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Entered at the Post Office at Athena, Oregon, as Second-Class Mall Matter
Address Is To Be Delivered
By Professor Harris of
Whitman College.
Tonight at high school" audi
torium, beginning at 8 o clock, the
graduating exexcises of Athena high
school class ! of '30, comprising ten
members will take place. j'r
The auditorium has been beauti
fully decorated for the occasion in
class colors and a large volume of
' cut flowers. The decorations were
completed by the . junior class, ? with
Stafford Hansell as chairman. ' ' -Professor
Mark Harris of Whitman
college, will deliver the address to
the class,' the personnel of which is
Carl Calvert, John Kirk, Cecil Pam
brun, Eldon Myrick, Frances Cannon,
; Helen Foster, Virgie Moore, Beatrice
Hiteman, Loie Montgomery and
Rhoda Nelson.
Class colors are blue and silver,
, class flower sweetpea, class motto
"No Victories Without Labor."
: March, Tannhauser ..-.; Wagner
Mrs. Laurence Pinkerton .
Invocation ::...:......Rev. H. E. Dow
Chorus: '" " " -
Afloat at Dusk L. Barnes
Happy Song .:...Teresa Del Diego
The Athena Etude Club (Directed by
Rowena Ludwigs Lester)
, Class Address Subject: The Tri
..... angle of Education, by Mark Har
ris, Whitman College, Walla Wal
la, Wash. , . , . ,'.
. The Skaters Waldentfel
Swing Along....... Will Marion Cook
The Athena Etude Club
Presentation of Class..Mr. E. E. Coad
Presentation of Diplomas
...........f...';I:....:...i....Mr, Arnold Wood
' Baccalaureate services were held at
the Christian church Sunday evening,
beginning at 8 o'clock. ' Pastor Sias
delivered the sermon before a large
audience. The program as given, was
as follows:
Kymn Congregation
Invocation. , ' ,
Response .....;..........v......' Choir
Scripture." '' '" ' " ."'
Anthem, "Praise ye the Lord"
Mrs. Floyd Pinkerton, Mrs. Ralph
McEwen, Mrs.- R. D. Blatchford,
Mrs. Lloyd Michener, Mr. Laurence
Pinkerton, Mr. George Gerking Mr.
Kohler Betts. Mr. C. M. Eager.
Address...., " ..;......Charles A. Sias
Anthem l' ,Voice of Jesus"...,-... .
.r'J' Choir
B' yAan . .. Rev. H. E. Dow
Athena Bridge Club
Members of the Athena Bridge
club were guest3 of Mrs. B. B. Rich
ards Tuesday afternoon. The attrac
tive rooms were gay with tulips and
other spring flowers. Four tables
were in play and Mrs. Justin Har
wood and Mrs. DeMerritt were jclub
guests each receiving a dainty gift.
Mrs. H. I. Watts held high score for
the afternoon and Mrs. W. S. Fergu
son received the consolation. This
meeting marked the close of the
tournament which has been in pro
gress during the winter months. Mrs.
H. I. Watts held high score and Mrs.
C. M. Eager Becond for the sixteen
meetings The eight members who
held lowest score will pay their
penalty by entertaining the eight
high score holders. No announcement
has been made as to the nature of the
Athena, Credited With ;
Errors Lets Helix Take
" Key Game of Schedule
History written in Doc Blatchford's
score book, discloses that a total of
eight errors made by Athena lost
Sunday's game to Bill King's Helix
Grizzlies to the woeful tune of 11
to' 1.
