The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, September 19, 1930, Image 3

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V, of Oi Art School Receives Grant
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,- r sTtoi
The University of Oregon art school has become the summer training
' center for teachers of art appreciation in western colleges through a recent
; grant of the Carnegie Corporation of New York, which with the education
: committee of the American Institute of Architects is. carrying on a national
campaign to further art education and appreciation in American college.!.
Art teachers will be selected from various colleges and universities cf the
West to attend the school here during summer months with all traveMns,
tuition, and living expenses paid.. They will also be given an additional sum
.of approximately $150 to purchase teaching materials when they return to
their own institution. , .
Man of Peace Honored
for Wartime Invention
: A clergyman who evidently did not
consider that there was anything in
congruous in serving the prince of
peace and at the same time inventing
"gadgets" to help in the maiming and
killing of his fellow-men has a tablet
to his memory at the Tower of Lon
donquite an appropriate place,
He was Rev, Alexander John For
syth, a Scotsman, who Invented the
percussion lock for small arms, and
who also produced a detonating pow
der for which, It is said, he was of
fered (100,000 by Napoleon. Forsyth
left bis quiet manse to work In the
Tower, and when his duties were over
be returned to his village with an
honorary LL5. fc;reu The reverend
inventor died In 1$9. Cls is the Bret
memorial to a private individual that
has been erected in the precincts of
the Tower. . . . - .
Essentials or Happiness
What makes for happy living? ; Three
things, above all else, A healthy
body, first and foremost Then an en
vironment which offers fair opportu
nity for a man's normal activities and
aspirations. And finally a community
of people who do two things: they
must respect each Individual's per
sonality and leave him to work, out
his own salvation according to his
own nature, In so far as be harms no
body ; and they must co-operate good
naturedly with him In his work and
in his play. Prof. Walter B. Pitkin
In the Household Magazine.
Dirt and Dandruff can not remain in the same
scalp with Fitch D. R. Shampoo. Give yourself
a treat and try one. Also retail size bottle.
'- '' Phone 492 ; " '
Come in and Try Our Special
lCKen dinner
75c per plate
Cylinder Boring
We have added the latest Model
to our mechanical equipment and we are prepared
to rebore automobile engine cylinders for the trade
on short notice.' Come in and see the new Machine."
GallaKer's Garage
J. E. Gallaher Athena Phone 471
the Athena market
We carry the best
That Money Buys
Kippered Salmon, all Kind3 of Salt Fish. Fresh
Fisli, Oysters, Crabs, Clams, Kraut in Season.
Maia Street Athena, Oregon.
High Place of Flowers
in Art of Decoration
We are indebted to the flowers for
what happiness their beauty affords
us, to many for their fragrance, and
for the Joy and pleasure in growing
them In our gardens, but the extent
of our Indebtedness does not end here,
according to a flower enthusiast
"Early In the history of art the
flowers lent their aid to decoration,"
he says. "The acanthus, which gave
its leaves to crest the capital of the
Corinthian column, the roses conven
tionalized In the rich fabrics of an
cient Persia, until they have been
thought sheer inventions of the weav
er, are among the first items of an In
debtedness which has steadily grown
in volume until today, when the de
signers who find their inspirations In
the flowers are a vast and increasing
host In a modern mansion of the
best type the outer walls are enriched
with the leonine beauty of the sun
flower; within, the mosaic floors, the
silk and paper hangings, repeat
themes suggested by the vine, the wild
clematis and the mayflower. The
stained glass windows, from New
York, where their manufacture excels
that of any other city In the world,
are exquisite with boldly treated lilies,
popples and columbines."
