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9; 1930
Analyze f-' 7
the qualifications of '
All Candidates!
Who best exemplifies the
spirit of the day, "On
ward Oregon?"
Who has had the business,
executive, and legislative
: experience?
Who has been the staunch
advocate of American
" ideals? ' '
' A Business Mail
; -whose slogan ii
"Industrialist Oregon"-
(Paid Advertisement,
Hall-for-Governor Club,
L. D. Felshelm, Manager,
Imperial Hotel, Portland,
- urecon.;
National Recognition .. By
Cooperative Farming
Activities.' ' '
Oregon State College. Bankers of
Oregon last year spent close to $30,
000 on agriculture projects, attended
152 meetings devoted to agriculture,
and sponsored specific: banker-farmer
projects that involved 565 indi
vidual farmers or farmer boys.
This record was so far superior to
that of any other state bankers' as
sociation that the Oregon organiza
tion has been given a national rating
of "perfect plus" by the national
agricultural commission of the Amer
ican Banker's association which con
ducts competitive scoring of farmer
banker work each year.
"Banker-farmer , work in Oregon
carried on under the direction of the
bankers' agricultural committee and
the state may be proud," says Dan H.
Otis, chairman of the agricultural
commission. "These results have been
accomplished through years of organ
ized effort in which the state college
has had an important part."
In recognition of the Oregon record,
the A. B. A. has paid the expenses of
Eugene Courtney, Woodburn, chair
man of the agricultural committee;
T. P. Cramer, secretary of the state
association, and Paul V. Maris, dhec
tor of extension, on a trip to the na
tional convention in Virginia where
they are putting on the only state
display. In addition the major part
of the national monthly bulletin for
May is given over to stories and pic
tures concerning this state.
-Card of Thanks
We desire to thank through The
Press all who so kindly assisted us
and gave other tokens of sympathy
and kindness in our bereavement in
the passing of our beloved mother,
Mrs. Catherine Bell. -'
.... , THE FAMILY.
Announces that it has com-pieted the organ
' ization of a
Trust Department
and is qualified to act as Executor, Administra
tor, guardian, or in any other fiduciary capac
ity. '
Just think what 37 years of 'successful banking
jl: experience would mean to the executor or ad
j ministrator of your estate.
jjj Ask us for Information
General Repairing
Done Right
at Right Prices
Richfield Gasoline
Automobile Accessories
We carry the best
That Money Buys
Kippered Saigon, all Kinds of Salt Fish. Fresh
Fish, Oysters, Crabs, Clams, Kraut in Season.
Main Street Athena, Oregon.
Silver Star Theatre At
Freewater Is Destroyed
By Fire; Audience Safe
The Silver Star motion picture
theatre at Freewater was destroyed
and the Angerman Brothers Bakery
damaged by fire Friday night which
is believed to have started in the
operating room of the theatre.
According to reports from 'Free-
water the fire started at about 9:30
o'clock while the show was running.
As soon as the alarm was sounded
the patrons of the theatre filed out of
the exits m an orderly manner, v
Milton and Freewater fire fighting
equipment were pressed into service
and the Walla Walla fire department
was also summoned. One truck rush
ed to Freewater from Walla Walla
but the blaze was under control be
fore it. arrived. .
Loss is undetermined, but it is be
lieved that it will ' run to several
thousand dollars. C. E. Walks was
manager of the theatre.
Several months ago the only mo
tion picture theatre in Milton ' was
burned down. ; Friday night's fire
now leaves the Twin Cities without a
motion picture house. , - 4
' Wagner Buys Ranch ;
Weston Leader: Ace Wagner, Uma-
pine dairyman, has purchased the
Charles E. Spence ranch located
north of his present property. The
place consists of 40 acres of valuable!
alfalfa land, most of which is now in
hay and will be a valuable asset to
Mr. Wagner in his dairying activities.
Mr. Wagner is one of the extensive
dairymen of that district and will
now be able to grow sufficient hay to
take care of his growing industry.
He is a son-in-law of J. P. Lieualien
of Weston. i
Don't submit to avoidable operations
or the use of antiquated trusses, as
they all set where the lump is and
where the opening is. The opening is
seldom larger than a dime (no mat
ter the size of the rupture), fend all
cases can be retained with the end of
a lead pencil.
"The Spermatic Shield-Complex in
combination with the Retainer-Simplex
(Patent No. 747247 and other
patents pending) a scientific
achievement in a highly specialized
art It will not only retain any case
of rupture perfectly, but contracts the
opening in 10 days on the average
case. Infinitely superior to any instru
ment, method or operation and pro
ducing results in no other way ob
tainable. All cases are secure a life
time as against further trouble or
expense. ' Large or difficult cases or
incisional rupture (following opera
tions) especially solicited. This in
strument received the only l. award
in England and in Spain, producing
results without surgery, injections,
medical treatments or prescriptions,
with distinguished personal patrons
of all nations."
"If you want done what the rest
cannot do see Seeley."