Not that Helix showed any glitter
ing superiority with the bat, not by
a dingbasted sight, if you ask us, for
they garnered only six safe bingles off
Peggy York, George Gross and Walt
Huffman. Peggy, a good little pitcher-from
Weston who went in the box
for his first game and Gross who re
lieved him in the sixth, were as wild
as marsh hares. But it was not He
lix hitting that won the game. Lefty
Grove himself, would have
better with those eight errors in
front of him and only five hits behind
him. , The Helix win puts the Griz
zliesvin the run with the Indians tied
in first place. Athena plays the In
dians on the home grounds, Sunday
afternoon, and the only ' chance the
locals have is to beat the Indians and
pray that Umatilla puts the skids
under King's peppy fielding bunch,
Lwhich isn't even probable. The score
book, reads:
Athena AB RUE
Bowers If 4 0 1 0
Crowley ss 4 0 0 4
Hodgen 2b 4,0 0 0
Baker c 4 0 13
Harden cf .......... . 3 0 0 0
Miller cf 10 1.0
Boots 3b 4 0 0 1
Myrick rf .1 3 0 0 0
Huffman lb .:. 3 110
York p 10 0 0
Gross p , 2 0 1 0
Bean Planting Next Week
Local operatives in charge of
Marion Hansell, expect to begin
planting beans on leased acreage in
the Athena-Weston district for the
Eickhoff Farm Products Corporation,
next week, should weather conditions
be favorable. - Packers were sent up
to the Will Kirk place south of town,
Wednesday. , They will be used to
get the soil in condition for the
planters. All the work will be done
by caterpillar tractors and planting
of the bean crop will be rushed to
completion, once the crews get start
ed. ii iii . (
School Faculty Entertained
Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Richards were
hosts at dinner Monday evening
when; they entertained in honor of
the high school faculty. The table
was centered with a silver bowl of
columbine in pastel shades and nut
baskets "in the 6ame coloring wer
used. Covers were placed for Super
intendent Coad, Miss Dorothy Brodie,
Miss Beulah Smith, Mrs. Areta Gur
ney, Ralph McEwen, Jr., Mrs. Ralph
McEwen, Roland Richards and the
hosts. ; -
Frost Doe Slight Damage
Tuesday night's frost did little
damage to growing garden stuff in
Athena. From reports low tempera
ture brought frost over this district
in spots. In low places and aiong
creek bottoms some slight damage is
reported to early vegetables.
Helix -
Scheyer es ...
Shaw If
Tucker If ......
Cook Sb
King lb .........
Hargett c ....
Tate rf
Coe rf .....
Holmerren cf
Gemmel cf ..
Swain 2b ,
Berry p
33 1 5 8
.. 3 3 2 0
38 11 6 1
Summarv Runs batted in, Shaw,
Swain. Gross. Two base hits. Bowers,
Huffman, Gross, Swain. Stolen bases,
Tucker, Shaw, Scheyer 3, King, Gem
mel. Struck out, by York 6, Gross 2,
Huffman 2, Berry 5. Left on bases,
Athena 4, Helix 4. Losing pitcner,
York. - - '
Soil Samples
V.. C. Ros-ers and son Emery re
turned from Creston, B. C. Friday.
Athena men who are farming on the
("Vpstnn nroiect have their work well
under way. Dudley Rogers has his
spring wheat sown and the Kirks
will soon have their drilling complet
ed. Mr. Rogers brought back sam
nles of Boil he obtained on the Dud
ley Rogers ranch. It is composed
principally of decayed vegetable mat
ter nd sand, resembline very much,
soil that has been mulched with leaf
Miss Berlin Home
Miss Dorothv Berlin came over
frnm RnKlvn.- Wash., where she is
teaching in the Roslyn high school,
btiH snent Sundav at the home of her
mother, Mrs. Theresa Berlin. . Mis.
Berlin was accompanied to Atnena oy
a tmrtv of vouncr friends, who reside
at Roslyn. Miss Berlin has been re
tained to teach in the Koslyn scnooi
next year. :'; . '
Fractured Bone In Foot
While Roe Eager was competing in
the tournament on the Athena tennis
court, Sunday morning he injured
his left foot Thinking his foot was
sprained he treated it accordingly
but experienced no relief. An X-ray
examination revealed that a bone was
fractured and Roe continues to hob
ble about with the aid of crutches.
Vaccinating Cattle
Dr. Wood of Walla Walla, was in
the city last week vaccinating cat
tle for a. disease known to veter
narians as hemmorrhagic seppicimia.
Several cattle are reported jto have
had the disease in the Athena district
Vaccination is the only known pre
Class Gift
The class which graduates from
Athena high school tonight, selected
palm trees for its gift to the school.
The trees were selected by the com
mittee, Eldon Myrick and Cecil Pam
brun, at Walla Walla, Tuesday.
Faculty members of Athena high
school, the student body and alumni
enjoyed the school s annual picnic at
Bingham Springs yesterday. The
trip was made in automobiles and a
good time is reported.
The Ladies' Missionary Circle of
the Baptist church, met Wednesday
afternoon at the home of Mrs. Kohler
Betts. Mrs. H. E. Dow gave a read
ing and Mrs. Louis Stewart and Mrs.
