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1930 , ;
In pastel shades is a delicious food confection.
They are the delicacy par excellence for luncheons
or parties. Ten generous servings
for 25c
The Quality Grocery
Alice Eager, Prop.
i . . .. .. .. ,
Press Paragraphs
Goodyear Tires
and Tubes
Automobile Supplies,
Parts and Accessories
Athena Garage
North side Main Street - - Phone 352
Continental Oil Company
Always at Your Service
Athena Service Station
Gas, Oils, Greasing
Automobile Accessories Tires
BRYCE BAKER, Prop. . . Athena, . . Phone 761
More for Your Money
More in Quality More in Quantity More in Service More in
Satisfaction. .
Log Cabin Syrup, Medium Spatula Free
Mazola Salad Oil, quart
Serv-Us Fancy Peaches, 2y2s and Kellogg Rice
Crispies, Both for
Crescent Baking Powder, 1 lb.
Crystal White Soap
7 for 29c
Tomatoes, Red & White, 2y2s
3 for 65c
Corn, Red & White, Fancy Golden Bantam
3 for 65c
Pork and Beans, Van Camps, Medium
6 for 59c
Cocoa, Blue & White, 2-lb. package
Preserves, Strawberry, Serv-Us 3-lb. glasses
63c '
Schlitz Malt Hop
Cake, Black Walnut Layer
Hominy, Red & White, 2VjS
2 for 29c
Crisco 3 lbs.
French Criglar was over from Free-
ater Wednesday.
Gotleib Swank was in Athena Mon
day from Walla Walla.'
Mr. and Mrs. H. I. Watts were
week-end visitors in Spokane. ,
James King and Attorney Avery
of Weston were in Athena Monday. -
Warmer weather this week has
caused Athena gardens to perk up
quite a bit.
Herbert Parker and Fred Radtke
fished for trout on the lower Uma
tilla river yesteday.
Mr. and Mrs. Otis Whiteman of
Walla Walla, were recent guests at
the H. H. Hill home.
Mrs. Millie Gross of Corvalhs is
visiting relatives and friends in Ath
ena and Walla Walla.
Miss Jaunita Smithpeters of Baker
will be a house guest of Mr. and Mrs.
Dean Dudley for a week.
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Roseberry and
H. S. Swift spent the week-end at
LaGrande with Mrs. Swift.
Miss Lela Schubert is in a hospital
at Walla Walla, where she is taking
treatment for goitre trouble.
C. H. McCullen and family have re
turned to Athena after spending
several months in Montana.
Ralph McEwen went down to Port
land Friday, being called to the me
tropolis on a business matter.
Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Dudley spent
Friday and Saturday in their sum
mer cottage at Bingham Springs. .,
After spending a couple of weeks in
Athena and Weston, Charles May re
turned to his home at Ashland, Monday.
James Askworth, veteran Weston
carpenter is in Athena this week, as
sisting Henry Schroeder on a job
Vernip O. Harra of Weston has
been in Athena this week, making
improvements at the J. E. Jones
Mrs. M. L. Watts returned home
Sunday evening from Portland, after
a week's visit with relatives and
ShinmpntH of dav-old chicks have
been received this week by J. R.
Catron, Louis Stewart and A. H. Mc-Intyre.
Weston Mountain notatoes have
been going to market this week.
Several truck loads passed through
Mr. and Mrs. Amiel Schubert were
in Walla Walla yesterday, being call
ed there by the illness of their daugh
ter, Lela.
Dandelions are lust now about the
most prolific crop in Athena. The
yellow pest entirely covers some
lawns here.
Members of McKenzie Chanter 0.
V.. S. were cuests at a social meeting
of Bushee Chapter at Pendleton Tues
day evening.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Dudley and Mr.
and Mrs. Sias spent Wednesday and
yesterday at the Dudley Bingnam
Springs cottage.
Miss Anita Karstens of Helix, who
has been teaching school near Union,
has been elected to teach the Thorn
Hollow school next year.
