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Athena, Oregon, December 6, 1929
Although the American farmer is
still waiting for "relief," the depart
ment of agriculture hasn't been idle
all summer. It has just discovered 13
new ways to cut up, and serve lamb,
and in a message to the American
people it announces, with pride, that
there are other things to a sheep be
side lamb chops and leg o' lamb. The
department has even worked out one
cut that it has christened . "mock
duck." It is sending around movie
films, showing retail dealers and
meat cutters just how to achieve this
triumph.. "Every movement of the
knife," boasts the department, "can
easily be followed in the film," Now, if
the department will get up a film
drama showing the farmer how to get
rich on wheat that costs him more to
produce than he can get for it from
the philanthropists at Chicago and
Minneapolis, all will be well. Port
land News. 1
The Manufacturer finds that do
mestic electric rates in the United
States have declined 11 per cent since
1926. During the same period stan
dards of service, in most localities,
have been materially improved. Mass
production and distribution has ef
fected more efficient and ecconomical
service. Rate reduction has become
a matter policy with many great
companies. As prices decrease, use
of electricity , is stimulated. The
average home today uses more elec
tricity than ever before and pays less
for it. It is hoped that the ultimate
product of mass generation and dis
tribution of electric power will be a
service that will penetrate to the
farthest reaches of rural America
when the village and the metropolis,
the farm and the factory, the country
cottage and the city apartment, will
all recehre identical service at a low
For years, at each session of the
grand jury, that body has brought in
a report condemning the . present
antiquated and unsafe county jail.
With the exception of a few minor
repairs and the plugging up of holes
made by escaping prisoners, the old
cellhouse retains its unsatisfactory
and unsafe condition. Later it has de
veloped that facilities for safeguard
ing the county records are insecure,
and in case of fire would probably be
. destroyed. To remedy this glaring
deficiency existing in the present jail
and court house, it is proposed to
build a new one on approved and
modern lines at an approximate cost
of $300,000, the payment of which is
to be extended over a period of three
years without Increase in the present
rate of taxes to property owners. A
special election will be held on De
cember 27 for the purpose of voting
on the proposition, and the Athena
Tress can see no reason why the is
sue should not carry.
The Post Office Department, in order
to facilitate the handling of Christ
mas mail, has asked that business
concerns in large centers suspend, bo
far as is possible, the mailing of
quantities of circulars, catalogues,
etc., from December 16 to 26. If the
public will cooperate to the extent of
shopping early and mailing early It
will provide a "merrier" Christmas
for many an overworked postal em
ploye, messenger boy, clerk and busi
ness man or woman.
George Clemenceau, war-time pre
mier of France, died as he had lived
an eccentric, but a great man. His
last words will find a place in the
sayings of noted men: "I want no
women and I want no tears; let me
die before men. . . Let me be car
lied into the silence of daybreak to
ward the Vendee forest There, be
side my father's coffin let mine be
placed, erect like his. As in life, so
in death I want to remain erect"
In spite of the tremendous progress
made in industrial safety work in re
cent years, we are still a long way
from perfection. According to James
J. Davis, Secretary of Labor, if all
establishments had adopted the pro
gram of the National Safety Council,
one-third of the 24,000 lives lost in
industrial accidents during 1927 would
have been saved.
Bible school 10:00 a. m., Y. P. S. C.
E. 6:30 p. m. Morning and evening
regular services at the usual hours.
Several inspiring goals have been set
recently by the congregation, to be
realized in the coming months. An
annual meeting will be held early in
January, when reports of the year
will be given, election of officers will
occur, and other matters of interest
Will be attended. ... , .
