The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, October 26, 1928, Image 5

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    Valuable Hardwood
Birch la Canada's most Important
hardwood. Of the seven Canndinn
species, the yellow blrcb (Betula lu
tea) and the paper blrcb (Betuln nihil
or paprifera) are the best known. The
former Is used for flooring, furniture,
cabinet work, and vehicle stock, whllo
the tough, resinous bark of the latter
has supplied the aborigines for cen
turles with the material for covering
their famous birch-bark canoes.
Athena Boy Scouts
Honor Were Even
A man was sitting beside the bed of
his business partner, who was dying.
Said the latter: :
'Tve got a confession to make. Ten
years ago I robbed the firm of 50,000
I sold the blue prints of your Inven
tion to the rival firm I ptole the let
' ters that were used against you in
your divorce case."
"Don't worry" said his partner.
"Don't worry I poisoned you I"
J. Perry Cornier, Sr.
' of
Heppner, Oregon
Joint Representative
For Commercial, Industrial and
Agricultural Development.
Paid Advertisement.
H. B. flees
Republican Candidate for
County Recorder
Election, Nov. 6, 1928
Resident of the County for twenty
seven years. Experienced in
Clerical Work. Former assistant
postmaster at Pendleton.
Paid Advertisement.
- (By Scout Master LeRov)
Each meeting hereafter at seven
p. m. there will be a patrol leaders
meeting followed by a review for tests
and the regular scout meeting will be
from 7:30 to 9:00 p. m. .
Saturday at ten a. m. the scouts
will meet at the hall for a trip to
Walla Walla where they will see how
much water they can splash out of
the "Y" swimming tank.
Our next court of Honor will be
held at Walla Walla on the first
Tuesday of November. This will help
us to see how others put on the works
and better fit us in the procedure.
The scouts are getting a scout li
brary" started, more details will be
announced later.
Patrols are getting fairly well or
ganized and well under way for a
tine winter schedule.
The basket social brought out a de
sire in the community for , other
socials, so we are , planning a fine
social for the next event which will
be just before Thanksgiving. ,
C. M. Jones
- - and -
Acetylene Welding
Truck Beds Built to Order
Da Vinci Had Vision
of Conquest of Air
Artists and writers are commonly
supposed to be Impractical people, and
yet we were reminded only the other
day by u local colorist that Leonardo
da Vinci wrote the first treatise on
nieelmnhiil flight and demonstrated
the principles of the parachute. Du
Vinci was a painter, sculptor and mili
tary and civil engineer. He was ulso
an architect, and drew the first tech
uical design for Imitation wings. In
his device the flyer was to occupy n
horizontal position and work the fly
ing stroke with his arms and feet by
means of ropcS passing over pulleys.
The winj:s resembled those of the but.
ami consit-tcd of several parts which
Il.ipred to;:ell:Pi- in t lie upper flrok'i
and spread out on the down stroke. A
tail surface was provided between the
parted legs. .
Da Vinci planned this some time be
tween 14S7 and 1409. Washington
Wants No Deputyship
, Pendleton, Or., Oct. 22,
In all political campaigns both
large and small there are found mis
representations and false statements
designed to injure candidates and dis
turb the equanimity of the voting
Having served as Sheriff to the best
of my ability for the past four years
and desiring to see the best interests
of Umatilla County maintained I am
sincerely anxious to see Mr. Charles
Hoskins elected as my successor,
Therefore, I take this method and op
portunity to deny certain false rum
ors that have been and are being cir
culated to the effect that I am plan-
ning to become a deputy sheriff and
hold such a position under Mr. Hos
Such a position has not entered my
thought and Mr. Hoskins has never
mentioned the matter or suggested
such a possibility to me. He knows
the law precludes such an arrange
ment and making any promises be
fore his election would be a serious
I am sure these rumors are be
ing promulgated for the purpose o
injuring Mr. Hoskins in his campaign
and I am making this statement with
out his knowledge for the purpose of
setting at ease all those who have
any suspicion that I am in any way
going to try to influence his policies
when he is elected.
-Paid Adv. by Hoskins for Sheriff
Club, Pendleton, Oregon. Claude
Penland, Secretary.
Walter M. Pierce
Ladies Worried Lawmaker
About the time that women began
to flutter their wings and, Indeed, In
1S06 they, were wearing bellowed
sleeves, the Britisii parliament waxed
Indignant that ladies were Invading
without precedent Its sacred precincts.
But a London paper at once reminded
that "Ladles attended parliament In
droves more than 200 years ago. The
Lord Shaftesbury of the time, an aus
tere personage, complained of these
droves, and once the speaker caused
shouts of laughter by suddenly de
claring In the midst of a debate that
he could espy petticoats. After this,
evidently not wishing to be seen so
much, the ladies came less often and
sometimes they came In disguise."
