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Athena, Oregon, May 9, 1930
Clark Wood Says
"The deceptive thing about '
t stocks is that they "go boom" t
, first and "i aw down" after-
, J -ward.",:, , "' V. ;' i
While the United States and House
of Representatives are locking horns
over a tariff scale on lumber and soft
woods, Richard Lieber, director of the
department of conservation for the
state of Indiana draws attention to
the fact that last stands of merchant
able natural forests are those in the
Pacific Northwest, and that within
. the next three or four decades this
great store of nature will have al
most entirely disappeared. "The
lumbering wave," says Lieber,
"swept down from the New England
States to New York and Pennsyl
vania, then northwest through the
Lake States, and onward through the
Central States and into the great
cypress and pine forests of the South.
Today the great virgin forests are
making their last stand in the Pa
cific Northwest. One cannot con
demn the use of the forest products
for they have gone into homes, trans
portation, industry, warmth and even
art and beauty. We do stand, how
ever, guilty before present and un
born generations for the destruction
of the recurring possibilities of for
estry and agriculture upon the lands
we have laid waste. Why are there
millions of acres of potential forest
land in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michi
gan and Pennsylvania standing as
idle as barren - deserts? This land
once supported heavy stands of tim
ber stocked with all sorts of game
and wild life. The answer is human
carelessness. Where once grew
magnificent trees we find forest fires
have robbed the next generation of
that wood supply which means so
much to us. There fires have taken
away time after time the soil cover
and fertility needed to sustain new
growth. Over vast areas ft will be
two centuries before this humus can
-be rebuilt by successive types of
smaller vegetation to the point where
the land will again sustain a forest
stand. Why are the small woodlots
which are so precious to every farm
through the agricultural states like
Illinois, Indiana and Ohio neglected
and ignored both by the landowner
and the agricultural leader as a po
tential crop and therefore a part of
farm management? "The answe." is
lack of vision which permits grazing
animals to eat up the young trees on
the forest floor so necessary to per
petuate species and link one crop of
timber with the next one. While
busily engaged in building up the
quality through careful selcct'cn.and
breeding and by eliminating the
"boarder" individual, we have been
permitting the lumber man to haul
away only the best timber, leaving
the cull and overmature tre to oc
cupy the site and perpetuate their
own inferior kind."
The dad who electrifies the motive
power in his shop is a poor scout who
refuses an electric washing machine
for mom. ' ;
Not since the exit of pingpong has
anything come along to giva the
populace a faddist itch like yo-yo.
Whv is a nineteen-gun salute? For
the reason that it's a 19-gun salute.
A warehouseman's obligation of
ordinary care cannot be signed away
by contract no matter what com
modity may be stored on his prem
ises is the important conclusion of
a recent supreme court decision in
New Jersey. The question arose
over the loss of 16,000 baskets of
peaches in a warehouse in which the
temperature had not been sufficiently
reduced on account of some mechan
ical difficulty. The warehouseman's
contract had attempted to avoid such
responsibility by providing that he
"shall not be responsible for failure
to maintain any given temperature
unless same is caused by its negli
gence," but the court held that "the
defendant was charged with ordliwy
care for the protection of the fruit,
and by ordinary care In this con
nection is meant the care that a
reasonably careful owner would ex
ercise in regard to similar property
of his own. The law Imposed that
obligation, and it could not be im
paired by any stipulation of the con
tract in pursuance of which the
peaches were stored.
Police Commissioner Whalen of
New York City has documents in his
possession showing that the cam
munist soviet at Moscow is responsl
ble for fomenting Btrikcs and riots
in this country. Whalen's investiga
tion has become so warm that Pua
elan officials whom he accuses have
come forth with declarations that
evidence the New York officer holds
against them are forgeries. Whalen
discloses that Seattle was temporary
headquarters for one "Comrade O
Graf pen," who was assigned by the
soviet executive committee to "call
in a reunion of all our general rcpre'
eentatlves which must receive mstruc
tions, literature for organization of
the first May outbreaks from you,
and sums of money from .Comrade
Sversky, who continues to be in
charge of the financial department."
Once in a while luck is on the side
of human freight when piano crashes,
as was evidenced when eight army
men survived a wreck in California
the other day. Six "caterpiilared" to
earth in parachutes when one pro
peller broke, injured another and
crumpled a wing. The pilot and his
mechanic stayed with the ship and
brought the craft down to an upright
landing.. As. a rule the story reads
the other way everybody dead ana
ship burned up.
Bov criminals have increased in
numbers to a point where police
and other law enforcement depart
ments are brought face to lace with
a croblem that is extremely difficult
to cope with. During the past week
no less than five boys all under 17
vears of aee have been implicated in
crimes of major degree, in Oregon
and Washington. Two have confessed
murder, and three figure in sensation
al automobile thefts.
