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Jackie Coogan
Standard Theatre, Christmas eve.
Henry Dell is again ill, having a
relapse from the flu.
Donald Haynie of Pendleton, spent
the week end in Athena.
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Burke were
Pendleton visitors Friday.
Charles Betts is ill with the Flu
at his home south of town.
Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Mclntyre were
Walla Walla shoppers Monday.
Mrs. Bryce Baker, Mrs. Arthur
Douglas and Mrs. Jennie Gross
were in Walla Walla Tuesday.
Mrs. Paul Lieuallen, Mrs. Fred
Pinkerton and Miss Lois Mclntyre
were in Walla Walla Tuesday.
Mrs. Ora Smith arrived in Athena
Sunday morning after spending th
past three months in Portland.
Another bird dog puppy died this
week in Athena. Bert Ramsey is
the reluctant loser this time.
Mrs. Loraine Shick, who under
went a surgical operation at Walla
Walla last week, is recovering.
Elmer Merritt is home from. Port
land, where he went some time ago
to have an artificial limb fitted.
Harold Kirk is home from Hills
Military Academy and visiting his
parents, Mr. and Mrs.W. J. Kirk.
Mrs. Max Hopper, Mrs. A. M.
Johnson and daughters Blanch and
Lois were in Walla Walla Tuesday.
Freezing weather, with the ther
mometer registering around 12 above
zero has been, in vogue, this week.
Mrs. C. L. McFadden visited at
the home of her sister, Mrs. Carl
McConnel, at Walla Walla, Tuesday.
The second of a series of dances
given by the Athena dancing club,
Saturday night was well attended.
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Cunningham
were Athena visitors Saturday even
ing. Mrs. B. U. Richards and Mrs. 0. 0.
, Stephens were in Walla Walla Tues
day. Mrs. Charles Murray of Freewater
was an Athena visitor Sunday even
ing. Fay LeGrow entertained a number
of his friends at a stag dinner, last
Mr. and Mrs. James Lieuallen were
in this city from Adams, Monday
E. C. Prestbye has as his guest
during Mrs. Prestbye's absence Dr.
J. L. Geyer.
. A number of Athena people attend
ed church services in Adams, Sun
day evening.
Mrs. Mae Cowan, Miss Pearl
Ramsey and Dr. Cowan were in Walla
Walla Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Myrick were in
Athena Tuesday from the ranch near
Myrick Station.
1 he Boy Scouts sponsored a father
and son banquet at the Christian
church Tuesday evening.
Mrs. JtEtiL lilf.'jj!i'jjnd ik'Ughti'r
Mary Jane, visited over the week at
the Frank DcFrcece home.
E. C. Prestbye and Dr. Geyer wer
breakfast guests of Mr. and Mrs.
M. L. Watts, Friday morning.
Mrs. K. J. Burohill of Pendleton
visited her daughter Mrs. C. M.
Eager, in Athena last week.
Mis. Edgar Adair, Mrs. C. M.
Eager and Mrs. Loyd Michener were
Walla Walla visitors Monday.
Mr. ami Mrs. Claire Guerney of
Haines, Oregon, are expected to
arrive in Athena to spend Christmas
at the W. P. Littiejohn home,
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Koepke Jr.,
left Athena Thursday for Glendale,
California, where they will visit at
the home of Mr. Koepke's parents,
the holidays.
Harold Kirk, Roy DeFieece, Al
berta Charlton and Jessiedean Dud
ley were visiting friends in Walla
Walla Tuesday.
Harold Kirk had the misfortune to
skid and turn turtle Monday evening
at the railroad crossing on Main
street, damaging the car to quite an
extent, but escaping injury himself.
Zane Grey's "Drums of the Desert"
Standard Theatre, Christmas night.
Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Willaby and
daughter Marie of Freewater were
visitors at the home of Mrs. Minnie
Willaby, Tuesday.
Robert Beckham was in Athena
the early part of the week, from
Pullman, Washington, enroute to
Blanche and Lois Johnson are here
to spend Christmos holidays with
their parents Mr. and Mrs. A. M.
Leon Kretzer lias returned to
Athena after a short visit with his
parents Mr. anr Mrs. Lew Kretzer at
The Dalles.
Mr. and Mrs. Clayson Adams
arrived in Athena -Tuesday morning
to spend the holidays at the M. L.
Watts home.
Miss Roma Charlton and Miss
Phyllis Dickenson are home from
Monmouth Normal school, to spend
Mrs. Lee's division of the Baptist
Women's Society cleared even $26
at their food sale last Saturday. Mrs.
