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Home; Study Courses An
nounced. May' Reach Most
!, 'Remote Homemaker. r
Oregon State College. -.Oregon
housewives in the meet Isolated sec
tions of the state are not too remote
to take real college work in courses
in homemaking if they are within
reach of the United States mail or the
radio. Under an expanded plan pf
home study courses under auspices of
the .Oregon State college extension
service, the school of home economics
is ready to take the latest information
on the business of running a home
into every household in the state that
desires it.";
Four plans are' availableepending
on the desires, needs, previous . pre
paration and location of the prospec
tive student. If she lives iii .Port
land, actual extension " classes ! for
credit conducted there are available.
If she lives elsewhere arid desires
credit courses these may be had . by
correspondence. Three such courses
available anytime this year are
"Household Management," "Child De
velopment and "Clothing Selection."
These duplicate courses are actually
given on the campus arid may be sub
stituted for them. Jv.
For those wanting systematic in
struction but " not for credit, the
school is offering three non-credit
courses on the subjects of "Family
Life,' "Behavior Problems of Chil
dren," and'" "Personal and "Family
Finances." These may be had com
plete in fix lessons each for 50 cents
to cover mailing and mimeographing.
' A final plan for those who prefer
their , study by radio, is the forma
tion of ; radio Jcluhs. f oTmed so 1 that
groups of any size may meet and lis
ten' to a lecture on parent-child re
lations on alternate Tuesdays and fol
low a prepared outline for club study
in supplementing the lectures, r r
Complete information" on all-of these
plans, of home study may be had by
writing the college for a" new. cata
logue of extension courses.
s .. Stricklin, New Engineer ,
Charles ' E. Stricklin,". assistant
state engineer since 1920, became
state engineer through appointment
by - Governor Norblad with the ap
proval ofthe other two members of
the reclamation commission. Strick
lin, a native of Oregon, was born in
Gilliam county. He is a graduate of
the -old Weston normal school, and
majored in engineering at Oregon
State College.'
-' Oregon Pioneer Merchant
Samuel Rothchild, pioneer. Oregon
merchant and father of Walter Roth
child, . San- Francisco attorney, died
at his home in that city at the age of
87.- Rothchild was born in Germany
and" came to America as a boy. He
settled in' Pendleton in the pioneer
days. Since his retirement, 14 years
ago, he made his home in San Fran
cisco, with, his son.
Norblad Refuses To Call
Lawmakers In An Extra
- Session At This Time
Salem. Declaring that circum
stances do not warrant the expense
involved in a special legislative ses
sion at this time, Governor Norblad
has announced that he would not con
vene, the Oregon lawmakers this fall,
as has been urged, to consider propos
ed amendments to the state's water
power laws. .
The governor's" decision la based up
on a careful study of the opinion pre
pared by Attorney-General Van Win
kle touching upon questions propound
ed by the governor some time ago and
dealing with various phases ' of the
water power situation.
"Under the circumstances, I do not
feel ' that there is any urgent neces
sity' for immediate action " which
would justify me in calling the legis
lature into special session at this
time," the governor declared. .
"According to the opinion of the
attorney-general, the state already
has laws on its statute books which t possible for incorporated
cities and towns to condemn and take
over water power projects developed
by private corporations, even after
the sam e have been constructed," the
governor pointed out. v .
"This was one of ; the important
points which I wanted cleared up be
fore making up my mind as to the
special session.
"While the law makes no provision
whereby the state can take over these
power projects, this defect can just as
well be remedied at the regular ses
sion of the legislature. V Y
"There is no question in my mind
but that the water laws of the state
need a lot of revision, but these
amendments can be made when the
lawmakers meet' here in regular ses
sion next November, and I see no
pressing necessity such as would jus
tify my calling a special session."
Touching upon the right of the state
to levy a tax against the use of its
water resources, the governor ' points
out that the attorney-general's opin
ion holds that such a right already
Store Keeper Kills a .
Deer From His Doorway
Cottage Grove. Shooting a deer
from the door of a store on a main
highway is the experience of Wes
Chrisman, keeper of the Bedrock
store on the Bow river road, one of
the most heavily ' traveled - roads of
this section.
On the opening day of the season
he stood in the door of his store at
9 a. m. watching a string of cars
bearing hunters go whizzing by to
wards the big woods. There came a
gap in the string. Wes looked up and
saw a forked horn across the river,
to which it had come for a drink. He
slipped into his store, ' grabbed 1 his
.30-.30, slipped as quietly back, raised
the gun and sighted. There was a
flash and a rumble and a monarch of
the woodlands lay wounded fatally on
the south floor of Bedrock. It was a
clean 65-yard shot.
