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    Scientist Says Crusoe
More to be Envied
Settlement of 287 Found to
be Flourishing, Says
Dr. Schmitt.
Robinson Crusoe was more to be
envied than pitied, according to Dr.
Waldo L. Schmitt of the Smithsonian
Institution. In a recent survey of
South America's vast resources in
shrimps and crabs, Dr. Schmitt in
cluded Juan Fernandez Island, on
which the reputed original of Robin
ton, Alexander Selkirk, lived four
years and four months. He found the
island the most picturesque and also
. one of the most fruitful spots in
South America. ,.
"The island is part of the crater
edge of an extinct volcano, 370 miles
from Valparaiso," said Dr. Schmitt.
"Every imaginable plant seems to
grow on the island, including such
widely divergent kinds as the cork
oak of Spain, and apple, cherry and
olive trees. It is the base of the
spiny lobster fisheries, 80,000 a year
being shipped as far as Buenos Ayres
where they command a very high
price. '
The population of 287 souls is
mixed French, Italian, German and
Spanish. One Frenchman was ship
wrecked on the island 40 years ago.
He liked it so much that he has
refused to leave.
"One curiou3 feature of the is
land is that it depends for medi
cal treatment on the wireless. The
fishermen have built a little hospi
tal completely equipped with medi
cines supplied by the Chilean Red
Cross, and an operating room, buc
without a doctor. When anyone is
ill the symptoms are wirelessed to
Valparaiso, whence treatment is wire
lessed back. For operations, of course
a surgeon has to be sent over."
Dr. Schmitt covered 10,000 miles
along the coasts of South America
in his survey of crab, shrimp and
other marine invertebrate faunas.
He worked from Ecuador, on the
west, to Rio de Janeiro, on the east,
reaching his farthest south at De
ception island, with in one-half day's
run of the Antarctic continent. The
trip from Funta Arenas to the Falk
land islands was made in a iniull
schooner which shipped such heay
seas as to flood the galley and break
in the engine-room door.
As the result of his expedition Dr.
Schmitt shipped back to the Nation
al museum for study ?ome 12,000
specimens of all kinds of marine life,
probably the largest and certainly
the most varied marine . collection
which has ever come out of South
America. The many new species
included shrimps and crabs new to
the west coast of South America.
Among the more curious creatures
gathered are a crab which haunts the
beaches at night and hides in the
daytime, and a tiny shrimp able to
bore holes in stones.
"The fisheries of South America
ere capable of extensive develop
ment' says Dr. Schmitt. "And the
scientists and business men of the
continent are far more active than
is generally realized up here, in for
warding that development. The Chil
ean bureau of fisheries has arranged
, to make extensive marine collections
to be sent to the Smithsonian for
Pr. Schmitt will publish some of
the - results of his expedition in a
monograph on the shrimps of South
America, while his crab collections
will be studied by Miss Mary Rath
bun, also of the National museum,
for publication in a monograph on
The Walter Rathbone Bacon trav
eling scholarship established at the
Smithsonian by Mrs. Virginia Pury
Bacon, financed Dr. Schmitt's expe
dition, as also the one he made to the
coast of Brazil a year earlier.
The Umatilla County
Baptist Association
, The Umatilla County Baptist As
sociation will meet at Helix in a B
ennial session Saturday September
24; first session at 10:00 A. M
second at 1:30 P. M. third at 7:30
P. M. The program follows:
Saturday Morning
10:00 Opening, by Moderator, E
A. Benscl, Hermiston.
10:05 Devotional, Rev. A. E. Hall,
10:30 Evangilism, Rev. W. H. Rob
ins, Pendleton.
11:00 Vocal solo, Mrs. Roy Pen
land, Helix.
11:05 Sunday School Evangelism b'
Mrs. E. M. Bollinger, Athena, follow
ed by discussion.
11:35 Youth and Evangelism, by
rars. urace Mason, Pendleton, follow
ed by discussion. ' ,
12:00 Dinner.
Saturday Afternoon
1:30 Devotional, Rev. E. M. Bol
linger, Athena.
