The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, April 27, 1928, Image 2

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F. B. BOYD. Owner and Publisher
Rnme old story: "Arkansas land
and crops covered with flood waters."
Still there is some talk of Hood con
Subscription Rates.
One copy, one year $2.00
One copy, six months $1-00
One copy, three months 75
Athena, Oregon, April 27, 1928
Baseball has its thrills, as wit
nesseth the rally which won Sunday's
game from Helix.
A number of young ladies and
young men have reached a very im
portant stage of their careers in the
Athena High School department. The
period' of their lives has arrived when
they will close their work in the
public schools, and take up the pur
suits which are to qualify them to
perform labors that will confront
them later in life. The graduating
class of Athena High this year
numbers thirteen, and each member
no doubt in looking back over his or
her school work feels a pang of re
gret on reflecting that after gradua
tion exercises, the old school will
know them no more, yet on the other
hand are elated to grasp the diploma
for which they have labored so hard
and earnestly.
The falsity of general supposition
that opportunity is on the wane in
this country is exposed in the con
summation of a contract between
Tom Mix, movie actor, and the F. B.
0. producing company. F. B. 0.
gives Tom $3,000,000 for two years'
service. This amount should pro
vide the young man with spending
money and leave enough for a peck
or two of oats for "Tony."
"Big Bill' Thompson has been
given another jolt. His proposal to
"draft" Coolidge into the race for
the presidency has been turned down
by party leaders, and the Chicago
mayor (who is nothing else but) i3
completely without issue; having
been vanquished by ridicule in his at
tempt to foist King George of Eng
land upon the nation as its arch
Baning, California, immigration of
ficers broke up a Japanese trans
portation party the other day when
thev pulled five of the little Orient.
als from a false compartment in a
wheat truck. This is the newest
wrinkle to be introduced by the Jap's
persistent effort to enter this coun
try, but he has yet to try a sausage
"Trail of liquor leads to prison,"
says headline. But more often to a
blind pig.
28th day of April, 1928, at the hour
nt nvnn nVWU A. M. of said dav. as
the time, and the County Court room
in the County Court house at renaie
ton, Umatilla County, Oregon, as the
ngc fnr liPArLnc of said final ac
count and report. . Objections to said
final account ana report snouia De
filed on or before that date.
Dated at Athena, Oregon, this 20th
day of March, 1928.
Ernest A. Zerba, Administrator oi
the Estate of O. W. B. Zerba, Deceased.
Watts & Prestbye, Athena, Oregon,
Attorneys for Estate. M30A27
Just as we expected, the Houston
convention is to be an informal lam
many affair; Mayor Jimmy Walker
of New York, will place Governor
Al Smith of New York, in nomination
for the presidency, leaving nothing
else for the rest of us democrats
to do but formally accept.
Betcha the hardest part of the
Orman-Irisih Atlantic flight was the
milling around in the ice and snow
of Greenly Island, waiting for spare
tin i t s to rennir the damaged Bremen.
However, just over from the auld
sod, the lads may "hae a wee
drop i' the bottle for the mornin
(Oregon Voter)
Jas. H. E. Scott, Milton attorney,
has two distinctions that will be
appreciated generally, but particu
larly by those other mayors of Ore
gon cities who submit themselves to
the ordeal of introspection. Mayor
Scott has not been absent from a
meetine of the Milton council during
the six years of his incumbency, and
the city over whose administration
he presides has had a gradually de
clining tax rate for municipal pur-
noses since 1923. Accomplishment
No. 2 puts a punchful meaning into
the second half of Candidate Scott s
huUnt slncmn "Lower taxes." He
seeks one of two republican nomi
nations for representative from Uma
tilla county.
Mavor Scott was born on a farm
near Pontiac. Illinios, April 9, 1880;
educated St. Olaf College, Dakota
University, and graduate of Ells
worth College, normal course; also
attended business college, Valparaiso
University law school, and graduated
with law degree from Illinois College
of Law; taught school in South
Dakota and Oregon; for two years
was instructor in bookkeeping and
accounting methods in Manila, P. I.t
hnsiness college: during World War
was accounts clerk in quartermaster
nnms. U. S. A. Married Minnie
Lane Gregg in Milton, October, lyii,
has one son.