LEY'S EXPERT of Chicago and
Philadelphia will be at the Pendleton
Hotel, Pendleton, Tuesday only, May
13th, from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. He
will be glad to demonstrate without
charge or fit them if desired.
N. B. Every statement in this
notice has been verified before the
Federal and State Courts. F. H.
Home Office: 140 N. Dearborn St.
For Sale Rhode Island baby
chicks. Phone 455, Athena.
Will accept your piano in trade on
New Victor Radio Electrola, Pen
dleton Music House, Pendleton Or?.
Physician and Surgeon
Dr; Sharp's Office
Office Hours at Athena 1 to 5 p. m.
Phone 462. Office Hours at Weston
8 a. m. to 12 noon. Phone 83. Calls
made day or night
Pleads Guilty to Sale
' and Possession1
B. B. Richards, when in
terviewed by the Press
man, pleaded guilty to the
sale of the best insurance
obtainable for the money
and possession of more
policies in reserve ready
at a moments notice for
your use and purpose. - A
policy for every hazzard.
Real Estate
Wheat Alfalfa and ;
Stock Land
L. L. Montague, Arlington
:' i.
Notables Join in Ceremony
; at End of 20-day Non
stop .Run. . ;
It took a governor, a senator and
a college president to stop a farm
tractor at Oregon State college after
it had completed the longest endur
ance run in history, breaking even'
world's record by a little more than
three days.
The record run was ended . at a
public ceremony on the campus at
the end of. 481 hours, 5 minutes of
continuous operation, practically all
of it under normal farm operating
conditions plowing, harrowing, disk
ing and dragging. , ' The demonstra
tion test was conducted by the agri
cultural engineering department as a
means of gathering Scientific data on
the cost and reliability of operation,
track wear and other factors.
At the conclusion of the the non
stop run Senator Charles L. McNary
telephoned directly from Washington
D. C. to President Kerr at the college
congratulating those who took part
in the affair, and the scores of pio
neers present to witness the contrast
between modern and ancient agri
cultural methods. An ox-drawn cover
ed wagon at the scene gave emphasis
to this contrast.
As President Kerr, finished his
cross : country "chat" . with Senator
McNary he passed the word to Gover
nor A. W. Norblad, waiting to silence
the engine after its record run. As
it stopped, recorders showed that the
engine had ' made 37,421,098 revolu
tions and that the tractor had travel
ed 1011 miles.
Two Murders Committed
Over Refusal to Use Cars
Two ,15 year old farm boys were
in jails in Clark county, Washington,
and Polk county, Oregon, less than
sixty miles apart facing charges of
murdering three persons, two women
and one man, in two separate coun
ties on the same day for practically
the same reason the desire to drive
an automobile.
One of the youths is Clifford Camp
bell, who Sheriff R. E. Crite of Clark
county, said confessed that he fired
the blast of dynamite which killed
Benjamin Northrup, 55, and his wife,
Mrs. Louise Northrup, 51, and reduc
ed their modest farm home near
Heisson, Wash., to splinters.
The other youth is Dale Lawson,
who confessed to shooting Mrs.
George Dickinson, 45, in her farm
home in Polk county, near Independ
ence, Ore. Young Lawson was held to
the grand jury on a charge of mur
der. He told W. W. Harcombe, Polk
county district attorney, he slew Mrs.
Dickinson because she objected to his
using the Dickinson automobile for a
pleasure trip to Portland.
The blast which killed the North
rups in Clark county occurred just be
fore midnight Wednesday and Lawson
is said to have shot and killed Mrs.
Dickinson Wednesday morning.
tn the confession Campbell is said
by Clark county authorities to have
made, the youth declared he did not
mean to kill the farm couple but to
cripple them because they refused to
allow him the use of the family auto
mobile, a new small car.
Books on Aviation
Five new books at the County li
brary deal with the history and ro
mance of flying and four with its ma
chinery and technique. The first are
Amelia Earhart's "20 Hours, 40
Minutes," "The Aircraft Yearbook for
1930," "Air, Men and Wings" by
George, "Conquering the Air" by Wil
liams, and "Sky High" by Hodgins.
The second group Includes "The Air
plane and its Engine " by Chatfield,
"Practical Flying" by Jones, "Avia
tion from the Ground Up" by Manly,
and "Simple Aerodynamics" by Mon
teith. ,-; .: ; ..- -. :
Wagontire Murder iFued ,
Ira Bradley, 62, Lost creek rancher
of the Wagontire district, Malheur
county was found shot to death in the
kitchen of his cabin Saturday night
by his son, Hofmer Bradley, and
Jesse Pennington, a rancher. A soft
nose bullet had entered his forehead.
The district attorney and sheriff are
out on the desert 125 miles northeast
of Burns, investigating the murder.