1:45 Business Session.
2:00 Women and Evangelism, Mrs
W. H. Albee, Pendleton.
2:30 Special music.
2:40 Men and Evangelism, Guy W.
Brace, Milton.
3:10 Pastoral Evangelism, Rev. A,
J. Ware, Hermiston.
3:30 Vocational Evangelism, Rev,
M. G. Bentley, Milton.
3:50 Congregational Sing.
4:00 Returned Missionary from
China, Rev. G. W. Lewis.
Saturday Evening
7:30 Song service.
8:00 Missionary address, Rev. G,
W. Lewis of China.
Marmalade Makes Big
, Demand for Oranges
Not only does John Bull consume
enormous quantities of marmalade
and jam fit home, but he sends a lot
of it abroad.
The marmalade of Britain Is pro
duced from sour oranges and sugar.
The best known firms use almost ex
clusively the Seville bitter orange,
which has comparatively little pulp
and consists for the most part of rind,
the substance most desirable for the
manufacture of good marmalade.
Inasmuch as oranges are perishable,
the brokers accept the highest bids
made on the day of sale and never
reserve the fruit for future offerings.
These sales are held regularly on what
are known as "market days." The
character, quantities, qualities and
nativity of the fruit are catalogued
several days In advance, bo the auc
tions are always well attended and
the bidding Is lively.
The London Fruit exchange, where
these auctions are held, stands In the
heart of the city In a large structure
known as the Monument building. It
is said that a sum in excess of $20,
000,000 Is annually required to pay
for the oranges sold in this exchange,
the great bulk of the sale being at
public auction. , .
tana r tying I tir. .iiv
Plainfield, N. J. Seven persons
were killed and five injured when a
Fokker airplane crashed in an apple
orchard near New Market. The ma
chine was owned by the Reynolds air
ways and it set out from Hadley field
with its load of passengers seeking
their first thrill in the air.
Brain Works Rapidly
Assuming you began to think con
sciously at the age of five, Ihen at
thirty, If you have done an average
amount of thinking, your "Impressions"
would number about 1,920,000,000.
Those whose work Is eatirely mental
would double those figures.
A woman's brain Is about five
ounces lighter then a man's, but It
Is of superior quality of a higher
specific gravity. It lasls longer, too.
"On an average a woman of sixty has
a 20 per cent better brain than a man
Mrs. Mary Tompkins of Walla Wal
la who has been visiting in Athera
has gone to Pendleton to spend a
few days at the H. 0. Worthington
home, v 7
Saturday Specials
One package of Citrus and one
package of Soap Chips ,
Broom special, "All Gold"
Bulk Cocoa, per lb
Adair's Cash Grocery
Phone 567 Free Delivery
(, 19S7, WeUrn Newpaper Union.)
The worid la so framed that when
two or three persona join against
another to form a bad reputation,
the crowd, without knowing why,
followa the lead as though for tha
simple pleasure of crushing what
Is defenseless. George Sand.
We must not full to take into ac
count the invalid and convalescent In
the home for
there are few
who do not need
nt times to know
how to serve food
for those who are
Egg Nog. Beat
a fresh ecs yolk
ieiy ugnr, ntkl one tnhlesponnful of
sugar, a few grains of salt, nutmeg or
vnnina lor flavoring, two-thirds of a
cupful of milk and add the benten
egg white; stir well before serving.
Oatmeal Gruel. Stir one-half cun
ful of oatmeal in one quart of boiling
water, aner salting it slightly. Cook
two hours In a double boiler, put
inrougn a strainer, dilute with milk
or cream ana reiient and serve. A
benten egg mny be added either
whole of while or yolk, which adds to
the nutriment of the gruel.
Koumiss. Heat one quart of milk
until warm, add one and one-half
tnblespoonfuls of sugar, one-fourth of
a yeast cake dissolved in ' lukewarm
water. Fill sterilized bottles with the
milk, .allowing two inches at the top.
Cork and shake. Invert the bottles
and keep them warm for ten hours,
then put In a cool place. Let stand
forty-eight hours, shaking occasional
ly, when it is ready to use. It is not
good after three days.
