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    A G rand Canyon Marvel
6 , mm
Where the Grand Can
yon Is Grandest .
WorWs Premier
Scenic Region
Suddenly Pro
duces a New De
velopment of the
Greatest Eco
nomic Interest to
the Entire Nation.
S. Senator
Cameron .
IHE Grand Canyon of the Colo
rado River, widely regarded
as the world's most imposing
natural wonder, has suddenly
taken on a new and startling
interest. . '
A few years ago, when it was as
inaccessible as the North Pole, John
Wesle7 Powell won fame by making
the first trip through it A little later
another adventurer conceived opening
a trail from the canyon's rim down to
the river, a mile below. It seemed
grotesque, but the impossible was ac
complished, and its accomplishment
has made the canyon's innermost won
ders accessible to thousands of tour
ists each year. They come from all
quarters of the world every season in
greater numbers to traverse the
Bright Angel TraiL That trail is
truly a monument to the daring and
devotion of its builder. He worked
at it for ten years, almost without help
or financial backing, at one period"
spending almost half a year alone in
the vast gorge. But today Ralph
Cameron, builder of the Bright Angel
Trail, occupying a seat in the United
States Senate voted to him by the
people of Arizona, has his reward.
Greatest Artificial Lake
But the conquest of the canyon had
hardly heen realized when the engi
neers discovered a new use for It. At
Boulder Canyon, Arizona, the greatest
dam In the world, a third of a mile
high, should impound a lake which,
spreading over a great area in Arfzona
and Utah, would be, next to Lake
Michigan, the largest fresh water body
entirely within the United States.
Harnessed to mighty turbines, the wa
ter, falling hundreds of feet, would
produce a power greater than Niagara,
and irrigate an area several times that
of the Nile Basin, which served for
uncounted centuries as granary of the
ancient world.
The Boulder Canyon dam has not
yet been built, but the people of the
Southwest are as confident of its con
struction as that the Colorado will
continue to flow between its giant
Now comes a new chapter in the
romance of the Colorado. The in
trepid "wildcatters" of the oil indus
try, scouting for new sources of petro
leum, have brought In an oil well right
in the canyon! Drilling from a nar
row shelf at the gorge's bottom, they
have overcome unbelievable obstacles.
Perpendicular walls of rock grimly for
bade construction of road or trail to
transport machinery and supplies.
From the river a succession of rock
walls rise in gargantuan terraces to a
height of 8,000 feet
The "Great American Desert"
The little Mormon town of Moab,
eighteen miles up-stream, is the near
est supply base. But Moab is not a
railroad town; a drive of forty miles is
still required to reach the Denver ft
Itio Grande railroad. Salt Lake City
is 250 miles away, to the northwest.
Standing at the foot of the derrick
which marks the site of the new oil
well, one's back is fairly against an
800 foot cliff, which is matched by an
other immediately across the river.
Looking, up, one 'imagines that it he
could climb one of these walls he
would be "outside." But trying this,
he finds himself on a plateau or ter
race, with another cliff a little way
ahead. To climb this, in turn, would
only bring him face to face with still
andther cliff, and so on till he bad
mounted full 3.000 feet from the river.
Not only must this succession of
cliffs be mounted, but to traverse the
rock terraces, gashed and torn, is only
less difficult. And finally, the ascent
to the outer rim accomplished, one
confronts a waste of ridged, learned
and boulder-strewn desert endless
sate for distant mountain oeaks.
Manifestly, the oil "wildcatters"
could not make .-pads, so they built
Just Roots for the Derrick
a flat-bottomed bout end floated down
from Moab. It was a daring perform
ance, for the stream twists constantly;
unseen rocks and shifting bars add to
its difficulties, and the canyon's per
pendicular walls threaten instant
But It was done. Materials were
brought a derrick reared, machinery
placed, a camp built and drilling be
gun. Now, with ell flowing from a
depth of 2,035 feet, the Crane Creek
well is suddenly the wonder of the
whole Intermountaln country.