French Convict Under
5 . .; "--j 'i Stern Rule of Silence
' In France's modem prison at Fres-nesles-Rungts,
1,250 white-masked
prisoners live In absolute silence. They
neither see each other's faces nor hear
their voices. ,. From the moment a
metal number is bung around his
heck, the prisoner Is required to wear
a white hood wbenever be leaves his
cell, an J he may not speak to his
fellows, ne sees the face of his
guard from time to time, but no oth
er, unless be Is sent to the hospital
or to the warden for discipline. Alone
In his cell, he works eight hours a
day, but good will and skill enable
him to reduce the time to six hours
and the money be earns enables him'
to buy small comforts. The govern
ment receives thirty-two cents a day
f rom the contractors for each pris
oner's work and gives from three
tenths to half the money to the pris
oner. The prisoner never sees the
jmoney until he leaves, but half of it
Is placed to his Immediate credit for
his little expenses. let In spite of all
that, many criminals ask to be sent
there because the solitude entitles
them to a reduction of one-fourth of
their sentence. r
Much Trouble Avoided
by Straight Thinking
Most nervous disorders come from
conflict. What does that mean?
There are in thousands of men and
women ceaseless struggles between
the thing they do and the thing they
know they ought to do. It is the
struggle of one part of the nature of
man against the other. We try to
avoid conflict in our thoughts by fool
ing ourselves into the Idea that what
we ere doing Is all right We desire
to continue some practice or other
which Is ruinous, and we seek to e
cuse it. Excuses don't work. Con
flict arises the conflict of the mind
and emotion. Once learn to think
straight and to have, the mental en
ergy "and courage to try to pursue
an Intelligent course, and we can re
lieve our lives of conflict. , Better
make a mistake and admit it Is a
mistake and try not to do the same
thing again, than engage In the con
stant mental conflict which comes
from trying to excuse mistakes and
make them seem right Let's learn
to think straight Grove Patterson, in
the Mobile Register.
Primitive Sea Cookery
Hutchinson's Treatise, published in
1791, tells of the cooking arrange
ments on the vessels at that time.
It seems that a slab of metal wus
placed on the deck and a cauldron of
water suspended by a tripod placed
over It A fire was made, either of
coal or wood, depending upon the
availability of either, and the suit
pork was boiled almost constantly, In
suring hot food for the sailors at prac
tically any hour. Hutchinson also
speaks of taking' the drinking water
adding a few tea leaves, and placing
this In a bottle which he corked tight
ly and allowed to boll within the
cauldron, so that he could have a hot
cup of tea, which Is more refreshing
than plain water, thus conserving his
water supply, quenching his thirst,
adding food value that allayed his
hunger for the salt pork, and thus
saving himself the fearful disease of
Found It Apt Simile
A country girl, whose Imagery was
necessarily limited, once In the pres
ence of Gilbert K. Chesterton com
pared the sea, which she saw for the
first time, to a cauliflower. At first
this seemed ridiculous to the essay
ist who is a past master of simile,
having once compared his own port
ly self to a mountain. But after
thinking It over, Mr. Chesterton
changed his mind about the girl's
paucity of imagination. lie felt that
the Image was highly appropriate,
suggesting as It did "the wave break
ing as well as curling, and the efflor
escence of the branching foam." Liv
ing Age. '
Blacksmith Shop
Repair Work
Prices Reasonable
Athena, Oregon
Bladder Irritation
If functional Bladder Irritation
disturbs your sleep, or causes Burn
ing or Itching Sensation, Back
ache, Leg Pains, or muscular aches,
making you feel tired, depressed,
and discouraged, why not try the
Cystex 48 Hour Test? Don't give
up. Get Cystex today Put it to
the test. See for yourself how quick
ly it works and what it does. Money
back if it doesn't bring quick im
provement, and satisfy you complete
ly. Try Cystex today. Only 60c Mc
Faddens Pharmacy, t
Dr. W. Boyd Whyte
Stangier Building,
Pendleton, prejon.
Fhone 706
. 5Jf ijt
(By E. E. Coad, Supt )
There is an art of education and a
science of education. These are not
the same, An art emphasizes the
skill or dexterity with which a thing
is accomplished, while the science em
phasis what things should be done and
why."' ""
The average individual rather
holds to the idea that the sort of
educational procedure that taught him
what he knows must be all right and
should be- the yard-stick for present
day evaluation. That his , closest
friends do not agree with his dictum
merely gives point to the fact that
educators themselves do not agree.
