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Discussions Begin February
11, To Include Topics of
Great Interest.
Arlington, Ore. The completed
program of the Columbia Basin
Wheat conference here February 11
13 has just been announced by C. B.
Cox, Heppner, president of the east
ern Oregon Wheat league, and G. R.
Hyslop, secretary of the conference
and representative of the state col
lege extension service, the two organ
izations sponsoring the meeting.
Eleven counties comprising the
eastern Oregon wheat belt will take
part in the considerations which wilt
follow somewhat the plan of the Moro
conference three years ago where the
wheat league was launched. More
consideration will be given transpor
tation, credit and legislation, how
ever, and several national authorities
on these subjects are to speak and as
sist in committee, deliberations. One
of these is V. N. Vateren. specialist
in rural finance and farm insurance
from the federal bureau of agricul-
' Senator Fred Steiwer is also arrang
ing for a government specialist on
river transportation to attend.
Mayor, L. L. Montague of this city
has headed a committee on arrange
ments here and reports" that plenty
of comfortable rooms to care for a
large number of delegates are listed.
The condensed program follows:
Monday, February 11
Morning Session 9:00, Registra
tion, call to order, outline of confer
ence. "The Federal Outlook Report
on' Wheat," F. L. Ballard extension
service. Discussion led by John
Withycombe, Arlington. "Vitalizing
Crop Reporting and Market News
Service," W. A.'. . Schoenf eldt, Port
land. Discussion led by W. W. Har
rah, Pendleton.
Afternoon Session "Protein Test
ing," D. D.' Bill, . 0. S. A. C; Com
mittee meetings. . "Morning Glory
Control," D. C. Smith, 0. S. A. C.j
Discussion led by W. A. Holt, Pen
dleton. .
Evening "A Critical Analysis of
Farm Relief Plans," Dr. Milton N.
Nelson, 0. S. 'A. C. Discussion by A.
,R. Shumway, 1 Milton, and S. H.
Thompson, Pendleton.
Tuesday, February 12
Morning Committee sessions.
"Grain Grading Progress in the Paci
fic Northwest," B. W. Whitlock, Port
land. "River Development Progress,"
R. R. Richards, The Dalles. . "De
velopment of Columbia River as a
Commercial Asset," W. B. Dodson,
Portland. Discussion by Marshall N.
Dana, Portland,
' Afternoon "Federal Warehouse
Act and Grain Storage," E. J. Mur
phy, U. S. D. A., Portland. Commit
tee meetings. ,"A Wheat Improve
ment Program for the Northwest,"
James T. Jardine. '
Evening Committee sessions.
Wednesday, February 13
Morning Committee reports. "Fi
nancing Through Intermediate Credit
Bank," Ward M. Buckles; Spokane.
Discussion by J. K. Hill, Pendleton.
"Growing Crop Insurance," Dr. V. N.
Valgren, Washington, D. C,
Afternoon Committee reports.
Election of officers. Banquet in eve
ning. Adjournment.
Phillip Murtha was in town
Wednesday from the ranch North
east of Athena. The Murtha family
were confined to their home for sev
eral days on account of having in
fluenza, but all have recovered. Sun
day, Mr. Murtha rigged up eight
mules to a drag and attempted to
push a road out to the highway.
After several hours work in which
the mules were down part of the time,
he had gone only a little over one
mile and called the job off. ,
21 Years Ago
Hundreds of Supreme Court
Judges concur in highest praise
of the work as their Authority.
The Presidents of all leading Uni
versities, Colleges, and Normal
Schools give their hearty indonc
All State that have adopted
large dictionary as standard have
selected Webster! New Interna
tional, The Schoolbooki of the Country
adhere to the McrrianvWcbstcr
fystem of diacritical marks.
The Government Printing Office
at Washington uses it as authority.
WRITE for a simple pise of the New
Wori, specimen of Regular sod India
Papers, FRIE.
Sarin. ' -,0"
February 7, 1908
Born, to Mr., and Mrs. F. J. Jack
son, January 27, 1908, a son.
