The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, February 25, 1927, Image 3

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High School Notes
Superintendent J. A. Yeager visit
ed the grades and high school Men
day. Reverend Meldrum addressed the
entire student body last Friday at
9 A. M. He described a trip into
Miss Sellars was absent from her
school work Thursday morning. La
Vone Pittman substituted for her.
The following people have visited
school recently: Mrs. W. 0. Read,
Mrs. E. C. Rogers, Mrs. Terry and
Mrs. Rose Miller.
Friday night Athena's luck chang
ed, bringing a win over both of Stan
field's basket ball teams. The girls
game was perhaps the closest of the
two, Athena finally taking the long
end of the score 12 to 8. In the
boys game there was a good deal of
rough play though at no time was
Athena's point lead threatened. The
final score was 26 to 14. Atheu.i
lineups were:
Girls Belle Anderson, Ethel Pitt
man, Dorothy Geissel, LaVone Pitt
man, Lois Smith, Alberta Charlton,
Thelma Schrimpf.
. Boys Dale Stephens, Ray John
ston, George Gross, Arthur Taylor,
Granville Cannon, Harold Kirk, Fred
Radtke, Oral Michener, Jack Moore.
The Hadleys, Miss Rodman and
Miss Terry were dinner guests at
the J. F. Herr home Tuesday even
ing. Miss Sellars spent last Tuesday at
the county library.
Declamatory work claimed the at
tention of the entire school Wednes
day and Thursday. Mrs. C. M. Eag
er, Reverend Phillips, Reverend Bol
linger, and Mrs. McPherson did the
Miss Terry and Miss Rodman went
to Walla Walla Tuesday.
Lenore McNair is back in school
after an absence of five weeks caus
ed by an appendicitis operation.
Dorothy Burke, who attended
school here last year, registered in
the sixth grade Monday.
Last Friday evening the Athena
grade boys and girls motored to He
lix and there, took the Helix Grade
teams into camp to the tune of 29
to 14 for the girls and 13 to 11 fcr
the boys. The outcome of the girls
game was never in doubt as Helix
girls were smaller and less experi
enced, but the boys game was any
body's game until the final whistle.
The boys were seriously handicaped
by the , loss of their , star . forward
Arthur Crowley who couldn't go with
them on account of illness of his
mother. Every boy and girl that
went got to play as this will be the
last game of the season for the
graders. Those that made the trip
were, Betty Eager, Marjorie Doug
las, Goldie Miller, Myrtle Campbell,
Georgie Green, Marguerite Moore,
Arleen Myrick, Mary Jane Miller,
Walter Huffman, Wayne Pittman,
Kmery Rogers, Ralph Carstens, Le
land Jenkins, Ralph Moore, Lowell
Jenkins, Raymond Murphy, Leo Geis
sel, Clair Elder, George Pittman, Ro
land Wilson, Robert Lee and Kenneth
The Athena Grade Basket ball
teams wish to thank those who were
so generous in using their cars to
transport the two teams.
Worth Watts Designs
New Style Speed Boat
Using Discarded Ford
Worth Watts, former Weston and
Athena boy, who is now instructor at
Oroville, California, high school, has
designed and perfected 'a new style
speed boat. The following, regarding
the new craft, is from . an Oroville
Worth P. Watts, instructor of the
auto mechanics and wood-working
classes, has designed and built an air
propelled speed boat, which was
launched in January. The boat is in
geniously constructed from a wreck
ed Ford motor car, an airplane pro-
pellor and a special method of gear
ing. The boat is the personal prop
erty of Mr. Watts and was built in
the shops of the Oroville High school.
It is fifteen feet long and four and a
half feet wide, and has specially con
structed pontoons on each side of the
stern, which keep the stern out of
the water and the craft riding easy.
Each pontoon is constructed from four
Ford gasoline tanks, soldered to
gether, with a cone at each end.
When completely submerged under
water, they are capable of support
ing 1600 pounds, and greatly add to
to the buoyancy of the ship.