A Maze of Difficulties
Just about & year from the begin
ning of drilling the well began to flow,
with" every indication that when the
drill goes somewhat deeper Into the
producing sand it will be an im
portant producer. For the present
drilling has been suspended, awaiting
provision for taking the oil away. It
is doubtful if in all the history of the
600,000 wells that have been drilled in
this country, largely in regions diffi
cult of access, any one has ever pre
sented auch a category of obstacles as
this canyon well in Utah. How the
oil will be transported to a refinery Is
still sheer guess work, but a way will
be found, for the Ingenuity and re
sources of the oil engineers have
never failed.
The "bringing in" of this well Illus
trates the difficulty of petroleum de
velopment Convinced that the geo
logical structure was particularly
favorable, the projectors determined
to gamble 75,000 on drilling. Before
they got oil they had spent more than
twice that
For years wells have been drilling
in various parts of the state fully
200 In all at a cost of probably
95,000,000, and this canyon well is the
first real producer! It is only by dint
of such persistence in coping with
natural obstacles and financial hazards
that the country's' supply of oil is
maintained. The first oil well In
Western Pennsylvania became a pro
ducer at the depth of 69 feet Nowa
days wells a mile deep are not uncom
mon, and they have gone down as far
as a mile and a halt.
Every Well Is a Gamble
A large proportion of wells produce
nothing whatever and represent total
loss. It was recently estimated that
In the last twelve and a half years
$1,200,000,000 was sunk In wells which
were failures. Despite every effort of
science, engineering and long experi
ence, and notwithstanding the stupen
dous depths now reached, 25 per cent
of wells last year were dry.
The "wildcatter" is the Columbus of
oil. He is to petroleum, to gasoline,
to the fuel supply of the country's
20,000,000 automobiles, what the old
time gold prospector was to building
the empire of the far west He is es
sentially a gambler; good loser or
good winner. The lure of enormous
winnings keeps him tirelessly search
ing, and sometimes he finds his re
ward. But in the aggregate, offsetting
all winnings against the total cost of
this engrossing gamble. It is not im
probable that all the oil that has been
taken from the soil of, this country
from the beginning cost more than its
producers got for It
m World In the Big Game
But their huge gamble is the basis
on which the whole Industry rests.
The icebound Arctic and the fever
festering tropic jungles alike attrac
the hardy "wildcatter." To them the
world owes its newest and best in
transport by land, sea and air They
help light 'U homes and streets pro
vide an astonishing share of its power,
furnish an endless list of necessaries ,
which are by-products of petroleum.
The "wildcatter Is well nigh the
Atlas of this modern mechanised
Odd Buildings Trace J
to Roman Occupation
EITorts have been made for cen
turits to bare the mystery thnt hangs
over the unique "Rows" at Chester,
England; but their efforts have been
In vain. These rows consist of street
lengths of covered nrende, not on the
street level but several feet ubove it
One walks in front of shops and on
the roof of shops at once, looking
down upon the traffic In the street,
and upon pedestrians. Visitors say
that the mystery of the origin of thesej
structures causes thorn to give a pleas-;
ant, creepy feeling to those who walk;
through them and that buying a collar
stud in the rows is almost like buying'
a bronze or picture on pavement level.
Chester was the great Roman mill-!
tary station of Deva. The central
point of the Roman station was ex
actly where the rows now converge.
The principal streets of the modern
city were the principal streets of;
Deva and the principal streets of all
subsequent towns on that site.
The Romans left Deva about 400.
A. D. and for two centuries afterward
burning" Chester was a favorite' game'
with the powers of the time. Lon-;
don Times. J;
Scientists Plan War '!
on Destructive Ants
In nn effort to combat the ravages;
of ants in tropical regions, . scientists '
of the bureau of agricultureare study?"
ing various preparations for the ex
termination of the pests. The white'
ants, which travel in great armies.,
exist on wood and heavy roots and de
vour fence posts, house pinning and
evi totally, destroy small buildings-,
says Popular Mechanics Magazine.
Xot only are structures attacked, but
cultivated vegetation by the acre is
consumed by the cutleaf or umbrella
ants. These' Insects often clean out
tin entire garden in a . night, leaving
nothing ' but the ' bare stalks of the
plants. In Colombia, where great col
onies of . these tints are found, they
build large, cone-shaped mounds of a
white claylike substance, which in
many cases rise to a height of 20 feet
and at a distance look like Indian
tepees. Once started on a building, or
piece of furniture, it is said the wood
eating species cannot be stopped by
any method now known until the ma
terial is completely destroyed.
