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Athena, Oregon, February 15, 1929
The Standard Oil Bulletin says it
would be a wonderful thing if the
Pacific Coast would set an example 10
the rest of the nation by clearing up
its highways not only of signs which
are located in the wrong places, but
also of unsightly "hotdog" stand;
onH rnAflsidn establishments of yar
ious kinds. No one argues that out
door advertising is wrong it is only
when the signs are wrongly placed
that there is objection. And no one
argues that roadside eating places
ahnnld be abolished, only that many
of them are unsightly and unattrac
tive. If the proprietors of sucn as
these would only study the question,
they would find that there is move
prosperity in an artistic and beauti
ful establishment than in an ugly
The road-siern and "hot-dog" prob
lem is one that is vexing the whole
country. Perhaps the moment is at
hand when the public of the Pacific
Coast so proud of its scenic won
ders and with so much to be proud
about will solve it.
New York members of the federal
reserve bank have been cautioned by
the federal reserve board to the ef
fect that use of federal credit for
speculation, directly or indirectly,
must be restrained. Following the
board's announcement, after it found
that time loans to brokers and deal
ers by New York banks had increas
ed from $3,816,000,000 to $5,559,000,
000, the Bank of England boosted ex
change from 4 to 5V2 and stocks
began to tumble earthward so fast
that the gamblers could not keep up
with the tape, and went home with
well developed cases of influenza and
what not. The federal reserve board
found that the growing volume of
speculation, backed by federal re
serve bank members of New York,
had strained credit conditions, caus
ing an advance of 1 to Vk per cent
in the cost of commercial credit.
North Pacific terminal cities are
demanding faster train service to and
from the-East. They take the at
titude that the Northern roads
should meet transportation facilities
now given California, and logically
draw attention to palpable discrimi
nation existing in favor of the
Southern state over the Northwest
terminal states. Railroad presidents
defend their present schedules by cit
ing the fact that the fast California
train is an all-Pullman extra fare
train, and that like trains on North
ern roads would not pay.
Walla Walla valley orchardists and
farmers have invited the Oregon
State Game commission to come and
get a band of Oregon elk," that deep
snow in the Blue Mountains has
driven from their winter range, to
the very city limits of Walla Walla.
The elk are browsing orchard trees
and wandering around haystacks
that have been kept in reserve for
stock, and no doubt would consider
garden city violets a delicacy, should
hot-house attendants for a moment
leave their posts of duty.
Teeth would be put in the Kel
logg pact if Senator Capper's pro
posed resolution should pass. The
resolution would stipulate that when
tho president of the United States de
termines, and by proclamation de
clares, that any nation has violated
the Kellogg pact it shall be unlawful
"to export to such country, arms,
munitions, implements of war or
other articles for use in war until
the president shall by proclamation
declare that such violation no longer
the institution has done in the past.
Over a period of ten years past, this
medical school has been recipient of
$1,225,000 in donations, which have
equaled the sum appropriated by the
state during that time. '
Mike Brotherton and bride have
started something by having ' their
marriage ceremony performed in
public. . A San Francisco theatre was
packed the other evening after it
had been advertised that two of the
players would be married on the
stage after the performance. How
ever, be it remembered that Walla
Walla started the fad.
the "change" in the moon had some
thing to do with it.
..;.-. -o ". ",. " ':",'y4
Well, Lindy made the round trip,
as we knew he would.
, ' V ;
A New York wife in bringing suit
for divorce, alleges in her complaint
that her husband used her neck for
an ash tray. He had a habit of
placing the live end of his cigaret on
her neck, then he would twist it
around, laughing when she scream
cd with pain. Another instance of
"reaching for a Lucky" instead of
a sweet.
An Oklahoma man has found
dried jackrabbit meat profitable as
a balanced ration for 400 Leghorne
hens, which are bringing him in $100
per month. It is possible to vision
the Columbia basin jackrabbit ground
up in an egg-producing mash for
the Inland Empire as a profitable
The war that is most feared now is
the gasoline war by independent
service station owners. The inde
pendents in California; cities have
asked for an investigation of the
threatened drop in price from 21 to
18 cents by stations controlled by oil
It turns out that Miss Bobby
Trout of Los Angeles, is an 18-year-old
tomboy, who took up aviation to
avoid dishwashing. Thus the angel
city throws another sensation.
O :
Edison at 82, foresees American rub
ber, with the gulf states visioned in
profitable production. Edison has
foreseen stranger things than that in
visions fruited with success.
Sure, Oregon is a good ol' state;
witnesseth that both Idaho and Nev
ada are clamoring for a slice of Mal
heur county.
Should the weather man keep fool
ing around much longer, this will be
the winter your children's children
will read about. "" '
The necessity of open river trans
portation on the Columbia, from
Lewiston to the Pacific ocean, was
stressed by the Columbia Basin
Wheat conference at Arlington; also
that river navigation cannot be pro
vided and maintained without pat
ronage and patronage will not come
unless the service provided is modem
and efficient. All of which involves
the completion of the Umatilla
Rapids project.
It is no uncommon thing for on
to be in the midst of certain activi
ties and, because of divergent inter
ests, bo only vaguely aware of what
is taking place and wholly ignorant
of its significance. Today a fleet of
rlanes roaring overhead excites less
interest than a single aircraft com
manded a few short years ago.
Obviously flying no longer is regard
ed as a spectacular achievement
o "
University of . Oregon medical
school has been recognized by the
Rockefeller foundation with a hand
some gift of $400,000. The endow,
ment comes in rVctfenition at wwrk
Open gutters will help some when
the cold snap ends, and the snow
takes a notion to vamoose.
Anyway it is warmer; and maybe
((c). 128. Wostern Newspaper Union.)
How liappy Is he bom and taught
That gerveth not another's .wllL
Whose armor is his honest thought.
And simple truth his utmost
skill! - -
. Sir Henry Wotton.
All housekeepers are looking', for
easier ways to prepare foods and still
have them attrac
tiveand wholesome.
The casserole not
only lightens our
burdens In the
kitchen, but it also
will simplify serv
ice in the dining
room. -
When we learn
that the average mother with five in
the family washes three and one-half
acres of dishes yearly. It la some sat
isfaction .o save from two to four
in serving dishes, by using a cas
scrolo Tender meat Is r.ot neede . for cas
serole cookery. The coarser, more
used muscles which have more flavor
but are tough are served In casserole.
With beef and pork use turnips,
carrots, peppers... rutabagas; while
peas, cor. and string beans are good
with chicken and lamb.
When entertaining and lacking help,
one may prepare the following and
have it all out of the way: ':
Escal loped Sweetbreads. Cut two
pairs o. sweetbreads Into pieces after
they have been soaked In cold water
for fifteen minutes and have been
cooked five minutes in boiling water.
Saute the sweetbreads In two table
spoonfuls of salt, a dash of pepper
and cook five minutes. Now add two
and three-fourths cupfuls of top milk
and cook for three minutes. Pour
Into a casserole dish, cover with but
tered bread crumbs and brown twelve
Another company dish is:
Lobster and Mushrooms. Wash,
peel and cook one pound of mush
rooms In four tiiblespoonfuls of but
ter, add three tablespoonfuls of flour,
one teaspoemfu) of salt, pepper to
taste and cook about five minutes.
Add one and one-half cupfuls of milk
and one-half cupful of bouillon. Cook
three minutes, then add two cupfuls
of .'resh or canned lobstei meal cnt
into pieces and one-half cupful of
creahi. Bent two egg yolks well, add
and pour Into a buttered csisserolp.
Cover with buttered crumbs and bake
until the crumbs are brown.
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