The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, January 13, 1928, Image 4

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    Press Paragraphs
Jackie Coosran in "Buttons"
Standard Theatre, tomorrow night,
Richard Cartano was a visitor m
Athena last week.
Mrs. Lilla Kirk was a Weston
caller Tuesday.
W. S. Ferguson was a Walla Walla
visitor Wednesday.
W. P. Littlejohn was in Pendleton
Monday on jury duty.
Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Watts were
Pendleton visitors Monday.
Superintendent Lee Meyer and wife
were in Pendleton Wednesday.
Cass Cannon has been serving on
the jury in Pendleton this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Brower were
guests of Athena relatives Sunday,
Mrs. J. W. Kirk has been ill at her
home again for the past week.
Judge Schannep of Pendleton was
a business caller in Athena Tuesday
Mr. and Mrs. Shuffield of Port
land were Athena visitors Tuesday
and Wednesday.
Mrs. Edwards left Tuesday evening
for Weston to spend a few days
visiting relatives.
Mrs. J. M. Patterson of Walla
Walla, was a guest Wednesday, of
Mrs. Wm, McPherson.
Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Logsdon and
wee daughter Donna Jean, were in
Walla Walla Monday.
W. J. Kirk was in Dayton Wash
ington Tuesday, attending the funeral
of the late Alex Kirk.
Mrs. Francis McCool of Walla
Walla spent last week at the W. J.
Kirk home, returning home Tuesday,
Mrs. Charles Russell and daughter
l.harlotte have returned to Athena
after a time spent at lone, Washing
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Hirsch and
daughter Patricia' of Freewater, were
dinner guests at the Frank Ames
home Sunday.
Mrs. Miller, professional nurse of
Walla Walla and daughter were
visitors over the week end at the
Loraine Shick home,
Wilber Harden is home from
University of Oregon, and may decide
to enroll at Whitman college at the
opening of the spring term,
Mrs. Charles McFarland returned
home Sunday evening from Portland
where she spent the holidays with
her daughter Hazel in that city.
Rev. and Mrs. Dwight Hackett left
this week for Sierra, California.
Mr. Hackett is leaving the ministry
indefinitely and will enter into some
Mr. and Mrs. V. C. Burke and
daughter Rowena returned to their
home at Winona last Friday morning
after a time spent visiting relatives
in Athena and Pendleton.
Alex Mclntyre has received his
Buick sedan, which was stolen and
driven to Portland by the thief, who
was shot and captured by Portland
police in recovering the car.
The two younger Stamper children
have been temporilly placed in the
A. W. Logsdon home while the
elder one is with Mrs. McKay until
permanent homes can be found for
the children.
Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Adair were
hosts to several at dinner Sunday.
Guests were, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Gray
and three children of Milton, Mrs.
Alva Blalock and two children of
Spokane and Mrs. Gray, sister of Mr.
Mrs. W. P. Littlejohn was hostess
to the Bridge club Friday afternoon.
Mrs. Clarence Toole was a guest.
Mrs. Amos received high score and
Mrs. LeGrow received consolation
score. Covers for eight were laid
and a delightful lunch was served
by the hostess in late afternoon. !
"We're In the Navy Now!"
Standand Theatre, Sunday night,
Greasewood and Sand Hollow were
at flood stage Wednesday evening,
The Tum-a-Lum Lumber yard and
railwav tracks were under water
for the second time, Wednesday, when
snow in the district north of town
Norwood, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ed
car Forrest, after two and a half
months confinement at St. Anthony'i
hospital, a victim of typhoid fever.
has so far recovered as to be able to
return to the home of his parents at
Thorn Hollow.
Weston Leader: Friends of the
bride will be interested to learn of
the marriage of Miss Lois Porter,
daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. W,
Porter of Freewater, to Thomas
Graham, which was solemnized m
Portland Christmas day.