Jesse Gordon served refreshments.
Members of Faculty and Graduating Class
of Athena HigK ScKooI, f or Year of '30
-,f v- y-- v - "
i 4
I ,v... .:,.... ;,
is..,.- . t,. .- i - ;. ' - . J
Class Of '30
. ' ". 'r -.
i 'p' '" :' ;
'-- . -'.'.'
!X ;
,-.Y' V ' '.: !
' ' '
"A ;.
' " '.' v. ;
, .f . .
.1 '
1 1
Blatchford and Baker
Win Tennis Tournament
By defeating Koepke and Michener
6-3; 6-3 in the semi-finals, and L.
Geissel and D. Pinkerton 6-4; 6-2 in
the final round, Dr. Blatchford and
Bryce Baker won the town tourna
ment Sunday morning.
In the other semi-final match D.
Pinkerton and Geissel won from
Harden and Prestbye C-4; 6-3 for the
right to enter the finals.
. In the first round of. the "consola
tions Gray and Johns defeated Eager
and -W. Pinkerton . 6-1; 6-1, while
Miller and Taylor took the match
from LeGrow 6-1; 7-5. In the second
round Johns and Gray won from
Koepke and Michener 7-9; 6-3; 6-3,
for the right to meet the winner for
the championship of the consolations.
Next Sunday Miller and Taylor
will play Harden and Prestbye, and
the winner will meet Johns and Gray.
Rainfall Good For Crops
Precipitation throughout the Inland
Empire, continuing from Friday eve
ning to Saturday morning, materially
aided prospects for good spring and
winter wheat crops in this section of
the Umatilla wheat belt Gardens and
stock ranges also were materially
benefitted by the rainfall. Ranges on
the foothills and in the mountain dis
tricts show an excellent growth ' of
grass and stockmen are greatly en
couraged by the prospect of having
plenty of tpring and summer feed.
Form Reversal Shown By
Athena High Players
Coach Miller's high school baseball
players displayed notable reverse in
form in the games played during the
last week. At Adams the score went
against them 13 to 6, but this game
was forfeited to Athena.
Following the Adams game Hcrmis
ton was battled to a 5-5 tie in a
strenuous 10-inning contest, which
was scheduled to be a 5-inning af
fair on account of rain and wet
grounds. Huffman went the entire
route on the mound and the game
was really the best seen between
school teams this year.
Tuesday afternoon in a seven-inning
contest between the locals and
Griswold Hi of Helix, which was the
key game of the cup contest, Miller's
aggregation was decisively beaten by
Bill King's proteges by the one-sided
score of 8 to 1.
Athena Will Pep Up To
Meet Mission Indians
, " : Pullman Accuses Board
The federal farm board is accused
of breaking promises and discriminat
ion in a telegram sent to Alexander
Legge, chairman, and northwestern
legislators by the Pullman, Wash.,
grain growers, inc.
Sheep Butted Him
The Echo News reports that Elmer
Caskill lost four of his front teeth
and had his face bruised last Friday
when a sheep he was shearing at the
Vey ranch butted him in the face.
Athena will be spiked up when they
meet the Mission Indians in the Uma
tilla County League game on the local
grounds Sunday afternoon. George
Banister will be in the box, Buck
Bannister at short and Willie Elk on
the jinks corner at third.
Athena is trailing the Indians and
Sunday's game will be the first be
tween the teams this season. Should
the locals scalp the Indians and Uma
tilla beat Helix, Athena would again
be in the running for the flag, and
just that has to happen, else the fight
will be with the Indians and Bill
King's team. ' They are in a tie for
first place now.
By all signs and prophesies 'Sun
day's game should be a stunning good
contest to look at, for little, Joe
Beetles vs. Banister stands for some
thing in amateur baseball circles.
The game is called for 2:30, sharp.
Pasco Air Show
Approval of plans for the Pasco
air jubilee by the National Aero
nautical association and the depart
ment of commerce has been received
by thei committee in charge. The air
port is being put in condition, with
some 80,000 gallons of oil placed to
lay the dust on the enlarged field.
The new passenger station for the
Varney line will be ready by May 15,
the opening date of the service and of
the celebration. .1 . , .
Shows Larsre Towns Grow
and Small Towns Decline
Census figures released Saturdav
by different district supervisors of
the state show that the larger cent
ers have increased in population over
the ten year period between census
taking, at the. expense of the country
towns. These changed conditions
have been brought about by hisrhwav
development and the increased use of
automobile transportation.
