The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, September 27, 1929, Image 2

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It a different
Telephone today
The telephone instru
ment in your home may
have been put there
prior to 1920. It may be
the same instrument to
day in looks, in feel, in
weight, as it was on the
day it was installed. But
in usefulness to you, it
has grown to almost
twice the original.
This is because in con
duits underground, in
cables swung on poles,
in lines of wiring that
penetrate to new places,
in homes and business
houses here, there and
everywhere, we have
been implanting values
and adding equipment
that have directly bene
fited your instrument.
Almost twice as many
telephones are now con
nective with yours as
in 1920. Meanwhile, the
quality of service we
render has been advanc
ing. Transmission is
clearer. Thru technical
; improvements, the mak
ing of connections has
; been speeded up. More
long distance facilities
have been provided. The
telephone in your home
is like a window, look
ing out on the world,
that has gradually
turned to plate glass. ,
The outlay for tele
phone construction in
the Pacific System dur
ing the next 5 years will
exceed an average of
$63,000,000 a year. We
are arranging now for
voice - communications
that you will wish to
hold years hence, with
people whom you do not
yet know.
Fluid Deemed Violation of
State Prohibition Law
Druggists Aid.
The Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Company
9 ..'
Continental Oil Company
Always at Your Service
Athena Service Station
Gas, Oils, Greasing
mi,' ; ' 1 I " .
Automobile Assessories Tires
BRYCE BAKER, Prop. . . Athena, . . Phone 761
Seattle. Recent developments hi
dicate that the sale of "wine tonics,"
which is believed to be in violation of
the state bone-dry law and a deter
rent in the enforcement of pro
hibition, will soon be stopped in
Within the last two weeks one of
the largest wholesale drug houses
and a firm operating a chain of re
tail drug stores in Seattle let it be
come known that they would quit
handling wine tonics, , and federal
prohibition officials expect reputable
druggists throughout the state to
join the ban on wine tonics. The
fight on wine tonics is being carried
oh 'similarly to' the fight of two
years ago.
Phohibition Director Lyle and his
forces have been working cautious
ly because the sale of wine tonics is
not barred by the Volstead act, the
tonics, in fact, being manufactured
under federal permits granted by dis
tricts administrators. So far, going
on the theory that such beverages
are forms of intoxicants and violate
the laws of Washington and Oregon,
Mr. Lyle has refused permits for the
manufacture of such drinks in his
district Washington, Oregon and
Alaska. But such permits were
granted in California, the result being
that practically all of the wine tonics
sold in Washington come from California.
But the federal prohibition office
now takes the stand that it can op
pose the sale of wine tonics on the
grounds that it violates the state law
and undermines enforcement of na
tional prohibition. Therefore, Mr.
Lyle is calling on all druggists who
have licenses to handle alcohol to re
port their - sales of wine tonics or
other medicated liquids of high alco
holic content, the inference being that
druggists featuring wine tonics will
lose their licenses for handling alco
hol. This attitude of the federal
prohibition office is indicated by the
fact that proceedings to revoke a
federal permit already have been
started against a Seattle druggist
under arrest for selling wine tonics
for beverage purposes.
' i
High School Notes
Editor.......:. : Stafford Hansell
Assistant Editor Myrtle Campbell
Alumni... Jack Moore
Student Body. Arthur Crowley
Boys' Athletics Roland Wilson
Classes Emery Rogers
Entertainment ....Elizabeth Walter
Personals...... Georgie Green
Faculty Walter Huffman
1st to 4th Grades Ciirtiss Duffield
5th to 8th Grades Mary Tompkins
Subject Classes Herbert Reeder
Advisor............:. .Miss Beulah Smith
The smoke filled air and cool eve
nings, remind us that fall is here
Fall, with its colored leaves and short
days, brings the football season. The
football season leads to that phrase
"Be Boosters." Rarely, in the history
of a successful team has there been
a discordant tune played by its
backers. Unity is the key of suc
cess. University of Washington, with
its student meeting for the dismis
sal of the coach after a slow start,
sets an example of wrong backing of
the team. The coach is undoubtedly
qualified for his job, and he is in a
position to know his problem. The
spectators and knockers know nothing
of the players or system except hear
say. Which one is the best suited to
run things? Often a fairly success
ful season is spoiled by an unback
ed, misrepresented rumor. A ? team
must have the backing of the right
Bort, not of. the "all wrong" type.
