The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, February 08, 1929, Image 2

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F. B. BOYD. Owner and Publisher
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-ATrr6na, Oregon, February 8, . 1929
. A mechanical man, housed in the
cupola of a specially constructed,
modern steel coach, today is riding
Northern Pacific trains to ascertain
for officers how their locomotives be
have while on duty. This mechanical
man, a genius whose skill enables
him to check and record on each ol
his 22 fingers a locomotive reaction
when under pressure for performance
in drawing trains, has been perfect
ed to save money for the railroad and
at the same time increase the power
of steam locomotives. He has the
capacity to point out to a certainty
whenever the power unit of a train
is shirking. If it is avid in appetite,
the mechanical man would clearly in
dicate the locomotive's digestive ap
paratus needed adjustment or its diet
should be changed to, make it more
vigorous. The above is from a
Northern Pacific circular, showing
modern methods employed by that
railway system to promote efficiency.
Germany has opened the eyes of
the naval world by preparing to
launch a new 10,000-ton cruiser that
has anything in her class backed out
of thel water. Motored with a newly
designed Diesel engine ' of 50,000
horse power, the new battle cruiser
has a speed of 26 knots, with a
cruising radius of 10,000 miles at 20
knots. She curries an armament of
six 11-inch Iguns, with a range of
30,000 yards, eight 6-inch and four
sky guns. She has no rivets, being
electrically welded and carries six
torpedo tubes mounted. She is the
last word' in fighting tubs and! is giv
ing other naval powers something to
think about.
A bill introduced by Senator Mc
Nary would authorize a more compre
hensive pact between the states of
Oregon, Washington, Idaho and
Montana for the apportionment of
the waters of the Columbia river.
The McNary measure has the support
of the new Secretary of the Interior,
West. The old pact has failed to
bring any concerted move on the
part of the states interested, which
is ascribed as being, one of the prin
cipal reasons why more action has
not been taken in regard to the pro
posed Columbia basin project.
Good ol Lindy celebrated his 27th
birthday anniversary by zooming a
mail plane across the Spanish main
in opening the new Miami-to-Panama
route. The colonel stopped a few
minutes at Havana for gas, then
touched at Belize, on the mainland
of Central America, then on to Hon
duras. The third day he wound up
at Cristobal in the Canal zone, the
end of the route and his destination.
No vaudville stage for the practical
Lindbergh, he just hops up and does
An exchange finds that a Chicago
man slapped his wife because she
doubled a four diamond bid, trumped
his ace and lost. She sued for a di
vorce and got it. Evidently the judge
wasn't a bridge player, but we'll sub
mit that friend husband was master
of his hand.
Party lines were disregarded when
the Senate overrode the expressed
wish of President Coolidge and by a
vote of 54 to 28, refused to eliminate
from the cruiser construction bill the
stipulation that the 16 ships shall
be laid down before July 1, 1931.
Twenty-six republicans voted against
the Coolidge request and they were
supported by 28 democrats. McNary
voted to eliminate the time provision
as desired by the president, while his
colleague, Steiwer, cast his vote
Protesting that the gasoline tank
would explode, a Pickwick stage
driver, pinned between his steering
gear and a tree trunk, admonished
his passengers who were attempting
his rescue, to retreat from the
wrecked stage to a safe distance. Be
fore the tank exploded and cremated
him, Hoffman, the driver, left a word
of affection for his wife who resides
at Redding, near where the accident
to the stage occurred.
The thrills of winter, attendant on
the arrival of a two-foot blanket of
snow are being dimmed now and
-fJHUjMky a chirp from a robin; the
groundhog' visit and disappointment
at nt seeing his shadow, and' the ar
rival in each mail of sundry seed
catalogues all harbingers of Spring.
Tragedy followed a family quarrel
at Portland, when Matt Jacobson
shot his wife and his father-in-law,
wounding them, and killing himself.
A solution to the quarrel and shooting
woe (easily found by the police when
they discovered a still and 50 gallons
of moonshine in the house.
