The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, February 10, 1928, Image 4

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Press Paragraphs
"Knockout Reilly" '
Standard Theatre, tomorrow night.
Aaron Douglas fs ill this week with
Mrs. Bryce Baker spent Monday m
Pendleton. " ; '
Mrs. E. A. Bennett is visiting
relatives in Portland.
Mrs. C. L. McFadden has been ill
at her home this week.
Mrs. Rose Miller is a patient this
week, having throat trouble.
Edna DeFreece and Marie Foster
were Pendleton visitors. Monday.
Mrs. W. P. Littlejohn was in Walla
Wolin Wednesday visiting friends,
Mr. and Mrs. French Criglar were
in town Wednesday from rreewater,
v;,n.;i 7.erh is installing a
lighting plant at his farm north of
t0Mrs. Ida Banister is home from the
Vine nit al in Walla Walla, arriving
Mr pnH Mrs. C. M. Eager were
l.,,c.iiica visitors in Walla Walla
UU'TI I IV-kJ . . -
Mr .T F. Kershaw and Mrs. Minnie
Pendleton callers
Wednesday. '
m T.lnvd Michener has been con-
finnri tn her home with illness, a part
The weather man dished up real
spring weather with sunshine trim
mines. Monday.
mi- .j Mm. Vim. Potts were
in j. m.
dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs
mttnrA Wnlltpr.
Mr. Saunders the piano tuner of
Walla Walla has spent the past two
weeks in Athena. ,
Mnao Rnnister who was on the SICK
list, for several days, is able to be
"on the job" again. .
Tutin Harwood has resumed paint
ing the interior of the Henry Dell
Fifth street.
Mrs. W. J. Kirk spent the week-end
nt the home of her sister. Mrs. Owen
v.. Rnwman. of Walla Walla.
Mrs. E. J. Burchill of Pendleton is
spending the week with her daughter,
Mra (' M. Eairer and family.
Mrs. J. F. Herr arrived in Athena
Thursday evening to stay with her
daughter Mrs. Lewis Stewart.
Miss Edna DeFreece is taking the
place of Miss Hilda Dickenson at the
telephone exchange, ior a iew uy.
Frnnk Greer, prominent wheat
raiser of the Weston neighborhood,
was a business visitor in Athena,
M. I. Miller entertained his brother,
C. F. Miller, who was en route to his
home at Endicott. Washington, from
Hot Lake.
Mrs. Arnold Wood. Mrs. A. H. Mc-
Intyre, Miss Pearl Ramsay and Miss
Lois Mclntyre were in Pendleton
Tuesday evening.
Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Booher of
Condon, Oregon, arrived in Athena
Sunday evening and are visiting rel
atives while here.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Hampton of
Genesee, Idaho, visited Saturday
night at the home of their daughter,
Mrs. Floyd Pinkerton.
Mrs. M. L. and Mrs. II. I. Watts
were guests of Mrs. F. C. Robinson
at the country club Walla Walla last
Thursday afternoon.
F. B. Radtke, Omar Stephens, W. J.
Kirk, Arnold Wood and Bryce Baker
transported Athena basketball play
era to Helix, Tuesday afternoon.
II. W. LeRoy, Eastern Oregon dist
rict manaeer of the Northwestern
NotinnAl life insurance company, left
for Portland Monday, on business.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Geissel en
tertained friends at a bridge party at
their home in Milton Wednesday eve
ning. A number from Athena were
m. Jack Cockburn has returned
to her home near Milton, from the
hospital at Portland, where a success
ful operation relieved her of a goi
tre. Mrs. Cockburn is regaining her
"The Divine Woman"
Standard Theatre, Sunday night.
Miss Louise Porter who recently re
signed her position as teacher in the
Athena grade schools, last wees sud
mitted to an operation in a Walla
Walla hospital.
ana nospitai. - served at a late hour by the hostess,
Rev. E. A. Leonard, former pastor se'ea , : T ,
. .. ....!. . a.i, ,;n Mr. ana ivirs. a. u. mcuweu cuwji-
01 tne uapusi cnurcn hi .."-. Uo; .mn nt friends Mondav eve-
spend Sunday in the city, and will oe- - - - '7""V- ,5 ' ,
liver n sermon at the evening services . .
of that church.
nil m 1 TIT-l.nbiMaTI
Kaipn lUCKer, wesmii Bn...., - . j i v
who was i Athena Monday is pleas- Z'm.
oH with the nresent outlook in the r J .. v.t- j
stock industry. Ralph turned his beef
this season at a satisfactory profit.
play Thursday evening of last week.
