The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, April 22, 1927, Image 5

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One of America's
Men In Your Town
Good Citizens
The Northern Pacific is a home-town institution it is part of vour Wn v,r
county and vour state. We live hor,. Tfe nirmA ri: v. yo".r town, your
a lot of cars and miles of teel-T s T73 e a"' essentially
of the Northern Pprifir .h a;.!.. 7," i " " ""' "?YUU 01 PeP'e- Men
r i l . ...uu jum ucignDors are the lend
. j..v jy ""' "-"uwhib ana Knowing well. North
ern Pnrifir- mpnarn in tha n rnoj r .ft 'UI-
W o7 Vu u7" iur meir jite work and
L. l Kj ?i . ll .wu".al 4,.ro transportation service
iui uiu iioiuiwci, uitir ocsi aouny ana skill.
Fine Trains
lef 77iem Serve You
F. B. Wood, Agt.,
Athena, Ore.
Northern Pacific Railway
'.'First of the Northern TramcontinentaWl
Saturday April 30 is
Bingham Opening Day
Swimming, Dances, Fishing
and Hiking Will Interest
the Many Guests.
Saturday April 30, has been chos
en aa the opening; day at Bingham
Springs for the season by Manager
Dolph Thompson, who for several
weeks has been preparing for the
Hotel accommodations will be up to
the usual standard and every effort
will be put forward by the manage
ment to please patrons. The cabins
have been thoroughly renovated and
are in better condition than ever be
fore to serve the convenience of rent
ers, and camping privileges are ar
ranged so as to be satisfactory to all
who desire them.
The enlargement of the swimming
pool met with public favor last rea
son, and as usual this feature of
Bingham Springs resort will appeal
to all who go there for recreation
and pleasure.
Trout fishing is better than usual
on the Umatilla river this spring,
and this fascinating sport is already
attracting fisherman to the Springs
and vicinity. Later hiking parties
will be formed to follow the river
trails and up mountain sides.
Opening night a big dance will be
given at the dance hall, a good "or
chestra having been secured for the
occasion. ' Manager Thompson is pre
pared to make this season the ban
ner one for Bingham. The resort
has always been popular with Athe
na people, and with the assurance of
a good road down Thorn Hollow, the
main disadvantage of the trip to the
Springs has been removed.
Graduates from University
The Freewater Times reports that
John Clark, son of Mrs. Lena Clark
of that city, has completed his course
in Business Administration at the
University of Oregon and leaves soon
for Alaska where he will spend the
summer. Mr. Clark has accepted a
position as Rccountant for the Port
land Packers association and his du
ties take liim north during the fish
ing season.
We Call For and Deliver
Mondays Thursdays Saturdays
As spring is now here and it is the best time of the Year to have your
Bugs cleaned and freshened up after the hard wear of the winter
months. Get our Prices first. Work guaranteed.
It's Our Specialty
We clean everything from the Rug you stand on to the Hat you wear.
Cleaning, Pressing, Repairing, Dyeing
Twin City Sanitary Cleaners
Organizers and Owners since April 2, 1921
J. E. Snively Milton-Freewater E. L. Snively
Our Agency is at Penn Harris Barber Shop. The home of good
Haircuts and Shaves. Phone 583.
High School Notes
Get That Hair Cut Right!
U R Next in our chairs and we are next to your needs in the barber
ing line. I am ably assisted in my shop by Charles Russell, and
you know me.
Penn Harris Barber Shop
Agency for Troy Laundry and Twin City Sanitary Cleaners.
Phone 583.
Dorothy Geissel spent the week
end in Milton visiting relative's.
Ethel and LaVone Pittman spent
Wednesday in Walla Walla.
The Junior class girls met at Kath
leen Radtkes home Monday and at
Lorena Schuberts home Tuesday
night to prepare decorations for the
Junior & Senior banquet, light re
freshments were served later in the
Belle Anderson went to Pendleton
on Tuesday afternoon.
Members of the Senior class have
received their pictures.
The morning of April 27th is to
be used for a pre school-age clinic,
The county health nurse and two doc
tors are expected to make the ex
amination. The various high school classes
will observe forestry week April 25
29 writing essays on dfferent phases
of forestry.
