The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, September 16, 1927, Image 4

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    Press Paragraphs
Angus Gillis was here Tuesday,
transacting business.
Roll Morrison was in Athena from
Adams Tuesday evening.
B. B. Richards transacted business
in Pendleton Wednesday.
Frank Benefield from Starbuck is
at the Harden home this week.
Lloyd Michener and Jens Jensen
left Sunday morning on a hunting
Miss Dorothy and Margaret Lee
left for Cheney Normal the first of
the week.
Mr. and Mrs. Adams and Mrs. M
L. Watts were visitors in Walla Wal
la Monday.
Mrs. James Potts had as her
guests last week, Dr. and Mrs. A. F.
Poley of Portland.
Miss La Vone Pittman has accepted
the position of saleslady at the Athe
na Department Store.
Mrs. E. A. Bennett left.Wednes
for Portland and Longview, where
she will visit relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Verne Dudley of
Dayton, Washington are visiting
here until after the Round-Up.
0. H. Reeder and H. A. Barrett
and W. J. Gholson motored to Port
land on a business trip, Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Shenen of Port
land, old friends of Mrs. Froome
stopped for a short visit this week.
Miss Hilda Dickenson who spent
the past two weeks at Payette Lake
and Baker arrived home Wednesday.
Miss Blanche Johnson left yester
day morning for Eugene, where she
will enter the U. of 0., as a sopho
more. Mrs. Alva Blalock and two child
ren of Spokane are visiting Mrs.
Lawrence Pinkerton. The ladies are
Athena stores will close at noon
Saturday for the remainder of the
day, on account of the Pendleton
Charley Payne, Bob Cutler and Ovie
Desper have purchased timber land
on Weston Mountain, and are cutting
cord wood.
Miss Francis Davis of Weston has
entered St Mary's hospital at Walla
Walla, where she will take a course
in nursing.
D. C. Baker has received word of
the marriage of his daughter, Miss
Mary Baker to James Jensen at Oma
ha, Nebraska.
James R. Adkins father of Marvin
Adkins, passed away September 6 at
the home of his son in Weston, at the
age of 75 years.
Charles Dickey, Sanford Stone, Mil
lard Kelly and J. L. Harman are in
the John Day country, where they
are deer hunting.
The ladies of the Baptist church
will hold a cooked food sale at the
Pure Food Grocery, Saturday after
noon, September 24th.
Miss Lois Johnson, Miss Lois Mc
Intyre and Norman Mclntyre will
leave Saturday to attend the Univer
sity of Oregon at Eugene.
Miss Ellen Henry is teaching in
the schools ' at Boardman, Oregon,
Miss Henry has the third and fourth
grades, and is instructor in music
for the schools. " She attended Wil
lamette University and Monmouth
Normal school prior to accepting the
Boardman engagement.
Charles Williams and daughter,
Miss Ruth Williams, in a couple of
weeks will take up their residence in
Walla Walla for the winter.
Miss Edna Hanna of the Malen
Burnett School of Music of Walla
Walla met her pupils for their first
lesson period on Wednesday.
Lawrence and Wayne Pinkerton
hunted for grouse Saturday around
Toll Gate. They saw several deer
and brought home some birds.
Miss Evelyn Sellers, primary
teacher in the Athena schools has
been a guest this week at the home
of Mr. and Mrs. H. A. Barrett.
Herman Geissel will spend a couple
of weeks with Glen Arbogast on the
John Day river, on a hunting trip,
leaving on the hunt next week.
Roy DeFreece has been assisting
as salesman at the Pure Food Groc
ery this week, during the absence of
Omer Stephens on a hunting trip.
Athena students who will attend
University of Oregon this year will
leave for Eugene tomorrow night
from Pendleton over the Union Paci
Mrs. D. A. Pinkerton and Mrs. Nel
son were in Athena for a short time
Monday from Milton. Mrs. Nelson is
a sister of J. W. Pinkerton of Athe
na. .
F. B. Radtke accompanied his son
Fred to Eugene leaving Athena this
morning by automobile. Fred will en
ter University of Oregon as a freshman.
Miss Hazel McFarland who is em
ployed in Portland, returned there
Sunday after spending a couple of
weeks in Athena at the home of her
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Johnson who have
spent the past month at Portland,
Seaside and other coast cities return
ed to Athena Sunday and will spend
the winter here.
Mr. and Mrs. Elder, who have been
residing in Athena for the past year,
left Monday with their family for
Hartline, Washington, where they will
reside on their farm.
Mrs. C. 0. Henry, Mrs. Ethel Mon
tague and daughter Marjorie and Al-
vin Johnson motored to Walla Walla
Saturday, and visited at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. Alf Johnson.
Everett Rothrock has reported to
the Pendleton police station that a
car he was driving was involved in
an accident in that city. No details
of the accident were given.
