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    Experts Attend
Opportunity Day
At University
Students Get Tips on Jobs;
Session to Be. Made
Annual Affair
gene. "Business men and women of
ability, initiative and originality are
needed all over the world, and oppor
tunities in this field were never great
er," declared Dr. Arnold Bennett Hall,
president of the University of Oregon
speaking recently at the banquet of
leading business experts of Oregon and
students of the school of business ad
ministration of the University, gath
ered for the first annual "opportunity
day' to be held here.
This "Opportunity Conference," ; at
which the school of business adminis
tration each year brings together ex
perts in the field of commerce and stu
dents here, is designed primarily to ac
quaint the young men and women with
present day conditions. Through hear
ing speakers and by private confer
ences, the future business men and
women obtain definite ideas on what
they should study in order to prepare
themselves for efficient work.
Accountants Needed
Skilled accountants are in great need
at present, and upon men who can do
this work largely depends the prosper
ity of the future, declared Walter D.
Whitcomb, librarian, and Ross Bras.
It is the accountant of a firm that
keeps the people operating efficiently,
checks losses and by knowing what is
going on all the time, enabling the ex-
ecutives to prepare for the future, he ,
Business as a career for women is
becoming more and more attractive,
said Miss Avis Lobdell, director of the
women's welfare division of the
. Union Pacific railway. Freedom from
housework, due to modern invention.
has enabled even married women to en
gage in commerce successfully, and
there are many fields in which women
are even better adapted than men, she
A successful career in business
awaits the young man who is willing
to start at the bottom and work tip,
declared Allen Meier, of Meier and
Frank company, Portland. Doing more
than is expected, , learning by experi
ence every day, and watching for.op
portuniteis should bring success to any
person who enters the business world
equipped with a university education,
Mr. Meier said.
Foreign Field Good
Opportunities in the field of business
for students who 'prepare themselves
for foreign trade were 'outlined by
James F. Fcebles, district manager of
the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic
Commerce, and D. P. Miller, who has
just returned from the post of assis
tant commercial attache of the Ameri
can ambassy in Berlin.
Diet of Fish and Meat
Keeps Eskimos Healthy
The MacMilhur Arctic expedition of
1020, visiting the Eskimos of northern
Labrador and of Greenland, was ac
compnnied by a physician who used
his time In nnikliij; studies of the
. Eskimos' diets to determine some im
portant facts. The., e Eskimos live for
the most part on1 diets conslstins
largely of meat and fish. The meats
concerned are those of the whale, wal
rus, seal, caribou, musk ox, Arctic
hare, polar bear and fox, as well as
those of geese, ducks and gulls. ThB
fish are varied. This food is usually
eaten raw.
The physician, Dr. William A. Thorn-,
as, reports that, contrary to the gen
eral opinion, the Eskimos eat relative
ly little fat or blubber, using these
portions for oil In lighting their homes,
in melting Ice and snow, for drinking,
and, to a very little extent, for cook
ing food.
Doctor Thomas did not find any
scurvy or rickets among these Es
kimosconditions that are known to
-3 due to absence of certain vitamines
from the diet. Dr. Morris Fishbeln, In
the Scientific American. ' ,
Easter Program at
The Baptist Church
An interesting Easter program is
announced for 7:30 p. m., Sunday, at
the Baptist church, to " which the
general public is invited. The pro
gram is as follows:
Instrumental solos, Jean Zerba,
Arlene Foster; Prayer, Rev. Bolling
er; Scripture reading, Mrs. Bollinger;
Instrumental solos, Marjorie Mon
tague, Bernice Wilson; Address of
welcome, Roberta Cannon; Recita
tions, An Easter Lily, Barbara Mc
Fadden; The Call, Lora Jean Payne;
In a Happy Way, Iva Mae Booher;
Eggs, Billy McFadden; Sunbeams,
Maebelle demons. Song, "He Is
Risen," juniors. Recitations, A Little
Brown Seed, Paul Kibby; New Bon
nets, Ida demons; The Children's
King, Natelle Miller; Spring, Cecil
Clemons; His Easter Piece, Alvin
Kibby; How Do They Know, Beverly
Barrett; Clever Chicks, Bryan Kibby.