One reason why educators talk so
much without getting anywhere is
the fact that they do not understand
what the other fellow is talking
about. Medical men, lawyers, and
musicians have technical dictionaries
which define the terms they use. But
educators have no such technical
court to appeal. Each one defines his
own terms to suit himself. Ask a
group of ten-notch educators to de
fine education and you will get ten
definitions, each varying somewhat
fronthe other nine. Another reason
is due to the fact that the conditions
under which we live are changing
faster than ever before. Education
must reflect life about us. As pro
blems change, educational procedure
must change to meet the problem.
But the changes made are such hap
hazard affairs. There is no scientific
reason for what is done.
It is difficult to develop a science
that relates to the mental activity of
human beings. Such a science would,
of necessity, be based upon accurate
knowledge of the mental machinery
of humans. For many years so-called
psychologists have been talking
about such a science, but the most of
them have been merely dabbling their
toes in the edge of the immense pool
of the "whys" of action. When we
know a little bit about the human
mind we may be able to make some
thing more than a pseudo-science of
Like the English, we are muddling
along. But education is not giving
the value it should for the expendi
ture involved. It is worth what it
costs, no doubt, but the possibilities
are so much greater than the ac
complishment that one can not help
but express impatience at times. The
imperfect product of an imperfect
system continues the vicious cycle.
The blind are trying to lead the blind.
The college and university blame the
high school for the deficiencies in it3
product. In turn, the high school
blames the grade school. Yet some
of the worst teaching the writer has
ever observed has been in college and
university class rooms. But let's get
back on the track.
Why do we have four years of high
school and of college wok? Why
eight years in the grades? Why do
we start children to school at six in
stead of seven or eight?
Why were Greek and Latin once
mandatory subjects? And is Latin
going the way of Greek? What are
cultural subjects anyway? Is the cul
tural value in the subject, or does cul
ture result from doing the thing one
does in the very best manner one is
capable of doing it?
Is the purpose of education to en
able the individual to make a decent
living, or to live decently? Is the ef
ficient use of work-time any more im
portant than the wise use of leiiuve
time? Is the school to be held re
sponsible for both?
The questions are endless, but there
is no scientific basis for authoritative
answers. Someone has said that we
quarrel over our prejudices but do not
quarrel over whether two times two
equals four.
21 Years Ago
Physician and Surgeon
Offices, Hill Building
Athena, Oregon
' Athena, Oregon
The Athena Hotel
Courteous Treatment, Clean Beds
Good Meals
Tourists Made Welcome
Special Attention Given
to Home Patrons
Corner Main and Third
' Athena, Oregon
i 41
V? '
it i
Friday, December 4. 1908
Mr. Charles Gerking of this county
and Miss Velma Backus, of Tacoma,
Wash., were married in that city
Tuesday, Dec. 1st. The bride is a
niece of .Mrs. W. H. Reeder, formerly
of Athena but now of Tacoma, and
the groom is one of Athena's most
highly respected farmers. , The newly
wedded pair left immediately for
California where they will spend the
winter, and will return in the spring
and reside on the farm west of town.
Will Gross, of Boise, Idaho, is in
the city, a guest of his uncle, Fred
Gross, Sr. ;
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schmitt left
the first of the week for a winter's
so journ in California. -
Miss Norma Smith is assisting the
sales force at the Mosgrove Mercan
tile company store until after the
Miss Kitty Gholson returned Satur
day from a pleasant Thanksgiving
holiday visit with relatives' in Walla
Mr. and Mrs. 'A. J. Wagner returned
home Monday from an extended visit
to relatives and friends at Oskaloose
Mr. and Mrs. Otha Reeder yesterday
took their departure for Tacoma, via
Walla Walla. They will make their
future home in the Sound city.
Hardy Mansfield and family have
moved from Wallowa county to Cald
well, Idaho, and the Press will go to
them weekly at that place, hereafter.
Mr. and Mrs. Cass Cannon and Mr.
and Mrs. Ad Pinkerton spent several
days at the home of Mr. and Mrs. L.