Member and trustee of Christian
church; member of American, Oregon
nnrl TTmfltilla county bar associa
tions; member Masons, Knights of
Pvthins and Odd Fellows: member
executive committee Milton chamber
f rnmmerce: city attorney of Muton
1913-1916; taxpayer on real and
personal property.
Mr. Scott is opnosed to an increase
in Omtron trasoline tax without com
pensating increase in gasoline tax
in other states; believes public ser
vire corporations using public high
ways for transportation , purposes,
should pay percent of their gross
pnrnincs for such privilege; favors
neither $3 nor $5 auto license fees,
Kuf. hnlipves some adjustment in lic-
co hnu1H Vih made in favor or. used
cars; favors legislation that would
nrnvide assessor with name and ad
dress of grantee in sales of property,
same to be. noted on tax rolls, so as
to prevent "injustice in numerous
tax foreclosure sales as at present.
( Editor's Note Mr. Scott is well
known in Athena, where he was at
one time a member of the faculty of
the Athena schools. Leaving Athena,
Mr. Scott next engaged in school
work in the Manila P. I., schools lor
the government.)
Withal the abolishment of the
Turkish harem seems to have had
but little effect there on the art of
osculation. Recently, on the advent
of the first train into a town over
a new railroad, the locomotive was
"smothered with kisses" by the
happy peasants.
Mr. Mecklem of Portland, took Mrs.
Mecklem to a party. After the usual
bout. Mrs. Mecklem is in a
hospital whore her bullet wounds are
being cared for and Mecklem is
in jail. Apparently booze and gatts
mix no better than do booze and gas
Compilation of figures by the fed
eral bureau of education show that
private benefactors contributed more
lust vear in support of higher edu
cation than either the government or
students. We were aware of the fact
that somebody was paying for it.
Keening everlastingly at it finally
took Captain Wilkins over the Arctic
His life's most cherished hope has
boon gratified, and in accomplishing
his coal, the world credits him with
having viewed land never before seen
by num.
Statement of ownership, manage
ment, etc., required by the act of
Conarress of August 24, 1912, of the
Athena Press, published weekly at
Athena, Oregon, for Oct. 1, 1927.
Publisher, editor, managing editor
and owner, F. B. Boyd of Athena,
Known bondholders or mortgagee,
none. F. O. JBUYD.
Subscribed and sworn to before
me this 24th day of April, 1928.
Notary public for Oregon. My
commission expires July 10, 1928.
for the Farm
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Umatilla County.
In the Matter of the Estate of A.
A: Mayberry, deseased.
is hprphv Given that the
undersigned has been appointed by
order of the above entitled court,
executrix of the last will and testa
ment of A. A. Mayberry, deceased,
and that she has qualified as the
low lirprta All persons having
claims against the estate are here
by required to present mem 10 me,
with proper vouchers, at my store in
it.hin my months
from the date hereof. Dated April
16, 1928. ,
International Speed Trucks are establishing themselves more firmly every
dav in the regard of farmers. They have demonstrated an appreciated
ability to stay constantly on the job over long periods and to deliver unfail
ingly economical transportation. .
The qualities, built into every International, are the result of over twenty
vears' experience in the manufacture of high-grade motor trucks. Further
more the extensive resources of International Harvester are solidly behind
us in assuring you permanent parts replacement and after-sales service.
Factory standards turn out trucks that service is built into. We make
sure that you will get it out of them on the job.
Internationals are built in sizes to meet every need from 1,500 to 10,000
pounds capacity. Let us aemonstraie one w you.
Main Street
Rogers & Goodman
(A Mercantile Trust;
Athena, Oregon
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon tor umatina county.
In the Matter of the Estate of Wil
liam H. .Bishop, deseased
Mnt;iA it lnnvahv CTlVPn that the
nubile to uwvHj . , , .