Jess Smith's division will hold their
sale on Saturday, January 21.
Lawrence Pinkerton and Mr. Ed
gar Adair were in -Walla Walla Tues
day. Lawrence purchased a Ford
E. H. Leonard of Waitsbursr Pres
ident of the Preston Shaffer Milling
Company .spent last week end in
The Helix "Red Devils" have
scheduled a basketball game with the
City of Portland team at the Helix
gym, on Saturday evening, December
' The J. T. Club are meeting today
at the home of Mrs. Arthur Douglas.
A Christmas tree for the members
will be. the entertainment feature of
the afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Dudley have
returned home from a 10-day visit
at Portland. Mr. and Mrs. Dudley
were house guests at the McEwen
home in Portland.
Mr. and Mrs. Clayson Adams are
in Athena from Palo Alto, California,
to spend the Christmas holidays at
the home of Mrs. Adams' parents,
Mr. and Mrs. M. L. Watts.
Fred Hodgen was in Athena Mon
day evening from Adams. He is re
covering his health after a serious
illness caused by inhaling Carbonate
dust in treating seed wheat.
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Geissel are
spending two weeks with relatives in
the Athena community. Mr. Geissel
is taking a fortnight's vacation from
his work for the O. W. R. & N. at
Mr. and Mrs. Bryce Baker arrived
home Thursday evening of last week
after a time spent in" Portland,
Eugene and Coast crties. Mr. Baker
received medical treatment while in
The next Etude meeting will be
held at the home of Mrs. Arthur
Douglas on January 5. Mrs. Floyd
Finkerton and Mrs. Lawrence Pinker-.
ton will have charge of the New
Xear urogram. .-. .. .
Fay LeGrow gave two stag din
ners to friends last week. On Thurs
day night he entertained a number of
Athena friends, and Friday evening
he was host to Pendleton and Walla
Walla friends.
An interesting Christmas program
will take place at the Baptist church,
this evening at 7:30 o'clock. Pre
paratory arrangements for this event
has been under way for some time.
The public is cordially invited to
Mrs. William Ferguson enter
tained the Bridge Club ladies Fri
day evening at her home. The
regular number of twelve were pres
ent, and one guest Mrs. Max Hopper.
A very delectable luncheon was serv
ed at a late hour by the hostess.
Athena students at homo from
University of Oregon for the holidays
are Wilber Harden, Fred Radtke,
Dale Stephens, Lois Johnson, Blanch
Johnson, Lois Mclntyre, Ray Dudley.
Beryl Hodgen will arrive in Athena
next week, after playing on the all
star coast team, at San Francisco,
Quick Service and Good Work
We Cull for Clothing on Monday uml Deliver on Thursday. Agency
at Whitehead's Shop.
Blacksmith Shop
Caterpiller Hitches
of All Kinds
Weeders Made to Order
Ia4 us do this work now, while we all
have piety of time, and get it out of
the way.
Jens Jensen, Athena
A pleasant afternoon was spent
Friday last by the 0. D. 0. Club
at the home of Mrs. Forrest Zerba.
A Christmas tree was a feature of
entertainment and each member re
ceived a gift. Mrs. Cunningham of
Pendleton was a guest of the club.
Mrs. Lee Johnson assisted the hostess
in serving refreshments. On the af
ternoon of December 30, Mrs. Lee
Johnson, will be hostess to the club
members, when a "hard times" party
will be featured, and each one is ex
pected to come dressed in costume
appropriate to the occasion.
A pleasant time was had Wednes
day evening at the banquet and joint
installation of officers of Dolph
Lodge, A. F. & A. M., and McKenzie
Chapter 0. E. S. Following are the
new officers of Dolph Lodge: Clar
ence Tubbs, W. M.; Louis Keen, S.
W .;C. T. Smith, J. W.; N. A. Miller,
Treas.; Kohler Betts, Sec.; Chas. Kirk
S. D.; Chas. Schats, J. D.; A. M.
Johnsori, Sr. Steward; Frank De
Freece, Jr. Steward; Read Hill, Tyler
Sam Pambrun, Chaplain. The names
of McKenzie Chapter officers were
published in last week's Press.
Alex Mclntyre had his Buick sedan
stolen from its . parking place in
Pendleton Tuesday night. The ma
phi no va'aa taken hv the thief from be
side Omer Stephens' Studebaker
sedan which was standing in the
adjacent parking space.- the ner
iff's office was notified of the theft,
The machine was seen as it passed
through The Dalles, going toward
While hunting ducks on the Walla
Walla river Tuesday, Marion Wan
sell had the misfortune to sustain a
badly sprained ankle, when he step
ped into a hole. Glenn Dudley, who
was with Mr. Hansell on the hunt,
managed to get him to the car, and
they immediately -returned to town.