Chicken Soup. Take one quart of
good chicken broth, stir in two table
spoonfuls of quick cooking tapioca,
cook until the tnnlot is clear, remove
from the fire and add the beaten volks
of two eggs with one-half cupful of
cream; cook until thick, add salt and
pepper and turn into the tureen.
Cover with the stiffly beaten whites
which have been poached on hot wa
ter. If preferred the egg white may
bo added Just after the yolks anil
stirred In lightly. t
Plain Junket. Crush one-fourth of
a Junket tablet ond let it dissolve In
a tablespoonful of water. Heat one
cupful of rich milk, ndd two table
spoonfuls of sugar and add the Junket
tablet. A few grains of suit mav be
added. Tour Into molds or cups and
let stand In a warm room until thick.
Serve with cream and sugar.
The Churches
Baptist Church
Sunday school at 9:45 A. M. Ral
ly Day only one week off. The 11:00
'clock hour will witness the presence
of Brother Lewi3, a missionary who
has been in China for about 22 years,
who will bring greetings from the
Chinese and a message of conditions
there now. Brother Lewis and family
are the only white people ministering
to a population of nearly two million
Chinese. Young Peoples meetine at
30 P. M. The inroad made on our
society by so many young people
going away to college is gradually
being overcome by renewed determin
ation on the part of old members
and the addition of new ones. Miss
Woodruff is President, Miss Cannon
Secretary, Miss Smith Treasurer.
Help us boost for the Young People.
Song and Praise Service at 7:30 P.
M. Topic, Christ and the New Birth.
Young Peoples Prayer and Praise
Service every Tuesdav evenins- nt
:30 P. M. Mid-week .meetine everv
Thursday evening at 7:30 P. M. All
are cordially invited to service.
31 Years Ago
September 18, 1896
Tomorrow night the republicans of
Athena and vicinity will organize a
McKinley club, at the school house
in this city. Everybody irrespective
of party belief is cordially invited to
be present, E. L. Barnett, tne repumi
can committeeman, ha3 a roll of
about 70 names, and there are two
other lists out, which is thought will
swell the membership of the club to
about 100.
Bruno Weber, employed by B,
McElroy. made a miscalculation while
oiline the horse-power of a thresh'
ine machine one day last week, which
caused his right arm to be caught in
the gear and be very badly lacerated,
Wood sells m Athena, for ?J.&0
per cord, and is scarce at that
T. J. Kirk has his wheat under
cover and feels secured against loss
from rain.
Lou Montague has added a carriage
to his vehicle line at the Commercial
Now that harvest is practically ov
. - i
er, many oi our iarmer lrienua ic
engaged in hauling their winter sup
ply of wood. '
Frosts have now become common,
Most any morning this week, if you
were up early enough, you could have
seen the sparkling guest.
The Athena mill started in on an
other large order from the China
trade, Wednesday. We understand
two shifts of workmen have been put
on. The mill, which has just com
pleted a large order, shut down Tues
dayi in order to put grates in the
furnaces, in order to burn coal. This
was necessitated on account of scar
city of wood.
"Jinks" Dudley's big black team
passed through town Wednesday with
load of wood, and a stranger in
hearing of the reporter remarked
that it was the finest looking team he
had seen in his travels. "Jinks" nev
er has any other kind. He knows
good horse, and also knows how to
take care of them.
Mrs. Irene Freeman arrived in the
city Saturday to take her position in
our public schools. She is stopping
with Mrs. DePeatt.
Senator John H. Mitchell will speak
in Athena on October 6.; His address
will be made under the auspices of
the McKinley club, which will be
organized tomorrow night.
8 p. m. Saturday night a crowd of
enthusiastic Bryan men gathered at
the school house for the purpose of
organizing a Bryan club.
Sunday School Rally
Sunday School Rally Day at the
Baptist church, Sunday October 1st,
at 11 o'clock A. M.
