The Athena press. (Athena, Umatilla County, Or.) 18??-1942, January 28, 1927, Image 4

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    Press Paragraphs
"Stop Flirting" while at
The Standard tomorrow night.
Kohler Belts has been on the sick
list this week.
Mrs. Minnie Dt-reatt will be host
ess to the Study Club this afternoon.
Forrest Zeiba who had a setback
while afflicted with the flu, is again
able to be up and around.
Born To Mr. and Mrs. G. B. Wil
son (nee Lucille Kemp) at Lewiston,
January 17, 1H27. a daughter.
The meeting of the .1. T. club which
was to have been held today at the
home of Mrs. Ralph Cannon has been
Edgar Schultz of Eugene, who
spent a part of last week in Athena,
at the Geissel home, left Monday for
Rosebud, Alberta.
Watts & Trestbye have received a
supply of income tax report blanks,
and are prepared to make put state
ments at their office.
Fruits and vegetables down at
Steves were kept from freezing dur
ing the cold snap, by rousing fires at
night, Steve doing the stoking in per
se. n.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kirk have
been confined, to their home this
week with a serious attack of flu.
Mr. Kirk has been quite ill, so it is
George Finch and Jens Jensen
came to the rescue of several Athena
households the fore part of the week,
when frozen pipes required immedi
ate attention.
Mrs. Arnold Wood who has spent
the past two weeks in Portland,
where she visited Mr. and Mrs. Will
McBride and Mrs. Lumsdcn, return
ed to Athena Saturday.
Miss Velva Mansfield of Pendle
ton spent several days last week in
Athena at the home of her sister,
Mrs. Maude Logsdon, who has been
quite ill, but is much improved at
"The Boy Friend"
Standard Theatre, Sunday night.
Dudley Rogers and Brooks Ander
son were in Pendleton Tuesday.
Miss Lenore McNair was taken to
St. Mary's hospital in Walla Walla,
Sunday evening where she under
went an operation for appendicitis.
She is reported to be getting along
as well as could be expected.
Omer Stephens attended the recep
tion to Grand Exalted Ruler of the
Elks Grakelow at Pendleton, Tuesday
evening. Plans for entertainment of
the head of Elkdom were elaborate
and were carried out in detail.
Stafford Hansell who is confined to
his home with a nervous attack, is
reported to be improving. Miss Hel
en Hansell has been staying at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Boyd
during the past fortnight, attending
Tuesday night was to have beer
installation of officers in Mignonette
Rebekah lodge, but owing to so much
sickness it was decided to install next
meeting night, which is Tuesday
February 8. It is hoped that all
members will be present.
The maintenance department, have
so far been successful in keeping the
highway open between Pendleton and
Walla Walla, Bince the recent fall of
snow. Automobiles and stage:? have
been using the highway without
much weather interference.
The White Cross of the Baptist
church met in the church parlors
Thursday afternoon. Sewing on hos
pital garments occupied the members
and at the tea hour a kitchen shower
was given, the articles to be used in
famishing the church kitchen.
Members of the Methodist Mission
ary society enjoyed an interesting
and instinctive meeting at the home
of Mrs. .). 1). Muggins Wednesday
afternoon. Mrs. J. F. Ilerr led the
devoti( nals. Features of the pro
gram were the papers on foreign
Missions read by Mrs. William Mc
Pherson and Mrs. Justin Harwood.
The hostess assisted by Mrs. Charles
Willard J
For All Cars
Also a complete line of Radio batteries.
Let us show you.
Thompsons Garage
Athena, Oregon Phone 471
McFarland served dainty refresh
ments at the tea hour. Mrs. Clarence
Hand was the honor guest of the so
ciety lor the afternoon. The next
meeting will be held at the home of
Mrs. J. F. Herr on the 4th Wednes
day in February.
Mrs. Arthur Jenkins surprised her
husband with a birthday party at
their home Saturday evening. Cards,
chat and refreshments comprised the
evening's entertainment. Guests were,
Mr. and Mrs. Bun Bolien and Mrs.