Few of the spectators are qualified
or can be compared with the coach
or even the players in knowledge of
the technique of the game; but if
they unite in a "do their best" at
titude their help is valuable. The
success of a team depends on a com
petent coach plus material plus loyal
boosters. ,
21 Years Ago
5th and 6th. Grades
Tillman Stone, of the sixth grade,
has been absent from school on ac
count of pneumonia.
Inez McCullough was absent from
school two days. N
Barbara Lee was absent from
school on account of illness.
The grade boys are playing soc
cer instead of football and are en
joying it very much.
Wanted Girl or woman for ceneral
house work. Apply at Quality Grocery
rnone 661.
Announcement J. D. Hueririns will
have charge of the gas and oil sales
at the Hoffman Garage and solicits
a part of your patronage.
Goldie Miller spent Saturday in
Walla Walla. :
Mary Tompkins was in Walla Wal
la Wednesday. 1
3rd and 4th Grade 1
A pleasant time was enjoyed Wed'
nesday afternoon at the home of Dale
Jenkins, by the 3rd and 4th grades
when Dale was given a'party in honor
of his ninth birthday.
i ;
1 1
yn (
get it fixed to last!
DON'T start out again with any boots in
your tires or temporary cold patches
i on the tubes. Leave your tube or casing;
here a short while we'll do the job right
and guarantee it to last. Wont cost you
How about carrying an extra tube after
this? We're offering Special Values, this
month, in Goodyear Double Water Tested
i Tubes. Glad to show you the different
Athena, Oregon
Millions more people ride on
TIKES AND TUBES - Why Don't You?
For Sale 470-acre farm 8 miles
southeast of Dayton: 320 acres farm
land, 160 in summer fallow; all tract
or land. Spring water for stock and
well at house; large barn. Price $40,.
000, terms at 6 per cent. Address
Chronicle-Dispatch, Dayton, Wash.
Bladder irregular
If functional Bladder Irritation
disturbs your sleep, or causes Burn
ing or Itching Sensation, Back
ache, Leg Pains, or muscular aches,
making you feel tired, depressed,
and discouraged, why not try the
Cystex 48 Hour Test? Don't give
up. Get Cystex today Put it to
the test. See for yourself how quick
ly it works and what it does. Money
back if it doesn't bring quick im
provement, and satisfy you complete
ly. Try Cystex today. Only 60c Mc
Faddens Pharmacy.
-fittl pound
All work out on
Acetylene Welding
CM. JONES, Prop.
Main St H. II. HILL Athena
Subject Classes
Grasshoppers and a black beetle
were caught last week for the pur
pose of class disectmg in Mrs. Blatctv
ford's biology class. Marjorie Doug
las, Betty Eager, Esther Berlin,
Goldie Miller and Arleen Myrick
collected these insects for the class
The game with Hermiston was quite
exciting with the only touchdown of
the game being made in the last
quarter, when Hermiston fought to
the 20 yard line and by a freak play
carried the ball across for a . touch
down. Although Hermiston had a
more experienced team, they did not
succeed in swamping the home team
as they have done previously. '
The line-up for Athena was as fol
lows: Fred Singer, Center; Cecil
Pambrun and Solista Pickett, guards;
Stafford Hansell and John Kirk, tack
les; Emery Rogers and Herbert Reed
er, ends; Art Crowley, quarterback;
Jack Moore and Lowell Jenkins, half
backs; Eldon Myrick, fullback.
