The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, May 09, 1930, Image 4

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Kerr's Oats, with premium .. 33c
Kellogg's All Bran ......:.............. ... 23c
Butter Macaroons, package 25$
Economy Dill Pickles 21c
Corn Starch,...............:.. ............:........... 3 for 29c
Crystal White Soap....................................... 11 for 49c
The Quality Grocery
Alice Eager, Prop.
Goodyear Tires
and Tubes
' Oils
Automobile Supplies,
Parts and Accessories
. . ........
Athena Garage
North side Main Street
Phone 352
Continenial Oil Company
Always at Your Service
Athena Service Station
Gas, Oils, Greasing :
Automobile Accessories Tires
BRYCE BAKER, Prop. . . Athena, ... Phone 761
For Saturday and Monday
49c Specials
Red and White Dill Pickles, 2i2 tin
2 for 49c
Lux Toilet Soap,
7 bars for 49c
Sperry Pancake flour
2 packages for 49c
Servus Peaches, 2y2 tin
2 cans for 49c
3 cartons for 49c (
, 4 lbs, for 49c
. 10 oz. Queen Servus Olives
' 2 for 49c
Orange Marmalade, Servus, 16 oz.
2 for 49c
Servus Kraut, 2l tin
3 cans 49c
Servus Pumpkin, 2 tin
3 for 49c
Tomato Sauce
6 tins 49c
Blue and White Shrimp
3 cans 49c
I lb. Malted Milk Chocolate
Cherry Nut Layer Cake
. ' : - :. .49c . ...
18 oz. Bottle C. II. B. Catsup 1
2 bottles 49c
k 'A.' A A A 'A' J
r -
Press Paragraphs
Virginia Eager is a new victim of
Joe Anderson is in Spokane this
week, visiting relatives.
W. T. McLeod was a business visit
or in Pendleton, Monday.
Miss Dorothy Brodie was a Pen
dleton visitor Wednesday.
Joseph N. Scott is visiting his Jam
ny in Corvallis this week.
Miss Beulah Smith was a guest at
the W. J. Kirk farm Sunday.
Mrs. H. J. Anderson of Helix was
an Athena visitor Wednesday. :
Mrs. Ethel Montague attended
luncheon in Pendleton Tuesday.
Mr. Ralph McEwen and Ralph, Jr.,
were Pendleton visitors Monday.
Francis Lieuallen was a visitor-in
Athena Tuesday and Wednesday.
Chicks Day old buff orphington
chicks for sale. Earl R. Martin.
Mrs. Kohler Betts and Miss Ruth
Williams visited friends in Pendleton
Charley Williams spent Sunday
with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Beckner at
" Mrs. Bowles of Walla" Walla is
visiting her daughter, Mrs. F. S. Le
Grow this week.
Mrs. Elmer Stockstill and Mrs. Ora
Burke were Walla Walla visitors
Tuesday afternoon.
Miss Mildred Stanton of Pendleton
visited her mother Mrs. John Stanton
in Athena this week.
t Dr. and Mrs. Rice were dinner
guest's at the E. C. Prestbye home
Wednesday evening.
Mrs. F. Williams of Freewater is
a visitor this week of her son and
family, A. L. Jenkins.
Mrs. Charles McFarland visited at
the home of her sister, Mrs. Alfred
Johnson, in Walla Walla.
, Miss Hereford, teacher, and pupils
of District No. 2, are enjoying a
picnic on the Umatilla river today.
Miss Joey Yeck and Miss Marie
McKeown of Pendleton visited friends
in Athena for a short time Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. S. C. Charlton spent
a couple of days this week at La
Grande, where they" visited relatives,
Herman Geissel writes to Athena
relatives that he expects to come up
from Grant county soon, on a short
Henry and York Dell who made a
trip to Bonners Ferry, Idaho, and
Creston, B. C, returned home Satur
0. H. Reeder and Sheldon Taylor
went up to Creston, B. C. last week,
They were also at Bonners Ferry,
Oral Michener and George Pam
brun attended a party at the Long
home in Pendleton Thursday eve
Harold Kirk has been making
specialty of washing cars this week.