Maze of Galleries and
Halls in Hill of Cuma
Three complete subterranean balls,
ranging from 600 to 800 feet in di
ameter, have been discovered in the
celebrated caves of Cuma, near Naples,
in which the nine sibyls of Roman
history are said to have written their
books. Only three of these books have
survived. 1
The halls were discovered only after
the removal of thousands of tons of
earth. The excavators, working under
the direction of Professor Maiuri,
traced an underground gallery a mile
long and found that the interior of
the hill of Cuma, which is ten miles
from Naples overlooking the sea, con
sists of a maze of galleries and ancient
halls resembling basilicas and won
derful shrines. ' '
A subterranean temple of Apollo
was also discovered. A statue of the
Greek god was erected there in the
days of the Emperor . Augustus, Al
though the statue has now disap
peared the great niche remains. New
York Times Magazine. :
Actual Stock Exchange "Seats"
In the early days a "seat" on the
Boston Stock exchange was an actual
ity, each member having bis own
chair and desk and forbidden nnder
penalty of a fine from trading out of
It Due to the fact that seats were
arranged in parallel rows along the
walls and facing It, some of the more
unfortunate members were at some
distance from the rostrum of the pres
ident of the exchange who bad the
conduct of business in charge, so that
in times of brisk bidding they could
with difficulty make their bids or
offers heard. It was not until 1883 In
Boston that seats were finally abol
ished and not until 1863 In New York
and 1883 in Boston that continuous
dally sessions were Inaugurated.
Boston Transcript
' Crab's Emotions Shown '
That crabs have some emotions and
not others was demonstrated by scien
tists in London recently. It was shown
that a crab fettered by one claw and
left with food just out of reach will
starve to death, but the placing of a
polyp, the crab's deadly enemy, near
it, will cause the prisoner to become
convulsed with fear. The shock causes
the tied claw to come off so that the
crustacean can scuttle away to safety.
SIR I luf I
Open Air Circus Act
Sally Horse Slum
Races AutoSIunr
Livestock Exhibits
County Display
3l3lT 'Till
'fan tmw to etksulf
Have Your Typewriter
Cleaned and Overhauled
During Vacation
Terms Reasonable
Telephone 372
Coad's Typewriter Shop
109 W Mala St Walla Walla
f s RO
fee V ? O A
h S 4 V . .
It. :
r s
y ' i
i ,WA
1 AS
I I j IV
"S? v
Here is the faculty of the Univer
sity of Oregon coaching school
which was held this summer.
Name "Taffy" Traced to
Javanese Word for Rum
The American word taffy and the
British word toffee, for candy made of
molasses, originate from the Javanese
word for rum: tape, or tafe, distilled
from molasses. Very often the home-
bound cargoes of the old-time sailing
ships trading in the South seas were
molasses from Java. -
The word came to the Philippines
with the Indonesian colonies from
Asia that had long Inhabited the
mountains of northern Luzon; these
people, however, do not make rum, but
ferment wine from rice and give it the
Javanese name for rum. Some tribes
call the wine tapuy, some tapel, both
obvious variations from the original
Another variation Is the name of the
wine from sugar cane Juice, bast.
When the British freebooter, Captain
Anson, conveyed a prize he had taken,
the siKer-lnden Spanish galleon Cnba
donga, around Luzon toward Macao,
he sent ashore for water and the is
landers gave his men copious drinks
of bashl that had lightning effect.
Returning to ship, the men's tongues
were thick, and in explaining their
condition to Anson they said they had
been enjoying a few cups of bashl;
Captain Anson clinrted his' channel
and named It Bashl channel, and the
Islands, really the Babuyan group, he
called Bushl's islands. So goes, 'round
the world of commerce, a bit of taffy
on the tongue.
Longer Range with SuperX
The famous Super-X shells increase the effective range .
of your shotgun 1 5 to ao yards. Try them. Prove it
yourselfv See how they crumple up ducks and geese
' . way out of range of ordinary loads. Deadly patterns
at remarkable distances. .... Another famous West'
ern shell is the new Xpert. Ideal for quail and all
round shooting. High velocity. Gets the game. Buy
your ammunition here for shotgun, rifle and revolver.
Headquarters for sportsmen. Always glad to see you..
Beautiful EaglUb Catbadral
England's most beautiful cathedral.
at Salisbury, has been called Eng
land's finest poem In stone. It Is, in
deed, the most harmonious and best
proportioned of the English cathedrals,
for it was built within the short space
'of 40 years (1220-1200), where many
others have taken centuries to com
plete them. It is a pure example of
early Kngllsli architecture, unalloyed
by foreign .influence. Its spire, rising
from the very middle of the church,
is the loftiest in England. Detroit
Kews. .
Big Game and Small Game-Accurately Loaded
-Gives Thorough Satisfaction
Rogers H Goodmatv
(A Mercantile Trust) .
