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F. B. BOYD. Owner nd Publisher
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Athena, Oregon, May 16, 1930
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, With Chilean Gamblers
i The Mapuehe tribes of Chile, have
very pecullur game which Is very
popular, ant la called "rum." A wager
jls made between two competitors as
ito which will be the first to break si
lence. They sometimes remain silent
(for whole days, until finally the man
-with the weaker will speaks and loses
lils bet I This la but one of the many
interesting sidelights on the Chilean
people In Augustln Edwards' "Peoples
UL KJlUt III UlltUllur gUHIO V
l"dlce" sort with colored beans, the
players propitiate their luck by talk
ing to the beans and magically invok
ing disaster for their opponents." To
"gamble jour shirt" Is no mere metn-
Iphor with these people; they gamble
their knives, clothes, weapons, blan
ketsany thing; and, frequently the
jgame ends In a general fight I
Coinage of Cent,
I Indian cents were coined from 1858
to 100!) Inclusive. A few rare ones,
jmndo of nickel, aluminum or unusual
alloys are at considerable premium,
but they are never seen In circulation.
The Lincoln cents were first Issued
jln 1000. Some of those of that year
hear on the reverse the initials of
the designer, Victor D. Brenner. These
were removed before the end of the
year. Under (he date on many Lin
coln cents appear the letters "S" and
"D," Indicating that they were made
fit the San Francisco or Denver mints
The 1022 cent Is the rarest of all mod
ern ones. It sells at a premium of a
few cents, and Is seldom to be seen
In circulation. Only a few more than
00,000 of that date were Issued. '
The origin of brief writing, or
"shorthand," Is clouded In mystery. No
authentic record exists establishing
Its practical use much before the first
century B. C. From Hint period until
about 800 A. D. the art flourished
throughout the Itoinnn empire. The
secretary and librarian of Cicero.
Marcus Tulllus Tiro, was the pioneer
of Romnn shorthand. The chief use
of shorthand In Itoman times was
made by the lenders In the church and
by government olllclals. Church digni
taries who made conspicuous use of
shorthand were St. Augustine, Orlgen
and St. Jerome. All the Roman em
perors employed shorthand secretaries.
Several emperors attempted to learn it.
Thankful for That
A little girl who disliked milk pud
dings Intel been made to Hnlsh ber
portion before leaving the table,
"Now may I get down?" she asked,
with a sigh of relief.
"When you've said your grace," nod-,
ded her mother.
"But I've nothing to give thanks
for," answered the child.
"Then you'd bettor stay there.''
This was loo much for the little
girl, and putting ber bands together,
she murmured !
"For what I have received I'm truly
grateful, and I thank heaven Z wasn't
nick." Weekly Scotsman.
: . . vtM i
Stories about the precocious off
spring of professors are seldom true,
but usually laughable. Perhaps this
is one of the worst
A salesman rang the door of a pro
fessor's home and little Willie aged
five, opened the door.
"Is Mr. Jones In?" asked the sales
man. "I am Mr. Jones," repllod five-year-old
Willie with becoming dignity.
Then, after a haughty pause ha ad
ded: "Possibly you have made a mistake
and it Is professor and not Mister
Jones whom you wish to see." , , .
How "Teddy Bears" Got
V Their Well-Known Name
About 1888 Margarete Stelff, a crip
pled dressmaker living In a Uttle vil
lage In Germany, used some left-over
material to make a toy bear for a
child. The bear was popular and
other children In the community Im
mediately wanted rag bears. Marga-
rete's brother, Richard Stelff, later
saw the commercial possibilities of
these toys and put tbem on the mar
ket George Borgfeldt & Co. of
New York Imported some In 1002. At
that time, of course, they were not
called teddy bears and nobody thought
of associating them with Roosevelt It
so happened, however, that President
Roosevelt went on a bunting trip to
Mississippi that same fall. The pub
lic was amused when a news dispatch
stated that "Teddy" had refused to
shoot a small bear brought into camp
for him to kill. This Inspired Clifford
K. Berryman, the cartoonist, to draw
a cartoon picturing Colonel Roosevelt
In his bunting outfit with bis back to
a man who Is dragging In a small cub
with a rope around Its neck. Roose
velt, with bis gun In his right hand,
has his left hand raised after the fash
ion of a traffic cop to Indicate his ob
jection to the procedure. The cartoon
Is labeled "Drawing the Line in Mis
sissippi." It was a popular hit and Ber
ryman adopted the bear as his cartoon
mascot Pathfinder Magazine.