He is doing good work at reasonable
Dorris Street is seriously ill as the
result of a relapse of the measles
Miss Street is threatened with pneu
James Hodgen has been moved
back to Pendleton after several weeks
in Hermiston at the Standard Oil
plant. '
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence Pinkerton
and daughter Jewel were Sunday
guests at the Lloyd Michener home
Mrs. John Phillips has returned to
the home of her daughter after sev
eral weeks spent in a Walla Walla
Mrs. Russell Bear and children are
here from Mt. Hope, Wash., visiting
at the Sam Pambrun home, south of
Mrs. Everett Eager of Dayton,
Washington, is spending the week
end with her son C. M. Eager and
Mrs. E. J. Burchill and Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Bond of Pendleton were
visitors at the C. M. Eager home,
Mrs. Lela Hildabrandt returned to
her home in Walla Walla after spend
ing the winter months at the Frank
DeFreece home.
Mr. Robert Adair and Miss Mabel
hurrey or rotiatcn, Idaho, were
guests at the Laurence Pinkerton
home, Tuesday.
Mrs. Crabill went to Pendleton
Wednesday to visit her daughter,
Mrs. Ray O'Harra, who has been ill
for some time.
Miss Jaunita Smithpeters, who vis
ited at the home of Mr. and Mrs.
Dean Dudley, returned Wednesday to
her home at Baker. '
Mrs. Anderson accompanied her
mother to-Portland and Southern
Oregon, where they will visit rela
tives and friends.
Mrs. John Shick of Portland, has
been in Athena visiting relatives and
friends. Mrs. Shick also visited rela
tives in Walla Walla.
Mr. and Mrs. L. , Pinkerton and
daughter Jewel, Mrs. Lee Johnson
and Mrs. Lloyd Michener were Walla
Walla visitors Saturday.
Miss Sadie Pambrun will have her
Beauty Shoppe closed Monday and
Tuesday of next week on account of
redecoration of the interior.
Bryce Baker has had his coupe
painted a bright pea green. Bryce
called it some other shade of green,
but it's rea green, nevertheless.
Miss Hazel McFarland, who is in
training at St. Anthony's hospital in
Pendleton visited her parents Mr. and
Mrs. Charles McFarland Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cannon enter
tained Mr. and Mrs. R. N. Brown and
daughter Rosie at their home north
of Athena over the week-end. Mr.
and Mrs. Brown reside in Ontario,
Canada. Mrs. Cannon and Mrs. Brown
are cousins.
Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Campbell spent
Sunday at their summer home at
Bingham Springs. They had as
their guest, Ed Montague of Athena.
Mr. Baley and Mr. Menke of Butte,
Montana, and E. B. Layng of Lewis
ton, Continental Oil company officials
were in Athena Tuesday on business
Dale Whiteman of Eugene, called
on relatives in Athena Monday, at
the B. B. Richards home and his
grand parents Mr. and Mrs. H. H
Hill. ; ,
Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Cassidy of
Eugene were week-end guests at the
Fred Gross farm home west of town.
Mrs. Cassidy and Mrs. Gross are
Ralph Moore returned home Sun
day morning from a trip to Portland,
Vancouver and Eugene. Ralph was
glad to return after a little rough ex
Mr. and Mrs. George Banister, ac
companied by Mrs. Amanda Me
Arthur, returned to their home in
Athena from Portland, Wednesday
Friends of Mrs. H. S. Swift will be
glad to learn she will be in our
midst next winter as she has accept
ed the school in district No. Z for the
ensuing yeao"- -
Dr. and Mrs. W. C. Cowan have
recently purchased a beautiful and
modern bungalow on Bonnie Brae St.
Walla Walla, and expect to soon be at
home to their friends.
Mrs, Wm. Dixon of ' LaCrosse,
Wash., is a visitor in Athena this
week-end. Mrs. Dixon accompanied
the high school on their annual pic
nic to Bingham yesterday.
Mrs. J. W. Pinkerton who has been
taking treatment at College Place
sanitarium is reported much better
and will return to her home in Athena
in a few days.
Mrs. Charlton, mother of S. C.