The rooms were Deautuui witn a boh
glow of lights. Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Ames captured the prize for high
score while Mrs. Forrest Zerba and
J. C. Harwood carried away the con
solation gifts. ' A dainty luncheon was
sumptuous dinner m
honor of their son Hugh's tenth birth
day. After dinner cards and radio
and Mrs. Clifford Walker, Mr. and
Mrs. Ross Catron and Mr. and Mrs.
Sterling Parris and children.
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Hirsch of
Freewater were guests at the Max
TT 1 irtmaajHit AlianlMf . if
guests Sunday at the home of .Mr. Lf and on their return home
t Mrs. Fred Pinkerton. Misses Lois
Mclntyre and Hilda Dickenson, and
Mose and Lee Banister, were dinner
and Mrs. Paul Lieuallen in Adams,
Ralph McEwen is preparing for
spring farm work. With plenty of
thru a dense fog encountered a car
parked on the highway to put on
chains. Mr. Hirsch in attempting to
and Mrs.
moisture ana we grow, , i . gkidded fato tne
we i aavancea in we necessitating the Zerba wrecker to
itaipn is pieeu wiu wUp irl-r . -vtrieate the car. Mr.
The nurses oi ot. y uubv.m. . . . ...
, nr. 1 1 j n hn rttrY I 1
at jrenaietoii, ore k'"k ucnvii
dance on next Thursday evening,
February 16, with the Rose Grey Ball
Room orchestra furnishing the music.
Weston Leader: Mrs. Edith B,
Lumsden has gone to Portland po
make her home with her parents at Junior News Staff.
639 Birch street. Mrs. .uimsaen ex- Faculty Wilford Miller
pects to leave soon tor L,os Aneles classes... Areta Kirk
for a few weeks' visit. st,W. T?dv Pearl Green
j High
School Notes
Mr. and Mrs. Kavena ueuaiien are ..t,,,.... n-i Michener
occupying their new farm home west Girl,s Athietics;. Alberta Charlton
of Athena, recently purchased from Personal .....Marjorie Wilson
oierimg r arris, me xauu icsiucint c..j.. Mildred Street
has been recently repapered and Ainmni .Weldon Bell
painted on the interior. Entertainment Emma Ringel
Frank DeFreece, Art Douglas and Advisor Jtfiss Bateman
M. L. Watts held the winning num
bers for blankets given as prizes by
the Walla Walla Elks, in connection
with the charity ball to be given
under the auspices of the lodge
Girl's Athletics
The girl's basketball team was de
feated by the Touchet girls at Touchet
Friday. The final score was 40-19,
Tl ":?SB!...r;5.,- The girls were handicaped because the
Walla spent Sunday at the home of I , . , K v ft,Qv,n
Mr Mr P A TWfiol,! in A u -
Birchway Apartments -in I o aruaA t I
in the lead and kept the good work up
ing the
Walla Walla, at a cost of $100,000,
day afternoon at her home on the e. f
west side in honor of Mrs. McNutt, re-
cent unue. itnu luiincr icsiucut ui , , a iiv.
Athena. Friends of Mrs. McNutt f?5ds f!"LG?l"! .i11
! MceciYedl
I Another ShipmentsEadies I
rti rD
ffl ttl
! im art
I Phone Your Order To 162 g
Athena Department StoreJ
Feb. l&fSr"Sh35; 1 lej).
The line-up started out as follows:
Ethel Pittman and Francis Cannon,
were the guests. Refreshments were
served by the hostess.
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Duff and Mr,
and Mrs. Kavella Lieuallen gave a
dinner party Friday evening at the
Lieuallen home, west . of Athena.
Covers were laid for twenty-eight
Charlton, centers: Areta Kirk
Thelma Schrimpf, guards.
Miss Brodie spent the week-end
visiting in Milton.
Miss Bateman and Mr. Meyer were
After the dinner hour seven judges of the debate at Pendleton,
tnhipa f hrMcrp wpre in nlav. Ihursday evening, between Fendie-
Mr. ft. A. Duf field returned from ton nigh and Heppner nign,
Portland recentlv. where she was call- Miss Bateman spent the week-end
eH hv the serious illness of her sister, visiting in Milton
" 1 fin . t . nr t Tll
Mrs. r. A. Koh a of Onhe m. Mon- miss aeners was m waiia waua
tana, who was on a visit to relatives Saturday.