Mrs. Lilian Fredericks of Weston,
met with her Athena piano pupils at
the home of Mrs. Lila Kirk, Satur
day. High school students desiring
to study music for a credit, can learn
particulars by calling on Mrs. Fred
ericks. Mr. and Mrs. George Roller (Flor
ence Gagnon) are here from their
home at Los Angeles, visiting at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Lucien Gan
non, south of Athena. Mrs. Roller
is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Fisk and child
ren will soon move to the Prite
Brothers farm on Dry creek which
they operate under lease, report3 the
Leather Goods
Bill Folds
Coin Purses
Pocket Books
McFadden's Pharmacy
TM i ""f 1HI IHM IBM ma 1mm IW 1M at W "M Iff lfl ima MP "ML.""
Care of
Cemetery Lots
We are equipped to furnish either
perpetual or annual care of lots in
the Athena Cemetery, at reason
able rates.
See: E. C Prestbye, Secretary, or Ike Phillips, Sextoa
Weston Leader. Mr. and Mrs. Ray
mond Banister will occupy the ranch
home where the Fisks have been
domiciled since their marriage.
Ralph James, son of Mrs. Lydia
James of Pendleton, was recently
married in Walla Walla. He is a
grandson of Mrs. Henry Wood of this
Mrs. Bruce Crawford, who recent
ly submitted to an operation for tum
or at St Mary's hospital in Walla
Walla, is reported slowly recovenng,
Mr. and Mrs. Grover Bowles are
here from Phillipsburg, Montana,
They are guests at the home of Mr
and Mrs. F..S. LeGrow, and will re
main until after the Round-Up.
Weston Leader: Mrs. Mary 0
Nelson of Milton, Mrs. Belle Ed
wards of Portland and Mr. and Mrs,
R. A. Thompson of Athena were
guests Sunday of Mrs. Alice Kirkpat-
rick. .
Mrs. Finis Cooper of Williams,
California, (Dorothy Gibson) writes
friends here that with her husband,
she may make a visit to Athena soon,
They will come to Portland to visit
Mr. and Mrs. Forrest Zerba contem
plate going to Grants Pass Tuesday
morning, where they will visit Mr.
and Mrs. Stockstill, parents of Mrs
Zerba. They expect to be away a
couple of weeks.
Mrs. John Edwards, who has been
visiting her daughter, Mrs. R. A
Thompson, left Monday for Boise,
Idaho, to visit relatives for a week,
and will then return to Athena to
spend the winter.
Mr. and Mrs. F. C. Adams, who
have been spending the past six
weeks at the home of Mr. and Mrs
M. L. Watts, Mrs. Adams' parents,
left Wednesday for their home at
Palo Alto, California.
Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Kirk and son
Harold, and Mrs. I. L. Michener left
for Portland Sunday, Harold will en
ter Hill's Academy. The trip was
made in a new Studebaker recently
purchased- by Mr. Kirk.
Mr. and Mrs. Earl Piper stopped at
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Forrest
Zerba last Wednesday. They were on
their way to Baker, where Mrs. Pi
per will teach school. Mrs. Piper is
a cousin of Mrs. Zerba.
Miss Elsa Ringel will leave Mon
day for Portland where she con
templates spending a couple of days
before continuing on to Corvallis
where she will enroll as a senior in
the Agricultural college there.
News is received here of the death
recently at his home at Sweet, Idaho,
of Lafayette Knowlton, a former well
known resident of this county, and
a brother of Frank Knowlton, now
of Spokane. Mr. Knowlton leaves a
wife and family.
Mr. and Mrs. Si Ashpaugh and son
of Sellwood, a suburb of Portland,
were guests at the D. N. Sanders
home over the week end. Mr. Ash
paugh, formerly a well known resi
dent of this county is a brother of
Mrs. Sanders. They were returning
from a visit in Idaho.
High School Notes
Junior News Staff.
Editor.. Alberta Charlton
Classes '. ....Pearl Green
Faculty Wilford Miller
Alumni Oral Michener
Athletics Weldon Bell
Student Body Emma Ringel
Society Mildred Street
Grades Areta Kirk
Personal Marjorie Wilson
Wednesday, September 7th, at 3:15
a meeting of all the classes was call
ed to elect class officers for this
year. The Freshmen met with their
class advisor, Mr. Toole, and elected
the following officers:
President, Marguerite Moore; Vice
President, James Wilson; Secretary
and Treasurer, Jack Moore; Sergeant
at-Arms, Myrtle Campbell.
The Sophomores met with Mr.
Frederick, their class advisor and
elected their officers as follows:
President, Thelma Schrimph; Vice
President, John Kirk; Secretary and
Treasurer, Virgie Moore; Sergeant-at
Arms, Eldon Myrick.
The Juniors met with Miss Bate
man, their advisor, and elected offic
ers as follows:
President, Weldon Bell; Vice-President,
Oral Michener; Secretary and
Treasurer, Marjorie Wilson.
