The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, July 15, 1927, Image 4

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"The Kid Brother" .
Standard Theatre, tomorrow night.
Elmer Merritt is driving a Chevro
let coupe.
Jack Tweedy is here from Palmer
4m n visit.
OUlituui v - t ,
wif a Hams was a visitor in
Walla Walla Tuesday.
Mrs. Charles Downing of Ferndaie,
; AtViono Sundav.
J. A. Lumsden is seriously ill at
T)rv Creek.
Mrs. James Lieuallen Sr. is quite
ill at her home in Adams.
m m? Mrs. S. S. Parris were
A f Viand Visitors Wednesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Will Kirk were La
n,.on,in visitors last Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. E. C Prestbye were
visitors in Pendleton Tuesday.
Tit, T.iobor nf Weston was a
business visitor here Tuesday.
Tko Will Pinkerton residence is
poat of uaint.
Mr and Mrs. J. D. Huggins visited
relatives in Pendleton, this week.
Sam Pambrun has purchased a
new truck to facilitate farm work.
Jack Cunningham of Pendleton
was a business visitor here Tuesday.
Marion O'Harra and Cliff Culley
were in town from Weston, Monday.
John Thompson, stockman of Gib
bon was in town Saturday on busi
ness. Mrs. Penn Harris was called to
Heppner Tuesday, by the death of an
Mr. and Mrs. Nesmith Ankeny of
Walla Walla were visitors here lust
Miss Catherine McLafferty of San
Francisco, is a guest of Miss Juanita
Mrs. Ollie McLean of Dry C?eelc
visited Mrs. Belle McLean, Thursday
of last week.
DolDh Thompson, manager of Bing
ham Springs was a business visitor
here Monday.
John Willis, employed on the Otho
Eeeder farm, is quite ill with the
flu this week.
Mrs. Dora Sanchez and Mary Jane
Miller are visiting in Milton at the
Raymond Geissel home.
Ralph Allen of Adams has pur
chased the Peteen forty acres of
land near Thorn Hollow.
Rev. Loree will preach at the Bap
tist church Sunday morning, in the
absence of Rev. Bollinger.
Max Hopper and family will leave
Saturday for Bingham Springs where
'they will spend two weeks.
Lorain Shick has accepted a posi
tion with the Pendleton Trading
company store at Pendleton.
W. H. Morrison, prominent real
estate dealer of Pendleton was a
business visitor here Tuesday.
Rev. Bollinger is attending the
meeting of the State Baptist Associ
ation at McMinnville, this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Gross and Mis.
Claud Dickenson were visitors in
Pendleton Wednesday afternoon.
Raymond Banister of Weston cut
his right hand quite severely, and
came over to have it dressed by Dr.
"Altars of Desire"
Standard Theatre, Sunday night.
A new roof is being made on the
Gross residence.
Miss Edna Thompson of McLeod,
Alberta, is here visiting at the home
of her aunt, Mrs. J. W Pinkerton.
Joe Crowlev and Bill Wheatiy are
finishing the concrete driveways to
the garage at the new Watts home.
Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Birch and son
Vernon of Tacoma spent the week
end at the home of Mr. and Mrs. TWortin.
Mr Jennie Barrett has arrived
home from Portland, where she has
been residing with her daugnter,
Miss Areta Barrett.
Marion Hansell. Herman Geissel,
stoffnrl Hansell and Emery Rogers
spent yesterday fishing on the North
fork of the Umatilla.
TToor thn old-time orchestra play
old-time music at the Standard
Theatre tomorrow night. Concert be-
crina nrnmntlv at 7:45.
Dr. W. G. Cowan who is quite ill
is at the home of his brother Harry
Cowan in Walla Walla, where he is
nndorcnincr treatment.
""V"D O -
Sovpral t?rouDs of Athena people
spent Sunday at the Umatilla River
u,Wo thpv emoved picnic luncnes
and splendid swimming.