Had Cure for Everything
Medicine for almost whatever alls
you could be obtained from a voodoo
doctor In Atlantic City uutil recently,
when the police Interfered. Here are
the medicines, set forth In the doc
tor's pamphlet : . .
Black Cat's-Ankle Dust $o00
Black Gif&vWishbone. ........ .$1,000
King Solomon's Marrow. , , . . .$1,000
Easy Life Powder. $100
Tying Down Goods $"i0
Chasing ? A ay, Goods. .......... .$."0
Boss Fix" Ppwders., ....... . . . . . . .$15
The tying down goods were guar
anteed to lipid the affections of a hus
band or o wife, nml the chasing away
goods were said to be efficacious In
shying off undesirable suitors. The
boss fix powders were recommended
for employers hard to please. They
were designed lo make the employer
luippy nnd content with, the work of
an employee.
Monarch as Yachtsman
The work of Charles II on behalf of
the navy has been undervalued, It Is
claimed; let us then give him full
credit for his services to yachting. The
Merry Monarch acquired a knowledge
of the sport during his exile in Hol
land, nnd soon after the Restoration
tcquired a couple of small yachts, in
which he and his brother, the duke of
York, competed In the first yacht race
on record in British waters between
Greenwich and Gravesend in the au
tumn of 1G01. So keen was Charles
that' he had no fewer than fourteen
yachts built for his use, ranging from
25 to 1G0 tons, and one of them, the
Jamles, was constructed at Lambeth
from his own designs. Montreal Fam
ily Herald.
Well-Trained Horses
Visitors to a circus or fair are al
ways much Impressed by the clever
acting of the horses which prance
around the ring, and rise up on their
hind legs and dance to the music of
the band. In fact, so highly have
horses been trtilned that 'at the circus
of Corts Altdorf, a famous continental
ring, a horse made a number of bal
loon ascents alone. The ancients arc
said to have been great masters of
horse training. The people of Italy
taught their horses to dance to the
music of the pipe. - In the Thirteenth
century there was shown a famoun
rope-dancing horse, while the artists
of the Fourteenth century found
plenty of scope for their talents In
depleting the different methods em
ployed in the Instruction of perform
ing ponies and horses, one of whicn
was taught to tap his forelegs and
hind legs on a board like a man play
Inir a drnm. '
Early Rulers of Greece
The name "Ptolemies" Is given to a
dynasty of Greek rulers thnt governed
Egypt from 323 to 30 B. C, a period
of 203 years. The dynasty was found
ed by Ptolemy Lagus, surnamed also
Soter, who, at the time of the death of
Alexander the Great (323 B. C), was
governor of Egypt, and after the divi
sion of the empire into four mon
archies became king of that country.
The dynasty of the Ptolemies com
prised 14 sovereigns. On the death of
Cleopatra, the last of the line. In 80
B. C, Egypt became a province of
Doctor's "Pull" Landed
Him in Mayor's Chair
The only doctor in Scrnpville de
cided that he would like to be mayor,
so he enme out in the Scrapville Times
with the following notice:
"Fellow citizens, I am running for
mayor. I have no particular platform,
no reforms to make, nothing to say
against my opponent; I merely desire
to, be mayor of this town before I die.
I know every man, woman and child
in this town. I have been present at
every birth, marriage or death In
Scrapville for the past forty years. If
I am not elected I am going to leave
the town. But before I go I will tell
all I know about each one of you."
For the first time in the history of
the town everyone of legal age turned
out. When the ballots were counted
.the old doctor had received all but
one vote, and that was .cast by a man
who had Just moved Into town. Los
Angeles Times. v
Medford Favored for County Seat.
Salem, Or. The senate, by unani
mous vote, authorized the removal of
the county seat ' of ' -Jackson county
from Jacksonville tb-'Medford.' The bill
previously was passed -by the house
'and will become" a "law when signed
by the governor. ..l '.
i . ' i:
Bar Communists, Mine' Workers Vote.
I Indianapolis, Ind in keeping with
the Lewis policy of strict adherence
to conservative principles of trade un
ionism," the united mine workers pre
pared for the general expulsion from
its racks cf adherents to the doctrine
of communism. After a short " but
lively debate, the convention adoptod
in amsndment to the union'3 consti
tution, providing for the disbarment
of members of the communist party.
