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Athena, Oregon August 9, 1929
Discussing the automobile accident
problem, the Jacksonville, Florida,
Times-Union recently said, in advocat-
shale take on greater value. So it
is with the great copper deposits.
Mountains of copper ore have been
minded with steam shovels. Millions
of tons of ore have been concentrated
into metal. There can be no replace
ment. Some new deposits have been
discovered but mounting copper prices
seem positive. There appears to be
still greater prosperity around the
corner for mining and oil companies.
Matthew Wool, vice-president of
the American Federation of Labor
fears that the United States is drift
ing toward state socialism. Says Mr.
Woll: "We are at a crossroads where
I x. il
ing liability legislation on the order P musi Qeciae wner- ,n our VB8t
of the New York plan: "It is very nw world of industry, we are to sub-
evident that many persons are per
mitted to operate motor vehicles on
streets and highways when there is
no justification whatever for such
permission to be granted or to be en
joyed. Irresponsible persons are the
mit to an insidiously envolving suzer
ainty of the state, or whether we are
to find means of preserving the
democracy of our fathers, the free
dom of our earlier days, the institu
tions which have marked the United
rriABf nnmornna .minora nt nranifontn. states apart among nations R8 a
fatal and otherwise. country m wnicn tne individual did
"The very irresponsiblity, as in the fmount to something and could move
of t,vW for Hamuli that 10 P'ease lne ,nner mgmga 01 a boy-
result from their recklessness, ought ereiSn citizen" Whatever that means,
to be sufficient to bar certain motor
car drivers from using the public
streets and highways. They are ir
responsible, financially, frequently not
owning the car or vehicle they oper
ate in public. They laugh when dam
ages, to be paid by them, are men
"They should be made to understand
On August 25th, the petroleum in
dustry will be seventy-five years old
It will be that long since the heavy,
black fluid was discovered by William
B. Smith in Titusville, Pennsylvania,
and stored in barrels with a pitcher
pump. Now the crude petroleum is
conveyed through hundreds of miles
that they must pay for such accidents of pipeline from wells to refineries
as they cause. If they cannot be and the industry employs 1,500,000.
made to understand this by education, o
then the teaching should be by way A lounge farmer raises up with the
of drastic law, energetically and ef- advice to curtail wheat acreage by
fectively applied. planting sugar beets. He says beets
"This entire matter . of accidents are an ideal crop for diversified farm-
due to the use of motor-driven ve- ing as they build up the soil, furnish
hides needs more serious attention stock food and provide the farmer
than as yet has been given to it. with a sure cash crop. Brilliant idea!
Otherwise the slaughter of innocent But the idiot forgets to say who is
people will go on and increase in going to bring a sugar factory into
numbers. The general demand should a wheat-growing country,
be: Stop it now." ' o
-o We are at a loss to say whether
TIPSTER-SHEET "RACKET" forYner keen competition between a
number of motor car manufacturers
An article in the "Debunker" des- to see who could build the better
cribes the operation of the dishonest automobile, or the present day fad of
stock-tipping "rackets" which de- changing models semi-annually on a
fraud innocent investors of millions cheaper basis, is better for the corn
annually, panies, but we do know it keeps the
The customary approach of the buyer's purse empty. Pride in own-
stock selling shyster is to offer an ersn,P 8ees t0 tnat
"advisory" services at a very "low 0
price" as in "introduction." Well- 11 ,s "B"'"' " "
worded articles, giving analysis and years that the United States spent
advice, prove to be. sound. The in
vestor makes money.
Then an obscure issue Is brought
out. The investor is called, no mat
ter how distant, on the telephone, by
the "editor" who is, in reality, one of
a number of salesmen. "Hot" in
formation is given the victim and
again he profits.
Now the tipster is ready for his
kill. The investor is told of the op
portunity of a lifetime. The "editor"
has obtained a block of promising
stock at a low price and will divide
it among his friends. Again the
"sucker" buys. He goes in deeper as
optimistic reports arc sent out. By
the time he is thoroughly fleeced the
stock is found to be worthless. Us
ually the tipster has disappeared.
Arrests are continually being made
but by the time the authorities take
a hand, the money has gone. To
avoid such pitfalls the inexperienced
investor should get advice from high
class brokers or investment bankers.
ten billion dollars for road building
and maintenance, and has more than
half of the world's 6,500,000 miles of
highways not including the Wild
Horse market road.
The cigarette can be chased out of
the forest but lightning is beyond the
control of mankind and forever is a
(Portland Oregonian)
Fish welfare is being given unusual
consideration under the Hoover ad
ministration, even to provision for
easy piscatorial passage of power
dams in western streams which still
afford refuge for great numbers of
the finny tribe.
One of the requirements attached
by the federal power commission to
the two-year preliminary permits
granted for hydro-electric projects
planned by the Washington Electric
company on the upper Columbia and
the Inland Power & Light company
of Portland on the Lewis river is that
and license for construction which
may subsequently be issued shall
cover conditions necessary for fish mi
gration. In the case of the upper
Columbia development the commis
sion has approved plans for construc
tion of a model "fish escalator" at its
hydraulic laboratories maintained in
connection with Worchester Polytech
nic institute at Worchester, Mass.