Lo, the poor Indian, at last stands
reasonably sure of having his fishing
grounds on the Columbia, near Celilo,
restored. Congress has asked the
president to sign a bill which grants
tho Indians eight acres for camping
This Carl Sandberg, poet, who
says that he will not inflict another
volume of his poetry upon the "egg
headed American public" until 1932
is headed inj the 'right direction, if he
will hold back his infliction until
2032, when most of us will be out of
his reach.
It seems that the state of Ohio is
making an effort to enforce prohibi
tion. Her latest move is to bring im
peachment proceedings against State
Treasurer Buckley, who is alleged to
have attempted to violate the nation
al prohibition law by bribery and con
spiracy. o
Patrick Henry was neither an Irish
man nor a Frenchman, his father
was a Scotchman and his mother of
Welsh descent; which places us at
a loss to account for his gift of
speech. .
We have just found out that the
Bull Moose Party received its name
from the remark made by Theodore
Roosevelt "I feel as fit as a Bull
Cold in Argentine too. Sixteen cow
boys trapped in a snow storm, perish
ed, while six others fought their way
out of the Andes mountains.
A matter of 65 years ago, the long
est telegraph line in Oregon was
completed, extending all the way from
Portland to Albany.
The First American expedition to
the Arctic' region left Philadelphia in
1793, and they're still going strong.
Roman senators were appointed for
life. At last we have discovered the
fly in Jim Reed's ointment bottle!
Maybe the best way to control the
installment plan, would be to pay the
installments first.
Mister Groundhog is sleeping under
a thick blanket, anyway. '
'Z your roof leaking yet?
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Umatilla County.
In the Matter of the Guardianship of
the Person and Estate of Mary
Emma Price, a minor.
pursuant to an order of the County
Court of Umatilla County, State ox
Oregon, duly made and entered in the
above entitled cause, a license duly
and regularly issued out of said court
on the 31st day of December, 192$,
under the hand of the clerk and the
seal of said court, licensing 'and
authorizing the undersigned, as
guardian of the person and estate of
Mary Emma Price, a minor, to sell,
for cash, at private sale, for the
best price obtainable, all the right,
title and interest of the above named
minor of, in and to the real property
hereinafter described, and to invest
the funds arising from said sale in
some good interest bearing securities
or upon mortgages upon real proper
ty; that before fixing on the time or
place of sale I took the oath re
quired by law and gave the addition
al bond required by said court. Now
therefore, I will, as such guardiaijf,'
from and after the 9th day of Feb
ruary, 1929, sell at private sale, for
cash, at the best price obtainable all
the right, title and interest of said
minor in and to the said real proper
ty, to wit:
A one-fourth undivided inter- l
est in and to the South Half of ;
the Northwest Quarter and I
Northeast Quarter of the North- '
west Ouarter and the Northeast 1
Quarter1 of the Southwest !
Quarter of Section Six (6), f.
in Township, One (1), South 1
Range Thirty-two (32), E. W. M., I
and the South Half of the North-1
east Quarter of Section Six (6), ;
in Township One (1), South :
Range Thirty-two (32), E. W. M.,
in Umatilla County, Oregon, sub- a
ject to the dower interest of .;
Harriet A. Price, widow of Roy
J. Price, deceased. f
A one-half undivided interest in I
and to the North Half of the
Southeast Quarter and East Half i
of the Southwest Quarter of Sec- I
tion Thirty-one (31), Township ,'
One (1), North Range Thirty
two (32), E. W. M., in Umatilla
County, Oregon, subject to the
dower interest of Harriet A.
Price, widow of Roy J. Price,
The South Half of the South
west Quarter of Section Five
(5) , and the South Half of the
Southeast Quarter of Section Six
(6) , Township One (1), South
Range Thirty-two (32), E. W. M.,
in Umatilla County, Oregon, sub- .;
ject to the dower interest of
Harriet A. Price, widow of Roy ' ,
J. Price, deceased.
Guardian of the Person and Estate
of Mary Emma Price, a minor; f
Peterson & Lewis, Attorneys "' for
Guardian. Jan. 11,18,25, Feb. 1,8, 1929
To Care Cointipntlon Vore.vor. j
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