The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, April 27, 1928, Image 5

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    Press Paragraphs
The Fuller Brush man is coming.
Wait for him.
Saturday, May 5th is the last day
for payment of first half of 1927
Mrs. Wm. McBride and daughter,
Mrs. Lumsden are here from Port
land, visiting friends.
The M. E. Missionary society will
hold a cooked food sale May 5th at
the Quality Grocery Store.
The exterior of Steve's Grocery is
receiving a new. coat of paint, Bill
Hendricksen weilding the brush.
Rev. Perry, the new pastor of the
Christian church has arrived in the
city, and will hold church services
Sunday morning and evening.
A woman who is "known to North
west pioneers as one of few success
ful women stockraisers, Mrs. - Ella
May Vessey, diede recently at
Yakima, Washington.
Sam Ash, well known pioneer
resident of Wallula," died recently at
a hospital in Walla Walla. F. S. Le
Grow recalls that in the 70's Mr. Ash
was employed by Mr. LeGrow's
father in the sheep business.
The cooked food sale given Satur
day last by the ladies of the Baptist
church netted $35. The Baptist ladies
are thankful for the patronage ac
corded the sale by the public.
George Drumheller, well known
Walla Walla wheat and stock man,
has filed notice of appeal to the
supreme court ' from the superior
court jury verdict of $10,000 against
him in favor of Mrs. May Kelly for
alleged breach of promise.
66North Coasit
L T199
Fi N "
On and after May 6th, it will be
Between Chicago and the
North Pacific Coast
F. B. Wood, Agent,
Athena, Ore.
Coty's Face Powder $1; Perfume 60c ;
Both for $1
With each 50c bottle of Hand
Lotion, a 25c Beauty Box free
McFadden'S Pharmacy
The 3 o 4 Bridge Club was enter
tained by Mrs. Max Hopper last
Thursday afternoon, with- three
tables at play. Besides club mem
bers Mrs. A. A. Mclntyre and Mrs.
W. Logsdon and Mrs. Tom Mos-
grove, of Milton, were guests. Mrs.
Ravella Lieuallen received high club
score and Mrs. Dean Dudley consol
ation. Mrs. Mosgrove received the
guest prize. The rooms were made
attractive by yellow jonquils pre
sented Mrs. Hopper by Mrs. Cass
Cannon. A one course lunch was
served by the hostess.
The hospitable home of Mrs. Frank
Coppock was opened to the M. E.
Missionary society Wednesday after
noon. Twenty-four ladies were pres
ent. The rooms were beautifully
decorated with cut flowers. Songs
were followed by interesting read
ings given by Mesdames John Tomp
kins, Louis Stewart and Velton Bead.
Mrs. Mary Tompkins, Mrs. Perry
Hall and Mrs. C. B. Moore were
visitors. The hostess, assisted by
Mrs. Clarence Hand and Mrs. John
Tompkins,, served a buffet luncheon.
The next meeting will be at the home
of Mrs. Louis Stewart. -.;
Model Cleaners
129 E. Alta. St. Pendleton, Oregon
We Clean Everything
Men's Suits
Ladies Suits
Men's Overcoats
Ladies Overcoats
Hats and Caps
Robes and Blankets
Silk Dresses
Wool Dresses
Fur Coats and Furs .
Curtains, 15c sq. yd.
Rugs, 5c sq. ft (With fringe
50c extra, sizing f 1 extra.)
We also do altering and repairing of ail kinds.
Leave your work with our local Agent in your town, r mail direct
to ns and we will pay return carrying charges on al work.
(, 1928, Western Newspaper Union.)
Life is a mirror for king and for
'Tls just what you are and dot
Then give to the world the best
you have,
And the best will come back to
you. Madallne Bridges.
We all like to try new things. At
this time of the year when the new
nuts are in the market
let us use them as freely
as possible. Nuts are
rich In food value con
centrated food and
when properly mastl
cated are entirely diges
tible. For " those who
must not eat meat, nuts
offer many ways of tak
ing the place of It
Salads are improved by a table-
spoonful or two of minced or finely
broken nuts, and cakes and cake
fillings are made more delicious by
the free use of them.