Detroit Newa
Walter M. Pierce, democratic can
didate for congress, will be in Uma
tilla county Wednesday, Thursday
and Friday of next week. He will
speak at Hermiston Wednesday night,
October 31. He will be at Echo at
8 o'clock in the forenoon, Thursday,
November 1, and then go to Free
water, Umapine and other places in
the east end of the county, speaking
at Milton at 8 o'clock Thursday eve
ning. Mr. Pierce will be in Weston,
Friday morning, November 2 for
an hour, then will come to Athena,
where he will speak for an, hour. In
the- afternoon he will be at Adams
and Helix, and will speak Friday
night at Pilot Rock. After touring
Wallowa county, Mr. Pierce will re
turn to Pendleton on Monday, Novem
ber 5th and will speak at the court
house that night at 8 o clock, wind
ing up his campaign at Pendleton.
Paid Adv. .
Pendleton Woolen Mills
The largest and. most complete line ever
Shown in Athena
v Blazers
Boys, come in and look over our fancy Wool Socks,
for high-top shoes
Quality Quantity, Service. , Phone 171. Athena, Oregon
Athena, Oregon
bunday school 10 a. m. communion
service followed by sermon, 11
o'clock Topic; "Good Seed, Good Soil"
wheatfield philosophy. Christian
Endeavor 6.30 p. m. preaching 7:30
Everybody welcome.
, H. J., PERRY, Minister.
Laurence Pinkerton, Supt.
Telephone Typewriter. System
j Great Aid in Catching Criminals
New Business Uses Being Found for System Now Used Largely by the Great
Press Associations to Gather and Distribute News.
4 j"WT'
J. ,
Telephone Typewriter Installation at Police
Headquarters, New York City,
Y means of the printing tele
graph service, or the tele
phone typewriter as it is com
ing to be known, instant transmis.
elon ot communications between
distant offices, factories, etc., ia
made available, providing each
connected unit of the organization
with typewritten copies ' simul
taneously. In other words, the
telephone typewriter makes pos
sible typewriting at a distance.
The telephone typewriter service
was first used in 1917 by one ot the
large press associations whose ex
acting requirements it met admir
ably, but recently it has been
adapted to other commercial users
and particularly to large industries
having a widespread organization.
A one' feature ot the program
involving the new communication
system of the New York City Po
lice Department, a telephone type
writer switching system has been
installed which provides communi
cation between General Police
Headquarters, Manhattan, and all,
1 i I i '
& 9- 4 : mm
na'.-e... . t yt rar "T t." tjs nr
the borough police headquarters
and to all the Manhattan precincts,
also from each of the four borough
headquarters outside of Manhattan
to each precinct station, in that
borough and to other strategic
points. The complete system com
prises more . than 100 telephone
typewriter sets.
This service was officially turned
over to the Police Department by
the New York Telephone Com
pany, Mayor Walker sending the
opening message in the presence
of President McCulloh and other
telephone and police officials. The
following day a stolen truck con
taining $10,000 worth of merchan
dise was recovered forty-five min
utes after its loss was reported,
through a description sent to all
precincts in Manhattan by the aid
ot this system.
The system Is arranged so that
an operator at headquarters may
send from a keyboard to any one
precinct, to any group, or elmul'
taneously to all precincts, the mes
sages being printed automatically,
in page form at the receiving ma
chines, which are placed close, to
the desk of the officer in charge of
the precinct A signal lamp is as
sociated with each line so that the
receipt ot a message may be
acknowledged by each station.
Lines are also provided for incom
ing messages from the headquar
ters in the other four boroughs.
Telephone typewriter service Is
also being furnished on a some
what smaller scale to the police de
partments in St. Louis and Boston,
and to twelve cities in Connecti
cut whose police headquarters are
Dr. W. Boyd Whyte
Stangier Building, , Phone 706
Pendleton, Oregon. ' 957 J
Main Street. Athena, Oregon
State and Federal Court Practice
The Athena Hotel
r ..
Conoco Gasoline
Quick Starting Packed With Extra Miles
Motor Oils Greases
Bryce Baker, Agent
Phones 761 and 31F11, Athena
Courteous Treatment, Clean Beds
; Good Meals
: Tourists Made Welcome
Special Attention Given
to Home Patrons
Corner Main and Third
Athena, Oregon
Athena, Oregon
Post Building, Athena, Phone 582
Special Attention Given to School Children -
C hicken Tamales Chile Beans
Gerald Kilgore, Proprietor - - Athena, Oregon
You can get the best
Candy Bars
. Cigarettes
..-' at
' "Pinks" Place
Cell & Vcnable
Phones 22 and 24
Two Auto
Truck Drays
Always At Your Service
City and Country
' and Horse Team Work
I l.. tU tW-n-Ttf
rmn I"
We carry the best
That Money Buys
Kippered Salmon, all Kinds of Salt Fish. Fresh
Fish, Oysters, Crabs, Clams, Kraut in Season.
Main Street Athena, Ore j? on.
The Lumber
You Need
If you are planning alterations or ad
ditions to your building, let us give
you an estimate on the Lumber need
ed. You will be pleasantly surprised
at the reasonble total we will quote.
Wood and Coal
Fence Posts
Tum-A-Lum Lumber Co.
Main Street, Athena