Charlton returned to her home in La
Grande last Saturday after some
time spent visiting her son and fam
ily near Athena.
Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Nelson, who
have spent the winter in California
are expected to return in a few days
and will spend the summer on their
place near Freewater.
Mrs. H. E. Dow will leave in a
couple of weeks for a visit to her old
home at Edmonton, Alberta, where
she will visit her mother, sister, and
friends for several weeks.
Born To Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cock-
bum, at Walla Walla, May 6, 1930, a
daughter. The little Miss tips the
scales at 6 pounds, 15 ounces and has
been named Barbara Louise.
A family reunion was enjoyed last
Sunday when the Ross families gath
ered at the Walla Walla city park,
enjoying a bountuous picnic dinner,
and sports by 'the younger set.
Muriel, the six year old daughter
of Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Yerny of
Walla Walla, is dangerously ill in a
hospital with meningitis. The par
ents have the sympathy of Athena
Mr. and Mrs. C. L. McFadden and
daughter Barbara were up from Port
land for the day, Friday. Mr. Mc
Fadden came up to close the trans
fer of his drug store to Mr. Watkins,
the new owner.
C. A. Sias, pastor of the Christian
church, attended the convention of
Christian churches at LaGrande,
Wednesday and yesterday. Mr. Sias
was on the program for an address,
Wednesday morning.
Joe Clemons is in Portland this
Week where he went to consult a bone
specialist. Mr. Clemons was injur
ed last fall when he fell from a scaf
fold and caused two vertebras to be
thrown out of place. ;
A red plane circled over Athena
Tuesday evening and later landed
north of the city. After remaining on
the ground for a short time, it was
heard to take the air again and new
away to the northward.
Mrs. C. A. Sias met with a very
painful accident last Thursday when
a pressure cooker exploded, throwing
hot sauce and steam over her face,
neck, arms and hands. The burns
were treated by a local physician and
are healing slowly.
Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Smith are here
from California, visiting at the home
of their son, Feron Smith. For some
time Mr. Smith was in very poor
health while in California, and once
last winter his condition was eon
sidered to be critical. !
Miss Margaret Lee entertained her
school pupils with a picnic - at the
Scott farm northwest of town, Tues
day afternoon. Lots of v good eats
furnished by the youngsters and
Miss Lee, with plenty of outdoor
games made a happy afternoon for
the kiddies. ;
Mrs. F. B. Radtke and son Fred left
Wednesday morning by motor for
Portland. Mrs. Radtke will visit at
the home of her mother in Portland
and Kathleen will go from Eugene to
spend the week-end with her. Fred
will be at University of Oregon for
unior week-end.
Chet McCollough who is doing tha
carpenter work on Jim Huggins' new
service station at corner of Main and
Fifth streets, has the building well
toward completion. An air compres
sor was installed this week, a small
addition on the north end of the sta
tion building is housing it. Cinders
over a layer of crushed rock is the
surface used on the approaches to
the service station.
Athena school winners in the W.
T. U. state contest, have been an
nounced by the local judges, Mrs. E.
L. Hiteman and Mrs. Ralph McEwen.
Winners in the Athena divisions are
seniors, Carl Calvert; iresnman-
ophomore, Leland Jenkins; fifth
grade, Tillman D. Taylor. Prixea
have been awarded to the winners by
the president of the Athena W. C
T. U.
and Boys'
ro Piece
: ' - Shirts 49c eachju.f:'
Shorts, a Large Variety of Colors for 75c
Straw Hats
For Men, Women and Children
Price 25 to 3.50:
Phone 152
At h e h a Be pa ri m e n t St o re
J. T. Lieuallen, jr., was in town
Wednesday from Adams, transacting
Jim Chapin and Bryce Baker drove
Marion Hansell's cattle to 9-mile
ridge on the Umatilla last week.
Chapin reports splendid forage on
the range in the 9-mile district.
Mr. and Mrs. Boyer recently re
turned missionaries, formerly of Ore
gon, will tell of their experiences and
the people of Central Africa at the
Christian church next Sunday night.