Mrs. Addie Fleener has returned to
her home at Lostine, Wallowa county,
after visiting at the home of Mrs. H.
H. Hill, her sister-in-law.
Mrs. Dean Dudley and Jessiedeane
Dudley drove to LaCrosse, Washing
ton today to visit Mr. and Mrs. Bill
Dixon in their new home there.
Dr. McKinnev reDorts a new son
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lee
Oawford. The youngster joined the
family group on Tuesday, April 22,
The epidemic of measles in Athena
has claimed as patients a number of
high school students, among them
several members of the graduating
Owing to measles striking the
ranks of his field and track men, it
is doubtful if Coaoh Miller will have
his school represented at the county
track meet.
Mr. and Mrs. ZeDh Lockwood will
have as dinner guests Sunday, Mr.
and Mrs. Frank Sanders, Mr. and
Mrs. Dean Dudley and Mr. and Mrs.
Sheldon Taylor.
KIHnn and Arleen Myrick. Stafford
Hansell, Marjorie Montague, Betty
Eager and Thelma , Schrimpf,- high
school Btudents are connnea to weir
homes with measles.
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Zerba were in
Athena Wednesday from Waitsburg.
Mrs. Zerba visited at the home oi ner
mother, while Mr. Zerba looked af
ter business matters.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pinkerton, Miss
Rhoda Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. W. E.
Campbell and son Robert, were
among the Athena visitors at Bing
ham Springs, Sunday.
Mrs. Francis Lieuallen is at at.
Anthony's hospital, where she under
went a major surgical operation Sat
urday. Her sister, Mrs. Ruby Wood
of Portland is with her,
Herman Rosenberg, owner of Bing
ham Springs, has had his saw mill ir.
operation for several days sawing
lumber to be used in improvements to
the buildings at the resort
Kohler Betts touched a hot spot
on his caterpillar tractor, while mak
ing an adjustment on some of the
machine's working parts, and receiv
ed a painfully burned hand.
C. T. Smith and John Tompkins at
tonrlml a recent Masonic meeting at
Baker. They made the trip by auto
mobile, returning to Athena during
the night after the meeting.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Betts have
had as their house guest, the Rev.
L. W. Gowan of Waitsburg. Mr.
Gowan was at one time pastor of the
First Baptist church o! Athena.
Bell & Grav are DreDared to fill all
orders for :, ice. Phone 593. The
quality of ice . handled by the firm
this year is of the" best and the best
possible service will be given cus
tomers.'' ; ' : ' '
The Anril meeting of the W. C. T.
IT. was held Tuesday afternoon at
the home of Mrs. Clarence Tubbs.
Mrs. E. B. Foster assisted the hostess.
The program . was in charge of Mrs.
C. A. Sias. ' ' ,
Glenn Dudley fished in the Tucanon
Tuesday and took a fine 22-inch
steelhead trout, which weighed
dressed, four pounds. The fish
furnished the angler hiyu sport in
landing it. .
Renorts from farming districts west
and south of Helix are that crop con
Hitinna are vprv noor. Winter freeze-
outs, coupled, with a cold, backward
spring and moisture shortage is at
tributed to be the reasons for a light
crop prospect.
Mr. and' Mrs-. Bill Dixon (Dorothy
Geissel) have removed from Milton to
LaCrosse. Washington, to reside. Mr.
Dixon is in the employ of an oil com
pany and has been transfered to the
LaCrosse station.
The building for the Huggins Ser
vice Station, corner of Main and
Fifth streets is in mace. Completion
of the station is awaiting the instal
lation of gasoline pumps and equip
ment by the Shell Oil company.
Thei fortieth anniversary oi tne or
ganization of the Masonic lodge of
Milton was celebrated with a banquet
and appropriate program. C. T.
Smith, Louis Berlin and louis ft.een
of Dolph Lodge were guests from
A new garage is being built at the
Continental Oil station in the west
part of town to house the delivery
trucks of the Athena Service station.