The Worchester model includes a
complete layout in miniature of the
fish ladders and other contrivances
devised to enable salmon and other
fish to go over any power dam. The
only thing missing in the representa
tion is fish to test it out. The power
commission chose the proposed de
velopment on the upper Columbia as
that around which the model should
be built because of the insistence of
the fish commissions of both Wash
ington and Oregon that free move
ment over any power dam there
should be guaranteed before the fed
eral government licensed the under
taking. Other stipulations intended to pro
tect future navigation of both the
Lewis and Columbia rivers, as well
as the present recreational uses of
the former, are included in the pre
liminary permits. The preliminary
permits are for two years, and are
granted in order that plans may be
worked out for the actual construc
tion. The permit to the Washington
Electric company on the upper Co
lumbia explicitly provides that such
locks as army engineers may require
for river navigation shall be included
in the plans.
The Washington Electric company
project contemplates a proposed in
itial installation capacity of 72,000
horsepower, and an ultimate installa
tion of 192,000 horsepower. The plant
will be located at Rock island, below
Wenatchee, and includes dams to
both banks of the river. Power would
be distributed to communities
The Inland Power & Light com
pany of Portland plans . a project
with an installation capacity of 172,-
000 horsepower, with two dams one
in a canyon 12 miles below Ariel and
above Woodland and the other at the
Yale site, 13 miles above Canyon
1 : " 1
21 Years Ago . ' .
Continental Oil Company
Always at Your Service
Athena Service Station
Gas, Oils, Greasing
Automobile Asscssories-
BRYCE BAKER, Prop. . . Athena, . . Phone 761
"All honest as well as dishonest
men know that the machinery of law
enforcement is defective and out of
date," says tho Saturday Eveing
Post in an editorial on crime. "Here
is a problem not in politics or aca
demic theory or dialectics, but in
practical organization, which is sup
posed to be just the field in which the
typical American citizen is best.
"It is the job and the conditions
which surround the job that need at
tention. If as a people we arc in
capable of improving the judicial and
jury systems, of doing away with
frivolous appeals, lessening the grant
of continuances, expediting trials,
simplifying indictments, and making
the other necessary improvements in
the actual technic of the job, then we
have lost the art of self government.
"Tho people may have become more
lawless or they may not; that is a
moot point. In any case, respect for
law will not be established by rhetoric.
Why not concentrate first on what
everybody knows is inadequate and
outworn, tho institutional machinery
for doing- the job?"
Friday, August 14, 1908 '
Bron, to Mr. and Mrs. Henry Miller,
August 10, 1908, a son.
Mrs. L. J. Foss is visiting at the
home of Mrs. Claude Hancombe, near
Pendleton. -
Geo. Miller, the baker, added - his
name to the Press family of readers
this week.
Lafe. McBride of Weston, is em
ployed at the McBride livery stable
in this city.
Misses Velma Wilkinson and Kath
erine Sharp visited in Pendleton dur
ing the week.
Halcomb, the Seattle horse buyer,
was in Athena this week, seeking
high class draft horses.
Mrs. Wm. Winship, Mrs. Jones and
Mrs. Hutt, with their children are
camping in the mountains.
Dell Bros., leading dealers in fruits
and vegetables, purchased a wagon
load of watermelons Wednesday.
Umapine, the noted Indian and a
large land holder on the Umatilla re
serve, was a Press caller yesterday.
A letter from Miss Dolly Bloch to
a friend in this city, announces that
she is greatly improved in health.
Ed Rush left for Spokane Wednes
day, near which place he will start up
a steam threshing outfit for the Rus
sell company.
Damp weather, the first for several
moons, put astop to threshing yester
day, andfarmers turned their atten
tion to wheat hauling.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Koontz, Mr.
and Mrs. Whitehead, Miss Carrie
Sharp and Mr. Walter Preston, spent
Sunday on the Umatilla river.
Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Swaggart and
two little daughters and Miss Merna
DePeatt saw the big Barnum & Bailey
circus in Walla Walla Wednesday.
Miss Carrie Sharp' visited yesterday
in Pendleton. Miss Sharp has accept
ed a position in the Hawthorn school
in Pendleton and will assume her
duties there when school opens on
September 7th.
Miss Carrie Stone has returned from
an extended visit to Seattle and other
cities on the Sound. Miss Stone will
teach school in Whitman county,
Wash., this year.
John Stone, the butcher, has leased
the Kirk property on Jefferson street,
and after the building has undergone
a thorough renovation, with his wife
will occupy the same.
A grand harvest ball is announced
for Friday evening, August 21, at
Adams. Lee Price and Hugh Robie
of Adams, and Glen Saling of Athena
will officiate as floor managers.
Mr. and Mrs. Lester O'Harra, Mr.
and Mrs. Harry McBride, Mr. and
Mrs. Frank Coolidge, Mr. and Mrs.