Till Stone is one of the latest vic
tims of the measles. He is confined
to his home west of town, and his
greatest regret is that he was not
able to witness the Athena-Heilx
baseball game, Tuesday afternoon.
Mrs. H. A. Barrett honored her
daughter Helen Saturday evening
evening with a birthday dinner to
which were invited as guests, Miss
Beulah Smith, Miss Dorothy Brodie
and F. B. Boyd. Fourteen flaming
pink candles graced a beautiful birth
day cake while place cards and flow
ers were effectively used in a decora
tive scheme.
s Mrs. Charles McFarland served a
birthday dinner- Sunday in honor of
her daughter Hazel, whose birthday
was May 3, and her neice Mildred
Stanton, Whose birthday anniversary
came on May 6. Guests for the oc
casion were the Misses Odessa Robi
son, Doris Gillanders and Madeline
Rhoden, nurses at St. Anthony's hos
pital in Pendleton.
r . ...................... ,.,.,,,,...,
A th en a. High Sch dpi No tes
Editor Emery Rogers
ARst. Editor :...Aithur Crowley
Alumni Walter Huffman
Student Body ................Georgia Green
Boys' Athletics ...Roland Wilson
Classes ......... . Elizabeth Walters
Entertainment ........ Myrtle Campbell
Personals ..... Jack Moore
Faculty ....Herbert Reeder
l-8th Grades Stafford Hansel'
Girls' Athletics and Subject Classes
....... ;......Mary Tompkins
Advisor ....Miss Beulah Smith
Editorial .
(Emery Rogers)
I was talking to a prominent mem
ber of the senior class about a month
ago. "Will you be glad when com
mencement comes around?" I inquir
ed. "I surely shall," replied the
senior, "for that's the end. It's the
last finishing touch. After that, my
days of hard thinking are over." Is
commencement , the ' last of hard
thinking? No event ever lived up to
its name .better than commencement.
Truly it is the commencement. The
student who graduates from high
school is just starting on his upward
climb through life. His thinking, his
labor, his discouragements and vic
tories are all just at the early stages.
In the following years after com
mencement the events will occur up
on which the success of your life will
depend. If one will keep in mind
that now is the time to start making
a name for ones self and that now
one makes himself into what he will
be in later life, he will guide his ac
tions and habits so as to make his
later life full of peace and content
ment. - - : -
Signing Annuals .
"Hey John! Will you put your John
Henry in my annual? I am not par
ticular who writes in it."
"Shore, shore," said John, "I am not
proud." .
This is the way it goes with all the
students eager to have other students
sign their annuals. Some consider
it as a joke and scribble all over the
page with their name while others
take it seriously and place their sig
nature in neat style on the page.
After several years have passed
the old school annual is dug out of the
trunk. You turn the pages over and
over and recognize your old school
mates but as you turn the pages over
you come to the signature of your old
friends it is then that you get a gjod
laugh at the scribbling that is plwed
on the annual of 1930.
ning team by Jack Allen of Pendleton
for the winner, neither team wished
to forfeit the game although it was
played in mud about ankle deep part
of the time. The game was called off
at the end of the tenth inning with
the score tied at 5-5.
Hermiston started the merry-go-round
in the second inning by mak
ing three scores on three successive
errors. Athena hit a streak, of luck
in the third and managed to run in
4 scores making the score 4-3 in
favor of Athena but Hermiston man
aged to score in the fourth tying the
game again. Both teams failed to
score again until the eighth inning
when both teams made a score in
their respective batting periods again
tying the game. It became so dark
at the end of the tenth inning that
it was necessary to call off the game.
Both teams played very well con
sidering the weather.
" The starting line-up for Athena
was: Moore, c; Huffman, p; Myrick,
lb; Hansell,. 2b; Crowley, ss; Jenkins,
3b; Rogers, rf; J. Wilson, cf; M. Wil
son, If.
Next Monday at 3:30 the .Weston
graders will meet, the Athena graders
in a baseball tilt on the local dia
mond. The local boys are practicing
hard and are expecting to show their
heels to Weston. Geissel will be on
the mound for Athena with Kenneth
Rogers behind the bat.