Henry Schroeder has the contract and
he is assisted in construction work by
James Ashworth of Weston.
Mr. and Mrs. John Winn had as
breakfast guests at the Bingham
Springs summer cottage, Mr. and
Mrs. F. E. King, Mr. and Mrs. Ken
neth McLean. Donald McLean. Fran
cis McLean, and Mr. and Mrs. M. A.
Rigby, all of Pendleton.
Fred Fisher, old-time Athena har
ness dealer, was in town Monday. He
was accompanied by Mrs. Fisher, and
they motored up from their home at
Stockton, California. They were en
route to Northern Idaho, where rela
tives of Mrs. Fisher reside. ;
Word from Portland announces
pronounced improvement in the con
dition of Mrs. F. B. Boyd, who is De
ing treated there for relief from
high blood pressure. Since I going
through the Coffee-Boyden clynic two
weeks ago the patient has been re
lieved of fifteen degrees of excessive
There is moisture a plenty up at
the Will Kirk ranch. So plentiful has
been the rainfall that wet sbil has re
tarded Bummerf allow plowing. Mr.
Kirk's tractor and plows are being
nnpmtpH now hv Hav and night crews.
Two hundred acres have been plowed
and there remain 4uu acres to De
turned under.
Mrs. H. H. Hill was hostess to the
Methodist Ladies club Wednesday.
Seventeen were present. The rooms
were beautifully decorated with lilacs
and tulips. After a social afternoon,
refreshments Were served by Mrs.
Arthur Coppock and Mrs. W. Mc
Pherson assisted by Mrs. Frank Wil
liams and Mrs. Velton Read.
Mrs. Lila Kirk, John Kirk and E. E.
Coad motored to Portland yesterday
to be present at the finals in the
oratorical contest sponsored by the
Oregon Bar Association and news
papers. John Kirk was a contestant
in th oreliminarv contest for this
district and was second, losing by one
point to Ross Knotts of ine fanes.
Silverton. the town made famous
by Homer Davenport, the cartoonist
has given another name to popularity.
As a comnoser of music. Gertrude
Estelle Moorely had the Frank
Harden Music Publishers oi new
York send some of her late ballads
t Mm. W. McPherson as a reminder
of the days they sang together as
class mates.
Monday of last week, the mothers
nf Delta Delta Delta so
rority of Whitman college motored to
Athena for a regular business meet
ing at the home of Mrs. T. Berlin.
After the meeting, light refreshments
were served by the hostess. Miss
Mildred Shaw and Miss Dorothy
Wench, students of " Whitman were
guests. Miss Dorothy Wench and
Miss Esther Berlin entertained with
piano solos. i
Mr. and Mrs.'E. C. Trestbye were
hosts Thursday evening when they
entertained a group of friends at six
"thirty, Covers were placed foi
twelve at a prettily appointed table
centered with a cluster of pink tulips.
Following dinner, bridge was enjoy
ed by the guests. - Dr. Rice of Pendle
ton held high score and R. B. Mc
Ewen received the consolation. Those
enjoying the hospitality of Mr. and
Mrs. Prestbye were Dr. and Mrs.
Rice, Dr. and Mrs. ' Blatchf ord, Mr.
and Mrs. James Cresswell, Mr. and
Mrs. Justin Harwood and Mr. and
Mrs. Ralph McEwen. .
Mrs. Theresa Berlin entertained at
bridge Thursday afternoon of last
week. Four tables were in play, Mrs.
H. I. Watts taking the honors and
Mrs. Lee Hiteman the , consolation.
The hostess served refreshments and
was assited by Miss Mary Berlin and
Mrs. Chase Garfield. Those present
were Mrs. H. I. Watts, Mrs. F. S.
LeGrow, Mrs. H. A. Barrett, Mrs. R.