Charles Alspach of Helix, Mr. and
Mrs. Charles Smith, Mr. and Mrs.
John Mayberry and Mrs. W. R. Har
den. William Taylor, driver of the car
that collided with a light pole in
Walla Walla, when Miss Evelyn Wil
son was killed, and others injured,
was fined $200 and given 15 days in
jail, when he pleaded guilty to reck
less driving in Judge Sharpstein's
court. The sentence was suspended
on condition that Taylor does not
drive any car until January 1928.
On account of illness of class mem
bers, the recital of the Malen Burnett
School of Music, scheduled for Wed
nesday evening of this week at high
school auditorium, has been postpon
ed to Wednesday evening of next
week, February 2. The program
numberes will include readings by
Miss Marguerite Mitchener. The pub
lic is invited to attend the recital.
Athena's annual musical treat, the
Etude operetta will be presented Feb
ruary fifteenth at the high school
auditorium. "Once In A Blue Moon'
with a prologue and three acts is a
tuneful and artistic musical romance
with beautiful settings and will be
presented by a talented cast and a
splendid chcrus. Rehearsals are be
ing held nightly and unusual en
thusiasm is being shown. Mrs. Lor
enBasler who has directed former
productions of the club will arrive
from her home at Boise, Idaho, th?
first of the week and will remain un
til after the 15th of February. Mrs.
Basler is a talented musician and a
most capable director and the club is
most fortunate in being able to ob
tain her services.
The English poor owe llieir lmll
gesiioii to tlielr munla for teu drink
IiiK. An hour before he fc'ots up ev
ery MiigllKliinan drinks on uu empty
stomach h huge cupful of tea us
strong us It can lie bivwed. This fur
nishes Hip foundation for the tea
jag that lie will build up In the course
of the day.
A peiiMint woman in an Kmllsh vil
lage once asked an American visitor
to have a cupful of tea. But the tea
was un black as Ink, and the Ameri
can declined.
"How long have you had that tea
pot simmering on the stove?" the
"Why, miss, I never take It off," the
peasant woman replied. "I put In a
fresh pennyworth when it jets weak
and then, when the pot sets full of
leaves, I put In my hand and pull out
a handful for my old man to smoke."
Cold Storage of Foods on Increase.
Washington, D. C. Larger stocks
of poultry, meats, lard and apples
were on hand In cold storage January
1 than on that date a year ago, the
department of agriculture announced.
Supplies rt I butter, cheese and eggs
in cold storage were smaller than a
year ago.
On All
Slipovers and Blazers
Now Carried In Stock
Quality Quantitv, Service. Phone 171. Athena, Oregon
High School Notes
Mr. Skeen writes that his school
lost $175.00 as a result of the lone
bank closing. We understand that
Pilot Rock high school lost $400.00
when their bank closed.
Mr. Saunders the piano tuner,
tuned the school piano Monday.
Mr. lies, the Underwood Typewrit
er representative from Portland re
paired the school typewriters Mon
day. .
Proficiency certificates were re
cently awarded to Kathleen Radtke,
Granville Cannon, and Alvin Ander
son, by typewriter companies for
writing between thirty and forty net
words a minute on the typewriter for
fifteen minutes.
Lenore McNair was taken to Walla
Walla for an appendicitis operation.
The Athena basket ball teams play
at Helix Saturday evening. The
boys will make their Washington
trip next week.
Mr. Miller acted as referee for a
basket ball game between Umapine
and Weston at Weston last Wednes
day evening.
Miss Cornelison spent the week end
visiting with friends in Walla Walla
and attended a dance given by Delta
Gamma sorority.
Miss Bateman spent the week end
visiting with Mrs. Randolph Cook
(Gertrude Mclntyre) of Helix. Mrs.
Cook and Miss Bateman were soror
ity sisters at the. University.