Officers believe the old Wagontire
feud has broken out again. Bradley's
son was killed three years ago, on the
Heppner's Artesian Water
Heppner's municipal water supply
will shortly be furnished from the
flow of an artesian well recently
brought in at the forks of Willow
creek. Saturday afternoon the well
was capped and it showed a pressure
of 36 pounds. The water flowing
from the well has a temperature of
60 degrees and is of excellent quali
ty. . . -
. Road. Builder to Get Honor
A movement to erect a memorial to
A. F. Alexander, "father of the Wes-ton-Elgin
toll-gate road," has been
started and popular subscriptions will
be taken. Mr. Alexander die 1 in
1926. It Is planned to build the
memorial on top of the Blue moun
tains along the route of the mountain
ySlWAY from the harvester-
thresher, loaded to the
brim' with ripe, yellow
grain. Rubber tires rolling through
the soft dirt and stubble. Across
ditches. Up steep rises with a
60-bushel load! It makes no differ
ence how deep down the bottom
is, so long as the wheels can reach
it, this truck will bring every load
through! And on the hard highway
it will give you more speed than
you can use safely controlled by
4-whecl brakes.
It is the modern answer to the
rural haulage problem, a Speed
Truck with two complete power
ranges, with six speeds forward
and two reverse. It Is International
Harvester's famous "SIX-SPEED
What , the grain farmer does
with this truck you can do with a
capacity load of live stock, milk
and cream, produce, fruit, feeds,
building materials, or anything else.
It is the market's best combination
"of high road speed and pulling power.
f It is a handsome quality product,
strongly built, up to the minute in
every detail. Let the Six-Speed
Special tell you its own story. We
will give you a thorough demon
stration when you say the word.
Rogers Goodman
(A Mercantile Trust)
Pendleton Won Track' Meet ".
' Pendleton won the Eastern Oregon
high school track meet Saturday by
the score of 67 points from La
Grande Tigers, closest competitors,
with 58 points. Joslin of Baker,
smashed the old shotput record of 46
feet 1 inch, by heaving the pellet 47
feet three inches. In the discus, Jos
lin made a heave of 121 feet 8
inches also for a new record. Mc
Loughlin high was third with 33
points, followed by Baker with 26,
Ontario 16 Vi, Union 5 and Hermis
ton 3.
Indians Trounce Umatilla
The Mission Indians are tied with
Helix for the lead in the Umatilla
county league, by defeating Umatil
la Sunday, 6 to 1. Umatilla made
five errors, which counted materially
against the north end team losing the
Mission ........; 6 6 3
Umatilla 16 6
Beetles and Hoskins; F. Hanson and
R. Woodward.
Then will hit n fittincr observance
of "Mothers' Day" in all the morning
service. In the eleven o clock nour a
sermon of appreciation and tribute
tn mothers will be riven. From the
school a decorating committee will
see that the auditorium is arranged
in floral fittiriPB. Also a fittinz bo-
quet will be presented to the oldest
mother and to the youngest mower
in the school. The young peoples
meetin? will occur at 7:00 p. m. In
the 8:00 p. m. hour, Mr. and Mrs.
Boyer formerly ol Jbugene, Dut nome
on furlough after several years in
mUninnnrv work in Central Africa on
the Congo, will address the audience,
telling of their work and tne people
of that, dark land. Many outside
church circles will desire to hear
them tell of our distant colored neigh
bors. ,
Vote For
James H. E. Scott
Your Present
Twnty-third District
(Umatilla County)
' Who asks for re-nomination on
the Republican ticket, and will
work for fewer and better laws
and common sense business legis
lation, to bring about economy in
state affairs and to prevent ex
travagance. Paid Adv.
Attorneys at Law
Stangier Building, Pendleton, Oregon.
Practice in all State and Federal
x Courts. : " " . '. "
Main Street. Athena, Oregon
State and Federal Court Practice
Dr. W. Boyd Whyte .
Stangier Building, Phone 708
Pendleton, Oregon. 957 J
Foley's Kidney Care
-nacfci kidney and hltdiler rivh(
Blacksmith Shop
Repair Work
Prices Reasonable
Athena, Oregon
Of what the Oregon Press thinks of
Marry ! Crliett
Republican Candidate for Covernor
"Should Oregon
entrust Its gov
ernorship to him
(Corbett) It will
be in mighty
good hands.'
Sheridan Sun.
' .r :
"He (Corbett)
says that the
state will be ad
vanced more by
hard work than
Valley Journal.
"The fact that Harry L. Corbett was the only senator In
the 1927 legislature who refused to accept the extra pay
which the legislators voted themselves should not work
to his disadvantage In his campaign to procure the repub
lican gubernatorial nomination." Ashland Tidings.
"Searching through all of the utterances made by candi
dates we find in the Corbett platform a gem to consider."
Klamath Falls Herald.
"With Mr. Corbett Covernor there should be no pyramid
ing of bond Issues, but there would be ways and means
devised for legitimate, safe development." Malheur
"The sanest platform that has been issued by any candi
date in this generation Is the one put forward by Harry L
Corbett, republican candidate for Covernor. If there is
any bushwarV In it we have not been able to locate it and
that is a most unusual thing for a candidate." Corvallis
Gazette Times.
Vote for Harry L. Corbett
Paid Adr, Corbett for Governor Com., Flovd J. Cook, Field Mgr.
ui voroeu uwg., i'oruanu, vr.