Other cars bearing hunters went
whizzing by while Wes dressed his
front-door kill.
Watch Our Window
I For Bargins
We "will display quality goods at discounts'
ranging from. 20 to 75 per cent
. Have Your Cylinders Reconditioned
with our latest model Reboring Machine, and
your bid motor made like new. ' ; 1 r
Expert Welding and Battery Work
- ; (George Smith;' Mechanic) :
ry it Y
baiiajver s
J. E. Gallaher Athena
Phone 471
We carry the best
That Money Buys
Kippered Sanson,' all Kinds of Salt Fish.. Fresh
Fish, Oysters, Crabs, Clams, Kraut in Season.
Main Street . ' , Athena, Oregon.
Liquor Ring Which Sup-
plied Student Bodies Is
Believed To BeBroken Up
Moscow, Idaho. A bootlegging ring
shipping alcohol here and to Pullman,
Wash., from California and retailing
it to students of the state university
here and Washington State college at
Pullman, was believed broken up here
this week with the arrest of C. B.
Lawson, 27, and his wife, Mildred, 24.
They were taken on a highway near
this city and Sheriff Charlie Summer
field, operating with federal agents,
declared five gallons of grain alcohol
doctored to represent gin, were con
fiscated.4 He said the arrest followed
three weeks' investigation.
Ten and 15-gallon lots of alcohol
were shipped here under labels of
"anti-freeze" and "gears case oil," of
ficers declared. The Lawsons recent
ly rented a house here and the feder
al and state officers claim were doing
a wholesale business. Bound over on
charges of transportation, they, are
under bonds of $1000, not furnished.
Officers are attempting to locate
others believed in on the ring here,
and are tracing shipments of the con
traband from California.
Counties Given Share of
Automobile License Fund
Salem. Distribution of $1,936,
805.70 in automobile registration and
motor transportation funds to the 36
counties of Oregon was made by Hal
E. Hoss, secretary of state.
The amount included $1,882,860.96
of automobile registration fees, repre
senting one third of the net collec
tions from this source during the last
three months, and $53,944.74 of motor
transportation funds, representing one
fourth of the net collections from this
source during the quarter ending Sep
tember 15.
Distribution of both funds was made
on the basis ' of each county's con
tribution to the total fund , for the
The remainder of the fund, $3,765,-
721.92 from the automobile registra
tion receipts, and $161,834.23 from
the motor transportation fund, a total
of $3,927,556.15 has been placed to
the credit of the state highway de
A statement prepared by Hoss
showed that a total of $5,840,688.51
was collected in the automobile regis
tration department during the three-
month period. Refunds because of
duplications, etc., amounted to
$2,146.35 and administrative expenses
were $189,959.28, leaving a net of
$5,648,582.88 for apportionment be
tween the counties and the state high
way fund. Administrative expense
for., the quarter, Hoss said, amounted
to only 3 per cent, of gross receipts,
marking a new low figure in the cost
of operating the department.
Coming to
in Internal Medicine for the '
past eighteen years
Will be at
Office Hours: 9 a. m. to 12:30vp. m.
No Charge for Consultation
Dr. Mellenthin is a reeular graduate
in medicine and surgery and is licens
ed by the state of Oregon.
He does not operate for chronic ap
pendicitis, gall stones, ulcers of
stomach, tonsils or adenoids.
lie has to his credit wonderful re
sults in diseases of the stomach, liver,
bowels, blood, skin, nerves, heart.
kidney, bladder, bed wetting, catarrh,
weak lungs, rheumatism, sciatica,
leg ulcers and rectal ailments.
Below are the names of a few of
his many satisfied patients:
Mrs. Harriet Anstadt, Astoria,
Alfred Clemmens, Corvallis.
Chas Desch, Portland.
W. G. Grubbe. Albany.
Mrs. J. G. Huntsucker, Toledo. '
W. E. Hankins, Mt. Hebron, Calif.
Denver Kincaid, Ashland.
Bert Lampa, St. Helens. .
L. H. Martin, Moro,
F. O. Pollard, Yreka, Calif.
E. F. Smith, Heppner.
Mrs. Wm. Schuening, Helix.
Lee Oey, North Powder.
T. L. Shown, Goldendale.
Emma Turner, Mikkalo.
Henry Trowbridge, John Day,
J. H. Wood, Eugene.
V. P. Harris, Athena.
Mrs. B. Danks, Klamath Falls.
Mrs. Walter Scott, Mt Angel.
Henry Schultz, Pendleton.
Mrs. O. N. Kimball, Crabtree.