With reduction of the present swell
ing, an X-ray examination will be
Holiday week picture programs at
the Standard: Christmas eve, Jackie
Coogan in "Johnny Get Your Hair
Cut;" Christmas night, Zane Grey's
"Drums of the Desert;" Wednesday,
December 28, mid-week special,
Buster Keaton in "College;" New
Year's eve, the big super-special,
"Beau Geste;" New Year's night,
Lon Chaney in "London After Midnight."
Athena high school alumni played
the regular school team at the gym
Wednesday evening. In the first
half, four of Basler's old athletes,
Harden, Kretzer, Geissel and Pink
erton were in action for the alumni.
In the second half, the class '27 team
came on the floor and finished the
game, the score was lb- 4, alumni.
Roy Cannon lost a mule the other
day and then he didn't. . Mr. Mule
was found down at Havana Station,
well on his way to his former home.
The reporter has not had an op
portunity to interview the mule to
find out why he got sore at Roy and
attempted to discard his hospitality.
Granville Cannon, accompanied by
Norman Adams of Long Beach, Cali
fornia, arrived home Wednesday for
the holidays. Granville drove Ted
Roy's car from Corvallis to Pendle
ton. Mr. Cannon, Mr. Adams and
Mr. Roy are fraternity brothers.
Mrs. James Cresswell and baby
son came home Monday from Pendle
ton. Mrs. J. W. Baldwin of Forest
Grove, mother of Mrs. Cresswell, re
turned with her daughter, and will
remain in Athena for a time.
Christmas exercises will be held
this evening in the Christian church,
with the Sunday school children put
ting on the program. A tree will be
a pleasing feature of the occasion.
Mrs. Rebecca Fuson, mother of Mrs.
Alfred Pambrun, died Friday of last
week in a Walla Walla hospital.
Funeral services were held at Wes
ton, Sunday afternoon.
Mr. and Mrs. Percy Wilson and
little son Sam, are at the Pambrun
home south of Athena, until after the
holidays, when they will go to Pome-
roy, Wash., to reside.
Fay Pambrun had the misfortune
to fall and break his thumb, while
skating last Sunday.
The W. C. T. U. will meet at the
home of Mrs. Wall . next Tuesday
Dudley Rogers is home from Wash
tucna, 'Wash., for the holidays.
Junior News Staff.
Faculty.... Mildred Street
Classes Oral Michener
Student Body Marjorie Wilson
Athletics...: Wilford Miller
Grades,. , Pearl Green
Entertainment Emma Ringel
Alumni Areta Kirk
Personal Alberta Charlton
Advisor Miss Bateman
The Churches
Baptist Church
Sunday school at 9:45 A. M. fol
lowed by preaching at 11:00 A. M.
Topic, The Present State of the
Question; the sixth in series on Christ
in the Modern World. Senior and
Junior Young People at 6:36 P. M.
every Sunday evening. Song and
Praise at 7:H0 P. M. A Christmas
sermon entitled, Christmas Rainbow.
Young Peoples Mid-Week meeting
every Wednesday evening at 7:30 P.
M. Evangelistic Bible Study every
Thursday evening at 7:30 P. M. If
you are interested in savign the lost
come and join with us, if not en
gaged elsewhere, in pre-evangelistic
campaign. Sunday school Christmas
program at the chuich Friday even
ing at 7:30 P. M. December 23.
With the seasons best wishes we in
vite you to all services.
Church of Christ
Bible School at regular hour,
Lawrence Pinkerton Superintendent.
Communion and worship at 11 A. M.
The morning message will be. special
Christmas message. We are fortun
ate to have three splendid boys from
California with us for these two
weeks. Beginning on Tuesday even
ing of next week ther will ha
several special services led by these
D. L. Hackett.
- Athletics
Thp Afhpnn bnv's and eirl's basket
ball teams won from the Adams boy's
and girl's teams Monday, December
19. The Athena girls, won over the
Adams girls by a score of 36-11. The
boys won over the Aaams Doys
The Athena boys lost a hard fought
game by a score ol ia-i:o inursaay
night, December 15, when they played
the Touchet boys on the Athena floor.
The Athena boy played a hard game
to the verv end of two five-minute
overtime periods. The score at the
end of the game was 14-14. At the
end of the first five minute overtime
the two teams were again tied with
a score' of 19-19. The Athena boy's
could not come back in the next five
minutes and Touchet cut loose with
three field baskets making the
score 25-19.