L. Montague. The men folk enjoyed
a splendid time shooting wild geese.
New instruments for the Athena
band have arrived and the organiza
tion will at once begin rehearsab-
under the leadership of Prof. J. S.
Henry. A complete list of member3
will be ' published in next week's
Yesterday the Pendleton . Tribune
passed from control and ownership of
T. T. Geer to T. C. Warner of Pen
dleton and J. T. Dougall of Ft. Wayne
Ind. This morning's1 issue is the first
edition under the new regime.
A. B. McEwen, Henry Koepke and
Will Ferguson of this city, attended
the big meeting of the Knights Tem
plar at Walla Walla, Wednesday
night. The conclave was attended by
a large number of Pendleton Knights
and the Order of the Temple was con
ferred upon five candidates.
Miss Galdys Bush, who has been ill
at the home; of her uncle, Mitt, Bush
f . ... .......... "
C. M. JONES, Prop.
, -
in Weston is reported improving and
was able to drive to Athena Monday.
" Rev. Herbert E. Ryder has accepted
a call to the pastorate of the Baptist
church of this city and will conduct
services on Sunday, December 6th at
the usual hours, morning and evening.
Rev. Ryder comes to the Athena
church with very flattering recom
mendations and it is hoped that he
may have a large congregation to
greet him upon the above date. ;
.Miss Lula.Tharp received serious
injury to her knee last week while
standing on a chair in her room at the
girls' hall at the Weston Normal
school. The knee Cap slipped, causing
great pain. Mr. Tharp was phoned
for and brought her home, but later
the young lady returned to her studies
at the Normal, where she is able to
keep up with her classes. . .
(Equity No. 4807)
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon for Umatilla County.
Frank L. Silvers, Plaintiff, vs. Edith
T. Silvers, Defendent.
To Edith T. Silvers, the above named
In the name of the State'of Oregon:
You are hereby required to appear
and answer the complaint filed
against you in the above entitled
court and cause within four week.
from the date of the first publication
of this summons, which date is set
forth below, and if you fail to so ap
pear and answer, for want thereof,
plaintiff will apply to said court for
the relief prayed for in said complaint,
to-wit: For a dissolution of the mar
riage contract now existing between
plaintiff and defendant.
This summons is served upon you by
publication thereof for four consecu
tive weeks in the Athena Press by
order of Honorable James Alger Fee,
Judge of the above named court and
which said order was made and dated
the 19th day of November, 1929, and
the date of the first publication of this
summons is the 22nd day of Novem
ber, 1929.
I. M. Schannep, Attorney for plain
tiff, Postoffice address: Pendleton
Oregon. ' N22D20
Every motor vehicle should be pro
tected , by Public Liability and Pro
perty Damage insurance. Cost very
little and is worth many times the
cost. Every owner should carry
Landlords, Owners and Tenants Lia
bility insurance, only $7.50 and may
save your home. This is an age of
ambulance chasers and damage suits.
You owe it to yourself and to society.
Neglect may wreck your fortune; it
is wasting at the bung hole and sav
ing at the spigot. Liability protects
you, life insurance protects your fam
ily.. We write it and service our
policies throughout the policy year.
Insurance plus service.
Main St H. H. HILL Athena-
Turn-A-Lum Tickler
Published in the intesests of the people of Athena and vicinity by
Vol. 1
Athena, Oregon, December 6, 1929
,No. 13
It takes all kinds of
people and a lot of them
to keep France in cabi
nets these days.
Usually where there
is smoke there is fire,
but the amount of smoke
doesn't tell the amount
of heat.
A. M. Johnson, Editor
:. ., -Y
If you desire publicity
just buy a board or two
from us and get your
name in the paper. Be
ing our own editor and
publisher we can print
what we please.
Get your chains on.
The pavement is slick.
Drive Careful.
Helpful Hints
Preparing canned
In order to have un
qualified success with
this recipe it is neces
sary to have a waterfall
near the home. Take a
medium sized can of
salmon puncture it in
several places with an
ice pick and place in a
sugar sack. Tie the neck
af the sack securely and
fasten to 20 feet of
slothes line. Fasten
clothes line securely to
a tree upstream from
the falls, allowing sack
to hang over top of falls
where the water is
swiftest After treat
ment has progressed two
hours, walk up boldly
and cut rope.