Nut and Cheese Roast. Cook two
tablespoonfuls of finely minced on
ion In one tablespoonful of butter until
the onion is soft and delicately col
ored. Add a little hot water if needed
to keep from browning. Mix one cup
ful of grated cheese, one cupful of
walnut meats chopped, one cupful of
bread crumbs, - the Juice of half tt
lemon and salt and pepper to taste.
Add the onion, butter, and pour Into
a shallow dish and bake until brown.
Serve with a white sauce.
Pecan and Prune salad. Cut a
pound of choice prunes Into narrow
strips, add one cupful of sliced pecan
meats, a dash of pepper and salt to
season. Beat one cupful of cream
until stiff, add two tablespoonfuls of
lemon juice. Mix with the prunes
and nuts and serve on a curled let
tuce leaf with a spoonful of dressing
for a garnish.
Chestnut Salad. Shell and blanch
fresh chestnuts. Boil fifteen minutes,
then drain and cut Into slices, add an
equal measure of finely cut tender cel
ery, mix with French dressing and
serve on lettuce.
Oyster Fritter. Mince fine one
dozen oysters and stir Into the fol
lowing batter: One and one-half cup-
fuls of flour, two teaspoonfuls of
baking powder, one teaspoonful of
salt, a few dashes of cayenne, two
teaspoonfuls of minced parsley, three-
fourths of a cupful of oyster liquor
and milk mixed and. one beaten egg.
Mix well and drop by spoonfuls Into
hot fat Brown and drain and serve
Industry the Keystone
A book Is being talked about called
"Key Men." A good deal Is said In
It about Industry. Nb man becomes
a key man who is not Industrious.
industry Is the Important word. No
one can become rich and prominent
without it Are you a key man! It
Is a good term. A key man means
one who can do something worth
while a little better than the aver
age. The average man only "gets
along." The key man gets rich. Don't
Imagine that yon can ever succeed
without Industry. Only loafers de
mand less work. E. W. Howe's
At a reception In Washington' the
lion of the evening was a distinguished
Arctic explorer. A stout old lady said
to him, "Jt must have been terrible
up tnere, and yon must have suffered
untold hardships and privations.'
."Well, I can't say that exactly," re
joined the explorer with a smile. "The
fact Is, I've been telling them all this
season to large audiences.? Boston
Sunday School at 9:45 A- M. De
votional at 11:00 A. M. Topic, Why
Fear? Young peoples meeting" t
6:30 P. M. followed by song and
praise at 7:30 P. M. Topic, The
Conclusion. This will close the work
of two years of the present pastor.
Regular mid-week meeting every
Thursday evening at 8:00 P. M. Sunv
mer schedule of all evening services,
to begin May first, one half hour
later. Yon are welcome in this House
of God. ' J ' tf
Munsingwear for Spring
' .- ' . For
Men Women and Children
We carry this famous underwear in all sizes. An assortment of colors and
Ladies' in. Cotton, Mercerized, Rayon and Silk.
Price 50c to $3.50
Children's in Cotton. Rayon and Silk
Price 50c lo $1.25
Men's in Cotton, Light wool, Mercerized, Silk and Wool
Price $1.65 to $4.25
Ladies' silk and silk Chiffon hose in all colors
Price $1.00 $1.50 $2.00
Don't Say Underwear, Say Munsingwear
Phone Your Order To 152
Athena Department Store
Saturday, April 28
Three Great Stars
House Peters, Joan Crawford, James
"Rose Marie''
No Scenery Like It
This romance of the Canadian wildspacked Broadway houses for two
years. The romance that has echoed Vound the world, brings now to the
screen a gorgeous tale flowering in the midst of the wild Canadian woods.
The mighty ice-flood, a scene that willlive forever!
International News
Admission Prices, 10c-25c-35c
Sunday, April 29
Another Zane Grey Western Whirlwind
I i
Gary Cooper and Thelma Todd
A stirring tale of the days when rustlers roamed the cattle country and
two-gunmen fought the law, in a land where men ride fast, where they
shoot straight, where thrills are everywhere. If it's a Zane Grey-Para-mount,
it's the best of the, west. And NEVADA is just that!
Admission Prices. 10c-25c-35c
Pathe Review
Mid-Week Special-Wednesday, May 2
Partners Again
Potash and rerimutter
George Sidney and Alexander Carr
Peals of Laughter! A Storm of Thrill 3