Nearly one third of the school was
absent last Friday on account of
Miss Flanagan, the county health
nurse, assisted by Miss Jack of Pen
dleton examined the grade school
pupils last Thursday. She reported
that she found very few underweight
and that the teeth were in very good
condition. She said that some of the
children had been told that they did
not need to have their baby teeth
filled but this was a mistake. Lois
Johnson assisted with the clerical
Another carload of coal has been
ordered for the school. The last car
of forty-eight tons lasted just three
Margaret Lee and Carl Calvert
took the state examination on Bible
history Friday. Any high school
pupil who successfully passes this
examination is allowed a credit to
ward graduation..
The third and fourth grades gave
their teacher Miss Terry a surprise
party last Friday after school.
Mr. Stolzheise took his general
science class on the roof of the
school building Friday evening after
the basket ball game for the purpose
of studying the stars.
Dorvan Phillips acted as night
fireman during freezing weather,
The heating system at the Adams
school froze over the week end. As
a result of this- a scheduled basket
ball game with the Athena team was
postponed until next Monday evening
January 31.
The Churches
Church of Christ
Bible School 10 A. M. Communion
and Preaching service 11 A. M. Jun
ior C. E. 6:30 P. M. Preaching serv
ice 7:30 P. M. Ladies Aid Society
Thursday I P. M. Choir practice at
the parsonage, Thursday 7:30 P. M.
Continuing our series of sermons in
the life of Christ, will speak on "The
Great Temptations" for the Sunday
morning service and in the evening,
"Evangelism In the First Century."
We are looking forward to an evan
gelistic meeting to be under the di
rection of Dr. A. M. Meldrum. We
urge an especial effort on the part
of all members to be in the spirit of
prayer and to be faithful to all the
services and to everything possible
to help the meeting to be a real sue
Baptist Church
Sunday school at 9:45 A. M. Di
vine Worship. at 11:00 A. M. Topic,
"The Christian Explorer." Young
Peoples Services at 5:30 and 6:30 P.
M., with the Senior Young Peoph
in charge of the program during the
church hour, 7:30 P. M. If, on ac
count of sickness, the Young People
cannot take the evening service hour,
the regular Song and Praise service
will take place, the topic being, "The
Heedless World." Young Peoples
Prayer Meeting Wednesday evening
at 7:30 P. M. Mid-week meeting
Thursday evening at 7:30 P. M. The
Men's League meeting for last Fri
day evening in January has been, on
account of conflicting dates, changed
to Friday evening February 4 at tha
church, beginning with a dinner at
6:30 P. M. and followed by a pro
gram of songs, readings and talks by
home talent. Be sure and hear this
Silk Hose
S For one week we are making a special price on
Free Entertainment
A free entertainment, to which the
public is invited, will be given under
auspices of the Athena Camp Wood:
men of the World, next Wednesday
evening, at American Legion Hall.
1 Captain T. Jones, Jr.. a notable ma
gician, will be on the entertainment
I program.
our regular
$1.00 silk hose at
All colors. All sizes
Phone Your Order To 152
Athena Department Store
Saturday, January 29
Al Christie's Laugh Special
Stop Flirting
Wanda Hawley and John T. Murray
In this sparkling, bright Christie conu:dy there are more laughs than there
are eggs in a shadroe. Scott Sidney, master comedy director, with his unique
talent for creating fun, has, of this successful comedy, devised a riot of
laughter. And moreover there are Wanda Hawley, John T. Murray, Vera
Steadman, Ethel Shannon, Jack Duffy and Hallam Cooley all comedians of
the very highest calibre.
International News
Admission Prices, 10c-25c-35c
Sunday, January 30
Marceline Day and John Harron
he Boy Friend"
Monta Bells Stage Success
Ah, Gee!
He tried to win her by the Book
A city dude stole his girl away. And then he bought a book on how to make
love, and started to follow its advice. You've riever seen a picture so hilar
ious and full of riproarious happenings! The more he studied to be the per
fect lover, the more trouble he stirred up! What a whirlwind of fun and
excitement! What a gorgeous surprise ending! You'll hold your sides with
laughter at the season's comedy sensation!
Pathe Review
Admission Prices, 10c-25c-35c
"Pals First"