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Press Paragraphs
Hot Water Bottle
Come during National Kant
' looV Pnhhpr Week and
I choose your favorite pastel I
I shade in a guaranteed lean-
' nrnnf tint water bottle. a.ani-
eek Rubber Goods are sold!
only at Rexall Stores.
liMain Street Athena
Phone 332
iNriviDi.'i IV owngn opuo st-qpesj
Gas and Oils
Dry Cleaner, Auto
Polish, Spring Oil
J. D. Huggins ... Phone 81
R. A. Ball is making a specialty of
clearing roofs from snow.
Dr. W. C. Cowan was in Athena
from Walla Walla, Wednesday,
"Adams pirla defeated Helix 14 to
J 10. Helix boys won from Adams, 3d
to 9.
Mrs. C. L. McFadden spent the
week-end with relatives in Walla
Walla. , .
. The W. C. T. U. will meet at the
home of Mrs. A. H. Kibbey Tuesday
Mary Tompkins, Arleen Myrick and
Dorothy Burke were Saturday eve
ning guests of Marjorie Douglas.
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Michener and
Virginia Eager spent Saturday eve
ning at the L. A. Pinkerton home.
Mrs. Velton Read came over from
Walla Walla and will spend a couple
of weeks at the W. 0. Read home.
' Jimmie Mclntyre, small son of Mr.
and Mrs. Lauerence Mclntyre, has
been ill the past week with tonsilitis.
Wilford Miller drove the delivery
car Wednesday in place of Orel Mc
Pherrin, who went down to Heppner.
Ralph McEwen, Jr., who is a stu
dent of Whitman called on friends in
Athena and Adams, Thursday eve
ning. Mrs. Lee Wilson has been in Helix
this week, at the home of her daugh
tr, Mrs. E. E. Tate, who is ill with
Mr. and Mrs. Kohler Betts are able
to be about again after two weeks
illness of influenza, followed by
throat trouble.
Mrs. F. S. LeGrow was called to
Walla Walla Tuesday by the illness
of her mother, Mrs. S. J. Bowles at
her home there.
The ladies of the Baptist Mission
ary society will hold a cooked food
sale at the Rogers & Goodman stire,
tomorrow afternoon.
Mrs. James Cresswell entertained
the 3 o' 4 Bridge club Thursday
afternoon. Mrs. Welman Ball and
Mrs. Lee Hiteman were guests.
Several basketball fans braved the
snow and cold Friday evening when
they accompanied the local high
school boys and girls to Pilot Rock.
Mrs. John Stanton and Mrs. Charles
McFarland were in Pendleton,. Tues
day, where they visited Miss Hazel
McFarland at St. Anthony's hospital.
Old .Holland
at 45c pound
With each Mb. package, a Water Glass
With each 3-lb. package, Cup and Saucer
The Quality Grocery
Alice Eager, 'Prop.
Phone 561
Weed Chains
Willard Batteries
Spark Plugs
Goodrich Tubes
Goodrich Tubes
Veedol Oils
Phone 471,
f The Weston grade schools will play
i the Athena graders on the home
I court this evening, beginning at 7:35.
' Admission prices are 25 and 35 cents.
Merle Anderson, highway traffic
officer of Milton, has filed suit in
circuit court for divorce from his
wife, Naomi Anderson, alleging de
sertion. Eldon Myrick and Oral Michener
were basketball enthusiasts who at
tended the Mac-Hi-Adams Hi bas
ketball game at Adams Saturday
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Kirk and little
son Billy have moved to the Charles
Kirk home in Athena from the Lums
den ranch on Dry Creek, northwest of
On account of illness of the pastor,
Rev. Dow, no sermons were delivered
Sunday at the Baptist church. Rev.
Dow is reported much better at this
Mrs. Dudley. Rogers is hostess to
the Study club this afternoon at her
home on Adams street. The subject
for study is art galleries and the
tower of London.
Miss Almira Booth, who visited her
father and brother in Athena, has re
turned to Dillon, Montana, where she
is instructor in music for the Mon
tana State normal school.
Mrs. C. M. Eager entertained the
Athena bridge club Friday afternoon.
Mrs. Theresa Berlin and Mrs. Lee
Hiteman were guests. Mrs. J. F. Ker
shaw received high club score and
Mrs. Berlin high guest score.