British Postal System '
Has Many Conveniences
The British post office officials are
capable and obliging and if anyone
should lose himself, be can go to the
nearest post office and mall himself
home. An express messenger Is some
times given charge of a person and
takes him to his destination, where be
obtains a receipt The charges, based
upon the distance traveled, are quite
moderate. If you merely wish to prove
that a letter has been posted, there
Is no need to register It The post office
will supply you. with a "certificate of
posting" for a cent If you miss the
last collection of letters and have
on urgent communication to send, ring
up the head post office of the district, I
tell them your plight, and dictate the j
letter. It will be written out and sent
oft with the night mall. The charge Is
six cents for the first thirty words,
two cents tor every ten afterward, and
the ordinary postage and telephone
fee. i
Darwin' Evolution Theory
The Darwin theory undertakes to :
explain one phase of evolution. It Is
the theory of the origin and perpetu
ation of new species of animals and
plants. The theory maintains that1
organisms tend to produce offspring,
varying slightly from their parents
and that the process of natural se
lection tends to favor the survival of
Individuals whose peculiarities render
them best adapted to their environ
ment ; also that chiefly by the contin
ued operation of these factors, new
species not only .have been and may
still be produced, but organisms of
widely differing groups may have
arisen from common ancestors.
One Good. Trait That
Village Bad Man Had
Th: lute Chauncey M. Depew was
reproving a young critic one day for
a harsh criticism.
"l'il like to see more of the Kin
Klnculd spirt in your work, my boy,"
the great man said. .
"Kin Klncald, you know, was noted
for his charity and loving kindness.
Never a slanderous word passed bbi
. "Well, the bad man of the village
died In due course, and they all roast
ed him at the general store the after
noon of the funeral. They roasted him
hard. They pointed out that he was
a drunkard and a miser, a wife beater
and a liar, a thief and a scandal-mpa-ger,
a coward, a jusurer and a rake.
"Kin Kincaid listened to all that
talk with a little smile of disapprov
al, and finally the general storekeeper
said to him:
" 'Now, Kin, don't you look so hurt
Ain't everything wot's been sold about
that old cuss true? Can you name
one meritorious trait, Jest one, that
he ever showed?"
" 'Well said Kin, 'you boysli have
to admit that he certainly had a good
appetite.' "
LtUure of the People
To know a people well, it Is less
important to know how they dress
'and what they eat and the conditions
of their labor, than to see what use
they make of their leisure, what they
read, the shows they go to, and the
'sort of artistic recreation they In
dulge In. It Is, In fact In their diver
sions, in the moments when they are
'Lift in HifimflplvftA thnt BnlAtloa ha.
come really natural, and Hhov most
clearly what are their ta.ttes, their
inclinations and aspirations.--. Winni
peg Libert MA,:.v
Animal and Bird "Part."
We hear much about parks for
'cities and men, but little about aucn
places for nulnmla. let they exist
Puffin Island, off the const of Angle
sny, Is a "park" sacred t wild birds.
At llawlismoor, near Clueadle, Staf
fordshire, Knglaud, there Is another
natural "park" of H) ucros for birds.
; A "park" for birds at lulling, to be
adapted from a larije house with
grounds, aud to cost some (25,000 was
I proposed by tbo Sellmrue society as
a memorial to the Into W. 11. Hudson.