Mr. Hadley attended a meeting of
superintendents and principals of
Umatilla County in the county school
superintendent's office last Saturday.
Several changes were made in the
rules and regulations which govern
the track meets and the declamatory
The Athena grade team played the
Helix team last Friday and took vic
tory in their hands to the tune of
12-3. All of the boys played an ex
cellent game and no one was hurt
as in the Adams .game.
The Adams team will play here
next Friday. The graders will try to
get in condition for the fracus.
All in the eighth grade have re
ceived reading certificates for read
ing ten books from the county read
ing list and reporting on them.
By reading these books and
reporting on them, the pupils
are exempted from the state test in
reading and given a grade of 100
per cent in reading on their report
The Latin classes sans two songs
in Latin at last Fridays assembly.
The school try outs for representa
tives to the sgctional track meet are
in full swing. Several representa
tives from Athena will go to Helix
tomorrow to take part in the meet.
At a recent student body meeting
the high school decided to make their
annual Bingham Springs trip a week
from tomorrow, Saturday April 30,
which is opening day at Bingham.
The high school play is to be giv
en next Tuesday evening.
The week of April 25-29 is to ba
First Aid week in the upper grades.
Each pupil has been given a book
containing lessons in first aid work,
The teachers have demonstration kits
to make the work more interesting,
Pupils in the fifth grade receiving
(hundreds in spelling are: Leo Geis-
sel and Fred Singer. In the sixth
I grade Marjorie Montague, Maxine
j Mocre and Lowell Jenkins received
: hundreds in spelling,
j The Juniors are hard at work pre
paring for the banijuet.
Press Paragraphs
Query on the morning
"How's your peona buds?"
Miss Ruth Jackson, former Athe
na school pupil, is teaching the
Campbell school, 10 miles north of
Pendleton. Recently her school made
a display of sewing and art, which
is said by County School Superin
tendent Yeager, to be the best rural
school display he has ever seen.
Harvey Shelton, who formerly was
employed as barber by Lee White
head at his shop in Athena, died at
Bend of heart failure, passing away
very suddenly. The remains were
brought to Walla Walla, where fun
eral services were conducted from
the McMartin and Chamberlain un
dertaking parlors, Saturday.
From the sporting page of the
Oregonian and the columns of the U.
of O. Daily Emerald, the bunch up
here falls to the information that
"Scotty" Kretzer is considered to be
some goof as a pitcher on the Uni
versity team. In a game between
the varsity and Pacific University,
Pacific was leading by a margin of
four in the seventh when our Mr.
"Scotty" went on the mound and held
the enemy scoreless, for the remain
der of the game, which was won by
Pacific, 8 to 7.
Basket Ball Defense
Play is Simplified
There is much discussion over the
changes made in basket ball play, by
both coaches and players.
Limit of the basket ball dribble to
one bounce will make defensive play
50 per cent simpler, because a guard
hereafter will have only two threats
to watch instead of three.
This is the opinion of R. V. Bor
leske, coach of athletics at Whitman,
and well known in Athena, whose
basket ball teams of late years have
been among the most successful in
northwest college circles. '
"The change will take a lot of
kick out of basket ball and make the
man with the ball either pass or
shoot. As the game is now played,
defensive men must not only gutu-d
against the pass or shot, but the
dribble as well."
Both Borleske and F. D. Apple
gate, physical director of the "Y, M.
C. A., at Walla Walla, who is con
sidered an authority on the indoor
game, are of the belief that the drib
ble was virtually eliminated because
officials seldom call the charging
foul properly and thus have penaliz
ed defense unjustly.
Demonstration Train
A dairy and hog demonstration
train, to be known as "Union Pacific
Dairy Products Special" and consist
ing of seven cars, Is now arranged to
commence tour of Central and East
ern Oregon, Monday, visiting eight
een points.
Weston Preparing for
Annual Meeting of Uma
tilla County Pioneers
The Weston Leader reports that
Sim J. Culley, president of the Uma
tilla County Pioneer association, has
announced his. committee appoint
ments for thirty-fifth annual reunion
of the association, which will take
place at Weston Friday and Satur
day, June 10 and 11.
The event this year is one week
later than usual, because of the late
season. Then again, it is thought the
Weston country may begin to need
more rain along about the 10th and
11th of June, and more or less moist
ure usually accompanies the picnic.