The Seniors met with Mr. Meyer,
and elected as their officers for the
President, Jessiedeane Dudley;
Vice-President, Dorothy Geissel; Sec
retary and Treasurer, Kathleen Rad
tke; Sergeant-at-Arms, Ethel Pitt
man. The manual training supplies have
not yet arrived so no classes have
yet been held.
The 1st year sewing class is prac
ticing making the different kinds of
stitches and buttonholes.
The second year sewing class a'so
is reviewing the same kind of work.
The Seniors met with the rcpresen
tativt of Dank and Company and
placed their' orders for class rings
last Thursday.
The order of the "A" held a meet
ing Wednesday, September 7th, and
elected the" following officers: Presi
dent, Dorothy Geissel; Vice-President,
George Gross, and Secretary-TreaS'
urer, Alberta Charlton.
The football squad started train
ing the second day of school and
have been at it ever since. Not ali
of the boys are out yet, as some are
not back in school, but they will be
here in a few days. The boys who
are out now are: Wilford Miller, Jack
Moore, Eldon Myrick, Oral Michener,
Clifford Woods, Arthur Crowley,
Walter Huffman, Mike Wilson, Her
bert Reeder, John Kirk and Wayne
Negotiations are underway to sched
ule games with Hermiston, Stanfield,
Weston, Umatilla, Pilot Rock, Dixie
and Umapine, though no games are
definitely settled.
Gymnasium is compulsory this year
by state law requiring two forty-live
minute periods a week. The boys
meet on Monday and Thursday with
Mr. Toole and the girls meet on Wed
nesday and Friday with Mrs. Toole.
Miss Sellar's first and second grade
room has an attendance of twenty,
Miss Porter's third and fourth
grade, room has an ' attendance of
eighteen. The children have brought
many beautiful plants and they are
planning to make a sand table.
Mrs. Rominger's fifth and sixth
grade room has an attendance of
Mr. Miller's room has an attend
ance of twenty-eight.
Student Body
A student body meeting was held
on Thursday, September 8th, to re
mind the members of Athena high
school to pay their semester fees of
$1.00. Because President Ray John
ston has not returned to school, Vice
President Helen Hansell took charge
of the meeting.
Miss Sellars and Mrs. H. A. Bar
ret spent Saturday in Pendleton.
Pike Miller spent Saturday in
Walla Walla.
Mr. and Mrs. Meyers are occupy
ing Miss Sherman's house on the
north side of town. Mr. and Mrs.
Toole have rented . Ralph McEwen's
residence. Mr. Frederick is stay
ing at Mrs. Dick Thompson's. Miss
Brodie and Miss Bateman are living
at the Clarence Zerba home. Mr.
Miller still occupies his usual place
at the Winship house. Miss Sellars
is staying at present with Mrs. H.
A. Barrett. Mrs. Rominger and Mis3
Porter room with Mrs. Lula Prest
: Society
An assembly of the four high
school classes was held in the high
school auditorium, Friday, Septem
ber 9, at 9" a. m., for the purpose
of singing, a few songs, under the
leadership of Mr. Hackett. The
freshmen proved their singing abil
ity when they sang "Old Black Joe."
The event, however, caused much
laughter and many smile;.
Much fun was had Friday after
noon, September 9, when the fresh
men dressed in gay costumes by the
sophomores were made to parade
Main street. Short, but interesting
speeches were made and a song was
sung by the class. Then, being very
bashful, they made quick paces back
to the school house.
Frances Cannon spent the week end
in La Grande.
Dorothy Geissel was absent from
school Friday on account of illness.
Jennamae Read spent Tuesday in
Walla Walla.
Jessiedeane Dudley, Alberta Charl
ton, Roy DeFreece and Harold Kirk
spent Friday evening in Pendleton.
Lois Smith was in Pendleton Sat
Areta Kirk spent Saturday in Col
Jessiedeane Dudley, Alberta Charl
ton and Roy DeFreece spent Satur
day in Walla Walla.
Emma Ringel spent Saturday in
Walla Walla.
Roma Charlton will spend a couple
of days in Portland, on her way to
school at Monmouth.
Wilford Miller, James' Wilson and
Walter Huffman went to Pendleton
to the Round-Up tryouts Saturday.
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Shirts, Mens and Boys Heavy" Wool Socks, Mens
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Steamer Trunks
Bags and Suitcases
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Athena Department Store
Wednesday September 21
Douglas Fairbanks
rrn rv
lire v
A wonderful play with a wonderful cast of players
Admission Prices 10c 55c- 50c
Saturday, September 24
' " . - ' in
A throbbing tale of two brothers' love, as deep as the seas they sailed, and
how a heartless siren turned that love to hate. , He had faced the fiercest
storms at sea but the tempest of this woman's wrath tortured his simple so
ul. " ' ' - " ' - -
International News
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Sunday, September 25
Hen Maynard
Somewhere In Sonora
See the thrills that only a Ken Maynard picture can give you! Incomparable
Broncho Busting by the world's champion riders ! Thrilling Stage-Coach race
that rivals any chariot race ever screened! And undescribable stunt riding,
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Pathe Review
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