: Nestllug In the Gulf of SU Lawrence
Is the beautifully wooded, mountain-
'ous island of Anticostl The 2,000
i square miles of this property Is cce
icUut fish and cauio "uaik-'t f
World Roll On
When 1 was a young fellow, I pre-'
dieted rather frequently that the world
was going to the devil ; and the world '
hasn't gone to the devil yet ... I
believe everyone may confidently plod J
along with the comforting certainty
that the stars will not break loose and
smash this Uttle old world into dust
The world takes good care of Itself;
It you take as good care of yourself
as the world does, you'll be voted a
wonder. Every Uttle while a human
skull Is found thousands of years old.
No doubt the skull was formerly worn
by a mnn who worried constantly
about the world going to the devil.
a W. Howe's Monthly.
Surely Worth It
Doctor Lewis, on old time Welsh
divine, composed a six penny pamphlet
on "How Sin Came Into the World."
A friend of his, who was known
to be somewhat heterodox In his the
ology, advised Lewis to add a chap
ter telling how to get sin out of the
world ; he could thus make It a shill
ing pamphletand It would be well
worth the additional sixpence.
Christian Register.
English Bank Holdt
Relic of Washington
In the archives of Barclay's bank In
London Is a draft for 5 pounds ster
ling drawn October 2, 1720, on "James
Barclay, banker, of Lombard street"
and remitted for the account of one
Patrick Barclay In Jamaica. It bears
on Its buck the signature of George
Washington as part of an Indorse
ment The draft Is in fairly good
state of preservation. Was It the Fa
ther of lils Country who put that In
dorsement there?
Not long ago Robert I Barclay
made Inquiries in the United States
from which It appeared that the
great George Washington's signature
when he was eighteen years old (his
age to the dale of the draft) wus not
materially different from this one. It
Is not Improbable thut the draft was
sent to Virginia or Carolina, which In
those dnys were In close commercial
touch with Jamaica.
Barclay's bank was not aware until
a year or so ago of Its precious pos
sesion. The draft was discovered by
two girl students from Philadelphia
when inspecting some old portfolios in
the bnnk.
Da Vinci, Man of Science
The spiral sprlny lilnge ilml shuts
your " screen door was Invented by
Leonardo da Vinci. I lie Fifteenth ten
tury painter, whose "l.n Belle Fer
ronlere'' was the subject ot an ex
tended lawsuit. Leonardo's fame as a
painter has obscured his reputation
as an Inventor and a trail blazer of
science Vet he stated scientific laws
that four centuries of experiment have
Dot altered and many of bis simplest
inventions have become part ot our
dally Uvea lie devised the wheelbar
row, the rotating smokestack that
turns with the wind, and the flexible
roller chain used on bicycle sprockets.
Edwin W. Teale In Popular Science
i 1
True Pessimist!
"The real pessimist Is he who thinks
everything 1s as good as It can be."
snjs a prominent man of science. It
Is Interesting to make a surmise as to
the mental processes which brought
the scientist to such a conclusion. Per
haps lie was thinking what our condi
tion would be today, were It not for
the hopeful men who labored to Ira
prove upon the past for the benefit of
all mankind. No wonder he declares
Hint the real pessimist Is he who
'hinks everything is as good as It can
Why suffer with
tired, aching feet?
Regardless of their condition, I can
help yon
Foot Correctionist
22 W. Main St Walla Walla
; ..,:.;
'. v
l -. ' ' .
I-- '
X. i
Walla Walla General Hospital
A modern non sectarian fifty bed hospital, with
all up to date modern hospital facilities for the care
patients. .
Kay and bacteriological labortones, washed air
1 vll vlt VaVl . . a,
Only graduate nurses are employed and their ser
vices are included at the regular rates which are
$3.50 to $6.00
Special nurses extra. Your interest and patronage
is solicited. Phone 480.
, ltat. WttUra Nwipapr Union.)
