The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, April 05, 1929, Image 4

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5, 1929
Press Paragraphs
Walter Adams was in town Tuesday,
from Walla Walla.
Walter Price is slowly recovering
from a serious illness.
R. B. McEwen has returned from
a business trip to Salem.
George Ferguson was in Athena
Tuesday, from Pendleton.
Hardy Mansfield of Pendleton was
Mrs. Orel McPherrin and little son
are visiting relatives at Heppner.
Dale Stephens has entered upon his
duties as salesman at Steve's
Grocery. , , ,
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Cooley of lower
Pine Creek were Athena visitors
Wednesday. t
Mr. and Mrs. W. 0. Read and Mr.
and Mrs. McPherson spent Sunday
in Walla Walla. o
Born, at Walla Walla, March 27,
1929, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank Coppock
of Athena, a daughter.
Frank DeFreece and son Roy have
exchanged the family Ford touring
car for a Chevrolet sedan.
Mrs. Louis Keen recently return
ed from an extended visit to her sis
ter at Enumclaw, Washington.
Mrs. Flock of Portland, is visiting
her daughters, Mrs. Fred Blinn of
Helix, and Mrs. Clarence Zerba.
Mrs. Lorton of Walla Walla is visit
ing at the home of her daughter, Mrs.
Henry Koepke, south of Athena.
A number of Athena people motor
ed to Adams Wednesday evening to
attend the High School vaudeville.
Penn Harris has installed a couple
of barber chairs at his shop on Main
street to take place of the old ones.
D. H. Mansfield was in Athena from
Pendleton the first of the week, pur
chasing horses for the Portland mar
ket. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Norris left
Athena yesterday for Portland, where
they contemplate residing in the fu
ture. Rev. Dow, pastor of the Baptist
I'Viurch. who was confined to his home
last week with illness, is again able
to be out.
Mrs. R. B. McEwen, Mrs. M. L.
Watts and Mrs. H. I. Watts were
luncheon guests of Mrs. Glenn Dud
ley. Thursday at the Walla Walla Mrs. Charles Norris was the in-
Country Club. spiration for an evening! of social
Mrs. Charlton of Lauranae ana pleasure Tuesday nignt ai jv. oi t.
w ,,r j -t T,HtnYi Viavp Wnk.ll nt.SK V Noiarhhnra of Wood-
lyirS.WarU UJL i cuuiccvuf - i jiaii, miwi v.w "
visiting at the Star Charlton home, craft entertained in her honor. After
west of town. installation oi omcers, me
m. .Tmes Cresswell and small 0f the Circle repaired to a-ngores
son Jimmy are at Forest Grove for Cafe, where a banquet was served.
Miaa F.sma Hiteman has so far re
covered from her recent illness that
oWe to return to Athena
where she will remain until able to
resume her studies at Walla Walla
high school.
Mr. and Mrs. John Stanton, Mrs.
S. C. Stanton and Cleve Stanton will
o thn weeks visit with Mrs. Cress-
rPU MrtfVIcf TRIPS' ClUD Will
ai'ivoi at the home of Mrs,
F.t.hpl Montaeue next Wednesday
afternoon. April 10.
Reverend Meredith of Richland,
r-i anrrooo. in the Chris-
TT aoilt) " - . in ! l hit o
v,t.n RnnHnv. nreachinjr bottt mntnr tft Colfax Sunday. Mrs. o. u
blCUl vtww ft r i- -
morning and evening. Stanton will remain there for some-
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne nttman nave time While the rest oi me pan-y "
returned to Dorris, California, to re- return to Athena. i
:.! fo ononinir nnme time in Ath- nnn Mnlntvre has become an auto-
S1UC, UJ'"0 " " I ' . , ,
..:u;r. vaioivea mniiiia Bnlpsman. renresenting tne
Sfeiia Keen wAB in Walla Wal- Willvs-Kriieht and Whippet lines,
in where she heard with TienHminrters at Pendleton. Mr,
la wuuua; v5i."e " 1 , .
the Cornish Trio of Seattle, in the Mclntyre was formerly engaged in
Whitman College chapel
"The wo School Hero," a fine
photoplay, junior class benefit, will
be shown at the Standard ineawe,
Worineadav eveninz next.
The condition of Mrs. L,eeper, wno
is at the home of Mrs. Nellie Taylor
in Walla Walla, remains practically
the same, so it is reported.