The figures as released are prelim
inary and had not yet been checked
by the government and made official,
but it is believed they give a fair in
dication, of population trends. These
statistics show that Bend has gained
3,406 in population since the last
census, taken in 1920. Redmond shows
a remarkable" increase of 419, going
up from 585 to 1,004. . LaGrande had
6,913 in 1920 but comes to the front
with 8,043 an increase of 1,130, while
Pendleton, of the larger towns of the
district, shows a decrease of 766, de
clining in population from 7,387 in
1920 to 6,621 in the present census.
Following in the census report as
given by A. C. Mclntyre, supervisor
of district No. 5:
Towns 1930. 1920.
LaGrande .."....... 8,043 6,913
Union ... 1.1Q3 1,319
Elgin 724 ' 1,043
North Powder 553 613
Cove 309 399
Island City 116 149
Pendieton 6,621 7,387
Athena 504 621
Weston . 384 595
Umatilla 339 390
Pilot Rock 275 361
cnfWd 203 278
'm . : ":...:.;.; :.. ,178 , 193
! ' -no- , 1,188 '1,324
' tr ....: 382 " 439
c imrt-n . .... 188 264
'!' v;a ... . 743 : 894
V -t il , 539 7 519
Mrs. M. L. Watts and Mrs.
F. S. LeGrow Entertain
One of the most attractive affairs
of the early Summer occurred yester
day afternoon when Mrs. M. L. Watts
and Mrs. F. S. LeGrow entertained at
a one o'clock luncheon. The spacious
rooms of the Watts home were deco
nted with' a profusion of vari color
ed flowers, huge baskets of the gay
blooms being employed. Dainty
columbine decked the small tables
where covers were laid for forty
guests. The afternoon was spent
playing bridge. The following ladies
were present:
Itlrs. E. C. Prestbye, Mrs. M. W.
Hansell, Mrs. Laurence Pinkerton,
Mrs. Fred Pinkerton, Mrs. A. W.
Logsdon, Mrs. Max Hopper, Mrs.
Chase Garfield, Mrs. Theresa Berlin,
Mrs Lee Hiteman, Mrs. D. T. Stone,
Mrs. Lew McNair, Mrs. A. H.' Mcln
tyre, Mrs. II. A. Roscberry, Mrs.
Glenn Dudley, Mrs. H. A. Barrett,
Mrs. Henry Dell, Mrs. C. M. Eager,
Mrs. Justin Harwood, Mrs. Henry
Koepke, Mrs. Littlejohn, Mrs. Ralph
McEwen, Mrs. Lloyd Michener, Mrs.
B. B. Richards, Mrs. J. C. Walter,
Mrs. J. F. Kershaw, Mrs. H. I. Watts,
Mrs. James Cresswell, Mrs. A. A. Mc
lntyre, Mrs. Ethel Montague, Mrs. E.
B. Foster, Mrs. Areta Gurney, Mrs.
Armond DeMerritt, Mrs. Richard
Thompson, Mrs. Dean Dudley, Mrs.
Sheldon Taylor, Out of town guests:
Mrs. Paul Lieuallen, Mrs. James Lieu
allen, Jr., Mrs. Ravella Lieuallen of
Adams; Mrs. A. A. Kimball, Mrs.
Omer Stephens of Pendleton; Mrs.
Lilian Fredericks Mrs. H. Goodwin of
Weston; Mrs. Rudolph Liesinger of
Helix; Mrs. George Bishop of Free
water; Mrs. S. J. Bowles of Walla
The 4 o' 4 Brldg Club
Mrs. James Lieuallen, Jr., enter
tained the 4 o' 4 club at her home in
Adams, Wednesday afternon. Club
guests were Mrs. W. A. Ball, Mias
Blanche Johnson and Mrs. A. H. Mc
lntyre. Miss Johnson made high guest
score. Mrs. Ravella Lieuallen made
high club score and Mrs. Paul Lieu
allen low score. Mrs. Dean Dudley
was club hostess at her home west cf
Athena Thursday of last week. High
score was made by Mrs. E. C. Prest
bye, and the guest score by Mrs. Lew
McNair. Guests of the club were
Mrs. McNair, Mrs. A. H. Mclntyre
and Mrs. R. A. Thompson.