Instrumental, Robert E. Lee; Drill,
Easter Sunbeams, primary; Duet,
Arlene Foster, Mary Jane Miller;
Recitation, Maurine Edger; Dialogue,
Junior department; Solo, Kohler
Betts; Recitation, Helen Barrett;
Song, Easter Bells, juniors; Tableau,
Valerie Cannon; Prayer, Rev. Bol
linger. - - '
That Lay Earlier
Now is the time to order Collins
Chicks for winter layers. Collins
Chicks lay sooner than ordinary
chicks. They have a country-wide
reputation for reliability of breed and
rapid development into profitable
Collins Chicks are from purebred
flocks which are rigidly inspected
blood-tested and culled.
The chicks are guaranteed vigrous.
big and husky. . We can now supply
you Leghorns, Rocks, Reds, Black
and White Minorcas 15c and up.
by Parcel Post
Safe arrival
100 per cent live chicks guaranteed
Get Collins Chicks for profit.
frcewater Hatchery
C. T. Collins, Prop.
Freewater, Oregon
" Leather Shop
Shoe Repairing Sewed Soles a
Specialty. Harness and Auto
Open For '
' Red Crown & Conoco
All grades of Oils
"Pink's" Place Third Street
22 Years Ago
April 6, 1906
Miss Katie McEwen was up from
her school at Pendleton Sunday.
Mrs. Frank Baker of Adams, was
the guest Saturday of Mrs. G. W.
Dr. A. B. Stone and Mr. Barger,
the insurance man, drove down to
Adams yesterday.
Mrs. U. M. Castleman came up
from Pendleton Friday evening and
attended the club banquet.
Jack Bigert, who lives near the
Tompkins farm, will this week move
his family to Lewiston, where they
will reside in the future.
On the Athena diamond Saturday
the Milton " Bumblebugs" were wal
loped to a frazzle by the Athena
I MJiumu i-MiiiiiMWMB mmmf
Let vy
. T I'ure Cuiirttipif lion r'orevur.
fi-kcc'iHCiiiets uuw.v OnUianre. 10c.ir25fe
- 3 2 a!l to i:ue. Irr.iiirr.ts in Yurnl mi-nea
"Grasshoppers" the score being 22
to 11.,
Mr. and Mrs. Abe Jones, who were
recently married in Pendleton, were
visiting relatives in Athena yester
day. They had been in Elgin before
coming here.
Carpenters are rushing to complete
the fine new residence to be oc
cupied by Mr. and Mrs. Preston.
Mr. and Mrs. Preston went up to
Waitsburg yesterday for a few days
visit with relatives.
D. B. Jarman has received a letter
from Ora Rhodes, who is holding
down his ranch near Madras, Ore.
Ora writes that prospects are bright
in that section and all former Ath
enaites are getting along nicely!
Yesterday witnessed another hegira
to the king's domains. Those leav
ing Athena were Will Mosgrove, Mal
colm Mclntyre and family, T. P.
Mosely and family, and Archie Mcln
tyre, who has been down on a visit.
Mrs. W. .H. Reeder is down from
her home in Tacoma, visiting her
sons and friends in Athena. Mrs.
Reeder reports the family well, ex
cepting Miss Velma Backus, who has
not been .in robust health for some
The Naylor estate was appraised
Wednesday by T. J. Kirk, D. A. Pink-
erton and James Zerba. The ap
praised valuation of the estate
amounted to $4,615. In addition to
this there is 400 acres of growing
grain, land leases, etc., which
not appraised and which will bring
the valuation up to about $6,000,
Laurance Lieuallen was in town
Wednesday with a couple of strings
of mules. One of the teams was
worked with a "jerk line" with Laur
ance at the other end of the line. The
mules - were . from Missouri and had
never been in town before and of
course there ( was something doing,
Laurance,' however, was equal to the
occasion and pulled "haw" and "gee"
applying a liberal use of the black-
snake, finally persuaded the muletts
to pass along Main street.
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Candidate for Joint
Umatilla and Morrow.
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The Athena Hotel
Conoco Gasoline
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Bryce Baker, Agent
Phones 761 and 31F11, Athena
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Tourists Made Welcome
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Corner Main and Third
Athena, Oregon
Foley's Kidney Cure
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Athena, Oregon
Post Building, Athena, Phone 682
Direct from Producer to Consumer
Buy Collectively
Address, N. Bolvig, Box 454' Walla Walla, Washington
"He that tooteth not his own horn,
the same shall not be tooted."
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Fence Posts
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