Mrs. Frank Simpson, Hood River.
Lee Slucher, La Grande.
Note above the exact date and
place! Permanent address: 268 So.
Serrano, Los Angeles, Calif.
Dr. Hodge Issues Valuable
Map of Use To Science
and All Travelers.
University ot Oregon, Eugene, Or.
(Special) For the use of travelers
and scientists alike, a topographical
map of the north central portion of
Oregon, south to Bend, east to Con
don, north to The Dalles and cutting
the Cascade range in the middle on
the west, has Just been completed by
Dr. Edwin T. Hodge, profeseor of eco
nomic geology in the Uuiversity ol
Oregon. Answering a long-felt rant to
geologists to have a topographic base
on which to plot the geology ot this
area, the map Is the most coincide ol
this kind to be made of any section in
Oregon. ...
J Not only scientist will be interest
ed in the map, Dr. Hodge believes, as
It will be of equal service to travel
ers, as it shows accurately every
stream, mountain and plain. A com
plete index, arranged to aid In quick
location of places, accompanies the
' map. ; Anyone interested may obtain
. it through the geology department foi
a nominal charge.
' Working under Dr. Hodge during
; the summers of each year eince 1926
were a number of geology students,
to whom is given a great deal ot credit
, for the immense amount ot field work
which went into the making ot the
map. They Included Ralph Tuck, Far
rell T. Barnes, John Butler, Don Wil
kinson, Clarence Dunbar, John Allen,
Harold Fisk, Allan Griggs, Dale Les
lie, Charles Marlatte, Robert Heitkem
iper, Thomas Thayer and Ed Thurston.
A geological map, for which this is
the base, wHI be completed by Dr.
Hodge this fall, when he will also
publish the results of his survey on
eastern Oregon, a project which has
taken the better part ot five years.
This study, it is believed, will have an
important bearing on economic prob
lems of Oregon, dealing as it does with
- economic problems of waterpower, Ir
rigation, deep well water supply and
mineral possibilities.
Repairing T
Have Your Typewriter
Cleaned and Overhauled
: During Vacation .
Terms Reasonable ;
Telephone 372
Coad's -Typewriter Shop
109 W Mala St. Walls Walla
Women Doctors Banned
by Colonial Lawmakers
.Though American women have
gained, in recent years,' considerable
prominence in the medical profession,
their achievement has not been effect
ed without effort, writes Capt. John
Lee Mnddox in the New York Evening
Tost. About the year 1638 Mrs. Jane
Hawkins was threatened with deporta
tion from the Colony of Massachusetts
if she did not get out within three
months, and she was warned not to
meddle, in the meantime, with surgery,
physic, plasters or oils. '
Again, about the year 1700, a Boston
physician wrote concerning a piece of
recent medical legislation : "It was
one of the happiest fruits of improved
medical education that by this bill
females were excluded from the prac
tice of medicine, and this only had
been effected by the united and perse
vering efforts of some of the most dis
tinguished men in the profession. The
act enjoined women not only from the
general practice of medicine, but also
from that of obstetrics."
Great East Indian Firm
"Tata Sons, Ltd.," is an Indian
house, founded by the late Jamsetjt
N. Tata, s Parsi merchant and indus
trial pioneer. The headquarters are
in Bombay, and the combined capital
of their undertakings is estimated at
$260,000,000, providing employment for
learly 250,000 people. v
i :...........,........MM....;;....;; $
' OA :
To Protect Margins
Farmers with loans of up to 75
per cent, of their wheat crop value
will not have to re-margin their loans
because of the slump in wheat prices.
This information was received by the
Pendleton Wheat Growers' co-opera
tive in a telegram from San R. Mc
Kelvie of the federal farm board. He
said the national grain corporation
would protect margins on primary
Chrysler Reduces Price
Effective at once prices on the
Chrysler Six are reduced, according to
information received by dealers. List
prices ranges from $745 to $875 at the
factory, which brings the Portland
delivered price of the standard four
door sedan under $1000.
Frick's Metal Weather Stripping is
For Rent A comfortable home in
Athena. Enquire at the Press office.
For Sale A well bred Lincoln Ram
for sale. Chas. Betts. Athena, phone
30F13. ' .
Longer Range with SuperX '
The famous Supcr'X sheik increase the effective range
of your shotgun iy to ao yards. Try them. Prove it "
yourself. ' See" how they crumple up ducks and geese
way out of range of ordinary loads. Deadly patterns
at remarkable distances Another famous West
em shell is the new Xpert. Ideal for quail and all
round shooting. High velocity. Gets the game. Buy
your ammunition here for shotgun, rifle and revolver.
