The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, July 29, 1927, Image 3

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TmrnimtiwiiiiMir mnin"--iiin
Public Relations Commission, American Bankers Association
-.Jln" on ?' "' etpo(np the of tharpert who art
after your money.) .
MANY reliable corporations, firms and individuals are engaged
in developing mining properties, drilling for possible new oil
wens ana promoting new inventions and enterprises. On the other
, nana many unreliable persons are ostensibly
engaged in the same pursuits, but in reality
are only promoting frauds. Therefore, every
investor should first divide the sheep from the
goats before he hazards his savings. Because
1 there are many dishonest manipulators usine
mining, oil, invention and promotion terms to
deceive does not mean that all promoters in
these fields are crooked. The truth is, there
are many trustworthy men engaged in pro-
moung enterprises that are honest invest
ments. The problem is to know the difference
between promoters of the reliable type and the
nign-pressure variety, me lormer are en
gaged in legitimate business. The other group
is engagea in neecmg the public.
1 he number of those who deliberately
T X -1 i" l .
scneme w ueiraua is large ana they are
shrewd and deceitful. For this reason those
who cannot afford to lose their savinzs should
not. trust entirely to their own judgment in making investments.
In order to divide the sheep from the goats to distinguish
between reliable and unreliable promoters, to tell the good invest-
uicuia Hum ma wuriiiHjss i.ue inexpe-'v
rlenced investor should consult his
banker or let the National Better Busl
nees Bureau, whose headquarters are.
In New York City, advise him. It
costs nothing to get such advice from
either source. It is safe to say that
if those who have lost their savings
through fraudulent schemes had fol
lowed this simple course they would
still be In possession of their money.
Get the Facts
Invariably, get the facts and take no
substitute. There is nothing better
and nothing just as good as the facts
when it comes to withdrawing your
savings from the bank and investing
them. The facts about an investment
either strengthen its position or show
it up to be risky oftentimes too risky
for the person who cannot afford to
others you know nothing about. Some
time you may be approached to make
a trade by a plausible person claiming
to have better Investments to offer
than those you have. Recently a wom
an owning a block of gilt-edge public
utility stock was approached by two
smooth sharpers and urged to ex
change It for stock in a fruit company
which, she was told, was not only very
valuable then but would lncrase rap
idly in value and soon make her inde
pendently wealthy. Fortunately she
told Her neighbor about her offer. It
happened that the neighbor had re
cently been defrauded in a similar
way. She advised the eecond woman
to report her offer to the local ' better
business bureau. Having handled
many similar situations the bureau
Instructed the woman to make an
appointment for the traders to meet
her In her home.
iJ4;9T ,W.V- k J
';-T 'or--- wji-
Good Advice
' that Prevented
New schemes to defraud
are being hatched daily. The
unscrupulous promoter never
sleeps but is continuously plotting
new methods of attack on the savers'
hard-won accumulations. The liberties
be takes with the law and the schemes
he designs for belittling the sound
advice of responsible persons makes
it even more essential for Investors to
get the facts.
Remember that anything that is
worth investing in is worth knowing
about as to its safety, its income, and
its marketability. Any investment
which is enshrouded by a screen of
glowing promises or is so complicated
hat neither you nor your banker can
fathom Jt and get the hard facts Isn't
an investment you can afford to put
your money into.
Make it an unbreakable rule to get
all the facts whether the Investment
be large or small, and you will save
yourself the heartaches and bitter dis
appointment of losing your savings.
Millions of dollars which have unfor
tunately been lost through poor invest.
ment might have been saved If the
investors had taken time to Investi
gate before Investing. There is always
need for capital in safe, honest busi
ness and so great is the legitimate de
mand for Investors' funds that not one
cent need be wasted by them on fraud
ulent schemes.
Don't Trade Good for Bad
Don't exchange your investments for
They were on hand at the appointed
hour. With the cunning of expert
swindlers they proceeded to Inveigle
her stock away from her, assuring her
that if She exchanged her public utility
stock for that of the fruit company
there was no doubt she would become
rery rich. But just as they were
spreading out before her a beautifully
embossed stock certificate the bu
reau's detective stepped out from his
place of concealment and told the
swindlers he had come prepared to
take them for a ride In his car. They
protested loudly and even struck at
him, but experienced as he was In
handling persons who resist arrest he
soon had them handcuffed together.
Investigation revealed that the cer
tificate of stock of the fruit company
was fictitious. No such company had
ever been organized. The evidence
also disclosed that some certificates
had already been issued and ex
changed and there were a large num
ber more ready for future use when
ever a trade could be arranged.
Literally thousands of inexperienced
investors are being swindled out of
their good investments in such trades.