The craft was launched in Janu
ary by the auto-mechanics class of
the high school, and it is rumored
that a bottle of rare, antique cham
paign was broken over her bow
when she was christened "Miss Oro
ville," as she majestically swept
down the ways and broke the tran
quil waters of the Feather River.
Sheriff Toland denies any knowledge
of this fact however, and so it must
remain a rumor.
31 Years Ago
Ton of Straw Gives
$250 In Bi-Products
According to Chemist
A process by which a ton of straw
may be burned to extract $250 worth
of useful products from the smoke
has been discovered by George H.
Harrison, an industrial chemist, ac
cording to announcement by the ma
gazine Farm and Fireside.
The chemist, it is said, has obtain
ed 1600 pounds of products from
each ton of wheat or oat straw, the
products including a new germicide
favorably reported on by the Mayo
brothers of Rochester, a roofing and
damp-proofing paint and a fly spray.
It is even possible, but not yet
economically practical, to run an au
tomobile on gas obtained from the
straw, . the magazine quotes the
chemist as saying in the interview
accorded in his laboratory near St.
Paul Park, Minnesota.
"There is, indeed," said Mr. Har
rison, "hardly any limit to the prod
ucts that can be derived from straw
by destructive distillation. When
the process has grown up to its pos
sibilities every American farmer who
grows grain will feel the difference.
Even now, if you would take me to
a farm and offer me the grain or
the straw, I would take the straw
Potentially, at least, it is the more
valuable of the two."
"TIip wicked stuiwl in slippery
"How do you know tliey are
"I?y the language they use when
they slip."
February 21, 1896
A. J. Johnston, an old resident of
Summerville, was found dead in his
bed at his home, about four miles
north of that town, Sunday morning.
The cause of his death is "unknown.
Mr. Johnsten is one of the early
pioneers of Oregon, and was a par
ticipant in the Rogue river Indian
"Quill" Gerking is training horses
for Will Mosgrove.
Mrs: Bonsell, of Waitsburg, Wash
ington, is in the city, the guest of
her sister, Mrs. W. T. Gilman.
L. M. Watrus has been appointed
agent of the Pacific Coast Elevator
Company at Adams, vice R. A. Dozier
Grant county stockmen give own
ers of sheep in other counties to un
derstand that hereafter they must
keep off of Grant county range.
Athena Hose Company No. 1, elect
ed the following officers at their re
gular meeting, Monday evening:
President, J. W. Maloney; Secretary,
C. A. Fischer, Jr.; Foreman, Charles
Sharp; Assistant Foreman, John
A band of Oregon horses, in tran
sit to Kentucky, a few days ago, says
the Hailey Idaho Times, was taken
from the cars at Shoshone and the
animals sold for 50 cents apiece.
An Indian being escorted to jail
the other day in Pendleton, fearing
that his money would be taken from
him, hit upon the novel plan by swal
lowing it. .
Marshall Gillis, of Athena, is orig
inal if nothing else. The Indians
have been giving the good citizens of
Athena no end of trouble, since they
became "citizens" of the United
States, and Marshal Gillis has at last
struck upon a plan to make them pay
their fines, when they are brought ui
before the local judge. After the
fine is imposed the marshal at once
takes the luckless Indian in tow and
tells him that he must pay the fine
or work in a shaft 60 feet deep or on
a tower of equal height. This, it is
said, brings the Indian to time, and
he at once digs up the cash and pays
his fine.
Mr. D. A. Richards was observed
on the street this week. Mr. Rich
ards says you can bank on the ap
proach of spring when you see him
come out of winter quarters.
The Hunt ranch, of 1339 acres,
situated near Echo, this county, was
purchased the other day by G. W In-
galls, of Portland. Mr. Ingalls will
place upon the ranch thoroughbred
Charley Barrett says the following
recipe is a sure destroyer of squir
rels: Take one bottle of pulverized
strychnine, 4 quarts of flour, one cup
of sugar, one cup of salt. Mix these
four ingredients dry, and place at
each squirrel hole one teaspoonful.