Headquarters for sportsmen. Always glad to see you.
Is the Best For All Shooting Purposes
Big Game and Small Game-Accurately Loaded
-Gives Thorough Satisfaction
Rogers Goodman
(A Mercantile Trust)
Eyes examined, glasses properly
fitted at Schneller's, 39 East Main,
For Sale Household furniture. Call
at the Baptist parsonage, corner
Third and Jefferson streets.
Pedigreed Seifert Roller Canaries,
eligible for registration. My breed
ers are from Zager strain. Banded
with L R. C. B. A. Bands. Call 1253,
Milton, Oregon, or see Mrs. Maurice
Frazier, one block south of Grove
school . - . - i-
Sherman County Girl
Acclaimed 4-H Champion
Salem. Acclaimed the grain cham
pion in a field of champions, Miss
Viola Hansen, 18-year-old 4-H club
member of Moro, Sherman county,
was proclaimed the most outstanding
member of that statewide organiza
tion numbering in its membership a
total of 15,000 boys and girls.
Barred from participation in the
honors showered on the four out
standing boys and girls designated
Friday night because she had previ
ously, in 1927, enjoyed this honor,
Miss Hansen's achievements in club
work are said to outrank even those
of this outstanding quartet.
In recognition of this high position
in the ranks of 4-H club workers,
Miss Hansen was presented with the
I. L. Patterson cup, a trophy made
available this year for the first time
and given only for outstanding ability
and leadership in club work. The
trophy was presented by Mrs. I. L.
Patterson in memory of the late
Governor Patterson, who during his
three years in office took an active
interest in the work of the 4-H or
ganization. Miss Hansen has been in club work
for six years. In 1927 she was chosen
as one of the four outstanding club
workers. Last year she won the pres
sure cooker offered by Governor Pat
terson and a trip to Chicago given by
Montgomery Ward and company.
Judge Dietrich Succumbs
Suddenly stricken with heart fail
ure, Judge Frank S. Dietrich of the
ITnit Stub's circuit court, died at the
wheel of his automobile on the high
way at the outskirts of Boise. Realiz
ing the end was at hand, the last act
of the noted jurist was to apply the
brakes, saving the car from a crash
which might have injured his wife and
daughter. Mrs. William Bates Grain
ger of Salinas, Cal., who were riding
with him. Death came just as Judge
Dietrich brought the car to a careen
ing stop in a shallow ditch beside the
Whitman Takes Opener
Tii fVio Mwninv conference Came
. w
featured by a series of successful
runs and line plunges, whitman col
lege smothered the College of Puget
Sound, 45 to 6 Saturday. It was the
first Northwest conference game oi
Whitman left Wednes
day morning for Stockton, California,
where tonight she will piay viiege oi
the Pacific in her nrsi nigni looioau
Road Comnleted on Pass
With the exception of four miles
hotwiwn Lowden and Touchet. which
will be finished within the next few
days, the highway between Walla
Walla and Seattle is now completely
onen. with a clear stretch ox hard sur
faces, macadam pt ojlcd Tpti. . ,
Attorneys at Law
Stangier Building, Pendleton, Oregon.
Practice in all State and Federal
Courts. .
Attorney s-At-Law
Main Street. Athena, Oregon
State and Federal Court Practice
Dr. W. H. McKinney
.,' Physician and Surgeon -Dr.
Sharp's Office
Office Hours at Athena 1 to 6 p. m.
Phone 462. 4 Office Hours at Weston
8 a. m. to 12 noon. Phone 83. Calls
made day or night.
Dr. W. Boyd Whyte
Stangier Building, Phone 704
Pendleton. Oreron. A57 J
H. A. Frick
Carpenter and Contractor
Pendleton - - Phone 1392J
Specializes In
Weather Stripping
Foley's Honey ,nd Tar
wres colds, prevents pneumonia.
We Can
Cast Your
The installation of n
Electrical ter Stereotyp
ing Machine make It
possible for us to accom
modate our merchant
advertisers and others
in the ma tter of making
printing plates from
matrices. Itmeansaval
uable addition to our
equipment in thematter
of serving out patrons.
Athena, Oregon
Post Building, Athena. Thone 582
Real Estate
Wheat Alfalfa and
Stock Land
L. L. Montague, Arlington
Pleads Guilty to Sale
and Possession
B. B. Richards, when in
terviewed by the Press
man, pleaded guilty to the
sale of the best insurance
obtainable for the money
and possession of more
policies in reserve ready
at a moments notice for
your use and purpose. A
policy for every nazzard.