The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, April 06, 1928, Image 4

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    Press Paragraphs
Emory Stages of Weston, spent
Saturday in Athena.
Mrs. Ralph Cannon of Walla Walla
was an Athena guest Friday.
Mrs. C. M. Eager and Lucille Smith
were Pendleton shoppers Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Frazier of
Milton spent Sunday in Athena.
Born, Sunday April 1, 1928 at Wal
la Walla, to Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Dud.
ley, a son.
Mrs. Florence Merrill of Walla
Walla spent the week-end at the H. I.
Watts home.
Mrs. Chas. Alspach and daughter
of Helix spent Friday at the A. L.
Jenkins home.
Chas. Murray and Mrs. Ora Smith
spent Sunday evening at the Lloyd
Michener home.
Dr. W. G. Cowan and Don Jol.n
son spent Sunday at the Boylen sheep
farm near Pilot Rock.
The Study club met with a good
attendance last Friday afternon at
the home of Mrs. Lew McNair.
Mr. and Mrs, Buzz Fisk, Eugene
Schrimpf and Mrs. Harrison Kirk
of Weston were in Athena Sunday.
Jessiedeane Dudley and Dorothy
Geissel spent the week-end in Day
ton, Washington visiting friends and
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Brower of Pend
leton and Mrs. Grant Prestbye of
Montana were guests of Mrs. Jennie
Gross, Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Adair and
Mr. and Mrs. R. A. Thompson went
to Princeton, Idaho, Saturday, re
turning Sunday.
H. W. LeRoy who recently ui.der
went a minor operation at the veter
ans hospital at Walla Walla is con
valescing nicely.
Mr. and Mrs. Armond DeMerritt
and son of Walla Walla visited over
Sunday with their parents Mr. and
Mrs. Henry Dell.
MrB. Edgar Randall and daughter
of Condon, Oregon, spent last week
visiting Mrs. Bert Ramsay. The
ladies are sisters.
Marie Foster, Hilda Dickenson and
Pearl Ramsay spent Saturday eve
ning and Sunday at the home of Mr.
and Mrs. Paul Lieuallen in Adams.
Dorothy Burke returned to her
grandparents home Sunday evening
after spending the week-end with her
mother at the Emory Staggs farm
near Weston.
Beautiful piano near Athena
must sell immediately. $10 per
month. A rare bargain. Write Tall
man Piano Store, Salem, Oregon, for
All Rebekahs are requested to be
at the next meeting Tuesday, April
10th, when Helix will visit the local
lodge and initiation will be conferred
on two candidates.
Mrs. Otis Whiteman of Walla Wal
la called on relatives in Athena Fri
day. Her nephew, Roland Richards,
returned home with her, where he
spent the week-end.
Rev. Perry who is now holding
meetings in The Dalles has been
elected to fill the local Christian
church pastorate, and will arrive in
Athena about the first of May.
Mr. and Mrs. Alva Blalock of
Spokane drove to Athena Saturday
night being called here by the death
of Mrs. Blalock's nephew, Lawrence
Gray, returning Sunday evening to
thoir home.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Kirk and Mrs.
Frank DeFreece spent Sunday in
Walla Walla visiting relatives. Little
Jean Bowman of Wulla Walla, a
niece of the ladies returned with them
and will spend the Easter vacation
on the Kirk farm.
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Pinkerton were
recent visitors in Walla Walla.
Mrs. Lilla Kirk and son John spent
Sunday in Walla Walla, visiting
Mrs. A. W. Logsdon and daughter
Donna spent Tuesday, visiting rela
tives in Pendleton.
Mrs. A. W. Logsdon entertained
her mother, Mrs. D. H. Mansfield of
Pendleton, Sunday.
Bryce Baker and Wilford Miller
were in the Horse Heaven country
over the week-end.
Mrs. Booher and daughter Marjorie
were Sunday guests at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Zerba.
Mrs. Zeltha Mclntyre spent the
week-end in Walla Walla at the home
of her daughter Mrs. Ralph Cannon.
C. A. Howard, Superintendent of
Pubic Instruction, was in Athena
from Salem and visited Athena high
school .
Miss Elizabeth Holwager is visit
ing at the B. B. Richards home. Miss
Holwager is recovering from a re
cent illness.
Mrs. W. S. Ferguson left Tuesday
evening for Nampa, Idaho, where she
will visit' her daughter Mrs. Horace
Belknaps and family. -
0. M. Shigley and family, spent
Sunday and Monday eleven ' miles
east of Walla Walla visiting friends,
returning Monday evening.
Perry Hall, proprietor of the Ath
onn ShoD. who has a new
advertisement in today's Press, makes
a specialty sewed soles when repair
ing shoes. He has special machinery
for that purpose.
Oral Michener, Walter Huffman
and Wayne Bannister drove some
horses to the McEwen farm on Pine
Creek for B. B. Banister and Flint
Johns last Saturday.
There will be a baseball meeting
this evening at the Boy Scout's hall
on Main street, when matters per
taining to the Athena team of the
"Big Six" league will be discussed.
The Christian Women's Missionary
society met Wednesday afternoon at
the home of Mrs. Lew McNair. Plans
for a tea were completed, which was
to have been held on this date but
by some misunderstanding was post
poned until a later date.
Mrs. Kate W. Jameson, the Dean
of Women at Oregon State College,
visited at the school Monday after
noon. She i3 to attend a meeting
at Spokane before returning. Mr.
Aldrich, editor of the East Oregon
ian accompanied her to Athena.