Is the Best For Ail Shooting Purposes
City Dweller Need Not
Fear Loss of Hearing
A woman's club bulletin, Just out,
has an article on noise. The custom
ary sort of article by somebody or oth
er who prophesies that because of the
pressure of city life, subway roar and I
rtvet-gang symphonies our Benses are
degenerating. He expresses his sad(
belief that in another 20 years Man-,
hattanltes will be as myopic and deaf '
as the stone lions in front of the li
brary, - ,
We are not alarmed, no : only bored, j
Nobody with sense believes anything
like that The Solomon Islanders, who ,
listen for drums 100 miles off, are sup-'
posed to have the acutest ears in the
world. Maybe, but New York has a :
million persons who can detect in the '
loudest din a click that indicates trou- j
ble In their auto engines. !
The Patagonlan can see an ostrich j
bead at the distance of 85 miles. But
it would blind him to pore over this !
page for an hour, and he would see!
nothing but a blur. Yet a short-sighted
proofreader, peering through thick ,
glasses, could spot a single error on
it in a few seconds.
It would be nearer truth to soy that
man's senses are exactly now as they
were In the Stone age. And there is .
something to be said even for the sub-'.
way roar. In war time we do not be
come shell shocked so easily. New
York American,
Sentimental Song Made .
Official Royal Melody
"Home, Sweet Home" is not the only
operatic air that has become a kind of
national melody, for France has a tune
with words of a similar sentiment
This is "Ou peut-on etre mleux qu'au
sein de sa famllleT ("Where can one
better be than In the bosom of one's
family?"). It was written by Oretry
as a quartette in his opera "Lucille"
and first achieved a political position
when It was sung at Versailles on July
15, 1769, when the Bourbons were be
ing turned out It was also sung at
Carlton house when George III and
Queen Charlotte paid their first visit
to the prince of Wales and bis bride
in February, 1705, wblcb possibly
caused the homesickness of the prin
cess and made the marriage an unhap
py one, and again at Korythnla on the
retreat from Moscow on Nevember 15,
1812. It was adopted as an official
royal melody on the restoration of the
Bourbons In 1814 London Moll.
First Metbodist Chaps!
The first Methodist church erected,
John Wesley's chapel at Broadmead,
England, has been completely restored
and was recently reopened with Ira
pressive evangelistic services. It stands
oa the first plot of ground that Wes
ley ever bought and In It Is the pulpit
from which the noted evangelist so
often preacnea. . .
i Painful Impression. :
There Is no real pain when you cut
your finger, Professor I'leron, of the
College of France, informed the in
ternational congress on psychology.
What you have, then, is just the Im
pression that there is a pain. A rent
pain, the professor explained, Is a
sense level reached when specific
sense organs are stimulated. Whether
toothache, lumbago or, a punch on the
Jaw stimulate these organs, we do not
know, says the San Francisco Chron
icle, for the professor did not go Into
such particulars. But what we do
know is that the impression of a
pain hurts Just the same. '
Wily Elephant . ,
Though tigers and leopards cannot,
as a clnss, be said to sham death,
there have been instances In which
one of these after having to all ap
pearances, been shot dend hns sud
denly "come to life" and been very
much alive, until flnully dlspntclied.
There Is an Instance 011 record of a
newly captured elephant playing the
"artful dodger" so successfully that
It completely deceived Its captors,
who, releasing Its bonds, left it for
dead, but scarcely had they gone a
little distance when, to their amaze
ment, the creature rose, and trumpet
ing loudly, made good its escape.
Real Estate
. Wheat Alfalfa and
Stock Land
L. L. Montague, Arlington
Pleads Guilty to Sole
and Possession
B. B. Richards, when in
terviewed bv the Press
man, pleaded guilty to the
sale of the best insurance
obtainable for the money
and possession of more
policies in reserve ready
at a moments notice for
your use and purpose. A
policy for every hazzard.
H. ;A. Trick
Carpenter and Contractor
Pendleton - Phone 1392J
Specializes In
Weather Stripping
Foley's Honey and Tar
wm coias, prevents pneumonia.
We Can
Cast Your
' Plates ;
The installation of an
Electricaster Stereotypy
lag Machine makes) it
possible for us to accom
modate our merchant
advertisers and other'
in the matter of making
printing plate from
mat rices. 1 1 means a trI
unble addition to our
equSpmentin thematter
of serving jour patron.