Interest in the primary elecf.on
campaign has been centered in the
gubernatorial aspirants, of which
there are enough to "go 'round." Next
Friday we shall know who s who
23 Years Ago
The storm king has again raided
the middle west. He visited nine
states and left in his wake twenty-
three deaths and property damage
amounting to thousands of dollars.
H. N. Blakeslee of the national
safety council, figures that accident
nrevention is srood business and justi
fies in a return of dollars and cents.
Henrv Ford says: "The farmers are
right; their advisers are wrong. There
is only one real 'farm board,' and that
is the 8,000,000 farmers on the land."
Friday, May 10, 1907
Agent Richards of the Puget Sound
Warehouse company reports that but
one-half of last season's crop has been
shipped from warehouses under his
The "Colts" will play Ed Forrest's
reservation team on the Athena dia
mond Sunday afternoon. The players
are evenly matched and a close game
is expected.
W. P. Leach, the well known farm
er, is delivering twenty tons of baled
timothy hay to the Preston-Parton
Milling company of this city. Timo
thy is now selling for a good price,
ranchers being paid $21 per ton. John
Walden and other ranchers of Wes
ton mountain were in the city and
disposed of their hay at the above
Mrs. Will Harden and Miss Edna
Harden are visiting friends in Helix
this week.
-Mrs. Claud Reeder is up from Ta
coma, visiting relatives and friend's
in' Athena. " ' , '
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Swaggart visit
ed at the home of Mr. and Mr. Akers
on Birch creek, Wednesday.
Miss Delia Danner, who has been
attending school at Pendleton, has re
turned to her home in this city.
Wm. Willaby, sr., left Athena yes
terday for a month's visit with rela
tives at Spokane and Newport, Wash.
Owing to the illness of Mr. Chas.
McLean, D. C. Mclntyre has . been
named chairman of the committee on
grounds for the Caledonian Picnic.
The members of the committee in
clude, D. C. Mclntyre, chairman; H.
P. Millen and H. A, Barrett.
S. S. Parris has been elected dele
gate to represent this district at the
Free Methodist national conference in
Illinois. .
Mike McCarty, the rounder who is
supposed to have robbed John P. Mc
Manus at Pendeton, before tha Pilot
Rock editor killed Bob Estes, has been
arrested at North Yakima and will
be tried at Pendleton on the charge
of robbery.
B. D. Clemons grinds an excellent
quality of corn meal at his mill, and
now has a quantity on hand lor sale.
In addition to being fresh and sweet,
it is the product of a home institu
tion and should be given preference
by local dealers. .
A canary bird flew Into the home
of V. E. Hoven yesterday and was
captured. Owner mBy have the bird
by calling.
Hugh Bell has finished plowing west
of town and yesterday moved his out
fit to the reservation, where he and
Present County Treasurer -
Candidate for
of Umatilla County
Primaries May 16
Present incumbent; seven years
experience in handling County
One Term
as County Treasurer, Official
records open to inspection.
Paid Adv.
Malpli IE. Williams
-V' I .
National Committeeman
For the first time in the history of the West a Western
nutn Ralph E. Williams of Oregon is Vice Chairman of
the Republican National Committee. During the past six
months he hns served ns acting Chairman of the National
Committee, lie lias given 22 years of unselfish service to
Oregon, its citizens and its worthy enterprises. His service
has been without salary or financial remuneration of any
kind. To re-elect him' means that Oregon keeps its im
portant place in affairs of the Republican National Com
mittee and that citizens of the state will continue to have the
benefit of Mr. Williams' influence in Washington, D. C.
Vote 13X Williams, Ralph E.
rld Adv. Citlen Committor, Mary A. risrrjr, Secretary
l'oiter iildg-, Portland, Or.
James Bell will plow the Umapine
place, containing 500 acres. Five
2-bottom gang plows are expected to
do the work in twenty days' time. .
It is reported that Wm. Anderson
of Milton, who has been seriously ill
and who was thought to be out of
danger, has taken a relapse.
Grandma Gerking, who has been ill
for, several weeks at the home of her
daughter, Mrs. David Taylor, is very
much better and able to be around
once more.
W. R. Taylor started his band of
over 300 head of cattle to the moun
tain range, Sunday.
rv 4
Our modern motor
coaches take you com
fortably on convenient
schedules at very low
fares. Phone our local
agent for fares to any
point East or west
Gordon M. Watkins, Agent.
Phone 332
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Umatilla County.
In the Matter of the Estate of Anna
yRed Hawk, otherwise known as
Latikamas, an Indian . woman, ae-
- Notice is hereby given that the
undersigned has been appointed by
the above entitled court administra
tor of the above entitled estate, ana
that he has qualified as the law di
rects. All persons having claims
against the estate are hereby notified
to present the same to me at the of
fice of my attorney, A. C. Mclntyre,
in Despain Block, Court Street, Pen
dleton, Oregon, within six months
from the date hereof with proper
Dated April 11, 1930.
A11M9 Administrator
(Equity No. 4869)
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon for Umatilla County.