Willful we are, tn our Infirmity ' "
Of childish questioning and die
. Wbate'er befalls us la divinely
. Thou Truth the clearer for thy
mystery I
. Make us to meet what Is or Is to be
With fervid welcome, knowing It
is sent '
, To serve ua In some way full ex
cellent, Though we discern it all belatedly.
Squabs are so well liked that one
need not fear for their welcome. Split
down the Melt,
flatten and fcrush
with butter, salt
and pepper, then
broil over a hot
Are for ten min
utes on each side.
Serve on a hot
platter with but
tered lima beans and crisp bacon for
a garnlfJi. Corn bread baked In bread
Stick pan Is especially good with this
dish. : -
, Squab Plate Dinner. Roost on
Staffed, but well buttered Inside and
out, three or four squabs. Glaze the
breasts with the pan gravy. Make
eight potato balls and four carrot
balls for each squab. Take six small
onions the size of the patato balls and
cook the vegetables separately In a
very little water. If small onions are
not to be obtained take the hearts of
larger ones. The remainder of the
onion may be used for some other
Make a stuffing of bread crumbs,
one egg yolk, a tahlespoonfu! of melt
ed butter, a teaspmmful of chopped
parsley and a little thyme. Roll this
forcemeat Into small balls the same
size as the vegetables and brown them
In a little butter. Serve on a hot plat
ter, the si-tiiih In the center wltb the
balls around It. Pour the juice of the
roaat squab over the whole. - j
Squab With Spaghetti. Line a but
te'red 'glass dish with cooked spaghet
ti that bus not been broken. Spilt
two fat squabs down the back, rub
with butter and season and place on
the spaghetti. Make a sauce of one
half cupful ot cream, the yolks of two
eggs, salt, pepper, a bit of nutmeg
and chopped pursley; thicken with a
tablespoon ful each of flour and but
ter blended. Pour this over the squabs
and sprinkle with chopped mushrooms
and bake In a moderate oven for one
hour. '
23 Years Ago
Post Building, Athena. Phone 582
Athena-, Oregon
Friday, May 17, 1907
Xr. Plnmondon and the Press man
went down to Pendleton Wednesday
evening in the doctors car. The bridge
at the Umatilla river on the Wild
Horse road was found to be impas
oiV.i anA run hack to Saxe station,
ttionnn vi Fulton and then into Pen
dleton from the north was made. 0.i
the trip it was observed that gram is
in a . thrifty growing condition and
every indication points to a crop of the
usual standard.
Miss Eva Rider spent Wednesday in
Mm. Sam Booher. Miss Fern Mc
Pheren and Bessie Parker were in
Pendleton yesterday.
The last car of wheat stored in
Adams warehouses was shipped to
Portland this week.
Mrs. Georire Gross and little Verva
are -spending the week at the home of
her son, Fred, west of town.
F. S. LeGrow returned home last
evening from a trip to the cattle
range in the Wenaha reserve."
Mr. Charles Betts will leave this
evening for Pendleton, where she will
attend the Baptist convention, wnne
in Pendleton. Mrs. Betts will be a
guest of Mrs. S. A. Lowell.
Mrs. H. H. Hill is visiting at the
home of her daughter, Mrs. Otis
Whiteman, west of town. Mrs. am is
imnrovine slowly from the effects of
an operation some weeks ago.
Alex Mclntyre and other farmers
who have finished their summerfallow
plowing have taken their work horses
tn the mountain for summer pasture,
until such time as farm work opens up
Mrs. E. H. Leonard, of Dayton,
Wash., with her children, is in the
city visiting at the home of her si-ster,
Mrs. Geo. Bannister. She accompan
ied Mrs. Hugh McArthur, who has
been at Dayton for a few days, and
will visit relatives in this county, be
fore returning to her home in Port
At a meeting held by horsemen in
this city Saturday afternoon, it was
decided to hold the annual colt show
in this city on Saturday June 22.