UI1UC101"CU 'II -
the above entitled court executrix of
the last will and testament of
William H. Bishop, deceased, and she
has qualified as the law airects. ah
persons having claims against the
estate are hereby notified to present
the same with proper vouchers, with-
in six montns lorm me uulc
of, to me at my home at the Uma-
of my attorney, Stephen A. Lowell
in Despain Biock, renaieum, vi-
SDated this 16th day of April, 1928.
LOUISA S. BISHOP, Executrix.
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Umatilla County.
In the Matter of the Estate of O. W.
B. Zerba, Deceased.
xt-.: Vi....oKr ci-ivpn that the
...iir,o,i Vma fihvl his final ac-
count and report in the above en
titled matter and tnat me uuuvc en
titled Court has fixed Saturday, the
W. H. Daughtrey
Echo, Oregon
Candidate for the republican
nomination for
County Commissioner
Primary Election, May 18, 1928
"If elected would work for the
best interests of the Taxpayers."
Resident of Umatilla County
about 60 years
Echo, Oregon
Tom Gurdane
Republican Candidate
Umatilla County
Primary Election, May 18
Resident of Umatilla County,
47 years
For enforcement of all laws.
If elected Sheriff, there will be
night service.
Paid Advertisement.
Concrete Work
Done Right
At Reasonable Prices
Special attention given
to Cemetery Work
J, E. Crawley
Phone 363 Athena, Oregon
.You will receive
Efficient Service
C. B. MOORE, Proprietor
'County, State and City
Tax Statements Are Now Here
One-half of your taxes should be paid prior to May
5th, 1928. If you have not been getting your tax state
ments thru us, we will be glad to get your statement
for you upon request. Payment of these taxes may be
made here.
Main St. H. H. HILL Athena
All kinds of canned fruits and fresh vegetables m
season. Assortment ' of lunch meats. Spiced ham
particularly fine.
Mrs. Alice Eager, Owner
To attain the terrific speed of over
207 miles per hour, all that was
found necessary was to place a o6-
cylinder motor in the front end of
an automobile. To find a damfool
to drive it, wasn't hard either.
Hit by seven crop failures, along
with about 1000 years of guerillu
warfare, the inhabitants of the north
ern part of Shantung province, China,
are telling the world that they are
. o
Miles Toindexter is back in Wash
ington state, tolling the voters over
there how bad they want him for
United States senator again. Well,
it's the voters and he for it.
Walla Walla General Hospital
A modern non sectarian fifty bed hospital, with
all up to date modern hospital facilities for the care
X-I?av Tnd bacteriological labortories, washed air
ventilation. . , .
Only graduate nurses are employed and their ser
vices are included at the regular rates which are
$3.50 to $6.00
Special nurses extra. Your interest and patronage
is solicited. Phone 4S0.
Blacksmith Shop
Repair Work
Prices Reasonable
Athena, Oregon
American Beauty Bread
Baked by the most modern and up-to-date process known to the
art of baking. Insuring you uniform quality the year round. Ask
your grocer.
MILTON BAKERY, H. W. Kreiger Prop.
Direct from Producer to Consumer
Buy Collectively"
Address, N. Bolvig, Box 454' Walla Walla, Washington
We Handle Genuine
Goods-No Substitutes.
Try Our'
Up-to-the Minute Bobs
Hair Cuts and Shingles
Athena, Ore.
Monday, Thursday, Saturday
SPECIALMen's suits cleaned and
pressed $1.50 Starting March 15
Twin City Sanitary Cleaners
F. E. Smith, Milton-Freewater
Our Agency is at Penn Harris Barber Shop. The home of good
Haircuts and Shaves. Phone 583.
Preston-Shafl'er Milling Co.
Is mada in Athena, b Athena labor, in one ol the Terr best
equipped mills in the Northwest, of the best selected Bluestem
wheat frown anywhere. Patronixe home industry". Your -grocer
sella the bmous American Beauty Flour
Merchant Millers & Grain Buyers
Athena, Oregon.
Waitsburg, Wash