David M. Rogers, Plaintiff, vs. Nellie
H. Rogers, Defendant:
To NELLIE H. ROGERS, Defendant;
In the name of the State of Ore
gon: You are hereby required to ap
pear and answer the complaint filed
against you in the above entitled
Court and cause within four (4)
weeks from the date of the first pub
lication of this summons; and you
will take notice that if you fail to ap
pear or answer said complaint, or
otherwise plead thereto, within said
time, the plaintiff, for want thereof,
will apply to the above entitled Court
for the relief prayed for in his said
complaint against you, namely: for
a decree of the above entitled Court
forever dissolving the bonds of mat
rimony now and heretofore existing
between the plaintiff and defendant.
This summons is published pursuant
to an order of the iionoraDie James
Alger Fee, Judge of the above en
titled Court which said order was
made and entered in the matter here
in on the 8th day of April, 1930, and
the first publication of this summons
is made on the '11th day of April,
1930, pursuant to said order.
Watts & Prestbye, Attorneys for
the Plaintiff. Post Office Address:
Athena, Oregon. Pub. A11M9.
Post Building, Athena, Phone 582
Athena, Oregon
Why suffer with
tired, aching feet?
Regardless of their condition, I can
help you
Foot Correctionist
22 W. Main St. Walla Walla
Bring in Your Bent
and Sprung Axles
Acetylene Welding and Black
smithing .
C. M. Jones Blacksmith Shop ;
The Athena Hotel :1
Courteous Treatment, Clean Beda
Good Meals
Tourists Made Welcome
Special Attention Given
to Home Patrons
Corner Main and Third
Athena, Oregon
Main St H. H. HILL Athena
, Bell & Cray
, $ Phone 593
Two Auto
Truck Drays
Always At Your Service
; City and Country
r r Hauling .
.-"'.'f . - J
Republican Candidate for Representative
Umatilla County
A competent business man, a pioneer .resident, a
substantial taxpayer and informed on the economic
conditions of the state and county. Our represen
tation should be distributed over the county.
- ' " " Paid Adv.
Tum-A-Lum Tickler
Published in the intesests of the peop le of Athena and vicinity by
Vol. 30
Athena, Oregon, May 9, 1930
No. 18
Consider the hammer. It is the
only knocker in the world that
doesn't fly off the handle. It keeps
pounding away and after looking
at the other side, clinches the matter.
One thing we have never seen
is an ox cart trying to beat a
train to a crossing. ,
A lattice fence will hide a lot
of things and it adds to your gar
den's beauty. '-. If you care to call
we are glad to show you styles
that can be built at prices ranging
from 10 to 75 cents a foot.
365 Golden Rule Days each year
is our motto. Rain or shine, it
doesn't matter to us.
Say Bill. "How did you like
Not so well. "Only stayed three
days. The place was flooded.
We see that our cotemporaries
are running us competition in the
newspaper game. But we can see
right thru that Dower knot hole.
Our lumber doesn't have the knots
fall out
Jim Huggins and the Shell Oil
company are on the spot with gas
and oil.
Did you know that you can floor
the living room .of your house with
oak for only 99 cents per ten
foot square?
How about the Summer wood?
Then there was the Scotchman
that went into Woolworths and
asked for the furniture depart
ment .
owhatoio cars tout
Exclusively Sold Here
Milton Bread
We extend you a
To Visit our Store
and get acquainted
Successor To McFadden's Pharmacy
Main Street - Athena, Oregon
We Have the Agency
, . For the
i - i
Macy Tailoring System
of America
Twin City Cleaners
Phone 583
T. E. Smith, Prop. Freewater, Oregon
Farmers Grain Elevator
Grian and Feed
A Full Line of Sperry's Chick Feed
Phone 382 LEE WILSON, M'gr.
K Pays to Look Well!
To look well you should keep your hair properly cut your face
shaved and massaged In fact everything in the Barber line.
Come in and see Herb Parker and me.
Penn Harris Barber Shop
Agency for Troy Laundry and Twin City Sanitary Cleaners.'
Phone 683.
Reduction In Electric
Light Rates
The following reduction in Electric light rates wifl
be m effect on and after March 15, 1929:
t?- ioatttt, Resifential Rates
irst 30 KWH hours used, per month..10c per KWH
Excess over 30 KWH used, per month....3c per KWH
from dtt nrvSteSPJly ?hen Wla full, within 10 days
cenon each iteL 0therwise' the iU increased by 10 per
V . Nn .
Ti i - - . vAJuimeraai Kates
First 100 TTWW . 7T trcxrvt
t , OAA rcr niunui iuc per x
8SJ S!h- -..-7cerKWH
xNext 4uu...
r trrtrn per jv w
j.l -mum
Next innh"
- - - w
t. C oc per jvvYn
from i ofebmteSnply when .biUs " PW W
cent on each item. 0therwise' &e rate will be increased by 10 per
roston-Shaffer Milling Company