B. McEwen, Mrs. Lee Hiteman, Mrs.
Henry Dell, Mrs. W. P. Littlejohn,
Mrs. M. W. Hansell, Mrs. Pinkerton,
Mrs, A. W. Logsdon, Mrs. A. A. Mc
Intyre, Mrs. M. M. Johns, Mrs. B,
B. Richards, Mrs. C M. Eager and
Mrs. Ckase Garfield.
(0)1(0) SMTS
Boys rn
Girls' IT
They; Come in Plain Red and Blue Colors
Each 1.25
Girls and Misses
. Anklets
Assortment of Colors, Sizes 6 to. 10
: Per Pair 25c and 50c
Phone 152
At h e n a De pa rim e niSio re
Dr. Curry formerly of Walla Walla
now of Seattle, the eyesight specialist
who has made - many professional
visits to Athena will be here again
soon. Watch next issue of this
paper for date.
Miss Morris, director of health
education for the Oregon Tubercu
losis Association and Miss Samson
county health nurse were visitors at
Athena schools, and Miss Morris gave
a talk to the teachers on health edu
cation methods and materials.
Her many friends will be pleased
to learn that Mrs. Harden has great
ly improved in health during the past
two weeks. . Considerable feeling has
returned to her afflicted limb, and she
felt well enough Tuesday to join the
family at the dinner table for the first
time in several months.
Mr. and Mrs. Williard Crabill had
as dinner guests Sunday, Mr. and
Mrs. Ray O'Hara and Willard
O'Hara of Pendleton, Dave and John
Conrad of Heppner. The Conrads
and Mr. Crabill had not ' met for
twenty years and the day was spent
in recounting reminiscences.
George Corder who has been in fail
ing health for several weeks, left
Tuesday for Walla Walla, where he
contemplates remaining with friends
until he gets better. George left his
address, 617 South 12th street, with
the Press. The old gentleman has
become quite feeble but hopes to im
prove after taking medical treatment.
Athena High School Notes
,r .r T-- ' - ' a
Editor Emery Rogers
Asst. Editor ....... Arthur Crowley
Alumni ..... .........Walter Huffman
Student Body .......Georgia Green
Boys' Athletics Roland Wilson
Classes ........ ........... Elizabeth Walters
Entertainment ........ Myrtle Campbell
Personals ............ ............Jack Moore
Faculty ........Herbert Reeder
l-8th Grades .........Stafford Hansell
Girls' Athletics and Subject Classes
...r...Mary Tompkins
Advisor ...Miss Beulah Smith
(Emery Rogers)
The measly measles is not a trifling
disease in the high school. Students
are being stricken with this highly
contagious illness frequently. Stu
dents have suffered high fevers right
in the school rooms, and have broken
out with the malady within two or
three days after going to their homes.
Before it could be fully realized, the
disease had spread all through the
school. All those students who have
not been lucky enough to have had
the measles in former years are suf
fering a cold sweat because of fear
that they may be the next ones to be
called upon by this undesirable dis
ease. "
There are several reasons why a
student would not desire having this
sickness. First, because, there is no
fun in having the measles. Sometimes
its victims are made quite miserable.
Second, the school year is about to
come to a close, and if one were to
catch this illness it would be just
as well for him to give up all hopes
of going to school any more during
this term. This would not be dis
astrous for a student who, has high
standing in all of his studies, but for
a student who is just above flunking
marks, it would bring a great handi
cap upon him. , A student cannot
master his lessons nearly as well at
home as he can at school with the
aid of his teachers.
Of course this is a streak of bad
luck because it may cause the failure
of some of the unlucky students in
their studies. But, aside from quar
antine rules, which are now being
rigidly enforced, there is nothing that
can be done. As worrying does not
do us a bit of good, we shall just
have to grin and bear it.