The home of George Bergevin at
Adams, was totally destroyed by fire,
Saturday night. A part of the con
tents of the house was saved. No In
source was carried, the policy hav
ing been allowed to lapse a coupb of
months ago.
Mrs'. M. L. Gray who has been em
ployed in Pendleton for several
months returned to Athena last
Thursday en route to Lewiston, Idaho,
where she has accepted a position as
matron in a children's home in thut
city. Mrs. Gray is the mother of
Lyle Gray and Mrs. L. A. Pinkerton
of this city.
It is well to state at this time, that
people who are using the milk from
the Taylor Dairy need not be afraid
of it containing tuberculosis germs.
The Taylor herd was tested for tu
berculosis this month by a govern
ment inspector and was found to be
in splendid condition, with sanitary
facilities above average.
Lewis Stewart's neighbors, L. A.
Pinkerton, Floyd Pinkerton, Virgil
Zerba and Jesse Smith helped to pre
pare his house, which has been under
construction for some time, for re
turn of his family who have been
patients in the Callege Place Sanitar
ium for a fortnight. A dinner was
served by Mr. Stewart to his work
ers, at the noon hour.
Little Mary Jane Harder of Milton,
grand daughter of F. J. .DeFreece,
celebrated her 5th birthday Sunday
with a dinner party at her heme,
when a bounteous turkey dinner was
served by her mother Mrs. Lowell
Harder to seventeen, including Mr.
DeFreece, Miss Edna DeFreece, Mr.
and Mrs. W. J. Kirk, Harold Kirk
and Carolyn Kidder of Athena, James
Hodgen of Pendleton, Roy DeFreece
of Freewater and Milton friends.
A no hostess 6:30 dinner was enjoy
ed by nine couples Tuesday evening
at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A. W.
Douglas. Those participating were
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Mclntyre, Mr.
and Mrs. A. W. Logsdon, Mr. and
Mrs. F. N. Johns, Mr. and Mrs. W. C.
Garfield, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Eager,
Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Pinkerton, Mr.
and Mrs. M. I. Miller, Mr. and Mrs.
Lloyd Michener and Mr. and Mrs.
Douglas. Four tables of bridge were
played with Mr. and Mrs. M. I. Mill
er winning high score and Mr. and
Mrs. F. N. Johns the consolation. A
club has been formed and named the
B. B. Club. Next meeting will be
february 4th at the F. N. Johns
We carry the best
That Money Buys
Kippered Sainton, all Kinds, of Salt Fish., Fresh
Fish, Oysters, Crabs, Clams, Kraut in Season.
Main Street Athena, Oregon.
Utz TO
Exchange I S3 J
winter for I J
summer, oo I pi
to California. LJ I
It's eco
nomical as
laying at
One war via Salt
Lake City the other
via Portland and
San Francisco. Fins
fast trains. Stop
overs going and re- '
C. M. EAGER, Agent
Athena, Oregon
Missr Lorena Schubert went over to
Milton, Saturday.
Miss Sadie Pambrun was a Walla
Walla visitor Saturday.
C. L. McFadden made a business
visit to Spokane, Saturday.
Archie Mclntyre transacted busi
ness in Pendleton, Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. D. T. Stone and son
Till, were Walla Walla visitors,
D. D. McLaughlin of the Northern
Pacific was a business visitor in Ath
ena Saturday.
R. T. Cookingham, former Umatilla
county sheriff, is now state Held
agent for the anti-saloon league.
The Taylor boys find it to b3 a cold
job delivering milk to their customers
on these winter mornings and eve
nings. Fred Wilson and Willard Crabill
have again joined Roadmaster Ram
say's section crew on the Northern
Mrs. Fred Pinkerton went to
Adams Saturday and visited at the
home of her daughter, Mrs. Paul
Mrs. Nelson a former resident of
Weston, has been seriously ill at the
home of her .daughter, Mrs. V. H.
Chastain, in Milton.
City Marshal Miller was out on the
business end of a long handled shovel
Monday morning cleaning . passage
ways on Main street intersection.
Born At St. Anthony's hospital,
January 16, 1930, to Mr. and Mrs.
Max Hopper, a daughter. Thi young
lady has been named Elizabeth Ann.
Frank Jackson came over from
Weston Monday and ordered a clas
sified add in the Press, announcing
that he has alfalfa hay for sale at
his ranch, west of Athena.