Pat White was over irom waiia
Wnlln the fore Dart of the week
nwinc to an injury. Mr. White was
full pound :l
Tare and :l
farming near Helix
Mrs W. K. Wall has received news
of the death of a relative, the wife of
her nephew, Henry Muir, the lunerai
Wednesday at La Grande.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dudley attend
ed from their home at Goldendale,
Mrs. Allie Mays of Waitsburg, made
. 1 TT A
a short call on ner nepnew, n.
Barrett, Monday. Mrs. Mays was on
her way motoring to Portland and
Rremertnn. Wash., she WBS aCCOm-
inTe LapitaTJatyWa wX f.&d by her son, Ray Mays and
several weeks
Ben Dupuis. who has been receiving
-...Ur-nl treatment in Portland for
several weeks, was in Athena recent
lv with Mrs. Dupuis. He is reported
no ifflnrnvitio1.
MO w . 0. .... 1
Leon Miller is again in tne mecnan
denartment of the Athena Garage
after being employed as truck driver
for a while in the state highway
maintenance crew
"Anybody Here Seen Kelly 7" with
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Gross came down
from their ranch home near Wash-
tucna, Wash., and spent the week-end
at the home of their daughter, Mrs.
Dudlev Rozers. Mrs. Rogers accom
panied her parents home for a brief
Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Moore and two
little sons have left for their new
hnme at ODDortunity, Washington.
Before coming to Athena to operate
tha feature of the Droeram at the
Standard Theatre for two nights
tomorrow and Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Harley Hamilton and
son Leighton and Mrs. Dora Hamili
trm. of .ToseDh. Oregon, visited at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Logsdon,
the fore nart of the week.
Mention was made last week to tne
effect that the Athena Market was
being painted on the interior. This
week the front of the building has
been eiven a new coat of paint.
East Oreeronian: Mrs. Ueorge win
ship and little daughter Anna Mae
have left for their home in Union
after a visit with Mrs. Winship's par
ents Mr. and Mrs. J. U. McDonnell,
Miss Lenore Jones who has been
at the home of her mother, Mrs. Lew minor operation for removal of
Mrs. Moore resided at f omeroy,
After a critical illness, during
which time he was confined to his
room for 18 weeks, Byron Hawks is
oWo t he n n at his home in Bonner's
Ferry, Idaho. Byron's Athena friends
are gratified to learn of his recovery,
and hope sincerely that ne win re
gain his health.
Friends to the number of 28 gath
ercd at the home of Leon Miller
Wodnesdav evening in honor of Mr.
Miller's 41st birthday anniversary. A
most pleasant evening was spent at
the Miller home.1 A large Dirtnaay
cake was cut and ice cream was senr
R. A. Dufneld, who underwent a
McNair for a week, since returning
from the hospital at Walla Walla, is
regaining her health satisfactorily.
Ernest Bell. Dean Dudley, Athena;
L. L. Lieuallen, Adams, and Newt
O'Harra. Weston, have been drawn on
the iurv nanel for service at the
April term of the circuit court, which
opens Monday.
New Spring Under wear f
Just received a shipment of 2 piece underwear con
sisting of shirts and shorts, Rayons in colors, white,
pink, blue and lavender. A high grade Cotton in a
wonderful selection of colors and patterns. ,
Priced at 50c to $1.25
New Spring Mats
A shipment for Men, Latest Shapes and Colors
Priced at 3.50 to 5.50
Phone Your Order To 152 ;
Athena Department Store
each guest found her place indicated
with an original rhyme in Limerick
style, setting forth some real or as
sumed characteristic, most cleverly
done by the hostess. The afternoon
was spent with needlework. The
guests were: Mrs. A; A. Kimball, Mrs.
Charles Betts, Mrs. B. B. Richards,
Mrs. Fred Kershaw, Mrs. Omar Steph
ens and Mrs. F. B. Boyd.
One of the prettiest parties of the
season occurred Tuesday afternoon
when Mrs. E. C. Prestbye, Mrs. C.
L. McFadden and Mrs. Max Hopper
entertained at luncheon at the Mc
Fadden home. The attractive rooms
were gay with spring flowers in pas
tel shades, which -were repeated
in the nosegays centering the tables
and the dainty baskets of confections
which marked the guests places at
the tables. Following luncheon the
guests enjoyed bridge, seven tables
being in play. Mrs. H. I. Watts held
high score and Mrs. W. S. Ferguson
received the consolation. Those pres-
jent were, Mesdames F. Lf Zerba,
Paul Lieuallen, J. T. Lieuallen,
Lam-ence Pinkerton, Revella Lieual
len, A. L. Douglas, Glenn Dudley,
Dean Dudley, S. D. Taylor, M. W.