Poet's Corner
- Frogs and men are
much alike.
One croaks,
The other dies.
Better than usual. Rain
in Florida. Ice at South
Pbie. : V
Sense & Nonsense
Mother, is it correct
to say 'water a horse'
when he is thirsty?"
"Yes, son, quite cor
rect" "Well, give me a
saucer. I'm going to
milk a cat."
Special Prices on Special
for School Children .
Gerald Kilgore, Proprietor - - Athena, Oregon
For Sale One Cupid cooking range
two heaters and a sewing machine.
C. M. Jones. ' ' -
Lost Black fur cuff from ladies'
coat. .Finder please phone 681, Ath
ena. " '
For Rent 3 room modern cottage,
furnished or, unfurnished., JUrs, Lila
For Sale A thoroughbred Guern
sey bull calf, for $25 if taken now.
Louie Ringel, Athena, phone 32F21.
i Wanted A woman or girl to do
general house work. Apply to Mrs.
Glenn Dudley, Athena, phone, S2F13.
; .; Attorneys at Law..
Stangier Building, Pendleton, Oregon.
Practice in all State and Federal
Main Street. Athena, Oregon '
State and Federal Court Practice
For Sale Two Sunerior Drills, t.
Harrow and other farm eauinment
for sale. Henry .Koepke, phone 32F12
For Sale Two Oliver three bottom
plows, good shape, used two seasons.
Two tail board weeders. good shape,
ready for use. Call 761. Bryce Baker.
For Sale 150 acres well watered
pasture land, located one mile from
end of Wild Horse market road,
acres good tillable soil. Terms. Sim
Culley, Weston, phone 14F2.
Bell & Gray
Phone 593
Two Auto
Truck Drays
Always At Your Service
City and Country
'Y K S
Twin City Cleaners
The firm that does your work as you want it done, at the
Consistent with expert workmanship. We call for and deliver on
Monday, Thursday and Saturday.
We are represented in Athena by Penn Harris
v Phone 583
T. E. Smith, Prop. Freewater, Oregon
It Pays to Look Well!
To look well you should keep your hair properly cut your face
shaved and massaged In fact everything in the Barber line.
Come in and see Herb Parker and me. ,
Penn Harris Barber Shop
Agency for Troy Laundry and Twin City Sanitary Cleaners. -Phone
Reduction In Electric
Light Rates
The following reduction in Electric light rates will
be in effect on and after March 15, 1929:
Residential Rates
First 30 KWH hours used, per month....lOc per KWH
Excess over 30 KWH used, per month....3c per KWH
The above rates apply when bills are paid iu full within 10 days
from date of bill. Otherwise, the rate will be increased by 10 per
cent on each Jtem.
Commercial Rates
First 100 KWH used per month .......10c per KWH
Next 200. ................................ ...7c per KWH
Next 300................ 6c per KWH
Next 400.. ..... ........................... . ........ .5c per KWH
Next 1000.............. .... 1 .4c per KWH
Excess over 2000............. .........3c per KWH
The above rates apply when bills are paid in full within 10 days
from date of bill. Otherwise, the rate will be increased by 10 per
cent on each item. A;....
Preston-Shaffer Milling Company
- "- v-i-'srr
I - i i . , - r
i ' . . , '. ii
j ; : 5.! . v ..
Farmers Grain Elevator
Grian and Feed
A Full Line of Sperry s Chick Feed
-' Phone 382 LEE WILSON, M'gr.
Walla Walla General Hospital
A modern non sectarian fifty bed hospital, with
all up to date modern hospital facilities for the care
of patients.
X-Kay and bacteriological labortories, washed air
ventilation. Y . -
Only graduate nurses are employed and their ser
vices are included at the regular rates which are
$3.50 to $6.00
Special nurses extra. Your interest and patronage
is solicited. Phone 48(X