The substitutes were Lei and Jenk
ins, Ralph Moore, Wayne Banister,
Robert Campbell, Wendell Shigley,
and Lester Town.
"Pike" Miller, coach of Athena High
school, went to Pendleton to the
Round-Up Saturday.
Mr. E. E. Coad, principal of Athena
High school, went to La Grande over
the week-end to see his three sons
before they left for the University of
Mrs. Areta Gurney attended the
Round-Up Saturday.
Miss Dorothy Brodie attended the
Round-Up Saturday.
Miss Beulah Smith, member of the
Athena High school faculty, attended
the Round-Up over the week-end with
her mother, Mrs. L. A. Smith and her
sister, Mrs. Milo Blokland of La
, Entertainment
Thefirst assembly of the school year
was called to order Friday, in the
school auditorium by Mrs. Areta
Gurney, the freshmen class advisor.
The session was opened by an inter
esting talk by Principal E. E. Coad,
on the Constitution. Esther Berlin
favored the student body with a piano
solo, John Kirk, student body presi
dent, read the American Creed.
"Pike" Miller, the football coach, gave
the students an idea of what he was
expecting from his boys in the first
football game of the season. Staf
ford Hansell also talked on footbalL
The assembly was then turned over
to the yell leader, Robert Lee, and
some peppy yells brought the as
tembly to a close.
Friday, September 25, 1908
Last week Henry Dell made a trip
into the country tributary to the north
fork of the John Day in company with
Tom Keller, timber cruiser. Mr. Dell
filed on a timber claim. Much of the
timber land in that section has been
taken up, but there yet remains choice
claims, which are isolated from the
big tracts.
" All is ready, spick and span, for the
Umatilla-Morrow county fair, which
opens at Pendleton Monday morning.
All exhibit space has been taken and
the live stock and agricultural depart
ments are especially well represented.
The people of the county generally,
are taking deep interest in the success
of the fair.
Leo Gholson, of Walla Walla, was
a guest of his uncle in this city Sun
day. Clarence Burden and mother are
down from Sprague, Wash., on a
short, visit.
Roy Tompkins left Tuesday to re
sume his studies at the Oregon Agri
cultural college.
Fay LeGrow and Sam Pambrun are
hunting big game in the mountains
south of town, this week.
R. J. Boddy has fitted up his office
on Main street. He added a new desk
and linoleum graces the floor.
Misses Irene Dudley and Edna Tay
lor will leave tomorrow or Sunday for
Pendleton, where they will attend St.
Joseph's Academy.
Born, to Mr. and Mrs. Lee Hiteman,
of San Francisco, September 17, 1908,
a daughter. Lee writes home that the
little one has been given the name of
Lucinda Ray Hiteman.
' W. W. Jacobs has completed an up
to date implement shed for A. J. Wag
ner 16 by 42 feet in size. The build
ing is a commodious one and will
house Mr. Wagner's farm machinery
for the winter.
Sanford Stone is preparing for the
exhibition of ten head of horses and
colts from the A. B. McEwen farm,
at the Pendleton district fair. He has
winners and expects to bring home
several prize trophies.
J. E. Froome, Chas. Booher and
Zeph Lockwook returned from an out
ing on Meacham creek Wednesday
evening. Grouse and fish were liberal
ly contributed tothe camp larder, but
no large game was encountered.'
Miss Etta Leach, who is interested
in an art store in Walla Walla, was
the guests of her cousin, Mrs. Fred
Kershaw, for a short time Monday.
Miss Leach Had been on a visit to her
parents on Weston mountain, where
her sister Mrs. Wm. Krassig, of Port
land, is also visiting.
John Brinkley, brother 1 of Mrs.
Fred Koontz, was in the city Wednes
day from Portland. Mr. Brinkley was
at one time in the employ of A. J.
Bagley in this city. He is now travel
ing salesman for a Portland paint
house, i .