U is reported that wheat on the
Barrett Pine Creek ranch, being har
vested by Ralph McEwen, is averag
inir ahout 30 bushels per acre.
Mr. -and Mrs. John Shick are here
from their home in Portland visiting
Monrv Rooher home. Mr3
Shick and Mrs. Booher are sisters.
Miss Blanche Johnson had as
Tnesdav. Miss Rose wary
Whiteman, Miss Helen Lutcher and
Miss Bunnie Norman of freewater.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray now of Mis
soula, Montana, but formerly of the
Weston district visited their cousins
M. L. and H. I. Watts of Athena this
Mr. and Mrs. Lew Mcau' and
ono-Vifpr Lenore are on their summer
vacation trip. They will spend two
weeks at Spokane and nearby re
Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Carter of Leb
banon, who have been visiting at the
home of their niece, Mrs. Forrest
Zerba, left Wednesday morning for
Mrs. Lela Vaughn and daughters
of Pendleton and Mrs. Harper of
Portland were guests at the home of
Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Huggins, over tne
week end.
Mrs. Roy Cannon was brought, to
the home of Mr. and Mrs. Cass Can
non from St. Mary's hospital in Wal
la Walla Monday. Mrs. Cannon is
A number of Athena people motor
ed to Pendleton Tuesday evening
where they attended the dance given
by the University of Oregon Varsity
Mrs. Nellie Taylor, Mrs. George
Clore of Pendleton, Mrs. M. M. Johns
and Mrs. W. K. Wall were dinner
guests Monday of Mr. and Mrs. D.
H. Sanders.
Earl Smithson, brother of Mrs. Lee
Whitehead, who has been visiting
his sister for several weeks left yes
terday afternoon for his home" in
Kansas City.
Ice Cold
Our bottled Beverages are always cold
Ginger Ale, Silver Sprays, Beer,
Grape Juice, Soda Pop
u -
Care of
Cemetery Lots
We are equipped to furnish either
perpetual or annual care, of lots in
the Athena Cemetery-, at reason
able rates.
See: E. C. Prestbye, Secretary, or Ike Phillips, Sexton.
Old-time orchestra music
Standard Theatre, tomorrow night.
N. A. Miller, Athena undertaker,
has purchased a new hearse and the
equipment is modern in every par
ticular. The hearse is mounted on
a Dodge chassis.
Will De Freece of Willows, Calif
ornia, motored here ana is visnmg
his brother, Frank De Freece. Mrs.
De Freece is expected to arrive Mon
day from California.
Mrs. W. A. Graham, who has been
visit.ini? her sister. Mrs. F. B. Boyd,
is at McDougal camp in the Blue
Mountains, this week, a guest at S. A. Barnes cabin.
Harvest hands seem to be quite
plentiful in Athena. The majority of
them are coming here in automobiles,
n,in,iwi nf pars from Idaho and
a tiuiii v
California being noticed.
niirinor the Dast week, 55,000 bush
els of old wheat have been sold in
tlio vieinitv of Athena and Weston.
This practically cleans up all the old
wheat in this neighborhood.
Merle Johnson of Marshfield is vi3
iting his grandparents, Mr. and R'rs.
ai TAnonn Hp is the son of Mr.
m v yiiiiuvin - -
and Mrs. Elmer Johnson and former
ly resided here with his parents.
Homer Watts is assembling nis
crew and getting his machinery in
readiness for harvesting the Watts
Brothers wheat crop. He expects to
begin the latter part of next weeK.
Vic Harris has begun the construc
tion of a new dwelling on Current
street, west of Second street, on lots
joining the residence property at
present occupied by the Lee Wilson
Mrs. N. C. Dickenson is here irom
Milwaukie, Oregon, visiting relatives.
She also visited relatives at uayxon,
Washington, and Freewater. Mrs.
Dickenson resides with her daughter
at Milwaukie.