A marriage license has been issued
to William 'McBean and Miss Caroline
Allen, both of this county.
, Clarence La Brasche, while still
very weak from his illness, is much
better and is on the road to recovery,
Attorney S. F. Wilson returned
Tuesday evening from a professional
visit to North Powder and La Grande.
Wm. Harden, of the Athena hotel,
returned Sunday from a visit with his
son, Jasper Harden and wife at their
farm near Helix.
John Peebler came up from Pendle'
ton Tuesday. Mr. Peebler's Pendleton
friends are urging him to accept the
nomination for county recorder.
The Preston-Parton Mill is grind
ing out a big consignment of flour for
the Oriental trade. An order for 10.-
000 barrels of flour was received the
other day.
Mrs. M. L. Watts and daughter,
Vernita, left today for Walla Walla,
where they will take the excursion
train for California. Mr. Watts ac
companied them to Walla Walla.
The Athena Truck company has re
ceived two carloads of North Powder
ice. The shipment, consisting of 90
tons, is packed away in the company's
ice house, near the O. R. & N. tracks.
Miss Wavel Michael, .who came up
from Portland and visited at the
home of her uncle, J. T. King last
week, will enter the Normal school at
Weston for the remainder of the
school year. .... . .
Mr. Rogers, a recent arrival from
Idaho, has purchased the A. B. John
son property on Hunt Avenue, with
his family is now occupying the same,
The price paid for the cottage was
Mangy cayuses are reported to be
running at large on the Umatilla In
dian reservation. The matter has
been brought to the attention of Dr.
S. W. McClure, of the government
bureau of animal industry.
Mr. and Mrs. Charley Smith went
to Spokane the first of the week
where they were guests of friends,
Mr. Smith intends going to Wenat
chee, Washington, before returning
home. He may invest in fruit land
m that vicinity.
Mrs. Newell, state organizer for the
Women of Woodcraft, met with Ath
ena Circle No. 10 Tuesday evening
and gave a very instructive talk on
the work of the order. Refreshments
were served and a social hour spent
after the business session. ,
Mr. and Mrs. T. J. Kirk remember
ed several of their Athena friends
this week by sending them a generous
supply of California oranges from
Los Angeles. Each winter, Mr. and
Mrs. Kirk send a consignment of
oranges to friends here and the
fruit is always appreciated.
Three pupils out of four in Athena's
8th grade examination were success
ful in procuring diplomas. They
were Ralph Gillis Katie Hendrickson
and Ross Maloney. This is said to
have been an especially severe test,
only 14 out of 39 having passed the
examinations. Miss Zellah Yerra, of
Umatilla secured the highest average,
with 93 6-9 per cent.
Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Finley left for
their home in Pullman, Tuesday,
after several days visit with various
friends in this city and vicinity. They
were- guests at the home of Chas.
Betts, O. H. Rhodes, Henry Koepke
and others here. Mr. and Mrs. Finley
also visited their daughter, Mrs. Al
Carden in Pendleton, last week.
Wm. Winship's experience with in
flammatory rheumatism during this
changeable weather is not the most
pleasant. A day or two ago Dr. Heis
ley had him up, walking around the
room. Then there was a change for
the worse, in spite of all that could
be done. Some years ago he had had
his share of this disease. He was
unable to walk without crutches for
two years.
Sharpness of Shark's
Teeth Accounted For
Tie proverbial gliarpness of a ser
nenl'ii toolhJs declared to be wrong;
It ' should have been a shnrk's tooth.
Not only I? the shark's asserted to
lie the sharpest tooth in the world,
It Appears u!so to he both the sharp
est nnd the hardest of all anlmnl sub-
One can even uso the cutting Air
fare of a shark's tooth, says O. W.
Barrett of the Department of Agricul
ture of lorto Itico, to scratch glass
an glaziers scratch It with a diamond.