Roll Miller and Bennie Gross left
Sunday for Corvallis, where they will
enter the O. A. C. Roll has been a
student at the college for some time,
but Bennie, who graduated from Ath
ena high school '08, will matriculate
there for the first time.
; : . v, : FAIR
Divisions for Dairy PoultrySwine Sheep '
Rabbits Honey Home ; economics Agricul-;-"
' tural and Commerical displays. : : "'.!'
October 4 and 5
Premium List on Request
It Pays to Look Well!
To look well you should keep' your hair properly cut your face
shaved and massaged In fact everything in the Barber line.
Come in and see Herb Parker and me.
Penn Harris Barber Shop
Agency for Troy Laundry and Twin City Sanitary Cleaners.
Phone 583.
Farmers Grain Elevator
Grian and Feed
A Full Line of Sperry's Chick Feed
Phone 382 LEE WILSON, M'gr. '
Special Prices on Special
for School Children
Gerald Kilgore, Proprietor - - Athena, Oregon
School District Number 2
Mr. nnd Mrs. Rov Cannon cele
brated their sixteenth wedding an
nivprsnrv Tnpsdav evenine1. when a
dinner was served by Miss Marguerite
Hereford and Miss Valane cannon.
Those nrescnt were Mr. and Mrs.
Cass Cannon, Mr. and Mrs. James
Ross and daughter Lorra, Mr. ana
Mrs. Rnv Cannon and daughters
Valarie, Roberta and Rose Marie and
Marguerite Hereford.
The pupils are now practicing vol
lev and basketball. They are develop
ing into good players.
L. R. Pinkerton was m umapme
Rov Cannon and daughter Ro
berta were in Pendleton Wednesday.
Mrs. L. R. Pinkerton was in waua
Walla this week.
Mrs. Charles Smith of Idaho came
down last week to visit relatives.
.Tnninr Smith. Marion Stewart and
Shirley Blalock visited school Fri
day. '
Mr. ar.H Mrs. Alva Blalock and chil
dren, Ray and Shirley, of Skopane,
visited in this neighborhood this
Physician and Surgeon
Offices, Hill Building
Athena, Oregon
Athena, Oregon '
Post Building, Athena, Phone 582
Attorneys at Law
Stangier Building, Pendleton, Oregon.
Practice in all State and Federal
Turn-A-Lum Tickler
Volume 1
September, 27, 1929, Athena, Oregon
No. 3
Published in the interests of the
people of Athena and vicinity by the
lum-a-Lum Lumber Co. Phone 91.
A. M. Johnson, Editor
Now is the time to fill the Athena
fuel bins with Tum-a-Lum coal.
Howdy folks, here we are again and
it is almost time for the second foot
ball game and the weather that goes
with it.
' Editorial
We think the Senate should engage
Einstein to draw up a tariff that will
please every one. At least we could
n't understand it.
Our idea of an optimist is a blind
man looking for a black cat in a
dark room. Also the person who
waits till snow flies before putting in
a supply of wood and coal.
, Tum-a-Lum Built-in fixtures in the
kitchen save many a step and help
to make the home more attractive.
The living and dining room can also
have these.
We have for sale the following:
Lumber-rough, smooth or medium. ,
Shingles and roofing.
Cement, sand. lime, brick, or what
do you want?
Wood for kindling and otherwise.
Coal lump, hut, egg, and assorted.
Also a lot of ideas for helninsr vou
to remodel or fix up the house. These
are iree. No. Charge.
The Mayor of Chicago is to open
the Fall season by throwing the first
Main Street. Athena. Oregon
Stat and Federal Court Practice
The Last Week
Get Your
Furniture Now '
Below Cost
Everybody that owes N. A. Miller must pay their
bill before the fifth of October, or I will leave the
bills in a lawyers hands for collection.
: New and Latest in Window Shades
N. A. MILLER, Furniture