Athletics i
"Pike" Miller, coach, took five men
to the sectional track meet at Helix
last Saturday and did very well on
the track events but did not have
enough men to compete so they last
out in the field events. -
Rogers placed second in the 440
yard dash, third in the high hurdles,
and third in the 220 yard dash; Jenk
ins third in the half mile, third in
pole vault, and .second in low hurdles;
Kirk second in 100 yard dash, ttiird
in high jump, third in 50 yard dash;
Myrick second in 50 yard dash, first
in high jump, first in broad jump,
second in discus; Crowley first in low
hurdles, first in high hurdles, second
in 220 yard dash, and third in javelin
throw. t m
The annual junior-senior banquet
was held last Saturday at the Grand
Hotel in Walla Walla. Covers were
laid for thirty. The table was ef
fectively decorated with sweet peas
and blue tapers. A boy with f rake
and hoe in his hand represented the
senior class motto: "No Victory
Without Labor."
- Those who took part in the toasts
are as follows:
Toastmaster......Principal, E. E. Coad
Tools Eldon Myrick
New Equipment Virgie Moore
The Boss : John Kirk
Planting the Seed........Carolyn Kidder
Cultivation -Miss Beulah Smith
Harvest , Mrs. Blatchford
Baccalaureate services will be held
Sunday evening at 8:0,0 o'clock at the
Christian church. The sermon will
be delivered by Rev. Sias, of the
Christian church, to the ten students
of the graduating class of Athena
high school. " '
The music for the occasion will be
in charge of Mrs. R. B. McEwen.
Student Body
At the student body election, which
took place last Friday, the following
students were elected: cheer leader,
Raymond Freeze; ; transportation
manager, Betty Eager; editor of the
annual, Stafford "Hansell; and busi
ness manager of the annual, Emery
The Bingham trip was also discuss
ed at this meeting, and it was decided
that the high school students and
faculty would take their annual trip
on May 8th, leaving ' the school
house at 7:00 a. m. The high school
this year, as usual, is inviting the
alumni to attend.
Mr. Schmidt, representative ef the
U. of O. gave an interesting lecture
to the student body and the grades,
Thursday, April 1?. He talked on the
benefits of good grades and t gave
statistics to prove his point 'After
the lecture was over, he talked to the
senior class. - , '
. s'-; Personals
Fred Singer . visited friends
relatives in Echo Sunday.
Arleen Myrick, Marjorie Douglas,
and Jack Moore were in ' Pendleton
Sunday evening.
Stafford Hansell returned to school
this morning and reported that it
was a false alarm about having the
measles. Stafford had a light attack
of appendicitis. ,
--. . Subject Classes
A number of students have quali
fied for typing awards during the
past few weeks. Carl Calvert receiv
ed the bronze medal emblem from the
Underwood Typewriting Company for
writing forty words a minute for fif
teen minutes with not more than fie
errors. His record was forty-four
words with only two errors. The fol
lowing first year typing students
have qualified for the certificate of
proficiency from the Royal Type
writer Company by writing thirty
words a minute with not more than
five errors:, Roland Wilson, Carolyn
tt! u. 3 nt i.i n 1 11 imI
luaaer, ana my rue uumpueii. j.nir
iJ. . D.l J
returns were , u iuhuwo. nuiauu,
thirty-three words, three errors; Myr
tle, thirty words, three errors. ...
Ninety-five dollars was the net
amount realized from the high school
play "Salt Water Taffy" presented at
the high school auditorium last Fri
day evening. Despite the fact that
there is much illness in the com
munity, there was a good attendance
at the play.
A Good Deed Fails 1
It happened on a train down on tht
The train stopped. A woman hnr
rled out the door and down the steps.
Mr. M across the aisle, notlcpd nha
had forgotten a bag and three bun
dles I He hastily grabbed them, tora
down the steps, put them In the con
ductor's arms, and explained matters.
The train started. Mr. M heard
strong language in a foreign tongue.
The lady "across the aisle" had re
turned, sne xmaiiy made the cow
ductor understand that she ran across
the platform to speak to a friend I
Mr. M has sworn oil on "boy
scout" acts! Philadelphia Public
Ledger.'- . .. .'"'...! "...
5 Verkirk
8 Visors
S "Shade the Eyes S
g of the World" g
W , in Visors ' 9
20c J
S 60c J