Sim J. Culley, prominent farmer
of the Weston vicinage, was operat
ed upon Tuesday at Seattle for the
relief of gall stones and adhesions
says the Leader. Reports are that
Mr. Culley is making favorable pro
gress. The operation was preformed
by Dr. Mason at the Virginia Mason
The Jolly Twenty club met at the
home of Mrs. A. W. Logsdon, last
Thursday afternoon with twelve
present and one visitor, Mrs. Forrest
Zerba, being a guest of the club,
Plans were discussed for a party t
be held at the home of Mrs. Verne
Smith in Weston, Saturday evening
January 21 in honor of the husbands
of club members.
The basketball game between Wes
ton and Athena, to be played at Wes
ton tonight has been postponed to a
future date on account of the small
pox quarantine at Weston. The boys
play Pendleton tomorrow night at
Pendleton. This game will probably
be a fast and scrappy one. Both
Pendleton and Athena have beaten
Union by a three point margin: which
indicates that both teams are about
evenly matched.
Freewater Times: Mrs. George
Bishop was hostess at a bridge
luncheon Saturday afternoon at hei.
home on Grant street in Freewater,
Luncheon was served at individual
tables to the guests who numbered
12. Cards followed with Mrs. David
Harris winning high score and Miss
Katherine Tonning consolation. Out-
of-town guests included Mrs. Horn-
er and Mrs. M. L. Watts, Mrs. W. S
rerguson of Athena. Mrs. Bert
Bnnker of College Place, and Mrs. A,
Milby of Walla Walla.
News hah been received of the
death of Miss Helen Graham daughv
er of Mr. and Mrs. Herman Graham
of Albany, at a sanitarium in Port
land, death having occurred on Tues
day, January 10. Burial took place
in Albany, Wednesday. The young
girl was a graduate of the Reeds-
post high school, Class of '25 and was
about 20 years old. She was the
granddaughter of Mrs. William Grah
am, who spent last summer with her
sisters, Mrs. S. A. Barnes of Weston,
ana Mrs. r. ts. Boyd of Athena.
The G. E. C. girls met at the home
of Marjorie Douglas Tuesday even
ing when organization was completed.
Mrs. Bollinger was unaminously
elected guardian. Arleen Myrick
heads the hospitality committee.
Marguerite Moore, with the presi
dent and guardian will draw up a
constitution to be acted upon at thj
next meeting. After the business
meeting, the girls spent a very en
joyable evening sewing and chatting.
A full membership was nresent.
Dainty refreshments were served.
The next meeting will be Januarv 24
at the home of Betty Eager.
J. H. BOOKER, Prop.
Quick Service and Good Work
We Call for Clothing on Monday and Deliver on Thursday. Agency
at Whitehead's Shop.
Adair's Cash Grocery
. Phone 567 Free Delivery
Saturday Special
Milk 10 cents
Corn flakes 3 for 25
Mothers Oats 38 cents
Mountain potatoes per sack $1.00
Bryce Baker, Fred Gross, George
Gross and Claude Dickenson's birth
days all within the past few days
were honored Sunday when Mrs.
Bryce Baker entertained at dinner.
Covers were laid for fourteen, when
a bounteous dinner was served by the
hostess, assisted by Mrs. Jennie
Gross. Guests were, Mr. and Mrs.
Fred Gross, Mrs. Jennie Gross, Mr.
and Mrs. Claude Dickenson, Mr. and
Mrs. Arthur Douglas and daughter
Marjorie and son Aaron, Mr. and
Mrs. Ellis Brower of Pendleton and
George Gross and the host and host
ess. Mignonette Rebeckah lodge met
Tuesday night with a large attend
ance. Officers were installed as fol
lows: Charlotte Dickenson, N. G.