Mr. and Mrs. John Mayberry were
host and hostess to a party of
friends Tuesday evening when four
tables of progressive games were at
play. The occasion was in honor of
Lenn Miller's birthday. Light re
freshments were served by the host
ess. The Jolly Twenty . club met last
Friday afternoon at the country
home of Mrs. Frank Sanders. Seven
teen members were present. Mrs.
Starr Charlton and Mrs. Jess Gordon
were guests for the day. Mrs. Wm.
Piper and Mrs. Herbert Hales serv
ed refreshments.
Misses Dorothy and Margaret Leo,
of Cheney Normal school are visit
ing their parents over the Easter
vacation period. Mrs. Lee and son
Robert drove the car to Cheney and
brought the girls home. Miss Doro
thy will teach after finishing her
Normal course in June.
A Bridge luncheon was given by
Mrs. W. P. Littlejohn and Mrs.
Henry Dell at the home of the form
er Friday. Mrs. E. C. Prestbye, and
Mrs. Otis Whiteman of Walla Walla
were guests for the occasion. The
tables were very attractive with
daffodils and tiny yellow nut
baskets. Mrs. H. I. Watts won high
score and Mrs. E. C. Prestbye high
guest score.
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.W Gannon and daughter Frances
spent Wednesday afternoon in Wal
la Walla.
Mrs. Earl Martin. Mrs. E. 0. Ven-
ahle and Mrs. Fred Cox were Walla
Walla visitors Wednesday.
Mm. Paul Lieuallen of Adams ac-
comnanied by Hilda Dickenson spent
Wednesday in Walla Walla.
Mr. and Mrs. Fisk and children 01
Weston were dinner sruests Sunday
of Mr. and Mrs. Jess Gordon.
Mrs. M. L. Watts is expected to
arrive noon from her visit to her
daughter and soninlaw, at Palo Alto,
Mr. and Mrs. Sterhne Parris at
tended the erolden weddine celebra
tion in Walla Walla Saturday of Mr.
and Mrs. Charles Parris, uncle and
aunt of Mr. Parris.
Mrs. S., S. Piersol is uo from Pend
leton this week visiting among old
friends. She will join Mr. Piersol
snnn at Meacham. where they will
spend the spring and summer months.
The last club dance will be neia
next Saturday nieht. All club mem
bers should attend. Everybody should
arrange lunch for their own parties.
Ice cream and coffee will be served
by the club. . r -
Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Hale entertain
ed at dinner Sunday, Mr. Alvin John
son, Mrs. Ethel Montague and daugh
ter Marjorie and Mr. and Mrs. Ross
Catron. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Piper
and children were also guests in the
The Christian Missionary society
held their April meeting at the home
of Mrs. Lew McNair, with twenty
ladies present. The meeting was
presided over by Mrs. George Ger
king, and the program was led by
Mrs. Retta Potts. An attractive
luncheon was served by Mrs. .Mc
Nair assisted by Mrs. Louis Keen.
Mrs. Flock, of Portland and two
daughters Mrs. W. G. White and
Mrs. Zelma Kennedy, are visiting
this week at the home of Mrs. Flock's
daughter, Mrs. Clarence Zerba. Mrs.
Kennedy is a student at Monmoutn
Normal. They were called here by
the death of little Susie Blinn, whose
mother, Mrs. Fred Blinn,-of Helix,
also a sister of Mrs. Zerba, and is
spending the week here. r
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etc. Phone 501
Sunday school at &:45 A. M. Easter
worship at 11:00 A. M. Young peo
ples meeting at 6:30 P. M. follow!
at 7:30 P. M. by Sunday school East
er program. The ordinance of. Bap
tism will be administered at close of
evening service. U worsnip me
Lord in the beauty of Holiness."
High School Notes 1
Junior News Staff.
Faculty Wilford Miller
Classes : Areta Kirk
Student Body Pearl Green
Boy's Athletics Oral Michener
Girl's Athletics Alberta Charlton
Personal Marjorie Wilson
Grades Mildred Street
Alumni ....Weldon Bell
Entertainment Emma Ringel
Advisor .Miss Bateman
Weldon Bell. Dresident of the junior
class, has appointed the following
committee for the junior-senior ban
quet: decorating committee: chair
man, Areta Kirk, Marjorie Wilson,
Oral Michener, Wilford Miller;
toast committee: chairman, Weldon
Bell, George Gross, Emma Ringel,
Frances Cannon; refreshment com
mittee: chairman, Alberta Charlton,
all girls.
Emma Rinirel and Helen Hansell
have been awarded Certificates of
Proficiency in typewriting. Helen
Hansell also received a silver pin for
writing forty words a minute.
Mr. Kate Jameson. Dean of Wo
men of Oregon State College, talked
to the hurh school. Monday atter-
noon on the, Value of Education.
Assemblv was held f riday morning,
March 30, in the high school auditor
ium. Each class and tne iacuuy picn
ed a favorite song to be sung by the
Thelma Schrimpf was in Pendle
ton Saturday.
Jessiedeane Dudley and Dorothy
Geissell spent the week-end in Day-t
ton Washington.
Lorena Schubert was a Walla wai-
la visitor Saturday.
Areta Kirk and Emma Ringel were
in Walla Walla Saturday.
Lorena Schubert was absent from
school Wednesday and Thursday of
last week, on account of illness.
Mr. and Mrs. Miller and family
spent the week-end at Endicott visit
ing relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Toole spent Sunday
in Walla Walla.
Miss Bateman spent Saturday and
Sunday in Pendleton and Walla Wal
. . . t, .1 m m.
If the weather permits, tne iuuii
and sixth grade, with their teacher,
Mrs. Rominger, are planning a hike
for Saturday morning, April 6.
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Saturday, April 7
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Sunday, April 7
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