It is confidently expected that
members of the several committees
will take hold of their respective
tasks with the customary vim, and
that Weston will live up to the en
viable record it has made in the past
as host to the pioneers. The com
mittees are:
Finance Lance Kellough, iV. II.
Gould, Carl Brandt.
Concessions C. W. Avery, Jay
Smith, Lester O'Harra.
Program Clark Wood, Dr. W. H.
McKinney, C. K. Overhulse
Publicity P. T. Harbour, O. A.
Adams, Ed L. Wood.
Music S. A. Barnes, W. L. Smock,
William Hass.
Speakers Charles L. Pinkertoft,
Herman Goodwin, Nard Jones.
Decoration Claud Price, Clarence
Reser, Lysle Webb, Clifford Culley.
Sports Newt O'Harra, Tim Mc
Bride, Walter Webb, Frank Snider,
H. R. Pope.
Badges W. S. Price, Ross King,
Ray O'Harra, Harrison Kirk.
Grounds Marvin Price, Fred Du
puis, Frank Greer, J. A. King, L. B.
Reception J. T. Lieuallen, G. A.
Hartman, T. A. Lieuallen, R. Alexan
der, J. H. Raley, Henry J. Taylor,
John Bentley, M. L. Watts, J. A. Fee.
Baptist Church
Sunday school at 9:45 A. M. Morn
ing worship at 11:00 A. M. Topic,
The Heart of Christianity. Junior
Young People at 5:30 P. M. Seniors
at 6:30 P. M. Evening Song and
Praise at 7:30 P. M Topic, Coining
New Phrases. Mid-week meeting at
7:30 P. M . Thursday Regular
monthly Mens League meeting Friday
evening April 29 at 7:30 P. M. Pro
gram consisting of music, readings
and a talk on Astronomy. This meet
ing is not for the men only but all
are invited. On the first Sunday in
May we change to our summer
schedule, all evening services begin
ning one half hour later.
is the modern price of chiropractic.:
It has been evolved into tJie science j
of vertebral adjustments. Every
nerve of your body connects with
your spine and has its scat there.
We utilize this knowledge to keep
you healthy.
Dr. W. Boyd Whyte !
Stangier Building, Phone 706
Pendleton, Oregon. 937 i
Buy At Your Own Price
I recently traded for the Six Lots in Block One in Knowlton's Addition to
Athena, this is the property formerly owned by John Samuels and in which
Arthur Jenkins has been living in. I haven't any more use for this than a
Cat has for two tails
So just look it over and make me an offer, either cash, easy terms, rent or
exchange. Just offer me what you think it is worth to you. You can write
or wire me and I will give you a prompt answer.
Frank Kinney, Owner
Eugene, Oregon
If it's a Goodyear
If it's a Goodyear Tube inside
that casing of yours, you have
the finest air container that
quality materials and manu
facturing experience can pro
duce. We have Goodyear Tubes
in three grades at three prices.
Bring your tube problems to
Athena Garage
It Began Monday-
Sealy Tuftless Mattress
Regular Price $55
Sale Price $59.50
One Week Only-April 18 to 25
This is the genuine Sealy Tuftless
Mattress which we sell regularly
at $55. During this sale you save
For over forty years the Sealy
Tuftless has been' recognized as Am
merica's finest mattress.
Its luxurious comfort is derived
from a combination of pure long
staple cotton and a patented Sealy
Air-Weaving Process a process
which so inseparably knits the cot
ton fibres into a single giant batt
that the Sealy needs no tufts to pre
serve its trim appearance or to keep
it from separating. Hence the Sea
ly's smcot surface conforms to ev
ery outline of ycur body like a giant,
This sale is an opportunity you
should not neglect. You owe it to
yourself, to your health, and to the
health of your family to put Sealys
on every bed in your home.
Nights of refreshing sleep on a
Sealy mean days filled with energy.
They mean better health for you
greater efficiency in ycur work.
Now you have the opportunity to
get your Sealy for the price of an
ordinary mattress. Don't delay this
sale lasts only a week. After that the
Sealy Tuftless postively goes back to
the regular price of $55.
Sale Ends Next Monday-Get Yours Now
Miller s Furniture Store
South Side Main Street,
Athena, Oregon.