In the County Court of the State of
Oregon for Umatilla County.
In the Matter of the estate of Jacob
Franklin Reno, Deceased.
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned has filed his final account
and report in the above entitled mat
ter and that the above entitled Court
has fixed Saturday, the 5th day of
March, 1927, at the hour of 10:00
o'clock A. M. of said day, as the
time, and the County Court room in
the County Court house at Pendle
ton, Umatilla County, Oregon, as the
place, for the hearing of said final
account ana . report. Objections to
said final account and report should
be filed on. or before that date.
Dated at Athena, Oregon, this 4th
day of February, 1927. .
Administrator with the Will An
nexed of the Estate of Jacob Frank
lin Reno, Deceased. " '-
Watts & Prestbye Athena, Oregon,
Attorneys for Estate. : .v .. F4M4.
1 ' :
No. 214
In the Circuit Court of the State of
Oregon, for the County of Uma
tilla. E. C. Prestbye, Plaintiff,
Viola Butler Shafer, Defendant.
To Viola Butler Shafer the above
named defendant: In the Name of
the State of Oregon:
You are hereby notified that E. C.
Prestbye is the holder of Certificate
of Delinquency numbered 1984 issued
on the 10th day of November, 1923,
by the Sheriff and Tax Collector of
the County of Umatilla, State of
Oregon, for the amount of Thirteen
and 88-100 ($13.88) -Dollars, the
same being the amount then due and
delinquent for taxes for the year
1922, together with penalty, interest
and costs thereon upon the real prop
erty assessed to you, of which you
are the owner as appears of record,
situated in said County" and State,
and particularly bounded and de
scribed as follows, to-wit:
Lots 1 and 2 in Block 5 of Kirk's
Second Addition to the City cf
Athena, Umatilla County, Ore
gon. Yon are -further notified that said
E. C. Prestbye has paid City Liens
and has paid taxes on said premise
for prior or subsequent years with
the rate of interest on said amounts
as follows: - ; -
Yf'ni '
l.iuu .
UatePaid 'J'hx Kec't Am'l Rale
Numbor Inl'nt
Nov 10, 1025 ll'iio ' 12.74 1!
Nov 10, 1023 mil 14.18 12
Jun 4. lO'iB
Apr "l, IHM ,
Nov -i, HWB-;
; 0.tH '
Said VlolaBuTlerSers-the
owner of the legal title of the above
described property as the same ap
pears of record, and each of the other
persons above named are hereby
further notified that E. C. Prestbye
will apply to the Circuit Court cf the
County and State aforesaid for a de
cree foreclosing the lien against the
property above described and men
tioned in said certificate. And you
are hereby summoned to appear with
in sixty days after the first publica
tion of the summons exclusive of the
day of said first publication, and de
fend this action or pay the amount
due as above shown together with
costs and accrued interest and in
case of your failure to do so. n de
cree will be rendered foreclosing the
lien of said taxes and costs aalnst
the land and premises above named.
This summons is published by or
der of the Honorable Gilbeit W.
Phelps Judge of the Circuit Court of
the State of Oregon, for the County
of Umatilla, and said order was
made and dated the 6th day of De
cember, 1926, and the date o ths
first publication of this summons is
the 24th day of December, 1928.
All process and papers in this pro
ceeding may be served upon the un
dersigned residing within the State
of Oregon, at the address hereafter
Address, Athena, Oregon.
Attorneys for the Plajntiff.
D24F1L '
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Job Printing
Ml Kinds. Short Notice
by taking advantage of the latest
methods of chiropractic adjustment.
This office offers you the very new
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Dr. Leach
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Bond Building
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Office over
Inland Empire Bank
Pendleton, Oregon
Specializing in Electro and Quartz
Lamp Therapy.
Granite Company
II. J. BLAESING, Manager
Eastern Oregon Representative
Odd Fellows Bld'rr. Pendleton.
Phone 24
Transfer and Express
Prompt Service
Dealer in
J. L. Harman
Oxy-Acetylene Woldlng, Delivery and
Trunk Bodies Manufactured
Mafn Street Athens. Oregon
Established 1891.
1 I
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Butter Wrappers I
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