Colored Drinking Water
The heavy rains have contributed
muddy water for domestic purposes,
not only at Athena, but in other
municipal water systems as well.
Pendleton has muddy water from her
supply source at Schaplish Spring,
east of Thorn Hollow.
Big Pictures Coming
Including Hawthorne's !
The Standard Theatre has booked
a series of big super pictures to be
shown in the near future. Opening
the schedule will be the return of
Valentino's great picture "The Four
Horsemen of the Apocalypse," which
will be on Wednesday evening, March
2, the Standard having presented this
mammoth production when it was a
road show several years ago. Next
in turn every two weeks, will appear
Hawthorn's "Scarlet Letter," "Tell It
to the Marines" and "The Fire Bri
gade." Of lesser importance, but of spec
ial calibre, will be shown at regular
prices on Saturday and Sunday pro
grams, "The Red Mill." "The Last
Frontier," (now running at the Ma
jestic in Portland). "The Flaming
Forest," "Tin Hats," and "The Un
known Soldier."
"The Red Mill," starring Mavion
Davies, is the splendid feature on
tomorrow night's program. Sunday
night Colleen Moore and Malcolm
McGregor will be seen in First Na
tional's fine, big comedy-drama, "It
Must Be Love."
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Umatilla County.
In the Matter of the estate of Jacob
Franklin Reno, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned has filed his final account
and report in the above entitled mat
ter and that the above entitled Court
has fixed Saturday, the 5th day of
March, 1927, at the hour of 10:00
o'clock A. M. of said day, as the
time, and the County Court room in
the County Court house at Pendle
ton, Umatilla County, Oregon, as the
place, for the hearing of said final
account and report. Objections to
said final account and report should
be filed on or before that date.
Dated at Athena, Oregon, this 4th
day of February, 1927.
Administrator with the Will An
nexed ofthe Estate of Jacob, Frank
lin Reno, Deceased.
Watts & Prestbye Athena, Oregon,
Attorneys for Estate. F4M4.
m We Handle Genuine
A Goods-No Substitutes.
m Try 0ur B
y D.R.SHAMP00 fl
We are Equipped to do
Job Printing;'
All Kinds. Short Notice
We use standard toilet preparations
made in scientific laboratories under
the supervision of graduate chemists.
Only the best is good enough for our
Our stroke is of the same high standard
as our supplies. We guard your health
and enhance your personal appear
ance. If you eppretiale cleanliness
and sanitation, supersertice and high
grade supplies, drop into our shop at
the first opportunity.
, 4 This is the shop you hate
been looking for.
Whitehead's Barber Shop
Athena, Ore.
Goodyear's New
Balloon Tire
for Fords and Chevrolet
Athena Garage
if you take advantage of our chiro
practic adjustments, ead pains usu
ally come from a derangement of the
nerves and nerve centers in the re
gion, and our manipulation of the
spine corrects that condition. Con
sultation free.
Dr. W. Boyd Whyte
Stangier Building, Phone 706
Pendleton, Oregon. 957 J
Athena, Oregon
Athena, Oregon
D. J. McFaul, M. D.
Office over
Inland Empire Bank
Pendleton, Oregon
Specializing in Electro and Quartz
Lamp Therapy.
Blacksmith Shop
Prices Reasonable
Athena, Oregon
Granite Company
II. J. BLAESING, Manager
Eastern Oregon Representative
Odd Fellows Bid's:. Pendleton.
Bell & Dickenson
Phones 452 and 24
Two Auto
Truck Drays
Always At Your Service
City and Country
At Reasonable Prices
Thompson's Garage
98 Volts
Wet B Battery
Second Hand, in Good Order
Phone 471 CWillalQ Athena, Oregon
Established 1891.
The Lumber
You Need
If you are planning alterations or ad
ditions to your building, let us give
you an estimate on the Lumber need
ed. You will be pleasantly surprised
at the reasonble total we will quote.
Wood and Coal
Fence Posts
Tum-A-Lum Lumber Co. Main Street, Athena
"Scrip t Porm "
Butter Wrappers