Construction Superintendent Here
W. A. Torry, district construction
superintendent for the Pacific Tele
phone & Telegraph company, came
up from Portland Tuesday and in
spected the work being done in the
Athena-State Line sector by the
crew working out of here. The work
being done here at this time Includes
renewal of poles, truss arms and new
wire. A crew of eight men are on the
job here.
Kirk To Hospital
Will Kirk will enter a hospital next
week, possibly for an operation for
relief from appendicitis, and also
treatment for ulcers in the stomach.
Mr. Kirk has been indisposed for
some time, and his friends hope that
he will soon be on the road to re-
Jc'ov'ery. ,
Establishment of Branch
Offices In Districts Is
Huffs Plan.
Burrfnae that wheat loan applications
trom larmers of Oregon, Washington
and Idaho filed on or before April 29
would be approved by the federal
board was announced by Rep. Sum
mers of Washington. '
'- Explaining he had received mntiv
communications expressing concern
over reports that the board, becauaa
or shortage of funds, would be unable
to grant wheat loans, Summers said
the board had informed him such was
not the case.
K Applicants will be given until May
10 to consummate loans, he said.
The federal farm board warned co
operatives financed by board funds
throueh the farmers natinnnl (Train
corporation that they must market
all or their grain "under the super
vision of that farmer-owned sales
The purpose, the board said, was to
assure volume and facilitate financ
ing the consolidated marketing of
grain gathered cooperatively, "so
that the larmers national, which
under the law .cannot handle more
grain for non-members than for
members, will be in a position to give
the fullest service to farmers."
At least five branch offices of the
farmers' national grain corporation
will be established as soon as pos-
"ble'to be lunctioning in time for
the 1930 harvest, C. E. Huff, presi
dent announced. "
A district manager will be in
charge of each office. He will have
jurisdiction over terminals and sub-
terminals in each area and will be
directly responsible to the Chicago
office, Not all the sites of the branch
offices are decided on Mr. Huff added.
The present plans are for the follow
ing? .; r - . I- .
The southwest territory, embracing
all the hard winter wheat acres, will
center in a branch office at Kansas
City, Mo., and its jurisdiction prob
ably will include the markets 'at
Omaha, Neb., St. Joseph, Mo., and ex
tend over the inter-mountain area
around Ogden, Utah.
The northern territory, or spring
wheat area, will extend from the lake
ports of Duluth, Minn., and Superioi,
Wis., westward to the line in west
ern Montana that divides the eastern
and western flow of grain. Duluth,
St. Paul and Minneapolis are being
considered for the branch office of the
The northwestern ' territory, Mr.
Huff said may require more than one
office. Henry W. Collins, of Pendle
ton, Ore,, already has been named
manager for this district. Spokane,
Wash., and Portland, Ore., are bein,r
considered for the office.
The northeast territory probably
will center in Buffalo, N. Y.
Athena Study Club
Mrs. L, M. Keen entertained ten
members of the Athena Study club at
her home west of Athena, Friday
afternoon. Wales was the subject
for discussion and Mrs. Keen gave a
paper upon "The Industrial Revolu
tion of Wales" and "Rural Conditions"
was the topic of a paper by Mrs. M.
I. Miller. Roll call responses elicit
ed information relative to flower cul
ture. The club meetings have been
deferred until the first fall meeting,
September 5. Mrs. II. H. Hill as
sisted the hostess during the ten
Jobs Reported Scarce
Work is more scarce in the Walla
Walla valley than usual, A. H. John
son, federal employment agent, stsS
ed. The spring work has been finish
ed on the farms and it is too early
for the summer work. "We expect
labor conditions to be good from Juno
1 through the balance of the year,"
Johnson stated. "In June the fruit
ranches furnish considerable employ
ment in apple thinning and straw
berry and cherry picking, the first
cutting of alfalfa hay comes on and
cultivating summer fallow on the
wheat ranches beginB, furnishing
more employment."
Chapter Will Entertain
McKenrie Chapter of the Eastern
Star met at the Masonic Hall Wed
nesday evening. During the business
session it was decided to entertain
the neighboring chapters of Helix,
Weston and Milton within a few
weeks. Committees were appointed
and plans made for their entertainment.
Little Snow At Tollgate .
There is but little snow at Tollgate
on the summit of the Blue Mountains,
and by June 1 it will have disappear
ed entirely, bo it is reported from
that locality.