Mrs. Samuel Pambrun left Mon
day morning for Hope, Washington,
to visit at the home of her daughter,
Mrs. Baer. A daughter was born to
Mr. and Mrs. Baer, January 20.
The Weston Leader says John
Lumsden has returned from the Wal
la Walla General hospital, and seems
to be in tip-top shape after parting
company with a troublesome appendix.
Dr. and Mrs. McKinney of Weston
were in the city Saturday. While
here Dr. McKinney called on his pro
fessional friend, Dr. Sharp. Dr.
Sharp is slowly recovering from his
illness. - v
Feron Smith expects to be called
to Venice, California, where his fath
er, C. M. Smith was recently afflicted
with a paralytic storke. Mr. Smith
resided in Athena for a short time,
several years ago.
Mrs. E. J. Haney was in Pendleton
Saturday, where she visited her uncle,
William C. McCorkell, who was oper
ated on at St, Anthony's hopsital.
Since the operation, Mr. McCorkell is
reported to be, improving. i ,
Mrs. L. Harder of Milton, who was
recently injured in an automobile
accident, which resulted in a badly
fractured arm, is reported to be able
to use her arm to some extent, her
Athena friends will be pleased to
Fred Pittman, foreman of the high
way maintenance crew working out
of Athena, has kept his force busy
since the snowstorm, shoveling snow
from the highway. There has been no
interruption of traffic on Fred's di
E. E. Coad. superintendent of Ath
ena schools,, did not make his usual
week-end trip to Cove, Friday last.
He decided to remain in Athena rath
er than brave the winter elements
over the Blue Mountains on the Old
Oregon Trail. ,
Some of the boys would like to
know what has become of Phillip
Murtha. Well, the last the Press
man knew of him he was seeding
wheat on Saturday, January 4th,
1930, and we haven't seen "hide nor
hair" of him aince.
Mrs. S. D. Peterson of Milton, well
known in tAhena, has been in a ser
ious condition in a Walla Walla hos
pital, following a surgical operation.
Miss Frances Peterson oi tne uooa
Samaritan hosDital of Portland, her
daughter, is at her bedside.'
A letter from Mr. and Mrs. Will
Campbell states that they are visit
ing relatives m the Ozark Mountains
in Missouri, and are having a fine
time. Will has been on a couple of
oppossum hunts in the Ozark,? but
had not been fortunate in bagging
any game. -
Fred Kershaw has purchased the
Mrs. Dolly Thompson residence on
High street, between Fourth and
Fifth, which is at present occupied by
Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Michener. Mr.
and Mrs. Kershaw resided there be
fore moving to their present location
on Fifth street.
Rogers & Goodman have their stock
of Oliver and P. & 0. tractor plows
ready for the spring trade. The new
Oliver No. 416 and the P. & O. have
the high lift which gives plenty of
clearance. They come either 3 or 4
bottom, 16 inch, and can be operated
by the tractor driver.
Snow has been removed from the
roofs of a number of Athena homes
and business buildings, thU week.
Considerable difficulty was encounter
ed last winter when ice froze on the
eaves and backed water under the
roofing causing much inconvenience
resulting from leaks through ceilings.
J. S. Huffman took his fiddle and
went down to Pendleton Wednesday
evening of last week, where ho play
ed for an old time dance, given by
the Women of Woodcraft in the
Eagle-Woodman hall. He reports that
a large crowd was present, and that
there were eight sets on the Soor at
one time doing the quadrille.
At the meeting of Mignonette Re
bekah lodge last week the following
officers were installed by District
Deputy Bailey Pinkerton! Ethel Mon
ttgw, N. Q.I Lucille Johnston, V. G.