Hansell, Mrs. Kimball, M. L. Watts,
H. I. Watts, Wm. Ferguson, H. Dell,
R. B. McEwen. H. Barrett. F. Ker
shaw, W. P. LittleJohn, B. B. Rich
ards, L. Michener, C. M. Eager, C
Garfield, A. H. Mclntyre, C. Tubbs,
Roy Duff, Archie Mclntyre, and Miss
Blanche Johnson.
"Ready to Eat"
Pork and Beans, Salmon, Sardines Luncheon Meats
Soups, Canned Spaghetti and Tamales
The Quality Grocery
Alice Eager, Prop.
Drive Home
the Spikes That Mean
A firm rocklike structure, built on a concrete
foundation, of Lumber, the Lastine: Material.
That is an investment that will LAST thru the years.
What ever form of structure you have in mind,
let us help you. Over many years we have
had the practical experience that will help YOU.
Free plan service
tonsils at Portland, some weeks ago
is not convalscing as rapidly as ex
npoted. He mav decide to spend sev
eral days at Bingham Springs in the
hope that the mineral water there
mav nrove of beneht to him. wr.
Duffield's brother is here from Port
land, Visiting at the Duffield home.
Mm. V. B. Radtke is hostess to tne
Study club this afternoon at her home
on 4th street. The subject tor stuay
is Old Trails and Landmarks and
nrocrnn GenoraDhical names. Two
more meetings will see the close of
the Oregon study, when a subject win
ha ohnnpn for next vear. Mrs. E. C.
Rogers and Mrs. M. W. Hansell will
I be the hostesses for April 19 and
May 3.
The 3 o' 4 Bridge club was enter
tained Thursday afternoon at the
home of Mrs. Forrest Zerba. Four
tables were in play, Mrs. C. L. Mc
Fadden won the club prize, Mrs. H.
I. Watts, guest prize and Mrs. James
T.ieuallen the consolation. In ad
dition to club members Mrs. M. L.
Wnft Mrs. Rprt Loesdon. Mrs. H. I.
Watts, Mrs. Fred Kershaw ana mrs.
Alva Blalock were guests. Dainty
refreshments were served by the
hostess at the tea hour.
A small group of friends enjoyed
the hospitality of Mrs. R. B. Mc-
Fwen at luncheon Monday afternoon.
nwpr were laid for seven at a table
centered with daffodils and the guests
found their places by means oi cards
and baskets which further accented
the vellow color scheme. Original
limericks extolling the sterling quali
ties of those present afforded amuse
ment. The afternoon was spent with
needlework. The guests were Mrs.
Charles Betts, Mrs. Omar Stephens,
Mrs. A. A. Kimball, Mrs. Bert Rich
ards, Mrs. F. B. Boyd and Mrs. Fred
Mrs. M. L. Watts entertained the
Athena Bridge Club at luncheon Fri
day afternoon. Pussy willows and
daffodils were used about the rooms
Covers were laid for twelve at a
beautifully appointed table centered
with daffodils, the places being marK
ert bv cards guarded by rabbits and
chicks emphasizing the Easter idea.
The afternoon was spent playing
bridge, Mrs. R. B. McEwen making
high club score, Mrs. E. C. Prestbye
receiving the guest prize and Mrs.
C. M. Eager the consolation. Ad
ditional guests were Mrs. M. M.
Johns and Mrs. A. A. Kimball.
Mrs. Ralph McEwen was a pleasing
hostess Monday when she entertained
six ladies at a one o'clock luncheon.
Decorations were charmingly carried
out in Easter yellow, a large boquet
of daffo4ils centering the table where
For Sale Bassanette, practically
new, cost $17 will sell for $5. Phone
Eircs For Hatchinsr Mrs. David
Stone, phone 24F15, Athena, is Belling
eggs for hatching from pure tored
Leghornes, at $1 per setting of 15;
special rate for incubator hatching.
Standard Theatre
Saturday and Sunday
2 Dayi
Bessie Loye-Tonv Moore
Rate Price and Tom O'Brien
nybody Here Seen
Sports Reel Comedy and News Reel
Admission 10-25-85c
Wednesday, April 10th
Junior Class Benefit
roe -
A Photoplay Starring Sally Phippsv Nick
Stewart and Charles Paddock
in connection with program numbers by the school
Admission 10- -35c
" 1
I !
f '
- r