in Portland, A major operation has
Dlaced the natient on the road to re- Personal
I t-. . i i ir 1,
co very. uoroiny ueissei was in waiia waua
Mrs. Lee s division of the Baptist Saturday,
Women's society will hold a cook- Jessiedeane Dudley and Dorothy
ed food sale at Steve's grocery on Geissel accompanied the basketball
Saturday. February 18. Beginning at teams to Touchet Friday.
o'clock n. ni. The silk auilt which Mildred btreet was a week-end
the women's society of the Baptist visitor in Pendleton,
church iust completed and which Mrs. Marjorie Wilson and Reta Kirk were
M. L. Watts purchased will be on m jfendieton .Saturday.
disnlav. Ihena Kussell and Lorena bchubert
The Jollv Twenty club was grac-iwere m waua waua Saturday.
innslv entertained at the home of Armand Bell is absent from school
Mrs. C. E. Fiske on Dry creek. Fri- on account of illness,
Av afternoon with a large attend- Weldon Bell spent the week-end in
ante. Dainty refreshments were Walla Walla,
Rerved at the close of the afternoon,
The next meeting will be February Boy's Athletics
20th at the home of Mrs. Flint Johns, Ihe Athena boys lost a basketball
west of Athena. game to Touchet on Touchet's floor
Mrs. M. L. Watts entertained the y n,Knt b? a ".core of 26 to 31
ns i.,fc i?rMov rnnnn. Mrs. ihe Doys were greatly handicaped De-
Clarence Toole. Mrs. E. C. Prestbye cause the floor was about the size of
and Mrs. Forrest Zerba were guests a D0X car
for the day. Mrs. Toole received uue"
or nr mh nH Mrs. J. F. I Athena (26)
wrl,n,., olnK rn A verv I Miller (4)
delectable luncheon was served by the '""V;"'
kne-fooa of Vn rlnso nf the afternoon. ,jross l1'
Mr. and Mrs. Max Hopper
host and hostess to a party of friends
when five tables of bridge were at
.we'e Pambrun
The line-ups were as follows:
(31) Touchet
F (5) Thomas
(19) May
(1) Farrens
(6) Smith
Saturday, Feb. 11
Knockout Reilly
Richard Dix in a love and laughter
knockout a smashing tale of a good
looking young steel worker who be
ficomes the world's champion prize
fighter, with love going strong as the
final bell rings.
International News and Comedy
Admission 10-25-35c
A letter assembly, in honor of the
football boys was held in the high
school auditorium Friday, February
3, at 2:30. The following program was
Songs Girl's Glee Club
(a) "Hush a bye"
(b) "Athena Hi. Hats off to Thee"
Instrumental solos Zola Keen
Presentation of letters....Arnold Wood
Vocal solo, "Dreaming Alone in the
Twilight"...., Areta Kirk
The program was enjoyed by all the
students and parents who attended.
The seventh and eighth grade bas
ket ball team will play Helix here
Friday, February 24.
The seventh and eighth grades are
looking forward to their - Valentine
party which will be held Friday,
February 10, in the school gym
Norman Mclntyre and Dean Pinker
ton spent the week-end at home.
Wilber Harden has returned from
Portland where he was visiting
John Pinkerton went to Walla Walla
Friday evening to see the basketball
game between the DeMolay and
Company F teams. Dean Pinkerton
is a member of the DeMolay team.
Student Body
A student body meeting was held
Tuesday for the purpose of sending
flowers to Jack Moore, who- is ill.
Helen Hansell, vice-president, officiat
ed and the committee chosen was:
Thelma Schrimpf. chairman; Francis
Cannon and Wilford Miller.
to 25th
; 1st
' to 25th
Twentv-five years of mammoth production on an economical basis, more
' than two decades of efficient service, a quarter of a century of progress
and prosperity resulting from public condidence. Such is the amazing
record of the ten thousand Rexall Druggists who wilL commemorate one
of the greatest achievements in the history of modern businss m a nation
wide Silver Jubilee Sale to be held in cities, villages and hamlets m every
State in the Union.
Big, red, ripe Maraschino
cherries in liquid cream,
coated with rich choco
late. They fairly melt in
your mouth.
Sale Price per lb.
2 lb. Box 89c
Vitamines in every drop.
Nature's substitute for
sunshine. The proper food
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Full Pint
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E TT r fi
REXALL Orderlies
A pleasant and effective
laxative. Gentle in action
but absolutely sure. Ideal
for children, invalids and
aged people, as well as
for robust persons.
Box of 60 Tablets
Regular Price 50c
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Our best tonic for run
down condition. Enriches
the blood, improves the
health generally. It is an
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Buffed edges prevent irritation.
Specially Priced
Drug Store
Main Street, Athena