It behooves all persons who have good
investments not to exchange them
without first getting all the facts from
their banker or other person fully
qualified to advise and protect them.
theJ AJnor?.)artiCl' tB" m0r cheme' h wh,ch V""1 or defrauded of
Deep Slash Made
In State Outlay
Governor's Policy Appears
to Have Backing of
the People.
Retrenchment to the amount of
$1,170,000 in the state's building pro
gram; is in sight, writes John W.
Kelly in the Morning Oregonian.
Failure of the people to approve of
the proposed state income tax, and
new 6 per cent limit base, has not
helped cure the state'3 deficit, so
there must be cutting and trimming
here and there, and the building pro
gram is on the skids.
It looks now as though the new
state normal school will not be con
structed at La Grande until 1929, In
stead of, bids being called for next
month. The same fate may be meted
to the new state tuberculosis hospital
at The Dalles'. The proposed new
home for nurses at the state hospital
at Salem has been sunk. The state
office building has been razed by the
decision of the supreme court.
"Make do" is to be the policy, rath
er than "make new."
In declaring the state office build
ing law unconstitutional the supreme
court disposed of that $600,000 pro
ject. The nurses' home at Salem
was turned down by the board of
control during the past week, and
that saved $130,000. For . the La
Grande normal there was an appro
priation of $175,000 for construction
and $40,000 for maintenance, or
$215,000. The appropriation for the
tuberculosis hospital to be built at
The Dalles is $169,850 for building
and $55,400 for general expense a
total of $225,250. All these items
represent the very comfortable grand
total of $1,170,000.
The suit is being cut according to
the cloth. It is going to be a bob
tailed, rather than a long-tailed suit.
The Oregon supreme court gets
the credit for saving the state office
building item of $600,000 in deciding
that this violates the constitutional
inhibition that the state cannot incur
debt in excess , of $50,000. The
board of control wins the credit for
deciding not to build the nurses'
The board of regents of the state
normals will eventually, it is be
lieved conclude -"not to start con
struction on the new enterprise at
La Grande, and if this is the deci
sion then the state board of control
expected to make similar action
with respect to the tuberculosis hospi
tal at The Dalles.
Governor Patterson realizes that
he must exercise once more the same
nerve that was necessary for his
vetoing of appropriations for the
University of Oregon library, the
armories, the new buildings forAsh
land and Monmouth normals, county
fairs and other costly items. With
Secretary of State Kozer and State
Treasurer Kay he shelved the nurses'
home and prevented the spending of
$130,000. The La Grande normal is
now in the balance.
31 Years Ago
Vll Foretells Weather
In eastern Oregon is nu iiitert'siiri;:
well Hint not only gives supplies of
good water liut nets us a sort of lm
riiiiieter to tell the approach, of storms
or rlumges In the weather. From 12
to 24 iu-urs before a storm, it Hex
l.akV a current of iilr. The draft In
creases as the storm approaches,
sometimes reaching the Intensity of a
whistling, roaring M and shooting up
a mist of water with it IVpular Me
cuanics Magazine.
The Kiss in History
Kisses between men were common
ID Eugland until the Seventeenth cen
tury. Medieval knights used to kiss
each other before they begun Jousting,
as modern heavyweights shake hands.
I'ages in France used to kiss articles
they were given to deliver, boiu when
tLey received them from the bawls of
senders and just before they delivered
them to recipients, as a bi-u of honor.
Geological Wonder
Juniper mountain, 30 miles west of
Craig, Colo., Is a geological wonder.
The United States survey says that It
l the deepest mountain on the west
em hemisphere. Tills means that the
bottom of Juniper Is buried In the
earth deeper than any other on this
continent. It Is walled with rock,
and is one of the outstanding sights
In the region reached from Craig.
First Secretary of State
Thomas Jefferson was chosen by
President Washington to be secretary
of state or secretary of forojgn affairs
In th firjt cabinet. Dut Jefferson
was Etiil in France when tho new gov
ernment began to function. John Jay
was secretary of foreign affairs under
the articles of confederation and act
ed as secretary of state, at Washing
ton's request, iiutil Jefferson's arrival
la Marcn, 1730.
Helpful Suggestion
Peter, three and a half, was caught
red-handed throwing the morning's
letters into the grate fire and gleeful
ly watching the flames. It was his
third offense. Seriously, his father
took him in hand. "I don't want to
punish yon, Peter, but what shall I
do to make you remember?" The
young delinquent looked thoughtful;
then, brightening, advised: "I'll tell
you what to do, daddy you just put
It down In wrifio?"