, Shnrij'a teeth are now collected,
mys Mr. Barrett In describing la the
Scientific Monthly of New York city,
the growing commercial importance of
the shark-fishing Industry, and are
used for watch fobs nnd other Jewelry,
for which purpose their extreme hard
ness Is declared to make them espe
cially suitable.
This hardness Is due, the Porto
Rican expert reports, to the fact that
shark tcetb are unique in the world
In being composed of almost pure en
amel, without the softer inner por
tions, which make human teeth, for
example, so subject to decay.
In many ancient rocks of the earth
geologists find millions of scattered 1
teeth from ancient representatives of
the shark family.
Even millions of years ago sharks
evidently had sach hard and Inde
structible teeth thnt even when all
other bones and body partly decayed
the teeth lasted and were preserved j
in the rocks. j
Operators Will Give You
the Time of Day On
c ; Request.
Beginning February 1st the Paci
lie Telephone and Telegraph company
started giving the time of day, accord
ing to announcement by J. A. Murrayj
manager for the company in this dis
trict. ' - r '."'- :
To obtain this service, Mr. Murray
explained, telephone patrons simply
have to signal the operator in the
regular manner and ask, "What time
is it?" or words to that effect, when
the operator queries, "Number
please?" ; . ; '
No . charge will be made for the
service, it was pointed out, except
from public or coin box telephones
where the charge will be the same as
that regularly made for a call.
The giving of the time is in connec
tion with a general plan, started
February 1st, of the Pacific Tele
phone and Telegraph company to give
that service wherever it operates in
Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Cali
fornia and Nevada. In larger cities,
such as Portland and Seattle where
there is more than one central office,
patrons will call or dial Thorndike
8900 for the time. Here, however,
there will be no special number to
call simply ask the operator. ;
"In accordance with our plan of
continuously improving and broaden
ing the service, the official announce
ment of the company reads, "Begin
ning February 1st, in every com
munity in which this company oper
ates, our patrons may obtain the time
from the telephone operator.
"It is with pleasure that we make
this announcement to our customers."
Man lias made so many and such
marvelous machine?, thinks u modern
philosopher writing In the American
Magazine, that he has become en
slaved to them. in thought as well as
in action.
C M. Jones
Acetylene Welding
Truck Beds Built to Order
Coming to
Dr. Mellenthin
in Internal Medicine for the
past fifteen years
Will be at
Thursday, February 14
Office Hours: 10 a. m. to 4 p. m.
One Day Only
No Charge for Consultation
Dr. Mellenthin is a regular graduate
in medicine and surgery and is licens
ed by the state of Oregon. He does
not operate for chronic appendicitis.
gall stones, ulcers of stomach, tonsils
or adenoids. .
He has to his credit wonderful re
sults in diseases of the stomach, liver,
bowels, blood, skin, nerves, heart,
kidney, bladder, bed wetting, catarrh,
weak lungs, rheumatism, sciatica, leg
ulcers and rectal ailments.
Below are the names of a few of
his many satisfied patients in Ore
gon who have been treated for one
or the other of the above named
John Olson, Astoria.
Joe Sheoships, Gibbon.
Mrs. Walter Scott, Scotts Mills.
Mrs. ohn Van Beveren, Baker.
D. I. Wagenblast, Portland.
Mrs. H. E. Walters, Maupin.
Mrs. Jennie Woolery, Salem.
Remember above date, that con
sultation on this trip will be free and
his treatment is different.
Married women must be accom
panied by their husbands.
Address: 224 Bradbury Bide.. Los
Angeles, California.
Main SL EH. HILL Athena
Blazers, Stag Shirts, Pendleton Woolen
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Athena, Oregon
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Pendleton. Oregon. 957 J
Mats Street. Athena, Oregon
State and Federal' Court Practice
The Athena Hotel
Courteous Treatment, Clean Beds
Good Meals
Tourists Made Welcome
Special Attention Given
to Home Patrons
Corner Main and Third
Athena Oregon
Athena, Oregon
Post Building, Athena, Phone 582
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a Frozen Radiator
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ditions to your building, let us give
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Wood and Coal
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