The little white church on the corn
er, ,
It stands on High and Fifth streets
In the good little town of Athena,
Where the Baptist Sunday school
It's windows are plain as can be,
But we're proud of the building,
For it's God own house, you see.
It's doors swing open to welcome
We'll greet you one and all,
To Sunday school, B. Y. P. U.,
And church service for large and
Well surely be glad to meet you,
Men, women, and children, too.
At this home-coming Rally Day
meeting, ...',
And hope it may profit you.
Our Rally Day Motto: Rally At
tendance Loyalty Liberal Offering
Youthful Enthusiasm Devotion
Application Yearning Zeal
Church of Christ
Sunday September 25. All services
at the regular time. Our crowds are
continuing to grow from Sunday to
Sunday. Worship and Communion at
11: a. m. Morning message "Dere
licts in the Church." Evening service
at 7:30 p. m.
Walla Walla Invites Sunday
Representatives of nearly all the
protestant churches, at a mass meet
voted to call Rev. W; A. "Billy"
Sunday to Walla Walla for a cam
paign starting about November 1,
1928. The campaign will continue six
weeks, and will be held in a specially
constructed tabernacle, the site of
which will be chosen later. Sunday
recently was waited on by a delega
tion from the Ministerial Union and
agreed to come next year if the
church people wanted him.
Dr. Mellentbin
in Internal Medicine for the
past fifteen years
Will be at
Office Hours: 10 a. m. to 4 p. m.
One Day Onlyj
No Charge for Consultation
Dr. Mellenthin is a regular gradu
ate in medicine and surgery and is
licensed by the state of Oregon. He
does not operate for chronic appendi
citis, gall stones, ulcers of . stomach,
tonsils or adenoids.
He has to his credit wonderful re
sults in diseases of the stomach, liver
bowels, blood, skin, nerves, heart, kid
ney, bladder, bed wetting, catarrh,
weak lungs, rheumatism, sciatica, leg
ulcers and rectal ailments.
Below are the names of a few of
his many satisfied patients in Ore
gon who have been treated for one
of the above named causes:
Elmer Booher, Condon.
Chas. Desch, Portland.
Fred Shields, Klamath Falls. , -
Daniel Steinon, Allegany.
R. E. Neal. Central Point.
Joe Sheoships, Gibbon.
Remember the date, that consulta
tion on this trip will be free and that
his treatment is different
Married women must be accompan
ied by their husbands.
Address: ?ll ' Bradbury Building,
Los Angeles, California.
School Supplies
Among the fine varied stock will be found'
supply" of
"Steve's Big Value" Tabids
a big
Recently Arrived
Best of al! new, fresh Candies
Quality Quantity, Service. Phone 171. Athena, Oregon
The Athena Hotel
Treatment, Clean
Good Meals
Tourists Made Welcome
Special Attention Given
to Home Patrons
Corner Main and Third
Athena, Oregon
Continental Oil Company
Prompt Service
- V
Bryce Baker, Agent
Phones -761 and 31F11, Athena
"He that tooteth not his own horn,
the same shall not be tooted."
of every kind and
Farm Loans
at rates and terms
that satisfy.
Malted Milk, Sodas, Coca Cola, Root Beer, Sun
daes, Ice Cream, Bricks, Dixies, Eskimo Pies, etc.
Gerald Kilgore, Proprietor - - Athena, Oregon
We Carry th
Machine Works
Hinged Weeder
Main Street Athena, Oregon
Bell & Venable
Phones 125 and 24
Two Auto
Truck Drays
Always At Your Service
- . City and Country
and Horse Team Work
We carry the best
That Money Buys
Kippered Salmon, all Kinds of Salt Fish. Fresh
Fish, Oysters, Crabs, Clams, Kraut in Season.
Main Street Athena, Oregon.
Foley's Kidney Cure
makes kidneys Bad bladder rlsbi
he Lumber
You Need
If you are planning alterations or ad -ditions
to your building, let us give
you an estimate on the Lumber need
ed. You will be pleasantly surprised
at the reasonble total we will quote.
Wood and Coal
Fence Posts
Tura-A-Lum Lumber Co. Main Street, Atlicna