Tbp Athena Hierh School girl'
basketball team won from the Touchet
girls by a score of 44-21 on the home
t nnr Thursday. December 15.
The Athena girls won by a decisive
i rr-i.
victory over the Touchet gm. . ine
game was fast from the beginning
to the end with, the Athena girls
scoring the first basket The Touchet
girls then tied the score, but it didn't
Ins- lnno- for the eirls broke loose
and ran the score up to 20 points at
the end of the first half. The girls
p amp harV the' second half with more
pep and finally finished the game
with a score or 44-zi.
Emma Ringel was in Walla Walla
Saturday. :
TWnthv Geissel was absent from
school Monday and Tuesday on ac
count of illness.
SarahBell Jantzen was in Walla
Walla Saturday.
Kathleen Radtke was absent from
school Friday , afternoon on account
of illness. t
Thena Russel was in Walla Walla
Saturday. 1
Mar jone Wilson was In Walla
Walla Saturday. . -
Those of--the atomni who are home
from college arel Dale Stephens,
Fred Radtke, Ray Dudley, Wilber
Harden, - Lois and Blanch . Johnson,
Lois Mclntyre, from' the University
3f Oregorl, PhyffiSTDickenson, ana
Roma Charlton from Monmouth.
Harold Kirk, is home from Hill
Military Academy in Portland. Mis
Elsa Ringel who is attendingO. S. C.
will' not be home to spend her Christ
mas vacation. Beryl Hodgen will not
be home untill after Christmas.
Harold Kirk and Wilber Harden
visited school Monday December 19.
- Entertainment
Assembly was held on Friday morn
ing in the auditorium. Singing was
led by Miss Bateman.
Superintendent Myers returned to
his duties at school Monday, after
absence caused from illness. .
Miss Bateman and Miss Brodie
went to Walla Walla, Saturday.
The following Christmas program
was presented by the Athena schools
in the auditorium:
Selections Orchestra
Stocking Drill 1st & 2nd Grades
The Birth of Peace..3rd & 4th. Grades
Xmas Lullaby 1st & 2nd Grade
Recitation-Xmas Day
; Wayne Bannister
Overture The Admiral.... Orcehestra
The Night Before Xmas-Shadow
Play 5th &6th Grades
Recitation-Jest For Xmas
Walter Singer
Dance of the Snow Flakes(Given
by request) 1st & 2nd Grades
English Carols-Play r... ..
- ., ; ,7th & 8th Grade3
Overture A' Night in June!.
Song-Star of the East...
7th & 8th Grades
Play-"Dave's Baby".....'...High School
Cast of Characters
Rex Mason, a bachelor... '.
Clifford Wood
David Thornei, a college mate of
Rex ., John Kirk
Dorothy Thorite, David's daughter
.'....Francis Cannon
Bridget, Rex's, Irish housekeeper
.......,...Virgie Moore
Pete, his colored valet
Arthur Crowley
Watch value that defiea
Mrlaoal Thl Urrehr
MUH foRt felled enfrawed
1 19 Jewel
i and dependable
Bulova ,
Not in 'lire- sense iM
Custom only
FRED H. BROWN, Jeweler
Pendleton. Oregon
But with a genuine appreciation of our pleasant
associations during the past year, we Extend to you
pur best wishes for an Old Fashioned Merry Christ
mas and a New Year of happiness and prosperity.
Phone Your Order To 152
; ' '
Athena Department
" - &
Store I
Saturday, December 24
For our Christmas Eve play, we have selected
Johnny Get Your Hair Cut
The Kid himself is here in a film' of flying hoofs and throbbing hearts.
Fun excitement romance thunder necE-and-neck in the swiftest racing
drama' in a long time. Put your bets on, Jackie and it's all over but the
shouting! " " - .
International News
Admission Prices, 10c-25c-35c
Sunday, December 25
Christmas Night
Zane Gray's
Drums of the Desert
Enter! all ye who iove fun! Enroll with Buster, as he starts in "College"
It's a fun Panic. Finish with himyou'll gain in Joy Knowledge It's
worth a million. He taks the courses. You take the laughs. The happiest
of all-Keaton comedies. 1
Pathe Review
Admission Prices, 10c-25c-35c
Wednesday, December 28
Buster ICeaton
His latest picture at regular prices
With. Warner Baxter, Ford Sterling and Marietta Miller. By the author of
"The Vanishing American!" With the hero of "Aloma" the scream of "The
Show-Off and a ravishing new Viennese beauty! Directed by the maker
of "Born to the West!"