: WitDn TDnese
Blankets ........:.. .....:...............:...,...$. 1.95 to $ 6.50
Robes (Pendleton) .::... 10.00 to 20.00
Sheepskin Lined Coats ....,............:...................-... 7.50 to 12.90
Blazers 6.50 to 12.50
Cruiser Shirts (water proof) 12.50
: Wool-lined '.Helmets .J.-j.z..l. .85 to 1.50
Wool Sox .,... .35 to .75
Wool Shirts J. 2.60 to 5.50
Munsing Wool Underwear 3.50 to 4.75
Heavy Cotton Underwear 1.65 to ' 2.00
Ladies' Galoshes ...................... :. 2.50 to 3.00
Ladies' Boots ..5.;.......... ....;.........::...............M... 3.50
Ladies' Wool Gloves ................. 65 to 1.50
5 per cent Discount for Cash v
Athena Department Store
Phone 152 ' - -
Lois Smith, recording secretary;
Maude Logsdon, financial secretary;
Katherina Keen, treasurer; Cclia
Harden, R. S. to N. G.; Lila Kirk,
L. S. to N. G.; Stella Keen, R. S. to
V. G.; Mary Berlin, L. S. to V. G.
Ruth Williams, Warden; Sadie Pam
brun, conductress; Edna Mclntyre, I.
G.; Elma Cornell, O. G.; Mary Mc
Kay, chaplain.
Miss Hazel McFai-land, who re
cently returned from Portland to go
into training for a nurse at St. An
thony's hospital in Pendleton, and
entered upon her duties there last
week, was taken ill with diphtheria
last Friday. Miss McFarland is re
ported to be recovering. It is said
she was afflicted by the disease in
light form. : ,. '
Mrs. Louis Stewart, who has been
very ill with pneumonia at College
Place sanitarium, is improving nice
ly and will soon be able to return to
her home. Mr. and Mrs.. Stewart's
eldest son is home with his father,
and the other two little boys are with
their grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. R
E. Stewart, in Walla Walla. For a
while, the three boys were ill in the
sanitarium at College Place.
Mrs. Cass Cannon was hostess to
the members of the Baptist Mission
ary society at her home on Third
street, Wednesday afternoon of last
week. Mrs. Frank Williams led the
program. Mrs. Zeltha Mclntyre and
Mrs. H. A. Street served refresh
ments." Mrs. A. H. Kibbey will be
hostess to the society for the Feb
ruary meeting and Mrs. Ross Payne
will be -the program leader.
Athena High School Notes
.................. mmm ....... -
Editor .;. Emery Rogers
Asst. Editor Arthur Crowley
Alumni Walter Huffman
Student Body Georgia Green
Boys' Athletics Roland Wilson
Classes' .. Elizabeth Walters
Entertainment Myrtle Campbell
Personals Jack Moore
Faculty Herbert Reeder
l-8th Grades ..... Stafford Hansell
Girls' Athletics and Subject Classes
; Mary Tompkins
Advisor Miss Beulah Smith
Editorial ,
(Emery Rogers)
You hear lots of complaints about
this biting weather. We can't change
it so might just as well try to enjoy
it. r :
Although it is cold, there is a nice
warm blanket of snow which covers
the fields and affords excellent pro
tection against - the danger of the
young wheat freezing. The coasting
is getting excellent and everybody
including grown-ups are having a
great amount of fun. The cold makes
us all feel ambitious and if the nights
in the summer time were as cool as
these, we would all enjoy our night's
rest quite a bit better. ' .
If we can have about three more
weeks of this kind of weather, we will
surely have spring when it breaks.
When we think of the poor people
in China, I do not think , that we,
when sitting by a cozy fire after a
hearty meal, had ought to be dissat
isfied with life or old Jupe's tricks.
Athletics '
. The Athena high 'school basketball
team traveled to Pilot Rock last
Friday and defeated the Pilot Rock
team by a score of 22-13.
The game was fast and furious
with both teams inclined to be a trifle
Although the Athena boys didn't
show up so well on defensive work,
they made up for all defects on their
offensive playing.
The boys who started for. Athena
were Huffman, center; Myrick and
Jenkins, forwards; Rogers and Crow
ley, guards.
The substitutions were Moore for
Jenkins, Hansell for Myrick, and
Athena plays Weston, tonight on
the local floor and Saturday night
they journey to Echo to play the
Echo team.
Subject Classes .
A certificate of proficiency was
awarded to Loie Montgomery, of the
first year typing class, by the Royal
Typewriter Co. She was required to
type 30 words a minute for 15
minutes and was allowed only 5 mis
takes. Loie wrote SI words a minute
and is the first one of the beginning
class to receive a certificate this year.
An economics class composed of
thirteen students started this semes
ter with the principal Mr. E. E. Coad
at hutxuetor in charge.