Sam Thompson, Miss Thelms
Thompson and Mrs. Moorhouse of
Pendleton called on Athena friends
Sunday. Miss Thompson left Tues
day for Victoria where she will spend
the rest of the summer.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Kershaw have
returned to Athena and will reside in
the Vic Harris cottage which they
formerly occupied. Mr. Kershaw has
accepted a position with the Preston
Shaffer Milling company.
William Campbell is bringing in
wonderful vegetables by the truck
load from his garden just south of
Athena. His home is admirably lo
cated for gardening and he raises a
larere variety of vegetables.
H. A. Barrett is dismantling the
sWs adiacent to the Wright livery
barn which he purchased some time
flco. Mr. Barrett will endeavor to
movp the ham intact to his farm
nor th of Athena city limits.
John Barnes, well known in Athe
na, and Hugh Murray, have formed
a partnership and have opened offices
in Freewater, where they will be
agents for Preston-Shaffer products
throughout the Walla Walla vaiiey
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Hirsch are
leaving Athena today for Freewater,
where they will reside in the future.
Mr. Hirsch will be employed as head
bookkeeper at the Peacock mill for
the Preston Shaffer Milling company.
Charles H. Stanfield, a former
resident of Weston, died Tuesday at
LaCrosse, Washington. The remains
were brought to Weston, and yester
day the funeral was held under aus
pices of Weston Lodge No. 58, I. 0.
0. F.
Visitors recently in Athena, were
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Michael and
S. S. Murphy of Portland, who were
guests at the home of Mr. and Mrs
F. B. Boyd. They came up for the
funeral of the late Johnnie Ridenour,
brother of Mrs. Michael.
F. S. LeGrow has an interesting
photograph which he received from
his nephew Robert Walsh aide to
President Coolidge. He is shown es
eortine Charle3 Lindbergh upon his
rnvji! as Washington, D. U lhe
photograph is autographed by Lind
Mrs. M. L. Watts will leave Sun
day 'for Portland where she will meet
her daughter 'Mrs. Clason Adams
who will arrive there that day from
her home in Palo Alto. After sev
eral days spent in Portland, Mrs.
Adams will accompany her mother
to Athena for a visit.
Conditions along the highway in
and around Weston are much im
proved. Debris has been removed
from the highway and creeks and
bruizes have been repaired. Lawns
and flower gardens are still covered
with silt and mud but are gradually
recovering from effects of the flood
and cloud burst.
John Barnes, a resident of Weston
Mountain had his nose badly cut
when the truck he was driving struck
a stump, throwing the driver through
the windshield. Barnes canvj to
Athena, and Dr. Sharp took several
stitches in closing the wound. Weeds
obscured the stunto from the vision
of the driver, was the reason given
for the accident.
Mrs. B. B. Richards entertained
the Bridge club at her home on Jef
ferson street Friday afternoon. Huge
clusters of summer flowers decorated
the attractive rooms. Three tables
were in play. Additional guests were
Mrs. Max Hopper, Mn. Fred Ear
shaw and Mrs. Otis Whiteman of
Walla Walla. Mrs. W. S. FergusonJ
held high score, Mrs. H. L Watts re
ceived the consolation and Mrs. Ker-
shaw was presented a dainty guest
prize. '
Rehekah lodere met Tuesday even-
ms and "officers were installed for
the ensuing term. Those who took
their new offices were: IN. Jitnei
Geissel; V. G. Charlotte Dickenson;
R. S. N. G. Celia Harden; L. S. N. G.
Stella Keen; R. S. V. G. Belle Pink
erton: Rec. Sec. Maude Logsdon;
Conductress, Susie Campbell; 0. G.
Verva Baker; Chaplain, Mary Mc
The Athena bridge club motored
to Walla Walla Tuesday where they
were charmingly entertained at the
home of Mrs. Otis Whiteman. Lunch
eon was served in the beautiful gar
den and later four tables of bridge
were in play. Uuests otner man
members of the club included Mrs.