J. F. Kershaw went to Walla Walla
Wednesday evening to see the circus.
The mam
Who Wants an Imitation P
WOULD you call on your local mer
chant and ask him for "imitation"
sugar, or raisins, or coffee? Would you
ask him to sell you a pair of shoes
made of something "just as good" as
leather? Or a suit of clothes "made
for" a man, whether or not it fits you?
Get the Genuine
International Repairs
When you need re
pairs for your I H C
Farm Equipment,
buy the genuine re
. pairs. See that this
trade-mark appears
on each piece.
Genuine I H C repairs are made from the
original patterns all others are copied from
copies. Genuine I H C repairs are made of
the same material, have the same finish, fit as
accurately, and wear just as long as similar
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We are the Authorized IHC Dealers
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us. And remember that International service,
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A Mercantile Trust
Athena, Oregon
l Tttl
The population of the world is
growing and civilization is making
continued advances into the wilder
ness, observes tho Denver Mining
Record. Demand for metals increases.
Every ton of ore mined lessens the
reserves. The amount of ore remain
ing in the ground is therefore more
valuable. As the petroleum reserves,
that have been producing so prolincal
ly, near exhaustion, the mountains of
irive nome
the Spikes That Mean
firm rocklike structure, built on a concrete
foundation, of Lumber, the Lasting Material.
That is an investment that will LAST thru the years.
What ever form of structure you have in mind,
let us help you. Over many years we have
had the practical experience that will help YOU.
Free plan service
(, 1929, Western Newspaper Union.)
No man ruleth safely but - he
that Is willingly ruled. No man
eeourely doth command, but h
that hath learned readily to obey.
No man rejoiceth securely unless
he hath within him the testimony
o, a good conscience. Thomas a
A good cake Is a Joy for as long as
It lasts. The proper beating of the
mixture before folding in
the egg whites makes a
fine grained and tender
Pineapple Cake.
Cream one-half cupful of
shortening, add one and
one-half cupfuls of sugar
(stir In gradually), add
two well beaten egg
yolks. Sift together three
and one-half teaspoon
fuls of baking powder, one-fourth tea
spoonful of salt mid two and one
third cupfuls of (lour j alternate the
flour in mixing with the creamed but
ter and two-thirds of n cupful of milk.
Bent well, add a tenspoonful of vanilla
and the stiffly beaten es whites. Bake
in two layers. For filling put three
cupfuls of (onfectloiier's sugar In a
bowl with one-fourth cupful of cream
and beat until smooth. Add one table
spoonful of lemon Juice and one table
spoonful of finely minced pineapple.
Spread the cake with melted butter,
sprinkle with a tublesiHionful or two
of chopped pineapple and cover with
the tilling. Use it for Icing the top.
This will make a delicious dessert
using wl.ippw" cream over the cake.
It may he baked In a sheet and cut In
to squares If preferred.
Butterscotch Caks Cr:im one-half
cupful of l.uller wltli w cupful of
sugar, mid iwo well li.-aten es.'K yolks,
add two-thirds of a cupful of milk
alternately with two pupfuis of flour
sifted with three teiispoonfuls pf bak
ing powder, mie fiinrtli (espooufu of
salt. Iteat well, add n flavoring of
vanilla and fold In the stiffly beaten
whites of the eggs. Hake id two layer
tins. Ice the cake with the following:
Two cupfula of light sirup, one-half
cupful of butter, one-half cupful of
milk. IV until It forma a soft ball
in cold water. Cool without stirring.
When almost cold spread n the cake.
Ihvorale the top with nut meats.
A delirious tilllnu w hich bus a name
which peaks for Itself Is
Gentlemen's Favorite. Orate a tart
apple a ripe duchess Is one of the
best. Add sugar to taste and one egg
white unbeaten. IVat until creamy
and spread on layers and top of cake
Athena, Oregon
Is the TIME
is the PLACE to put
Fresh Oil in the crankcase
"Pink's" Place, Third Street
Blacksmith Shop
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Prices Reasonable
Athena, Oregon
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tired, aching feet?
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help you
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or anything that you might have
to paint.
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Reduction In Electric
Light Rates
The following reduction in Electric light rates, will
be in effect on and after March 15, 1929;
Residential Rates
First 30 KWH hours used, per month-.lOc per KWH
Excess over 30 KWH used, per month....3c per KWH
The above rates apply when bills are paid in full wfthin 10 days
irom date of bill. Otherwise, the rate will be increased by 10 per
cent on each item. . - ' r
Commercial Rates
First 100 KWH used per month 10c per KWH
Next 200 ....7cperKWH
Next 300 6c per KWH
Next 400 5c per KWH
Next 1000 .4c per KWH
ExCTehSAh0ver ?mri 3c per KWH
fimH!tSrfi,Tlte,rlSply when bills are paid in full wfthin 10 days
Preston-Shaffer Milling Company
Announces that it has cora-pieted the' organ
ization of a .' '
Trust Pepartrpent
and is qualified to act as Executor, Administra
tor, guardian, or in any other fiduciary capac-
Just think what 37 years of successful banking
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