Belle Pinkerton, V. G.: Velma
Schubert, Warden; Susie Campbell,
Con.; Maude Logsdon, R. Sec,;
Celia Harden, Fin. Sec.;- Bessie
Thompson, Treas.; Lilla Kirk, R. S
N. G.; Katherine Keen, L. S. N. G
Minnie Willaby, R. S. V. G.; Mattie
Hill, L. S. V. G.; Stella Keen, I. S,
G.; Ora Smith, O. S. G.; Mary Mc
Kay, Chap.; Alta Michener, Music
ian. A committee was appointed for
next meeting January 24, when a
surprise will be in store for all. Ora
Smith, Velma Schubert and Susie
Campbell entertained the members
with lunch served at Kilgore's Cafe,
j High School Notes j
Junior News Staff.
Faculty Mildred Street
Clashes Oral Michener
Student Body Marjorie Wilson
Athletics Wilford Miller
Grades Pearl Green
Entertainment. Emma Ringel
Alumnjj Areta Kirk
Personal Alberta Charlton
Advisor Miss Bateman
The boys and girls basketball teams
journeyed to Adams last Friday even
ing, where the girls won a victory
over the Adams girls by a score of
19-2. The girls game was fast and
rough from the beginning to the end.
The boys lost to the Adams boys
by a score of 17-20. The boys played
one of the fastest and hardest fought
games of the year. The score at the
end of the first half was 14-14. Mr.
Landreth, of Pendleton high school,
who refereed the game, made the re
mark that it was one of the fastest
games that he had ever refereed.
The boys basketball team won from
Union high school Saturday night on
the home, floor by a score of 19-16
The game was a fight to the finish
The score at th- en 1 of; the half was
12-4. For Athena, Myrick scored 16
and Crowley 3. The Athena lineup,
Lrowley and Myrick, forwards; Mill
er, center; DeFreece and Michener,
guards. Substitution were: Pam
brun for Crowley, Woods for Myrick
and Huffman for Miller.
Gardes .
The sixth grade honor roll for
December was: Mary Jane Miller and
Walter Singer.
The honor roll for the fifth grade
was: Arleen Foster and Aaron Doug
Friday afternoon Mr. McFadden
gave a very interesting talk to the
seventh and eighth grades upon his
inp inrougn f rance, Italy and Bel
gium. After describing some of the
most interesting art galleries, he
passed around pictures and cards il
lustrating his talk.
Wilber Harden returned Mondav
from Eugene and Portland.
Norman Mclntyre.- who is attendine
Whitman College, spent the week end
in Atnena.
Dean Pinkerton snent the wppIc
at nis nome.
Student Bodv
January 11. 12 and 13
over to the firivimr of the semester
examinations. Those with "B"
averages in scholarship and deport
ment were exempted from their
Assembly was held in the hio
school auditorium Friday morning.
Mr. Meyer led the Binging and mem
gers of the basketball squad gave
speeches. Thena Russell led the yells
in honor of the Adams game.
The sewing class has furnished the
football letters, which will be award
ed at a special assembly.
Mr. Meyer visited Pendleton grade
schools Wednesday,
Rev. Neil J. Barnes
confidence and respect of the people
ui Ainena. tie is a straightforward
Gospel Preacher without
and the messages bring one to a
realisation or nis or her relation to
the Great Creator. The meetings will
continue through this uwV
and if the Lord's demands are for
continuation, no break will be made
with the leading of His Spirit. Re.
gardless of Your SUrmnnrlintre inef
lay aside your cares for the time and
uy your presence and prayers help us
build God's Kintrdom. Rroth
w - - v vai uca
says, a fine thing for those out of
the Kingdom to remember is that
they are responsibla to God and not
man. also that tv-v . i
- . ovm lu
save, a heaven to gain. "Him that
Mama .IL A. V W - . W
vL.iuan lo jue i -wm tn no wise cast
out. jS the key-note of tho messages
given. lOU ara eordinllw 5n4
all services. Meetings every even-
sAtvpang Saturday evening.
a on
per 100 lb sack
Phone Your Order To 152
Athena Department Store
Saturday, January 14
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Sunday, January 15
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