Charles Norris presented a draft of
the outline of classes which met with
the approval of the committee which
has the arrangements in charge, and
entries of stock for the show may now
be made by calling on or writing to
Mr. Charles Norris.
Mrs. Star Charlton leaves for Hil
gard today, where she will spend the
summer on the ranch.
Dr. Plamondon, M. L. Watts and
Geo. D. Foster are delegates to the I.
O. O. F. grand lodge in LaGrande,
this week.
Miss Velma Wilkinson arrived home
yesterday from a three weeks' visit
with friends at Eugene and Portland.
Miss Wilkinson reports a most pleas
ant time on her visit.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Haworth, who
now reside on their ranch near Hep
pner, arrived in the city Friday af
ternoon and are visiting at the Win
ship home. Mr. Haworth says he
hopes to make Athena his home again
this winter as he likes the town.
Bring in Your Bent
and Sprung Axles
Acetylene Welding and Black
smithing C. M. Jones Blacksmith Shop
The Athena Hotel
Courteous Treatment, Clean Beds
Good Meals
Tourists Made Welcome
Special Attention Given
to Home Patrons
Corner Main and Third
Athena, Oregon
Main St. H. H. HILL Athena
Bell & Gray
' ; ; " Phone 593 ':
Two Auto
Truck Drays
Always At Your Service
: City and Country
..; : Hauling .
We extend you a
To Visit our Store
and get acquainted
Successor To McFadden's Pharmacy
Main Street - Athena, Oregon
We Have the Agency
For the
Macy Tailoring Sysiem
of America
Twin City Cleaners
Phone 583 :
T. E. Smith, Prop. Freewater, Oregon
Tum-A-Lum Tickler
Published tn the intesests of the people of Athena and vicinity by
VoL 80
Athena, Oregon, May 16, 1930
.No. 19
We cannot place much confidence
in the. theory that eating spinach
gives a man courage, our belief
being that the man who eats
spinach already has it.
A. M. Johnson Editor '
Don't mind any buttons you hap
pen to find in salad. They probably
fell off while the salad was dress
Earned hmlet y
Flies increase faster than thir
teen men can swat them. By put
ting up fly screens you protect the
family health and good humor.
Our screens and materials are the
Del Taylor says they are sure
breaking tough for him. He bought
a nice two pants suit from Fred
Radtke and then burnt a hole in
the coat.
v Roor
Archie Mclntyre says the only
railroad accident he, was ever in
was one time going thru a tunnel
he kissed the father instead of the
Come in and see what the welJ
dressed farm will wear this sea
son. .
ntsviroi0 cams makd
Exclusively Sold Here
Milton Bread
and ,
Farmers Grain Elevator
Company '
Grian and Feed
A Full Line of Sperrys Chick Feed
Phone 382 LEE WILSON, M'gr;
It Pays to Look Well!
To look well you should keep your hair properly cut--your- face
shaved and massaged In fact everything In the Barber line.
Come in and see Herb Parker and me.
Penn Harris Barber Shop
Agency for Troy Laundry and Twin City Sanitary Cleaners.
Phone 683.
Reduction In Electric
Light Rates
The following reduction in Electric light rates will
be in effect on and after March 15, 1929:
Residential Rates
First 30 KWH hours used, per month..10c per KWH
Excess over 30 KWH used, per month..3c per KWH
The above rates apply when bills are paid in full wfthin 10 days
:mla v ESL 0therwie, the rate will be increased by 10 per
cent on each item.
Commercial Rates
First 100 KWH used per month..10c per KWH
SexJ 522 .7cper KWH
Next 300- . .6c per KWH
Next 40a. 5c per KWH
Next 1000 . .4c per KWH
ExSss f?ver 2000 -3c per KWH
from date rfbn? 7 Vi in full within 10 days
certot "Id? item. 0therwise- the rate wiU be increased by 10 per
Preston-Shaffer Milling Company