Fred Kershaw, ' Mrs. Max Hopper,
Mrs. Lyons and Mrs. Shaw of Walla
Walla. Mrs. Frank Ames held high
score and Mrs. H. A. Barrett receiv
ed the. consolation.
M New
Hlose f dir Men
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No Great Competition
for These Odd Jobs
Although at the present time almost
every profession is overcrowded, theie
are still a few that have only one
For instance, out of the seven and
a half million people in London there
is only one moss gatherer. Twice n
week this man pushes a borrow to n
spot several miles out of tlie city,
where he gathers his moss, and later
sells it for decorative purposes.
At the last census taken in England
a man stated that he was a walrus
mustache ' collector. The hairs are
used for the purpose of making- tooth
picks, and ns far as is known he is
the only person who follows that pro
fession ;
There is only one lady veterinary
surgeon in England. A British firm
employs a mun whose Job is simply
to strike matches in order to test
Still another of these unusual jobs
Is that of toad breeder. There is one
man who does this, and he sells his
toads t gardeners for the purpose of
destroying insect nests.
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Natural Pendulum
A giant pendulum, formed by u
strange freak of nature, swings in
Yellowstone National park, not far
from Old Faithful geyser, according
lo the oflk-lal government naturalist
in charge of the lecture and nature
study work of the I'nited States na
tional park service. It consists of the
trunk of a lodge pole pine, suspended
by its top between two other trees of
the same species and swinging by Its
base, so that a mere touch will set
it to swaying. Apparently the tree
fell or was blown over many years
ago, its top becoming lodged in the
tops of Its neighbors, which grew out
nnd surrounded it. sutmorting It se
curely. Subsequently several feet ol
its base rotted away, leaving it sus
pended in midair. One of the pnrk
nature trails hastheen run near this
strange natural grandfather clock, and
tourists are permitted to set it swing
Language and Life
The one sunremelr" significant fact
In the universe frs, to quote Teabody's
fine paraphrase, 'the transformation
of lunguage into life." The belief
Is one of Immense antiquity, though
onlv of recent years susceotible of
scientific explanation the belief in
the strange bewildering Identity of
sound and life. It has been claimed
that all the visible creation In Its
countless forms has been built up
sound-wise, uuon a system of har
monic vlbratiou that, in the shell, the
fern, the fir-cone, the reptile, the fish,
the bird, the same laws prevail that
govern the stretcnea string, wn an
their barmomc progressions ana "as
sociated wave-lengths."
Explaining Law Term
Barratry Is an old term of Euglish
law, derived from an Italian word
signifying to cheat. Common bar
raty consists In habitually stirring up
or maintaining quarrels or lawsuits.
or in continually disturbing the peace
bv brawls, or in taking or detain
ing possession of property the right to
which is in dispute. Haoituuiiy nreert
iug discord between neighbors Is also
barratry. In marine Insurance and In
contracts relating to shipping general
ly, the term barratry meaus any fraud
or knavery or willful wrongdoing on
th nart of the master of the ship or
tli crew, by which the interests of the
owner are Injured.
Watch ralua that defiea coo
pftriioal ThU lovely watch ha;
a white goli filled engraved
ana a aepenaw J-1"
Bulova Movement. J
FRED H. BROWN, Jeweler
Pendleton, Oregon "
Saturday, July 16
Harold Lloyd
'-' in ; v v
"The Slid Brother
Eight Reels of wholesome Fun given as only Lloyd
can give it in a fine super-comedy. .
An old-time Orchestra playing old-time music in
the proper old time way
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Sunday, July 17
Mae Murray
Altars of Desire
Conway Tearle leading Supporting Cast
As a story "Altars of Desire" thrilled eight million readers of The Ameri
can Weekly. As a film it has been hailed as Mae Murray's greatest triumph
Romance! Sparkle! Drama!
Pathe Review
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Coming Soon:
William Haines
"Slide, Ilell