July 24, 1896
Isaac Ruddock, who has been lm
prisoned in the Multnomah county
jail for nearly two months awaiting
trial on the serious charge of having
rnhhed the Pendleton postomce, and
in committing this crime, of having
shot Postmaster Johnson through the
hand, is now at liberty, but without
having been cleared of the aspersion
cast unon his character. unite
states Attorney Murphy, not having
sufficient evidence to secure Rud
dock's conviction, moved the dismis
nf the case. The motion was
granted and Ruddock set at liberty.
Some fields of wheat near Thorn
Hollow are said to be very rank and
have commenced falling to the
T. P. Pace had business at the
county seat Tuesday.
Charles Fischer has one of the
neatest appointed grocery stores in
town. Charlie knows how, to display
goods to advantage.
Fortv boarders took supper last
Thursday evening at the hotel at Sal
mrs Camp, which yearly grows in
popularity as a summer resort. Al
ready the population of the camp
numbers over seventy, and it is con
stantly increasing. .
Marion O'Harra has gratified his
desire for peculiar pets by" obtaining
possession by purchase from a moun
taineer, of a young black bear, to re
place the coyote which recently met
with a violent death. It is playful
and frisky, and by no means shy
"Doc" will raise it properly, and
hopes that maturity will find it in
telligent and peaceable, with no
yearning desire to scratch and tear
its benefactor.
The government is hard to satisfy
when buying horses for cavalry use,
Out of 180 submitted for inspection
at Pendleton, the other day, only 13
were purchased.
G. S. Martin has opened a law of
fice in the Morris building. Will
practice in justice court and do all
kinds of legal work. Also solicits
cases to be tried in the cjreuit court,
In the matter of the assignment of
Andrew Schnaeble, an insolvent debt
or, the court ordered that the report
of the assignee, Lake France, be con
firmed in all things and that his
bondsmen be released.
T. F. Rourke, of the firm of the
Hamilton Rourke company, will leave
Pendleton about August 1, for the
purpose of opening the offices' in
Portland of the' Hamilton Rourke
warehouse system. Mrs. Rourke and
daughter will join him in a week or
so later and in .all probabilty the
family will make Portland their
John E. Staver, the bicyclist, has
been matched against the well-known
pacer Chehalis (2:07) for $500 r.
side, flying start. The race will take
place tomorrow on the Irvington
track, Portland. Staver holds the
Northwest record for a mile in 2:06.
The race will be run two in three
heats and Staver will be paced , by
H. F. Terrell and H. B. Freeman. '
Marble and Granite
A Hometown Business, for
Local People
Special Prices for July
All Work Guaranteed
Successor to T. A. Wyle '
You Always Have a
Good Time at
ingham Springs
We Always Treat You
Dolph Thompson, Manager
Gibbon; Oregon
u Harvesters!
We Can Fit You Out
In Work Shirts, Overalls, Jumpers, Sox
- and Gloves
The Kind You Wan
at the Right Price
Good health is the greatest possession you and your family can have. Be sure
and keep it. The best safeguard you can have is to eat good foods. When
your foods come from our store you can depend upon them being fresh
and pure. The quality will be high but the price will be right down as low as
our good quality can be sold for. Give us your grocery order today.
Quality Quantity. Service. Phone 171. Athena, Oregon
The Athena Hotel
Treatment, Gean
Good Meals
Tourists Made Welcome
Special Attention Given
to Home Patrons
Corner Main and Third
Athena, Oregon
Continental Oil Company
Prompt Service
Bryce Baker, Agent
Phones 761 and 31F11, Athena '
insurance, real estate
farm loans at lowest
Malted Milk, Sodas, Coca Cola, Root Beer,
daes, Ice Cream, Bricks, Dixies, Eskimo Pies, etc.
Gerald Kilgore, Proprietor - - Athena, Oregon
J. L. Harman
We Carry the
Pendleton ;
Machine Works
Hinged Weeder
Main Street Athena, Oregon
Bell & Dickenson
I'hones 452 and 21
Two Auto
Truck Drays
Always At Your Service
City and Country
and Horse Team Work
We carry the best
That Money Buys
Kippered Salmon, all Kinds of Salt Fish. Fresh
Fish, Oysters, Crabs, Clams, Kraut in Season.
Main Street Athena, Oregon.
Foley's Kidney Cure
make kldaey end blidJcr rlzbt ,
The Lumber
You Need
If you are planning alterations cr ad
ditions to your building, let us ive -you
an estimate cn the Lumber need
ed. You will be pleasantly surprised
at the reasontle total we will quote.
Wood and Coal
Fence Posts
Tum-A-Lum Lumber Co.
Main Street, Athena