Girls' Athletics
The Athena girls' met the Pilot
Rock girls in a basketball game on
the Pilot Rock floor last Friday
night The game was a hard fought
battle from the beginning to the end
with the result that Pilot Rock de
feated the girls with a fcote of 23
to 22.
Those who started the game were;
forwards, Campbell and Myrick; cen
ters, Miller and Douglas; . guards,
Loie and Monta Montgomery. Sub
stitutes were: Hiteman for Campbell,
Barrett for Douglas and Tompkins
for Miller.
senior and junior classes. After the
student body accepted the report, Mr.
E. E. Coad, principal, gave a short
talk on the conduct of the student in
their class rooms, before handing out
the report cards.
Girls' League
The girls of the Athena high school
are planning to organize a Girls'
League under the supervision of Miss
Beulah Smith. The girls met Monday
in Miss Smith's room and it was
unanimously voted that there would
be a Girls' League. A nominating
committee ; was -appointed, composed
of representatives from each class.
Those appointed were: Frances Can
non, Elizabeth Walters, Marjorie
Douglas and Helen Barrett.
fn 1st. to 8th Grades
Geraldine Coppock and Alvin Kibby
are on the honor roll in the first
grade; Iva Mae Booher, Mary Louise
Hansell, Orvil Peterson and Bobby
Zerba in the socond; Donald Jones in
the third; and Marjorie. Martin in the
fourth. .
Emma 'Jane Kilgore and Sheldon
Sheard were absent from school Mon
day. ; -v " '
The second and third grades are in
the thick of a spelling contest that
will continue to make fewer misspell
ed words for six weeks.
.; Interesting booklets are being made
by the fifth grade in connection with
a geographical study of Japan and
A spelling contest between the
fourth and fifth grade that will last
six weeks has just Btarted. Interest
is keen and the spelling grades are
rising. i
The fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth
grades are engaged in an inter-room
spelling contest for six weeks. At the
end of the first week the two rooms
are deadlocked at 93. - The total num
ber of misspelled words of each class
and the total number given arc used
to determine the grades.
Miss Dorothy Brodie and Miss
Beulah Smith spent Saturday in Pen
dleton. '
Student Body
Friday the tenth a student body
meeting was called to order by Presi
dent John Kirk, who reminded the
students their dues were to be paid
the coming year. Rhoda Nelson, the
secretary and treasurer, gave the
-total amount of money cleared during
the semester on both football and
basketball games. Also the amount
of money taken in from the vodvil,
whrA was divWrtJ tflpiaily vmxtg th?
Harold Kirk and Carolyn Kidder
attended a party in Milton, Satur
day evening.
Garth Pinkerton was a visitor in
Milton Saturday.
Eldon Myrick attended the bas
ketball game . at Adams, Saturday
evening between Adams - high and
Mac-hi which was won by the visiting
team. .,... ,.
Coming to
Dr. M-lIenthin
in Internal Medicine for the
past fifteen years
Will be at
on Friday, January 31
Office Hours: 9 a. m. to 2 p. m.
No Charge for Consultation
Dr. Mellenthin is a regular gradu
ate in medicine and surgery and is
licensed by the state of Oregon.
He does not operate for chronic ap
pendicitis, gall stones, ulcers of
stomach, tonsils or adenoids. ,
He has to his credit wonderful re
sults in diseases of the stomach,
liver, bowels, blood, ' skin, nerves,
heart, kidney, bladder, bed wetting,
catarrah, weak lungs, rheumatism,
sciatica, leg ulcers and rectal ail
ments. ,
Below are the names of a few of
his many satisfied patients in Oregon
who have been treated for one or the
other of the above named causes.
Mrs. H. H. Blake, Marshfic'd, Ore.
Alfred Clemmens, Corvallis, Ore.
Chas. Desch, Portland. Ore,
Mrs. J. C. Huntsucker, Toledo, Ore.
John Lucian, Echo, Ore.
Bert Lampa, St. Heiens, Ore.
, Mrs. Maybelle Snyder, Alsea, Ore.
Miss Emma Turner, Mikkalo, Ore.
Mrs. John Van Pelt, Harbor, Ore
J. II. Wood, Eugene, Ore.
Mrs. Jennie Woolery, Salem, Ore.
Remember above date, that con
sultation on this trip will be free and
that his treatment is different. .
Married women must be accom
panied by their husbands.
Address: 4221 West Third Street,
Los Angeles, California.