Commencement Exercises
Professor Mark Harris of Whitman
College will deliver the commence
ment address to the graduating class
tonight at 8 o'clock in the school audi
torium. The decorating is under the
supervision of the junior class.
The rain just about broke up the
baseball game between Athena high
school and Hermiston last Friday,
but as the game meant a step nearer
th loVing cup presented to the win-
Next Monday the grade team of
hefty sluggers crosses bats with the
Weston nine. The graders have been
practicing hard and have a creditable
team. Starting battery for Athena
will probably be Geissel and Rogers
The seventh and eighth grades will
hold a picnic at Bingham this Satur
The fifth and sixth grades held
a picnic at the country home of their
teacher, Miss Margaret Lee, Tuesday
afternoon. The afternoon was spent
m outdoor sports, horse-shoe playing,
baseball, games, basketball, racing
and the best of all, eating.
Eighth grade exams come next
Wednesday 14 and Thursday 15.
Mr. Miller is holding night school
for one hour, from 7 to 8 to help
those students who are behind on
account of the measles. All the eighth
graders are taking advantage of this
one hour's review. . .
The seventh and eighth grades will
go on their annual picnic tomorrow
and all the parents and school chil
dren are cordially invited to attend.
This has been a gala affair for the
children and parents for the last five
years and many are looking forward
again to the event. Load in the boys
and girl3 and join the happy crowd
at the school house at 8:30 a. m
Saturday. There will be ice cream,
cake and chicken for all. Don't for
get the hour.
The annual school picnic will be held
at Bingham Springs Thursday, May 8.
The students plan to leave at seven
a. m. from the school building. Trans
portation will only be furnished fcrj
the high school students. Parents and
alumni are cordially invited to attend.
As this is an annual school function,
the affair is" greatly anticipated by
the students.
Governor Norblad of Salem, Oregon,
gave a very interesting talk to the
Athena, student body ' Wednesday,
April SOth. The subject of his talk
was about acquiring an education.
Subject Classes
A herbarium, composed of a col
lection of 20 flowers; 10 species being
wild and 10 species being tame, has
been completed by the biology class
under the direction of Mrs. Blatch
f ord, biology instructor.
Loie Montgomery has qualified for
the silver pin awarded by the Royal
Typewriting Company by writing 43
words with 2 mistakes for fifteen
Patrenella Walter has qualified for
the Certificate of Proficiency in typ
ing. She wrote 31 words a minute
with five mistakes for fifteen minutes.
, Semester themes, which were part
of the term assignment in senior
English have been finished by the
senior class. These themes are from
800 to 1000 words long. Many in
teresting topics have been written on
by the students tnd according to Miss
Smith, surprising talent has been
found. -
Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Richards and
son Roland entertained at an enjoy
able dinner party Monday evening in
honor of the faculty members, Miss
Dorothy Brodie, Miss Beulah Smith.
Mr. E. E. Coad and Mrs. A. L. Gur
ney. Mr. and Mrs. R. B. McEwen and
fflmilv vara nla flmaaf trim 4-I.a maa
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Barrett were
hosts at a charming dinner party
Saturday evening in honor of the
fourteenth birthday of their daughter,
Miss Helen. Guests were Miss Doro
thy Brodie, Miss Beulah Smith, and
Mr. t a. Boyd. After an enjovab'f
three course dinner. thr mumWi nf
the party motored to Pendleton to at
tend a movie.
Emery Rogers and his father E. C.
Rogers spent most of last week visit,
ing Dudley Rogers and family near
Creston, British Columbia, Canada.
Arthur Crowley, Eldon Myrick and
Coach "Pike". Miller attended the
eastern Oregon track meet at Pendle
ton last Saturday. '
Stafford Hansell attended the track
meet at Pendleton Saturday after,
Mary Tompkins has returned to
school after being out for three week
with the measles.
Fred Singer visited relatives in
Waitsburg Sunday.
Frances Cannon was in Walla Wal
la Saturday.
Lowell Jenkins spent the week-end
at Bingham Springs. He was a guest
at the Campbell cabin.
Walter Huffman was a Pendletoa
visitor Sunday evening. . - M