was sold to School District No.
11; Commencing at the Southwest
corner of Lot 11 in the Southeast
quarter of Section 3, Township 3
North, Range 35 EWM., as a starting
point, thence run due North on the
quarter Section line 11 2-3 rods,
thence at right angles due East 11 2-3
rods, thence at right angles due South
11 2-3 rods, thence at right angles
due West 11 2-3 rods to the point of
And that olaintiffs have such in
terest and estate in said land free
from any right, title, estate, lien or
interest of you, and each of you, and
that you, or any one or more oi you,
have no right, title, estate, lien or in
terest in said land, or in any part
thereof, and perpetually restraining
and enjoining you, and each of you,
your heirs and assigns, from assert
ing or claiming any right, title, es
tate, lien or interest in said land, or
in any part thereof, adverse to plain
tiffs. ,
This summons is served upon you
by publication thereof for four uc
cessive weeks in the Athena Press by
order of Honorable James Alger Fee,
Judge of the Court above named, and
which said order was made and dated
the 21t day of October,. 1930, and the
date of first publication of this -summons
is the 24th day of October, 1930.
I. M. Schannep, Attorney for Plain
tiffs, Postoffice address, Pendleton,
orecu .;..02:N21
Physician and Surgeon
Dr. Sharp's Office
Office Hours at Athena 1 to 5 p. m.
Phone 462. Office Hours at Weston
8 a. m. to 12 noon. Phone 83. Calls
made day or night.
Post Building, Athena. Phone S82
Dr. W. Boyd Whyte
Stangier Building, Phone 704
Pendleton, Oregon, 957 J
Main Street, Athena, Oregon
State and Federal Court Practice
Attorney! at Law
Stangier Building, Pendleton, Oregon.
Practice in all State and Federal
Main St H. H. HILL Athena
"The Choice of Women who Care!"
Athena Beauty Shop
Sadie Pambrun, Operator
Phone 82
Work Shoes
Dress Shoes
Garner Stands Back of
- Their Quality
Priced. Right!
Bring in Your Bent
and Sprung Axles
Acetylene Welding and Black
smithing C. M. Jones Blacksmith Shop
H. A. Frick
Carpenter and Contractor .
Pendleton - - - Phone 1392 J
Specializes In
Weather Stripping
Real Estate
Wheat. Alfalfa and
Stock Land
L. L. Montague, Arlington
Pleads Guilty to Sale
and Possession
B. B. Richards, when in
terviewed by the Press
man, pleaded guilty to the
sale of the best insurance
obtainable for the money
and possession of more
policies in reserve ready
at a moments notice for
your use and purpose. A
policy for every hazzard.